Fucking Another Man’s Wife on Holiday

I’ve just had the best weekend away in the caravan and I ended up fucking another club member when I was there, she was with her husband in their motor home and both of them were retired.
I arrived at the rugby field at Ambleside in the Lake District just after the weekend rally had started and with being a Thursday, I had the pick of the field. I was by myself as the wife could not get time off work and pitched the caravan so the awning was next to the hedge for privacy, it wasn’t long before a motor home parked in front of me with the same idea.
As I came back with the aquaroll of water for my caravan, I noticed the woman from the motor home directing her husband on to the ramps to level the motor home up and I spoke to her briefly. It was another half an hour before I was all set up and able to relax, setting me seat up outside and watched the couple set up as well.
Both were well tanned and probably retired too, she was stocky looking, short dark hair with monster size tits, dressed in a strappy top and floaty skirt. He was stocky too, bald and only dressed in shorts, probably to show off his tan.
The pair were struggling with their awning so I offered to help, what a sight I saw while I stood on the steps and looked down. The fullness of her bra straining to keep her tits from popping out, if I’m not careful my cock could be wanting to pop out as well I thought.
With the awning all sorted I was invited for a cup of tea, where I got to know John and Betty a bit better. The afternoon passed so quickly, it was like we had knowing each other for years.

It was the next morning when I opened the blinds that I saw that Betty had been washing her small and had them out drying on the back of the motor home. Going out to check my water before I had a shower, I bumped in to Betty, another strappy top with no bra on
“I hope you don’t mine my washing hanging out” She said
“I would never have noticed if you didn’t say”
A big white bra with small black dots and black lacy frill around the top, hung from one of its strap, the cups like two half’s of a football jutting out, hung with another two plainer white bras and three pair of knickers, one black and two white pair.
“You want your eyes testing if you didn’t see them,” she teased as she turned away.
While checking my water I sneaked another peak at her washing and felt my cock straining at my shorts. Now in the shower my cock had to be rubbed and I came thinking about her tits, my fingers running with hot cum and I was still pumping it out.
I was sitting outside in the sun when John and Betty came back from shopping
“Coffee in five if you want lad,” John shouted as they passed
Sitting with John, Betty fetched the tray out, then went back inside, out of the corner of my eye I could see a reflection of her, pulling up her skirt through the full-length mirror that was on the wall just through the motor home door. She then shimmered her knickers down her legs before kicking them off, next I could see her undoing her bra. She pulled each strap off her arms before pulling her bra out from under the front of her strappy top and then joined us outside.
Betty sat opposite me, her tits hanging low and wafting her legs apart while pulling her skirt slowly up her leg. John did not seem too concerned and carried on talking while I had to squirm about in my seat trying to slid my growing cock down one leg. She stopped half way up her thigh, her legs still well tanned and give a cheeky smirk.
It was lunchtime when I left their motor home, John and Betty had planned going for a walk to Waterhead that afternoon and were meeting up with some friends that they meet in Spain last winter for a meal that night.

