d***ken Sex with Step Son

I just found out that my husband is having an affair and he stormed out after a heated, blazing row, taking some clothe with him. I felt like shit and wanted to do the same back to him to get my revenge.

I should have knowing better than to marry someone twice my age and he left his first wife for me, things went down hill after his sixteen year old son moved in with us, he is only ten years younger than me. The spontaneous sex stopped and I never felt comfortable making love, knowing Johnny could be listening on the other side of the bedroom wall

I was going out tonight, come what may, to pick someone up, just for sex. I dressed ready for it, stocking and suspenders and no knickers, if it meant being fucked behind some pub, that’s what I’ll do, I wanted my revenge over that two timing piece of shit.

Johnny came home from school late; he was nothing like his dad, all kind and sweet

“You look nice are you going out” he said

“Johnny I have to tell you something, your dads having an affair and left”

“The shit, he’s a right looser, why are you dressed up”

“I’m going out, if he can do it, so can I”

Johnny hugged me tight and I was sure I could feel a boner against my leg.

“I made your tea it’s in the fridge, if that alright, I might see you when I get back,” I said

The pub was dismal for nice looking men, here I was sat, all five foot eight of me wearing a black short skirt, a tight top to show off my ample 36c tits and no one has tried to chat me up. I so wanted someone to fuck me and as the night got later the drink started to take affect so I went home.

Johnny was in the living room when I returned

“Mam you look d***k”

He has always called me mam and I went to hug him for being so sweet. I fell off balance as I bent down towards the sofa and landed on top of him.

“Sorry I slipped”

I rolled off and sat with him, the slit in my skirt showing my stocking top but I couldn’t care.

“I make some coffee for you,” Johnny said

Time he was away, I couldn’t help but touch myself up by feeling my pussy through my skirt and squeezing my breast, my nipple felt like it was going to burst. Johnny came back with the coffee and we watched the TV time I drank it.

Feeling light headed I rested me head against his chest and his arm came around me and on to my shoulder. I could feel him playing with my bra strap and sliding it down my arm.
I pulled my arm from under me and placed my hand on his leg, I think my arm touch his manhood in doing so.

It felt nice this attention I was getting as his hand on my shoulder tickled up to my neck and I let out a sigh

“That’s nice Johnny”

What ever was in his trousers was beginning to grow and rubbed against my arm. I shuffled along the sofa so I could rest my head in Jonny’s lap to make it more comfortable. I felt my skirt ride up and the feel of cold leather on my bare bum cheeks but I couldn’t be bothered to straighten myself up after getting comfortable.

I lay in his lap and noticed his erection pushing his trousers skywards and getting bigger as his hand ran over my stocking leg. His hand was at my stocking top with his fingers pushing under my suspender and it felt so nice.

He moved around my leg and I instinctively began to part them. I was uncertain what was happening to me, I was in a daze with the drink but my sexually feelings were running high. He brushed over my hairy pussy and touched my lips as he went, sending shivers of pleasure thought out my body.

I felt his finger penetrate my outer lips and I couldn’t stop him, little fast movements of his finger made me relax more and open up to him. I felt my breathing getting heaver and struggled to keep a moan from coming out.

I moaned and Johnny must have seen this as a green light, his finger slipped in to my pussy back and forth. It was nice and I began to react, lifting myself on to his finger, my pussy lube started to lubricate my inside and Johnny’s finger started to make wet sloppy noises.

He had me just about there with only one finger, I started to lift and fuck his finger faster.
Moaning and panting I came, my pussy filled with my juice and I nipped his finger inside me.

As I tossed my head about with my orgasm, I felt his cock up the side of my face. I rolled off the sofa with sloppy plop as his finger left my pussy and on to my knees. His cock strained in his trousers and I undid them, he lifted is bum up and I pulled everything off in one go.

Johnny’s cock looked huge, not that long but fat, looking straight up and wanting some attention. I eagerly licked his purple head of his pre cum and sunk my mouth around it, it fill my mouth full as I stretch my jaws wide apart to take him inside me.

I felt it throb in my mouth and wanted it to throb else where in me, I lifted off his cock and pulled my skirt above my waist. Then I got up and knelt on the sofa, straddling over the top of him, his cock end nudging at my pussy entrance.

It stood strong and proud as my pussy slid down on to him, the thickness taking me by surprise as it stretched my insides. I held his shoulders making it easer for me to lift up and down and ride his cock.

I felt my tits bouncing and pulled off my top while still riding his cock, both Johnny’s hands came on to them. I could see my nipples sticking through the lacy material of my bra and needed them to be sucked.

