Sex with my Grandson

My grandson who is sixteen has come to stay with me because of his job and I have never been so happier and turned on thinking about it since my husband died ten years ago. I am 48 years old and a legal secretary so I should know better but he is sexy hot. He is not you average teenager with spots, he is over six feet and a very muscular build with all the sports he plays. We have always got on well together, coming to see me once a week with his mother and sometimes stopping over too
The first week he stopped was torture, with me having to watch every thing I did and knowing six feet of pure stallion was sl**ping on the other side of the landing. This is the first day of the second week and I am late back from work, I thought over the weekend I would gently titillate his sexual desire, a glimpse of my bra or something like that first.
Tonight he is going to see every bit of me in my underwear as I have left my horsy cloths out in the porch and I need to change in to them.
He was sitting in the kitchen looking directly at me as I came through the door, just as well I had on nice sexy underwear because his eyes fixed on to my body. I made an excuse that I had forgotten he was there, but I could not have planned this any better if I tried.
“Turn the oven on will you and I be back for tea”
Out in the porch I realised what he was looking so intently at, my hairy bush had escaped from the sides of my red lacy knickers. When looking to the horse I wondered what he thought of me, I’m five eight and still have a trimish figure for my age, long blond hair usually in a pony tail but my breasts are a bit small, put it this way I don’t really need a bra, I just wear one to look respectable at work and to cover my dark areola’s up through my white blouses.
I returned to the house for tea and went to my bedroom to change, at tea I apologised for him seeing me in my underwear but he did not seem to fazed by it, telling me not to change my routine because he was here.

The next night I finished work early and was washing my horses willy in the yard when he came to see what I was doing. I moved out of the way letting him see the length of it, all 12inches of it, telling him that the horse gets a very smelly willy in the summer. I splashed water over it to clean the soap off and rubbed my hand up and down it, wishing that it was my grandson’s cock I was washing. I did offer to wash his but he declined my offer.
When we were finished with the horse we went back to the house for tea, I stopped in the porch and took my polo shirt and my muddy jodhpurs off and saw him watching me. I past by him in my white bra and knickers, my nipples all hard and pocking through my bra after thinking about his cock from before. I bent over deliberately in front of him to put my dirty clothes in the washer, wriggling my ass it him.
When he went for his shower that night I creped up the stairs finding the bathroom door ajar, I could see his reflection in the mirror, his strong muscular body getting soaped and what looked like his cock getting a good washing. I went to bed that night horny as hell,
thinking how I would love a young stallion seeing to my needs.

The next morning I met him in the porch as I was coming back from seeing to the horse, we had our customary hug and kiss on the cheek before he left for work. I was taking my polo shirt off when he looked back and waved, I was braless and could only wave back to him. I never wear a bra in the morning to see to the horse unless I have been for a ride, That night I saw him getting off the bus and my body was buzzing with excitement that much, I had to pee. I went in the box with the horse and dropped my jodhpurs and knickers down past my knees. I crouched down and peed on the wood shavings feeling all naughty knowing he could catch me any minute, I just had to feel myself and I touched my clit and it began to buzz.
He shouted and I said I was in with the horse, he looked over the door before I had my knickers pulled up catching a glimpse of my fanny, I hope he was pleased with what he saw. I let him see me again in the porch, stripping to my underwear before getting changed for tea.
After tea I said I was going to see to the horse while he went for his shower but I had a need to watch him in the shower again. I saw him soaping his cock back and forth through the mirror and the excitement was too much, I rushed in to my bedroom stripping out of my clothes as fast as I could, leaving them in a heap and rushed back in to the bathroom wanting to share the shower with him.
My plan had failed, he was out of the shower and drying himself, his cock resting in the palm of his towelled hand looking mighty impressive, I was shocked by the size of it and I froze to the spot speechless, as did he. My whole naked body on show to my grandson and what seemed like hours past before I could speak
“I thought you were finished,” was all I could think to say.
I past by him and climbed in to the shower and started soaping my tits first, with all the rush I forgot my towel and I shouted to him
“Will you fetch my towel when you are finished, I left it in the bedroom,”
When he returned with the towel I was swishing the water off by body, running my hands over my curves and bits. I was past caring if he liked my body or not and started to dry my hair while walking back to my bedroom, his door was open and I went in to ask him what he was doing for the rest of the night. My tits looked firm and proud standing with my arms above my head.
We watch a bit of telly that night, I didn’t have a bra on and my nipples were out on end thinking about my grandsons cock, later at bed time I met him coming back from the bathroom when I was going, I was naked and he hugged me with something quite hard poking in to my leg.

