The Bearing Girl

Back in the nineties, parts suppliers started to use women to deliver there goods. It made good business sense to then, as they knew when men ordered parts and a pretty face delivered them, that company would be first on the list to order from again.
It did work as well, the women were always helped unloading there van’s and never had to hang around to get there paper work signed. When a man delivered there was never a hurry to help him and we would watch him unload the van himself, eventually going to sign his papers when we had time.
We had a bearing fail on a crusher just after lunch this day, a quick phone call and it was ordered from the bearing suppliers, the problem was is was 200 miles away and we needed it straight away. It would be delivery that night if someone was around to unload it.
All the men had gone home by seven in the evening; we were to start fresh faced tomorrow at five am. The bearing was expected at about nine, so I did a few things in the workshop for myself before going for a shower. Typical, half way through my shower, I heard wheels on the gravel pass the cabin.
A quick dry, boxers and jeans on and I went outside to see who it was. I walked around the corner to the fitting shop and there she was, kneeling in the back of her van. Her little short skirt high up her legs as she struggled to pull the 50 kg bearing along the floor. It was Niki, the one with the long blond hair and big tits She and me have always got on since she started coming to the quarry over a year ago. I’m slightly younger than her but we have more to talk about than the old codgers I work with and flirt outrageously with each other, but that’s as far as it has ever gone.
“Nice view, do you want a hand” I asked
Niki turned her head to see me but I was still looking up her skirt
“Have I had to struggle by myself when you have been in the shower?”
“Afraid so”
“If I’d knowing that I would have came and washed you back”
“I bet you would”
“I would of; I might have let you wash mine as well”
Niki reversed herself out from the van, her well-tanned leg on show up to her knickers and stood in front of me.
“I would have washed you like this”
She rubbed her hands together, pretending she had soap in them and she placed the flats of her hands on my naked chest
“I would have done this first”
It’s the first time we have touched each other and my prick just about burst through my jeans. Niki must just be over five feet, the top of her head came to my shoulders and she has a lovely impressive cleavage to look down on.
“Then I would wash your back” she said
She pressed her chest in to me as she reached around to my back, I could feel her tits squashing and rubbing against me as she pretended to wash me.
“You could do the same to me at the same time”
I went along with her pretending and felt her bra strap, I was good at one handed uncoupling and managed on my first attempt. She lifted her head and looked in to my eyes disapprovingly.
“It was in the way for the soap,” I said innocently
We froze for a split second before our mouths kissed frantically and her hands were everywhere over me. She tilted her head back and wanted her neck kissing while my hands went up her tee shirt, freeing her tits from her loosened bra.
I kissed her neck and mouth then felt the button on my jeans pop and her hand pushed it way inside my boxers. I slid my hand up her short skirt and felt the wet crotch of her knickers as she let out a moan. Pushing the sodden crotch to one side, I slipped a finger inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her while standing.
I gasped as she grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me towards her van, my finger fell from her fanny’ covered in her pussy lube. She sat down in the back and my cock was level with her mouth as her tongue began to flick over my big purple bulbous end. She licked and flicked it before she sucked me inside her mouth, it wasn’t long before she had my shaft lubricated and a froth started to build up on her lips.
I held on to her shoulders and got faster as I thrust in to her mouth, how I wanted it to be somewhere else.
Niki must of want the same; she always had old blankets in the van for packing fragile items and pulled some under her as she lay down.
Knees in the air, she lifted her bum up and started to slip her knickers off, I took over and took them off her feet.
Niki’s skirt rode up as she parted her legs to show me her magnificent trimmed hairy pussy, short curly blond hair parted to show how wet her swollen lips were.
I jumped in to the back of the van with her and her warm wet aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils, I buried my face in to her bush and the wetness of her pussy became apparent. My tongue parted her opened with ease and I could taste her juice from finger fucking her before.
I could feel her lifting up and rubbing her pussy in my face as my tongue darted in and out. My tongue explored all her insides and her hands held my head tighter in to her pussy as she moaned out aloud.
“Quick fuck me,” she cried out
I rose from her pussy and she grabbed my cock, as I got closer to her
“Stick it in me”
I felt her guide me to her entrance and then thrust herself upwards on to my cock, she was desperate to be fucked
“Go on fuck me”
It was only a few strokes before she was very vocal with her moaning and panting, just as well we were in a quarry. She met me with every stroke as I thrust deep in to her sodden pussy
“Yes I’m coming, yeees”
She froze on an upward thrust in to me, her body rigid and her pussy tightened around my cock, gripping it like some limpet. Little did she know but I had a wank in the shower just beforehand and I kept pounding her tight pussy as she came. The more I pounded her, the heaver her breathing became.
“Yeees, Yeeees, Yeeees,
Every thrust was followed by a yeees, which became louder and louder, now her pussy was getting in on the act as a wet sloppy noise came from it with every thrust. My knees were on the bare splintered wood floor of the van but it was worth all the pain, having a bearing girl screaming on your cock end rid the pain from my mind.
Her nails dug in to my back and in to my bum cheek as she held me tighter and tighter, I could feel myself about to burst
“I going to cum”
“Squirt it in me,” she cried out
I erupted with f***e like a volcano, spurting my hot cum in to her little tight box, her pussy gripped my cock that hard I could hardly thrust in to her anymore. Squirt after squirt pumped past her gripping muscles and out of my cock deep inside her.
I grunted with every squirt and she grunted as it splashed on to her pussy walls, I bent down to kiss her willing mouth and could still feel her pulsing muscles on my cock after I finished squirting.
We were still breathing fast and heavy when I lifted off her, Niki lay there, cum running from her cunt
“Fuck that made up for working late” she said
Niki wiped her cum soaked pussy on the blankets and put her knickers back on, as she started to fasten her bra, I said
“I never got a proper look of them”
“Next time I’m back here, I might let you” she said
We climbed out from the van, Christ she looked sexy after a good fucking. I got the bearing out from the van, the time she straighten herself up, a long kiss goodnight and she was gone. I clock out before going home, fancy getting paid time and a half to fuck someone, but I did. Her company was always first to be contacted for bearings after that and I did get to see her tits and much more on many more numerous occasions.

The end

Dedicated to all the bearing and filter delivery girls who brighten our dull lives up working in quarries, each time we see them. Thank you Niki from BSL North East

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1 year ago
awesome story.
2 years ago
very good