My Dirty Minded Neighbour

My next-door neighbour is 61 years old and has just retired from work; she lives on her own and is a slightly plumper kind of woman. I’ve only knowing her eight months after moving to the area and we get on well together as neighbours.

I’m half her age and she is very motherly to me, like taking in parcels off the post man, baking cakes and fruit pies for me and such like, if I’m going to the shops I always ask if she wants any thing and do small jobs for her in the house.

We have a good banter between up, sometimes a bit risqué, if she see me going out to the pub she’ll say something like, the mothers better lock up their daughters tonight, stud on the loose and I give her a cheeky grin back

It had been a typical British summer’s day, nice and sunny until this might storm that seemed to come from nowhere, it was coming from the sky by the bucket now. There was a knock at my door and I wondered who in their right mind would be out in this.

It was Mary from next door, drenched through to the skin by the look of her

“Come in, what happened”

“I went to see my son and seeing it was sunny decided to walk home, then I got caught in the rain and when I got back I realize I have left my keys at my son’s, can I use your phone”

I looked at her when she was on the phone, dripping wet with her bra visible through her cream blouse, her tits looked big as the material clung to them.

“He’ll be here in an hour; his wife is just away with the car”

“I’ll get some towels for you”

“Thanks I need them”

When I came back in to the kitchen, she stood facing me just in her white bra and knickers and tan hold-up stockings

“Sorry” I said

Just then her bra fell from her tits, they were big and full looking as they hung to each side

“I am soaking through, is them towels for me”

“Yes, sorry”

She took off her specs and dried her short brown hair first, her tits lifted up and swung from side to side and her nipples stuck out like my thumbs, all hard. I looked in a different direction but I couldn’t take my eyes off her, as she lifted each tit up and dried around them. A stirring was beginning in my trousers.

From the corner of my eye, I could see her slipping her knickers off as well, she had a round tummy and a great thick darkish hairy bush that she started to dry. By now, I was willing my cock not to grow any more but it took no notice.

“I would never have believed I could be as wet,” she said

She had her leg stretched out and drying her pussy

“Is that because of me?”

“What” I asked

“That in your trousers”

She had seen it; it felt like a rod of steel pressing against my trouser fronts,

“Sorry Mary”

“Don’t be, its nice to know I still have that reaction on men, the last time was my husband a lot of years ago now”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s died four years ago”


“I knew he would go first, he was twenty years older than me”

She casually kept on drying herself in front of me knowing I was aroused and watching

“Is it alright to hang these on the chair?”

“It’s warmer in the airing cupboard if you want”

She gathered her clothes up and followed me naked up stairs to the airing cupboard, I give her some hangers but she couldn’t reach up to hang them. I stretch over the top of her with the hangers, her bra dangling in my face and hung them up. As I stretch, my cock pushed in to her.

“Some one is well aroused”

“Sorry Mary”

“Seeing I’m naked what about you showing me yours, it would make an old woman happy,” she jokingly said

I hesitated and pulled back off her

“It been such a long time, go on” this time more serious

There was no way I would show my cock to anyone but some how I could not refuse an old woman of her pleasure?

“Just a look” I said

“Yes just a look for old time‘s”

I opened the zip and pulled him out, all the veins sticking out, pumping bl**d around my throbbing cock and me bell end was fully exposed.

“Can I see the rest of him?”

I undid my trousers and let them drop, then pulled my boxers over my manhood

“That is nice,” Mary said

“Can I touch it?”

Her hand was around it before I could say anything. My body tensed up as she gripped it in her hand

“Mary that’s not looking”

“I know, I’m a wicked liar”

Her hand kept nipping around my cock like a fast pulse and her other hand felt my balls

“They feel full”

“Maybes a couple of week’s worth”

“We can’t have that can we”

For being old she was fast, she knelt in front of me, looking directly at my cock. I looked down to see Mary take my cock in her mouth and she knew what she was doing, her tongue flicked on the underside of my bell end making my cock jump in her mouth.
I retched down with both hands taking a tit in each, they felt solid and heavy and her nipples pressed in to the palms of my hand. Mary twisted and turned my cock as it slid in and out from her mouth, my pre cum started to lubricate my shaft and a sticky froth started to form around her lips.

I was overwhelmed by how good she sucked cock and she was old, she just about had me coming. I started to thrust my hips in to her face and held her head with one hand to steady her.