The next morning I thought he would already be away to work but he was in the kitchen when I walked in topless, I was hot and sweaty when he wanted our customary hug and kiss before leaving. I said a kiss would do but I moved my head and he kissed me on the lips instead. The touch of his lips sent tingles through my body, it was wrong lusting after my grandson like this but I’ve never felt like this in a long time. My sexually desire is getting stronger every day towards him and I need to know how he feels before I go crazy.
That day I dress in my sexy red underwear knowing he would see them that night, he had just returned from work when I came back to the house from taken my horse for a ride. The thumping of my fanny on its saddle just about sent me in to an orgasm, I was thinking all the time what it would be like to feel his cock slipping inside while I ride him like my horse.
I made tea in my red bra and knickers, prancing around the kitchen, willing him to take me over the table or from behind when I was doing the washing up. He went for a shower after tea and this time I was not going to miss him. I ran up the stairs as I heard the water running and quickly undressed, it was now or never as I entered the bathroom and saw him soaping his cock through the screen.. I climbed in to the shower with a surprised looking grandson, has cock sticking straight out between us, his mighty looking purple tip like a mushroom on a stalk, I couldn’t believe the size of it.
“I thought you would be finished,”
Was all I could say, what do I do now as I raced through my thoughts
“Let me help you with that”
Another now or never moment as I reached out for his cock, it pulsated and throbbed in my hand
“Feels like it’s about to burst”
I slowly began stroking his cock and I could feel the excitement building up in my body, my nipples were rock hard. The same affect must be happening to him as well as he began to breath heaver and took hold of my shoulder. I felt him thrusting in to my hand, he must want it as bad as I do and I tighten my fingers around his shaft.
Then it happened, his cock erupted and squirted his cum on to my tummy, I looked down and couldn’t believe the f***e on my fingers as it twitched and pumped it load out and empted its product over me.
It felt so unreal that I was standing in my shower holding my grandsons cock and milking the last of it’s cum from it, my fingers were covered in his young seed and I felt so horny.
I washed his cock for him wanting so badly to take it in my mouth but I was his gran, he looked mesmerised while washing my small tits and just stood watching me as I washed myself of his stick cum.
We were drying each other and the urge to take his cock in my mouth hit me, I dropped the towel and encircled hit shaft with my fingers, it was thick and hard again, sticking straight in my face. Sliding my hand down his shaft popped his bulging mushroom shaped end out in to the open, I pulled my hair from my face and opened my mouth wondering if it would fit.
I looked up and our eyes locked together as the tip of my tongue worked over his end, his pre cum started to leak out from his slit and I plugged the hole. Holding my breath, I twisted and turned his cock with my hand and licked all the way around, building my nerve up to take it in my mouth.
It stretch my lips apart as his mushroom end push in, then slowly I began to take it back and forth. My saliva mixing with his pre cum started to lubricate his shaft and I could take him a bit faster in to my mouth making a wet sloppy noise.
His hands were on my shoulders and I could feel him thrusting his cock in to my mouth, getting faster and faster, he looked pained when a jet of his hot seed hit the back of my throat, fuck he was going to drowned me I thought, that’s twice in half an hour he’s came. I sucked and swallowed for my life, his cock jumping in my mouth with each squirt. His cock stopped twitching and my tongue licked around his end taking time to savour his taste, I pulled off his cock, kissing it on the tip and wiped dry my mouth while looking up at him.
I went to bed that night one desperate horny woman, while sitting with him watching telly all night, all I could think about was he and his cock. The next best thing would have to do and I got my friend out, a dildo, fuck it felt so good sliding my hand along the length of it, anticipating the pleasure I was going to get from it.