It was another hot day on the Saturday, the field now full with caravans with the weekenders coming last night. Betty was already sitting out in the sun when I went outside with my bowl of cereal
“Good night” I shouted
“It was, but he had to much to drink” nodding her head to the motor home
I went over to her, no bra again this morning
“There more tea in the pot if you want, he won’t want any for some time”
I sat with Betty having my breakfast talking, her skirt pulled high up her legs
“I like to keep my tan “she said
Betty told me about them going to Spain for the winter and always coming back brown all over, with a cheek grin. My mind racing, thinking about her sunbathing naked when we heard John, crawling out of bed saying he wanted coffee.
Betty fetched a tray of coffee out for the three of us and a photo album, it seemed that Betty was photographed everywhere they went on holiday, on bicycles, sitting in parks, everywhere.
Betty left John and me going through the photos of Spain, when she came back outside a little later she had lunch made for the three of us and a bottle of wine open. After lunch and another bottle of wine, another photo album appeared but these were of Betty in the same place as the other photos but with her tits out. Big massive tits hanging out from under her tops.
Each page had more of her with her tits out, daring shots of her sitting on park benches wearing the same big white bra with small black dots and black lacy frill that she hung out to dry yesterday. Some topless shots taken outside the motor home that was parked in towns and some she was topless in the motor home while people passed.
Betty pointed to the ones she liked, sitting in the front seat in the motor home with the curtains still open and black outside,. Wearing a pink strappy top and short gray skirt, you could see her white knickers as she sat, her top comes off revealing two massive pink tits
“We hadn’t been in Spain long when we took those shots,” she said
Standing up I could see she had nice shapely legs, not as fat as I would have expected, her skirt now around her waist showing her little white knickers and her tits hanging down to her waist as she ducks down in the front of the motor home.
Now sitting on the couch she has her tits wrapped around the stem of a wine glass while she d***k from it. Betty left us and took the dishes inside while John turns the pages of the album nearer the back.
Betty had a cock between her tits, a fat cock sticking out the top of them, surrounded by jelly like footballs. Her tongue sticking out to touch the purple head as a jet of cum shoot out his slit.
“That was some one we meet at La Manga, another camper,” John said
Her hand now around the cock knocking the last drips on to her nipple
“that’s as far as Betty ever wants to takes it, she‘s never wanted to take someone else cock in her mouth”
The last few is of her cleaning her self up and sitting topless sipping wine with the other man.
“I think Betty has something to show you if you want to go inside” John said
I was out of the seat like a shot and in to the van, a feeling of wetness inside my boxers as I moved, pre cum that had leaked from my cock. Betty was sitting upright on the couch, the insulation still on the windscreen outside making it private and the fly screen pulled down at the other windows.
Betty held her hand out to pull me closer, the bulge in my shorts giving the game away as she touched it. I felt the softness of her tits still in her top, big and heavy with hard small nipples. She had one hand on my leg and the other wrapped around my tent pole pulling the material taught over my cock end.
Betty let go of me then pulled her strappy top over her tits and off her head, the dark tan all over her tits, all the way to her nipples. She took hold of them in her hands offering them for me to suck and parted her legs, kneeling on the floor, I pushed her taught skirt up her legs, as I got closer to her.
Now her tits were face level, I could now feel the fullness and softness of them in my mouth. I sucked on a small wrinkly hard nipple then swapped on to the other one, her tits were full to bursting, every part of them unlike my mother in laws that are only full at the bottom and flat against her chest at the top.
Betty slapped them against my head, my face suffocated in soft wobbly tits
“Let me see what you have them” Betty said
I stood up and with Betty eager to see what I had, she already had her thumbs inside the waist band of my shorts, sliding them down with my boxers in one go. My cock springing back up straight as my boxers left the tip of it, a big glistening purple head inches from her face.
Betty circled my cock with her hand while her other hand felt my balls, slowly stroking it back and forth with a twist of her hand every so often. A silver trail of pre cum built up around the purple head waiting to be sucked.
She did just that, she slipped her mouth over my cock end, her tongue finding my leaking slit and she plugged the hole. Her hand started to play with my balls, a thumb and finger gently massaging my stones.
A slow twist of her hand around my cock and she began to wank me in to her mouth, then I started to face fuck her slowly. Her hand fell away letting more cock enter her mouth.
Betty now sat there holding her tits out, letting my balls rub against them as a wet sloppy noise came from her lips, a frothy pre cum covering her lips as I slid in and out. She pulled back off my cock, catching it between her tits and carried on wanking it.
Her two football sized tits swallowing my cock up with the tip just showing, Betty lifted her tits and bent her head, gently flicking my tip with her tongue with every stroke. I was about to burst, holding on to her shoulders I started to fuck her tits faster, thrusting all I could in to them.
She must have knowing I was about to come, as a jet squirted out, her warm mouth covered my throbbing head again. I let her move on my cock, back and forth as she let me fill her mouth up with hot creamy cum. Letting her tit drop, her hand gripped my cock, milking the last of my cum in to her mouth, I could feel her mouth moving and swallowing before she pulled my cock out and held it against her other up held tit, smearing any left cum on to her nipple.
As my cock, softened Betty licked it clean from tip to base before licking her shiny nipple. John, still outside, spoke to someone and we hurriedly dressed, Betty pulled her strappy top over her head covering her huge tits again and pulled her skirt down. The talking stopped outside so we went out to join John again.
“Did you enjoy that lad?” John asked
“Course he enjoyed it” Betty said
They were going out with friends that night again so I said I would take there out in the car tomorrow.