She looked up, straight in to my eyes while moaning and sucking noises came from her filled mouth. I could feel myself coming, how much cum can an old person take in her mouth, I wondered.

“Mary, I’m coming”

I pulled back slightly and came, squirting in to her mouth; she grabbed my bum and pulled my further inside her again. Squirt after squirt left my pumping cock and Mary sucked merrily away, eventually milking the last of my creamy cum in to her mouth.

All I could do was watch her finish licking my cock from the best blowjob ever. She held it up against my tummy and kissed her way down to my balls.

“Not so big now” she said

She looked at me while kissing the tip again and licking her lips

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?” I said

“I had plenty of practises; the only way to get pleasure from my husband was to suck his cock and that was for the last fifteen years”

“Did he have problems?”

“He could never get it up, I‘m well practice with a dildo as well” and she grinned “I never went with out, but I do miss the real thing sometimes”

“Mary I can’t believe how wonderful that was”

“I thought I would be out of practice now, it’s been so long”

She started to stir and kissed my cock again before getting up

“Mary you look wonderful and sexy if you don’t mind me saying that”

“Thank you, I better get dressed before my son comes, will you pass them down to me”

I stood holding her cloths as she dressed and noticed how shapely and sexy her legs were, it was only her top half where she carried a bit of weight and it was her tits that made her look big when covered up with her cloths.

I was so enthralled by her getting dressed, I still had my trousers around my feet when she had finished. We didn’t have to wait long for Mary’s son knocking on the door, as they left, he shouted back

“Thanks for looking after my mother”

It was just after tea when Mary was knocking on the door again and I let her in

“I’ve made you these to thank you for this afternoon”

“Mary you shouldn’t of, but thank you”

“You don’t realise how wonderful and special you made me feel today” she said

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek

“Mary you did things to me that felt out of this world”

“So you didn’t mind” Mary said

“No the opposite”

She moved in for another kiss on my cheek, I knew what she was after and felt so horny, I put my hands on to her bum and kissed her on the lips. I didn’t expect for her to respond as fast as her hand pulled my head on to her tighter. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as we kissed passionately.

Mary pulled off from me and started to undo her blouse, her huge tits were housed in a black lacy bra. I grabbed Mary’s hand and lead her upstairs to my bedroom and remover her blouse; she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Mary wasn’t wearing any knickers, just black stocking and a suspender belt that covered her tummy, the front was a lacy see through pattern and looked sexy.

My cock was about to burst from my trousers as Mary undid them; she sank on to her knees and took it in her mouth again. I pulled at her arms and reluctantly she stood back up, then I reached around her back, unclipping her bra to free her tits.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Mary in to me, her tits level with my face and began to suck on her beautiful assets. Her nipples were unbelievable, so long, fat and hard. Mary held my head against her and kept swapping each tit for me to suck.

I scrambled on to the bed and Mary followed, kneeling in between my legs, she played with my cock and balls in her hands. She seemed to love sucking my cock while looking at me and I watched her tits swinging from side to side.

Mary lay down and I started to kiss her tits and work down to her pussy, her legs opened and I was shocked at the size of her pussy lips. All I wanted to do was take them in my mouth and suck on them.

Her pussy was hairy and wild, spreading on to her legs and still fairly dark in colour. Her lips were something else; they hung to the side like two wrinkly, floppy, twisted and knurled bit of skin, protruding about two inches out.

Mary’s legs lifted, opening and exposing her pussy more and I climbed in between, starting at her knee, I kissed up her leg, stopping to kiss and suck the little flesh escaping over the top of her stocking,

Her pussy was next and I could not resist her floppy lips, I pulled and sucked and stretched them through my lips. Mary had a warm aroma rising from her pussy as I dipped my tongue in to her; she had a long slit for my tongue to investigate and I took some time

Mary was moaning and pushing herself in to me, I licked to the top of her slit and moved on to her clit. I was surprised with that as well, every thing of Mary’s must be big and stick out, her nipples were first then her pussy lips and now her clit.

It pushed outwards and was the biggest I had seen, I licked all the way around it before sucking it in to my mouth. Mary started to thrash about on the bed and her hand pulled me in to her.