I lifted my bra over each tit and held Johnny’s head on to them, this excited him more and I could feel him lifting himself up off the sofa in to me. Johnny came, squirting and filling my pussy with his young hot sticky cum.

I bounced a couple of more times before coming again, my pussy contracting on his fat cock as he pumped in to my pussy. I had him all the way inside me as I sunk on to his cock. letting my orgasm do its job now.

He sent shivers through my body as he sucked on my nipples and his cock twitched inside, his body went ridged as he pushed the last squirt in to me. Fuck, I needed that.

The rest of the night was a complete blur as I woke the next morning in bed with a thumping headache. I could see my cloths on the floor, how I undid my suspender belt
or take off my stocking I don’t know.

I turned over to find someone in bed and a leak from my pussy, fuck someone’s came in me without birth control. How did I get back from the pub and who is he.

The person turned over and I saw it was Johnny

“Fuck Johnny what are you doing in my bed”

“Can you not remember last night you did things with me?”

“Johnny we didn’t use anything”

“I didn’t know”

Now I was stressed out, a pussy full of cum and a pounding headache and I began to cry.
Johnny held me in his arms

“I’m sorry Johnny I didn’t mean to shout at you, it’s not your fault”

I could feel his strong arms cuddling me in and protecting me, he must have fetched me to bed. I’m starting to remember riding his cock, it was not him who took an advantage but me, I used him last night for what I went out for.

“I’m sorry; I’m starting to remember what I did”

“It’s alright mam”

Fuck what have I done, he sees me as his mam and I am only ten years older than he is. I feel so safe in these arms and cared for.

“Johnny my leg feels wet”


I whip the bedclothes off and see his cock leaking pre cum on to my leg and it is big, it’s no wonder I fuck him last night

“Do you want to suck him again?”

“Johnny I don’t think you should be talking like this, what will you father think”

“But you went out to find a man last night, to do the same”

He was right, I did want sex, I started to remember why I went out last night, and that was to get my own back on Johnny’s dad. I certainly did that, I fucked his son instead, SHIT. Seeing his cock all hard and not remembering any of it last night, I felt a bit deflated now.

“Johnny I’ve got a thumping headache and I can’t bend down to suck your cock but I’ll let you fuck me, if you want but no one finds out about last night”

“What about using something,” Johnny asked

“It’s a bit late now”

Johnny climbed between my legs

“Mam you’re leaking”

“I know and can you stop calling me mam when you’re with me”

I would be in two minds to wonder if his cock would fit inside me, if this was the first time of seeing it. It hung straight out in front of him as he clambered on top. Fuck, either my pussy has shrunk overnight or I’m redraw inside as he pushes in to me.

He’s on his arms over me, fucking my pussy with vigour, his cock is making wet sloppy noises with every thrust, his inexperience and being a youth is starting to show as he fucks me fast and furious and forgetting about the woman’s needs.

In my state, I’m thankful he is young and will come soon, my head is thumping with every thrust, my tits are bouncing back and forth and my pussy is sore. I remember of being in this position last night with him, snogging and tonguing him, shit is that a love bite on his neck, fuck it is.

“Johnny stop, it to rough I feel sick, get off”

Johnny looked sad in not coming

“Get on your back I’ll show you something”

I straddled his legs and sunk my pussy down on to hic cock; I’d only see this on the TV the other night, some show about teenage sex and have never tried it. I sat on him with one hand on his chest and the other playing with my clit, supposedly if you keep nipping you pelvic floor muscles it sent waves of pleasure down his cock.

This was a lot easer on my head and Johnny started to lift himself up and down

“It that nice”


I could feel his big fat cock twitching inside me and it was having a good affect on me as well. I fetched my hand up to my tit and squeezed it long and hard while I rubbing my clit harder

“Ooooh Johnny come in me”

No sooner said and he squirted deep inside my pussy, I nipped as much as I could on to his cock when my orgasm hit. It swelled my pussy up to bursting point and I could feel his cum pumping up his cock then squirting out and hitting my insides.

His cock twitched with every pump, sending waves of pleasure through my body, he certainly had the tool to pleasure, he just needed a little practise. I bent over and kissed him, our tongues fought like crazy inside our mouths, I’ve never felt like this for years, probably before I got married and now my headache seems to have gone.

We lay together in bed cuddled up, my stepson has become my lover, and his dad can fuck off with someone else if he wishes. I have a hazy recollection of last night but sex has never been more fulfilling, Johnny looked after and pleasured me, making me feel special.

He’s still squirting his seed in to me using his big fat cock, now it doesn’t matter as I am three months gone with c***d.

The End

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