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My Step b*****r & Me

It was a very hot day in late July in Southern California. My step-b*****r and I, who for the last 4.5 years have not been close, got into a really big argument, and he basically slammed me around. Our punishment was to clean tow of the four units at the rental property our parents owned. We had to finish the job in 1 1/2 days if we wanted to go with the f****y on the annual summer get away.

I will call my step-b*o “D” to protect his privacy. “D” is 25 y/o, low fade hair cut 6’1”, 189 lbs of fine ass pure muscle, with light brown eyes and a nice light caramel complexion due to his Cuban y American heritage. Me, I am 2 months shy of 25, 5’10”, 167 lbs., with brown eyes and brown buzzed cut hair and a fairly nice ass to boot, my heritage is Belizean y American.

We decided to start with the largest unit first and things were alright for the most part of the day until “D” started working on the vaulted ceilings which meant he had to use a ladder. Once he got on the ladder, I got a bird’s eye view of his pinga y huevos. After that I couldn’t concentrate to save my life. So I started cleaning another area of the unit only to find myself right back next to that ladder. Good thing he didn’t notice the tent my boner made.
Anyway about 5 hours into this job, “D” was like, “wassup fool, you aint done shit, and I’m gonna be pissed if I miss the vacation because of your lazy punk ass.”

When our parents came 2 check on the progress, they told us we would have to work late into the night and start around dawn to stay on schedule. “D” was pissed. We decided to stay the night and work as long as we could and then start early again the next morning. I was working in the back bedroom, and “D” came in and asked me what was up. I played like I didn’t know what he was talking about until he grabbed his crotch and said, “This fool, this is what is up.” The next thing I knew he grabbed me, threw me down and told me the only way we were going to finish on time was for me to get my mind off of his shit and then he pulled out his pinga and told me to go for it and go for it good cuz if I didn’t, he would shove it up my ass. He had noticed my boner and me checking him out the day before. I closed my eyes and went for it. In about 3 minutes his dick was rock hard, about 8 inches long and 3.5 inches around. I got into a good sucking rhythm, and I started licking his big balls. Then a few more minutes passed and “D” started cumming in my mouth and told me that I better not spit his babies out and to swallow it, so I did as he said.

When he finished cumming, I went to rinse my mouth out in the bathroom and then he walked up behind me and started rubbing his semi-hard dick against my ass and playing and pulling on my nipples which are pretty damn big and almost always erect and then he said, “Let me taste those things.” With that he turned me around and started sucking on my nipples or as he called them tits, and I started to squirm like a bitch in heat. When I got hard, he started playing with my ass and kissing my neck and shit. I started moaning and said, “don’t stop b*o,” and “D” was like, “I knew you were a bitch and now I’m gonna FUCK you like your dad fucks my mom.” I said, “that wasn’t part of the deal!. You said all I had to do was suck your dick good.” “D” said, “Yeah, I lied, bitch, now bend the fuck over.”

Then he pulled my soccer shorts and underwear down in one quick move. His basketball shorts were still in the back room. He got some Vaseline we use to help take tape off the borders. He started to finger my hole. Again I started to squirm and he said, “I am going to FUCK YOU GOOD.” In my mind I thought YES, it’s Finally going to happen, but I said, “stop playing fool, lets get back to work.” He threw me up on the sink and looked at my ass again. He fingered me first and then he started to push his HUGE dick up into my virgin hole. He tried to keep me from yelling by covering my mouth with his hand. I bit his hand by accident and I guess that really pissed him off because he said, “oh, it’s like that huh? I was trying to take it easy on your punk ass. Now shut the fuck up and take this dick fool.” After a few moments he started kissing and licking my neck and ears.

After he got me loosened up, he started to fuck me deeper, harder and faster. He would fuck me about 10 more minutes on the sink. My ass and back hurt from the porcelain, but I was so HOT, I was moaning and whimpering the entire time.
He then took me off of the sink, bent me over the toilet with one leg up on the basin and shoved his dick up in me again. This time he was fucking me fast, slow, grinding around and pulling most of the way out and slamming his dick back into me. All the while, he was kissing my neck and back, telling me this is for my dad fucking his mom and for me fucking up his last 3 booty calls. I was now the princess of the house, his whore, his boy cunt.

He continued to fuck me with one leg perched up on the basin of the toilet which gave him a missile view of his target. I started to feel the churning in my balls about 20 minutes into this fucking which by now my ass was accepting as the wonderful gift I knew it was. I started to blow a HUGE load into the toilet and on the walls and “D” was yelling, “Yeah bitch, I made you cum by fucking you good. You know how many bitches male & female don’t get to cum for years after their first time getting fucked?”

Anyway It felt so damn good when I was cumming, but afterwards my hole started to tighten up. I was pleading with “D”, C’mon b*o enough already, take that shit out, it’s starting to really hurt now. He was like, “No, relax and take it. I will pull out after I nut again.” After a couple of more minutes of him pounding me and telling me how tight I was, he starting holding my shoulders down hard and ramming his dick deep up me and breathing hard. He said, “This is it,” and blew his 2nd load for the night inside my ass.

Well, we didn’t finish the job on time, and the f****y left without us, which was okay, because that gave “D” and me time to fuck and discover each other during 8 nights and 7 days.
He moved out shortly after our encounter but we still manage to hook up once in a while, when he visits without his girlfriend. He still dominates me which is cool with me because he’s started pretending that my ass was a hairless pussy and eats it out sometime. The last time we fucked I asked him to suck my dick and he said, “I’ve never touched your shit, why the fuck would you think I’d put it in my mouth.” I stood up to him for the first time and told him that if he didn’t suck my dick he’d never get my ass again and his girlfriend might find out about us. He said damn b*o, it’s about time you stand up for yourself, now take your shit out so I can try sucking it because I wanna fuck that ass some more.

In closing, I guess if I couldn’t be b*****rly with my fine ass hermanastro. I might as well become his bitch. Plus we never argue anymore since he’s the man, and his dick has me sprung. And even though he hasn’t said it, I know he is sprung on my mouth & ass, since he has started visiting more oven without his girlfriend.

Posted by ndamood4sum 2 years ago
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2 months ago
well that was erotic and great too
4 months ago
awesome enjoy it
1 year ago
1 year ago
That's hot. My cousin and I fooled around when we were young but nothing that good.
1 year ago
fucking hot !
2 years ago
Haha, you're crazy.
2 years ago
so fuckin hot
2 years ago
Fuckin hot.