I’ve never had sex with a man for over ten year’s and have found this very useful in times of need, I often have an orgasm while out riding on the horse, feeling the mighty power of the b**st between my legs then come back home fucking myself with the dildo to finish my needs off.
I feed the dildo in to my wanting pussy, already moist and it felt so good, it wasn’t long before it was pleasuring me and I began to pant. I started to thrust my pussy on to my dildo and the bed started to creak but I needed to satisfy myself, I heard my grandson on the landing and he came in to my bedroom.
The moon light letting my see his muscular chest encouraging me to fulfil my needs more, he stood at the bottom of the bed and touched my knee, then moved his hand down my leg, it felt like a bolt of lightening shooting through my body.
I grabbed his hand, pulling it on to my pussy and pushed his fingers against my clit, I never felt like this before, moaning loudly and thrashing about on the bed signalled the start of my orgasm as my hand push and pulled my dildo faster in my pussy.
I let out a loud gasp as my orgasm rippled through my body, nipping my legs tight together and squashing my clit on to his fingers. I could hardly breathe with the pleasure
floating around my body knowing I had just come with my grandsons hand on my clit.
I pulled my dildo out when things had settled down and slid his hand over his gran’s wet open lips.
“Have you licked a pussy yet”
I seen him shake his head
“Would you like to”
He took no encouragement to sinking his head between my legs, his tongue flicked through my hair sending little shocks through my body
“Lick my lips”
I told him what to do and helped him find his way around a pussy for the first time, his tongue penetrated it’s way through my lips and I held his head on to me. His tongue felt big and I lifted myself in to his face wanting more of it inside me.
He had me worked up to a point that I could come any time soon, I was moaning aloud as his tongue working magic in my pussy and I held him tight against me. Unknowing to him, he set off another intense orgasm and he kept licking and sucking on my fanny as my muscles spasms on his tongue.
As my orgasm subsided I watched as he lifted his head from my crotch, past caring that it was my grandson I wanted to feel his manhood wedged in between my legs
“Have you done it before”
“Just once” he said
“Take them pyjamas off and we better fit you with on of these”
I reached for a condom from my bedside drawer, just as well I was prepared, buying them the other day when shopping. I sat up and he climbed back between my raised legs, his cock sticking straight out in front of him and I slid the condom on to his cock.
It felt as big as in the shower if not bigger, I lay back down still holding his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy, lubricating the tip as it penetrated my lips. He came over the top of me, resting on his strong arms and started to push it in to me.
My lips surrendered to the thickness of his cock as each inch of it filled my pussy and the pain and pleasure rushed through my body. I told him to fuck me slowly as I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible, my lips gripping tightly around his condom covered cock getting stretch with every stroke he made.
I felt in heaven having this young strapping stud fucking me and I tied my legs around his, pulling him tight to me. Every thrust he give me took my breath away causing me to thrash about on the bed, he can’t last much longer I thought.
His fucking was getting noisy as our sticky body’s clashed together and I pushed and ground my pussy hard on to him.
“Go on, fuck me” I cried
He just about pushed me through the bed as the full length of his cock filled my pussy over and over again, faster and faster. Fuck I was coming, he kept thrusting away in my wet sopping fanny as my fanny muscles worked overtime sending ripple after ripple along his cock, and I just hope the condom stands up.
He must have thought the same as he lifted up off me and pulled his hard cock out from my rippling fanny muscles, one quick feel and it was still in one piece, how would I explain getting pregnant at my age and I let out a smile. He came and lay next to me and I pulled his condom off his semi hard cock and cuddled in to him for the night