The next morning arrived hot and sunny, Betty was already sitting outside wearing a white see through blouse with her white bra and black dots visible and a checky skirt.
We set off after a coffee, taking a picnic with us to Bowness on Windermere and hired a motor boat, John wanted to take some photos of Betty on the lake. The place was packed but we managed to get a boat and set off towards the other side of the lake behind the big island where it was quiet.
I drove the boat while John took photos of Betty sitting at the rear, flashing a bit of leg, when we got out of view from the mass crowd she started to flash her bra. I stopped the boat between some of the bigger sailing boats that moor up behind the island. There was only a handful of people on the shore but they were to far off to see what Betty was doing.
Betty had her legs spread apart with one resting on the side of the boat, she hoisted her skirt up revealing her tanned legs and black knickers, John clicked away with his camera as she undid her blouse, her huge tits squashing over the top of the lacy bit of bra.
She now had her bra undone and her tits hung to her waist, John kept taken photos and she was well rehearsed in posing. I stood watching with a boner in my shorts
“Come and sit with me,” Betty said
She lowered her leg and I sat beside her, her skirt still pulled up showing off her brown legs. Betty felt my cock through my shorts then slipped her hand into the waistband, she had it out in to the open air in no time at all.
She polished my cock end with my pre cum, rubbing her thumb around and made it shiny. Betty got on to her knees on the boat floor and squashed her tits together around my cock, just my shiny cock end visible, sticking out the top of her tits. She slowly began to give me a titty wank, soft flesh rubbing up and down my cock getting faster.
I was about to come when John shouted
There was a small passenger ferry about to pass us, full with two decks of passengers looking at the island. Betty lowered her head into my lap while John put her jacket over her head and back, she took me in her mouth, sucking on my cock. Betty’s head didn’t move much on my cock, her lips pulsing and her tongue playing with my cock end making me cum in no time. The excitement of a hundred people or so watching while being sucked made my explode hard in to her mouth, she kept sucking and swallowing until all the cum was out of me.
“That was close,” John said
The jacket fell off Betty’s back as she lifted from my lap, my cock hung down soft and spent and she smiled to me while wiping her mouth dry.
“Sorry about that lad, next time you might get to come over her” John said
John was oblivious to what Betty had done under her jacket and I wasn’t going to tell him. Betty fastened her front fastening bra over her tits, giggling them until they were inside and buttoned her blouse back up.
“Our time is about up with the boat” John said
We headed back to Bowness and dropped the boat off, then took our picnic along the shore and in to the grass fields, watching the ferries and boats come and go. John took more photos of Betty, but Betty was not up for exposing her self to much. It was late when we arrived back at the site, after going for a meal and a night out, so we said our goodnights and parted for the night.

