Two Cholo's

During this past year I've had so many sexual encounters that I'll never forget, especially the one that is still going on now. It all happened to me between Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year.

I starting chatting with a guy on the popular cruise & hookup site, yeah you know the one. As it turned out he was another flake or didn't show up because he lied about who and what he was like so many other people do on that site.

I tried calling him after I ad waited for 15 minutes, and of course he didn't answer so I waited another 15 minutes just in case he was running late. So I decided to cruise around to see if I could find something or someone to get into.

I was getting frustrated so decided to go back to the house and just relax. I was within a few blocks of my place when I saw this pelon (Who later became
known as Carlos) He was around 5’9”, light skinned, with tattoos, a little hair on his chest with one nipple pierced. Hw was wearing black basketball shorts and a white muscle shirt. I just had to speak to him so I pulled over and as he got closer to my car I tried to think of something to say.

As he was passing my car window I said, wassup boss, (he gave me that what the fuck do you want look) and I asked if he had seen my 110 pound Rott running the street. He laughed and said if he had, he probably would've gone the long way around to avoid it. I made up a story about running to the store to get a twelve pack and was only gone for 10 minutes and when I got back my dog was gone.

I'm sure all he heard me say was twelve pack because he offerred to help me look for him if I would let him kick it and down a couple of beers with me and of course I agreed.

As I drove up and down several streets in the neigborhood I took every opportunity to check out that buldge that he had between his legs. After about 10 minutes or so I said fuck it, hopefully he'll find his way back home, lets go down a couple beers. I told him I had better stop to get more becuase I could drink eight of the beers by myself. I just wanted to make sure he got a good buzz.

So while we were drinking we listened to music and talked about the different types of music we liked. I asked him if he wanted to play video games or something and he said naw. He asked if I had any movies so I pointed at my DVD tower and told him to check it out and pick out what ever he wanted to see.

That's right, he picked a porno and tossed it to me and said, here put this on fool, I did as he asked and within minutes he had a big boner under those shorts and after about 15 minutes I started teasin him about it and asked him to pull it out and show it, and he told me, “Porque lo quieres ver, cuando lo puedes mamar?” (Why do you want to see it, when you can suck it?)

I feel down to my knees, sucking this thick brown uncut dick. I sucked his dick good and fast,enjoying how hard and hot it was, and playing with those big gangster balls. It didn’t take long time before he busted a big load into my mouth. He moaned load and held onto my head as his cock spurted all its cum out. I kept sucking his cock until he told me he couldn't take it anymore trying to get every last drop of his cum. Afterwards Carlos asked if he could take a quick shower and I said sure. When I was taking him back to where I picked him up, he asked if I had a number which surprised me. He said that he didn't have one of his own and would have to call me and I thought to myself I'll never hear from him again.

Twree days later, Carlos called and asked if he could come kick it again. I said sure and asked if he rembembered how to get to my house and he did. About an hour Carlos was at my front door and he was not alone. He said sorry for not asking if it was cool if Freddy came too because that was his ride. I said no problem and invited them both inside. But on the inside I was yelling what the
fuck, I'll never get any now, not with his homie around. At least I had two goodlooking guys to stare at while they were there. Freddy is 6’1”, 175 pounds, bald, has tattoos and is 100% gangster. He has the name of his gang on his back written in big script letter. Later that night I also found out he has an amazing beautiful uncut dick too. His dick was even bigger than Carlos'
dick. So, to make a long story short, this fucker was a fine ass pelon.

Carlos and Freddy started talking shit about the experiences they had while they were locked up. How their celli would suck their dicks in the middle of the night. I made sure they had plenty of beer and about an hour later without asking I put on a porno. Who knew that my dreams were about to be answered that very day.

While they were watching their str8 porn, I was on the patio playing with Taisen (my rott) and watching them talk about the movie and tease each other about their hard dicks. Carlos came looking for me and yelled Oh Shit when he saw Taisen, he is real. He admitted to thinking that I made him up so that I could talk to him. He asked how come I wasn't watching the movie with them because I didn't feel right with me not being there while they were watching my porn and drinking my beer.

I went in to have a drink and watch two str8 friends watch str8 porn still feeling a little upset because I wasn't getting any because of Freddy being there. After a little while and to my surprise Carlos pulled out his dick and said, hey homie come suck on this a little bit while I watch the porno. I looked at him and he said it's cool, I already told Freddy how cool you were and explained to him what's up. Freddy said it's all good as long as what goes on here stays here.

After I was given the green light, I sucked Carlos and Freedy's cocks. While I was sucking Carlos, I was jacking off Freddy. After sucking Carlos for 10 minutes, I felt his warm cum running down the back of my throat. Carlos nutted without sayaing anything. (that fucker) After he came, he told me that he needed to go into the restroom to clean himself.

I was alone with Freddy, sucking his big cock and playing with those huge low hanging nuts. Freddy told me that he was not going to bust a nut because he didn’t want the cum to get all over him. Right away I asked him to do it, and I promised him that he was not going to get any cum on his clothes. By then Carlos was back in the room, and he was looking at us. Then Freddy told Carlos to just wait a minute because he was almost ready to cum. Before I expected it, he came inside my mouth, and I sucked him dry.

Freddy stood up in front of me and was teasing me, asking me if I still wanted the last drops coming out of his cock. Daniel’s pants and boxers were down around his knees, and he was grabbing his cock with his hand and swinging it all over in front of me. We joked around for a couple of minutes before they left.

They told me they were coming back on Saturday. Since then I have sucked Carlos and Freddy twice a week. Sometime 1-on-1 but mostly the three of us get together for a little fun.
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very erotic what a pick-up