It was the alarm clock that woke me up, then I realized what I did last night as my grandson lay asl**p in my bed. My fanny felt red raw as I pulled my knickers on and I woke him up, quickly leaving the room a bit embarrassed. What will he think about his gran hitting on him. I saw him later when he was going to work, meeting in the kitchen in my usually predicament, just wearing knickers as I had just took off my horsy clothes.
He seems friendly towards me at least, then we hugged and kissed each other.
That night I was with my horse when I saw him getting off the bus, but he didn’t come and see my. He’s probably been thinking about what happened last night and away to phone his mother to take him home this minute.
I busied myself filling a hay net all stressed out when I felt this arm on my waist and I knew who it was as he hugged in to me, my troubles seemed to float away and I melted in his arms as he kissed my neck. His hands wandered all over my body, the touch of his fingers giving me goose bumps as he caressed my breasts.
His cock was pushing hard up my back and I had to feel it and I f***ed my hand between us, I felt my jodhpurs fall open at the front and his hand work it way over my lacy knickers. I was in heaven again as he kissed my neck and his fingers danced over my pussy.
I undid his trousers and they fell to the floor as he slid my jodhpurs down my legs, he teased my fanny through my knickers before sticking his hand inside them. His strong fingers finding their way through my bush to my moist lips and clit. I now had his cock out from his boxers rubbing the palm of my hand the full length of it against his tummy, his pre cum seeping out and coating my hand.
His fingers on my warm pussy making me want more of him and I stretch my legs as far apart as I could and a finger slid inside my moist pussy, he fetched my juice out and rubbed it in to my clit making it hard before sinking his finger back inside me again.
I was worked up, wanting and ready to feel my grandsons cock in me again
“We can’t here, we haven‘t anything”
“Its alright I have it”
He slipped his finger out from my fanny and I turned around, he was on his knees taking my boots off, then my jodhpurs and knickers in one go. His face was level with my pussy and I pulled his head in to me, it wasn’t long before his tongue was working my lips and clit. I started to moan out and not wanting to come yet I pulled his head off me and he kissed his way up my tummy, I held my arms out as he stripped me of my shirt and I helped him with my bra, surrendering my breasts for my grandson to suck.
I needed him and knelt down, pulling his boxers over his cock and it sprang back just about in my face, his raging purple end glistening with pre cum slipped through my hand and I sank my lips around it. It felt lively in my mouth and ready to explode anytime.
We were ready and I searched his trouser pocket for the condom and feed it on to his shaft, I stood up wondering where was best and lifted myself on to the hay bales spreading my legs wide apart. I reached out for his cock and funnelled him in between my legs and in to my waiting pussy. He spread my pussy lips wide as he penetrated my moist hole inch by inch, I was that sexually worked up that the feel of his cock inside me just about made me come.
He started to fuck me slowly but that didn’t last long, I could see he was as worked up as I was and his hands came under my ass pulling me tighter on to him. I knotted my legs with his legs and held on around his neck with my arms. The passion was in his eyes as he started to thrust harder in to my fanny, stretching me as his thick cock went deep inside
“Go on, fuck me hard” I shouted
I lifted my legs around his back as he lifted me up and speared me on to his young cock, his strong muscular arms lifting me up and down as I slid along his cock like I was riding a horse
“Shit I’m coming,” I screamed
He slid me down his shaft one last time with it penetrating as deep as it could get, I howled out as my orgasm flooded my pussy and gripped me legs tight around him. My body felt like a electric current was going through it as the feel of his cock twitched in my fanny, ripple after ripple went through my fanny muscles nipping and milking his young cock.
Out of breath and panting hard, I kissed him in shear excitement, he kiss back just as passionately, he sat my back down on the hay and pulled out straight away, his bubble of seed hanging on the end of his cock and I pulled it off.
“It’s worked again,” I said, “ I really want to feel you squirting and filling my pussy sometime soon”
I pulled he in to me with my legs and hugged him tightly
“I’ll see the doctor tomorrow,” I said to my grandson
He lifted me off the bales of hay and pulled his trousers up, I gathered my clothes and we set off back to the house for a quick shower before tea. That night when he was going to bed I pulled him in to my bedroom and he fucked me again, nice and slow this time giving me several orgasms.
I went to the doctors the next day, saying I had problems with the time of the month and was giving the pill to help it out, little did they know what I really wanted it for. Three months of waiting and he fucked me bareback, the feel of his young cock stretching my fanny for the first time and squirting his seed inside, give me an extra long orgasm. We must fuck nearly every night he is here now, he is so young and wanting it all the time just like a young stallion.

The End

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6 months ago
Sweet Granny!!!!!!
8 months ago
Great story
2 years ago
From the story descriptions and verbalized actions, the grandson seems to go through motions with his head in a cloud. Of course it could be his young age (which was never divulged). Sex in the barn on a horse farm? Unique to say the least
2 years ago
nice story need some salt and pepper
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wonderful story, really well written, so hot, mmmm
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Terrific story.
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terrific story
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Excellent story. Good job.