It was another sunny day when I looked out the window of the caravan, the weekend caravanners all gone home yesterday so it was quite again. Betty was already outside and I went to join her. Over coffee, the three of us decided to have a laze day and have a barbeque in the afternoon.
Back from shopping for the barbeque, we opened our first bottle of wine, when the next photo album arrived in my lap. This was more of Betty on holiday but showing her fanny and totally naked, she had no hair at all, totally bald fanny.
The photos carried on from the other albums, taken at the same places but showing her fanny. Just like the photos, I saw of her sitting in the front seat of the motor home wearing a pink strappy top and short gray skirt, but this time her white knickers pulled to one side revealing her big fat fanny lips.
There was some of her naked in La Manga, standing behind the motor home that was parked in some street in the town, then another standing against a street light in the middle of the road wearing only crocs on her feet, her big tits hanging over her curvy stomach, all taken at night.
John said that they travel down to Spain with another four motor homes and none of them knew what Betty and him gets up to. The best photos were of Betty having a piss, taken from behind, her lips hung down about two inches like two open flaps. Another was of her against a car dressed in black stockings and a black corset with her tits hanging out and a pink vibrator stuck up her fanny.
I sat with a raging erection while John lit the barbeque
“Betty, do you think its time to show the lad what you have” said John
Betty held my hand and pulled me in to the motor home, she’d had a floaty dress on all day and started to gather it up from the bottom. A white pair of cotton knickers came in to view then her bra as she pulled the dress over her head.
The white of her underwear showing off her brown tan body, then she undid her bra, letting her tits fall down her belly. I slipped my finger in to the waist of her knickers, sliding them down slowly. The curviness of her shaved fanny began to show, then her fat bulging lips became exposed.
Betty stepped out of her knickers, kicking them on to the couch, there was not one sign of pale skin anywhere, she was fully tanned, including her fanny lips. She lay down on the couch, parting her legs with one leg touching the floor and the other raised up on the couch, stretching her fanny.
I knew where she wanted attention and I knelt down and kissed up her leg, get my first proper sight of her smooth fanny as I came back down the other leg. I ran my finger over her big fanny, feeling her bulging lips. Betty touched my fingers with hers, putting two fingers over her lips and spread them wide.
“Lick me”
Her lips were pink and soft and I finally got the first taste of Betty’s wet fanny, she gasped with my first lick, she moved her fingers away and placed her hand on my head. I felt her clit directly beneath my tongue, feeling the biggest clit ever, teasing it, I lick and gently nibble on it as I felt her body shudder. I could feel Betty gently pushing herself in to my face, rocking back and forth.
I lifted my hand on to her tit feeling a hard nipple while licking around her clit, I begin to tease her clit more, sucking it in between my lips. My other hand penetrated her fanny lips, pushing two fingers straight inside. Betty began to moan as my fingers slid in and out, faster and deeper, her tit wobbled in my other hand as she started thrusting on to my fingers.
Loud wet sloppy noises came from her fanny, moaning came from her mouth, she had my head tightly pulled in to her as she started to pant. Faster and faster, her panting became, it felt like she was going to scream very loud. Her mouth tight shut and she screamed from inside, a high pitch screeching sound came from her.
My fingers now awash with fanny juice made a wet sloppy loud noise, her whole body heaved up and down with her panting. I slipped my fingers out smelling the warm aroma of fanny juice and tasted her.
Betty pulled at me and encourage me to my feet, pulling at my shorts she had my cock out and her hand around it gently stroking it. John shouted
“Barbeque nearly ready”
Betty looked deflated, my cock just inches from penetrating her, she quickly sat up, taking me in her mouth and licked my pre cum.
“We better go,” said Betty
Pulling her dress over her head and nothing else underneath we joined John outside. We sat drinking and talking for the rest of the night. John told me how he had taken a photo of some man with Betty and he want berserk when he saw it on John’s blog on another site, he only takes photos of Betty now.
It was getting late with all the other caravans now quite, when I left. Half an hour or so later, I was in bed when I heard a tap on the window
“It just me” Betty whispered
Then she tapped on the door, I got out of bed naked, covering myself with my hand and opened the door, Betty was in a dressing gown and pushed me back inside as she shut the door.
“What’s wrong?” I said
“Would you like to fuck me, John’s on some tablets and has lost interest in sex, it’s been over four months now”
She let her dressing gown slip off her shoulders and stood naked, I hurriedly pulled the slats out and put the cushions on top to make the double bed up. Betty held me when I stood upright, her tits squashing in to my back, her hands finding my cock and her breathing heavy on my neck.
Betty pushed past me and knelt on the bed, leaning forward on to her hands to climb up the bed making her big tanned backside stuck in the air. I saw her fanny lips hanging down between her legs, just like the photo of her pissing.
She turned and lay on her back, her knees raised and apart, her open fanny willing to be licked and she held my head firmly in to her crouch. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and I moved up her body, kissing over her curvy tummy and up to her tits.
I rose on to my arms, my cock finding her open hole and pushed in, she was tighter than I had expected. Her warm wet fanny sucked around my cock as I slowly fetched it out and pushed it straight back in.
With long slow thrusts, my balls squashed in to her lips and she had her hands on my bum pulling me hard in to her. I started to pound her faster, bouncing her hard in to the bed making the slats creak, her tits wobbled about like two big jellies.
Betty’s pent up sexually frustration boiled over, her first fuck in four months and she panted and moaned loudly. She egged me on to fuck her harder as her panting got faster.
The warmth of the night made our body’s sticky and the wet sound of her fanny getting fucked pushed Betty in to her orgasm. Holding my bum, she held me tight in to her as my cock squirted deep inside her, ripples of her fanny muscles tightening around my cock.
Betty’s eyes closed and her mouth opened, licking her lips with her tongue, wanting to be kissed, we kissed as the final twitch of cock emptied my balls of cum in to her. Her tongue probed inside my mouth, more like a teenager than a pensioner.
I rose on to my knees in between her raised legs and looked at her open bald fanny, her lips wet and shinny and a blob of creamy cum making its way out from the pink inside of her fanny. Betty ran her hand over her fanny catching the cum and rubbed it in to her smooth pussy.
She climbed off the bed nipping her legs together and hugged me
“I won’t see you tomorrow, were going early to miss the traffic”
She looked up wanting another kiss then put her dressing gown on and went back to John.
She was right, there motor home was gone when I woke up the next morning, hopefully John and Betty will be back next year at Ambleside. A special thanks must go to the Lakeland DA, part of the Camping and Caravanning Club of Britain for such a wonderful weekend

The End

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1 year ago
Love it
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Loved your story!!!
3 years ago
Great story. It's always hot with another man's wife. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
happy caravaning
3 years ago
Looks like you had a really great trip :-) Thanks for sharing this very hot story.
3 years ago
happy day a golden oppertunity you just couldnt pass up:)