I kept sucking and slid a finger in to her, then two and started to slide them in and out. I then started to kiss up her tummy over her suspender belt and on to her tit. Mary was enjoying herself

“Mary you feel so wet”

“I know, I had to go home and use my dildo after leaving you this afternoon”

I can’t believe how sexed up this old age pensioner gets, moaning and panting as she twists about on the bed

“So you came back for a good seeing to,” I asked

“I love to feel my pussy all stretched and feeling full and I wanted you to fuck me, I love cock but I’ve only ever had my husbands”

I’d never thought mild mannered Mary was capable of talking this sexy and she was turning me on more. I started to rub her clit with my thumb as my fingers fucked her and started to tease her

“Is that nice Mary”

“Yeees it’s nice” panting away

“Can I do any thing else”

“Yes, fuck me”

“Do you want me now?”

“Yeees now, fuck me now”

I eased over the top of her, stretch out on my arms and pushed my cock in to her entrance

“Oooh yeee”

Even though she never had a cock for fifteen years, my cock found it easy to push in, it was well used with her dildo. I giver her my longest thrust I could, nice and slow for her to enjoy. She looked in heaved again under me, moaning to every stroke.

I started to pick up speed with her moaning encouraging me. The pounding of my cock thumping her back in to the bed and it started to creak.

“Oooh yeees harder”

She was going to take some pleasing as I fucked her harder, her pussy sloppy with our lubrication making it easy for my cock to fill her full. Her tits bounce wildly about under me

“Fuck Mary” I said

I kept pounding my cock deep inside, her face crumpled and she gasped with every thrust. Not knowing if it was pain or pleasure.

“Yeees, harder, I nearly there” Mary cried out

“Mary, Mary, I’m going to come”
“Fill me full with you cream”

I’d never heard it put that way but it sent my cock wild, I felt the first spasm as Mary cried out through her heavy fast breathing. She bucked and twisted on the bed before pushing tight on to me.

“Fucking hell Mary”

I grunted and my body tensed up, deep inside her as my cock exploded with vigour. I plugged her hole and let my cock fill her wanting pussy, squirt after squirt pumped from my cock as her muscles contracted on it, now our body’s were welded together.

I could feel my cock twitching and her pussy nipping, Mary was pulling and nipping on her nipples, pulling and stretching her tits skywards as she did. My whole body shuddered as I grunted the last squirt of my cum from my cock and Mary gasped.

“Are you alright Mary?”


I started to pull off and the seal on Mary’s pussy give way, a little pussy fart them a sloppy plop

“Kitty’s never had her cream in years,” Mary said

I must have looked like I didn’t understand”

“Kitty is my pet name for my pussy”

This woman even has her pussy named; I thought to myself as I climbed off and lay with her

“I wanted that for so many years now, just to feel a cock inside again, thank you”

“I should be thanking you, I haven’t knowing a woman as enthusiastic and have enjoyed it so much myself”

“I better go to the bathroom; I don’t think kitty can manage all her cream tonight”

I was still in bed when Mary came back, unashamed to walk around naked in front of me and climbed back on to the bed. Her hand found my limp cock and began to stroke it, then her tongue started to lick it. It was semi erect now and Mary sucked it in to her mouth, her tongue doing wonderful things to the head.

“I used to love the taste of my husbands cock after it had my juice on it; it’s been so long now”

Mary lay back down next to me, I was eager to kiss her as I have a thing about women sucking my cock and wanting to taste their mouths afterwards

“Can I kiss you Mary?”

We didn’t wait for an answer, her tongue fought with mine and I sampled her lips of our juice.

We did it again later on that night, Mary wanted to go cowgirl, riding my cock as if she was in the Grand National, banging down hard on to me after every jump. Mary looked sexy with her stocking and suspender and her tits bouncing wildly about on my cock.

Mary stopped the night, shooting back in to her house as I went to work the next morning and before the neighbours saw anything. She told me to go around for my tea after work, as she would have something special to offer me for afters.

The End

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1 year ago
another triumph. well done
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2 years ago
A sexy tale well told. Thank you.
3 years ago
A wonderful sexy story. Like I say if you're not fucking and I mean every from from legal age on) then you better be masterbating or helping someone else do it.
3 years ago
great storey, love a sloppy fanny!
3 years ago
great story more expieriences plese
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I look forward to being just as naughty when I'm 61 :)
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great story, well written
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good story. More, please.
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I've fucked my neighbour who was 63 .& it was awesome top read m8
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Great story.i wish i could taste and fuck her too.
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very nice story no sappy build up just right to i
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the older ladies really know how to get a guy going even after doing with out for years
Look forward to a part 2