Living with my Older s****r Lucy

This story follows on from; Me and my Older s****r Lucy which goes in to more detail about our early years, but you need not read it to understand this story.

I live with my s****r in London sharing a flat together, we do more than share the flat, we also share the bed together. Lucy is three years older than I am and since I can remember she has always been part of my life.
When we were little, she would come into my bed at bedtime and we would play together, regularly waking up together in the morning. Our parents try discouraging her later in life but she would sneak in to my room when they were down stairs or out of the house.
Lucy showed me how to play with my cock and taught me how to play with a pussy, by thirteen she was developing in to a woman, letting me suck her nipples and through time watched her hairy bush grow.
I was her first boy at fifteen, pinching a condom from under our parent’s mattress, by than her pussy was well used to my fingers and tongue but me at twelve, well my cock was just developing.
By the time, she was in six form at school doing A levels; our closeness tailed off, a blessing for our parents. Lucy came back from university on her holidays finding a well-developed b*****r and fucking each other was on both our minds.
I don’t think one of use has had any one else, and people believed we are married where we live now, having the same surname fools everyone.
Lucy now works as a solicitor and spends a lot of her time in the courts in London and I am an accountant working in the city too.
It has been roasting hot in London for days now, air conditioning and fans going everywhere you look, in shops, café and at work. My place of work sent everyone home at lunchtime as the air conditioning went off and it was to hot to work.
Now mid afternoon and back from work, I sat on the balcony of our flat having a cold beer. Listening to the radio when a news flash comes on saying that there had been a power failure affecting the part of London where Lucy is at today.
Ten minutes later and another report saying that there had been a surge of power at another three sub station knocking them off line as well, centrally London was now at a stand still.
Lucy’s court suspended for the rest of the day because of a power failure thought that she could be home on the tube within the hour and having a nice cold shower before tea. It wasn’t until she was outside that reality hit her, every where was chaotic.
She spotted Jane another solicitor from her firm standing on the steps trying her mobile, but no signal, there were people walking everywhere. Someone shouted that the underground was closed and with the traffic lights all off, the cars and busses were stuck in jams, honking there horns.
Jane lived some distance outside London so Lucy invited her home with her. Dressed for court, the both of them were not suitable dressed for walking home in all the heat. Jackets off and hanging over their briefcases, blouses unbuttoned to as far as they could, they set off walking.
Lucy noticing for the first time how big Jane’s tits were, how much cleavage was on show with her blouse buttons undone. They stopped after about an hour, Lucy complained about being hot and sticky, especially between her legs.
Jane told Lucy that she had removed her knickers that lunch time because of the heat and they should find somewhere so she could do the same. Standing in some passage between some shops, Jane stood guard as Lucy tried pulling her knickers down under her skirt.
It was no good, she was too sweaty, so she pulled up her skirt giving Jane a flash of her white cotton knickers and black suspender tights.
Lucy watched Jane’s eyes wandered down to her crouch as she started to slid her tight damp knickers down, revealing her smooth pussy, Jane was staring noticeably more now as Lucy slowed slipped her knickers down her legs.
Lucy all excited that she was being watched by another woman stood with her knickers around her knees before pulling her skirt down and then removed her panties from her feet.
As they set of walking their chatting turned more on to the theme of sex, Lucy wanting to know more about having big tits and how heavy they are while Jane wanted to know more about having a bald pussy. The time past more quickly, they took off their shoes to walk faster and eventually they were back at Lucy’s flat.
Exhausted, dehydrated and sticky, the first thing on there minds was a shower, I said I would make some cool drinks for them and fetch them through to the bedroom. I thought someone would be in the bedroom while the other had a shower, but it was empty.
The door in to the bathroom was open, they were undressing each other, I saw Jane’s big tits fall out of her bra with big hard nipples and she had a hairy pussy as well. She touched Lucy between her legs, making her twitch. Lucy had both of Jane’s tits in her hands, as if she was weighing them.
Lucy climbed in to the shower and Jane followed, the cool water made their nipples stick out on end. The glass partition, steam free, give me a good view as Lucy started to wash Jane’s tits with soap, I’d never seen tits as big before and I felt a stirring in my shorts.
I moved closer and peeped around the doorframe watching Jane wash between Lucy’s legs, Lucy stood against the wall with her legs wide apart as the palm of Jane’s hand moved up and down her smooth pussy, then they kissed each other.
Lucy turned the water off and the both of them got out from the shower, standing naked in the bathroom dripping wet, Lucy bent down and sucked the drips of water from Jane’s hard nipples. They started to move towards the bedroom and I shot out in to the hall.
Now it was Jane’s turn to suck hard nipples, Lucy has small tits, but big hard nipples to make up for it. She fell onto the bed and Jane climbed on top and straddled her, kissing her mouth first then slowly moving down over her tits to her stomach.
Now looking around the doorframe from the hall, I saw Jane going down on to my s****rs pussy, Lucy spread her legs wide apart and pulled Jane’s head in to her bald pussy. My s****r has really big fat pussy lips and Jane’s head bobbed up and down, licking and sucking with her bum stuck in the air gently rocking. I wanted to fuck Jane badly, big tits and a hairy pussy, the very opposite from my s****r who I fuck all the time.
I ran in to the kitchen, making some more drinks and took them in to the bedroom
“Here’s some more drinks, you must be thirsty with all that sucking,” I said when standing next to the bed
My cock like a tent pole stood straight out in front of me, Jane froze to the spot while Lucy grabbed my cock
“Excited are you,” Lucy said
“Just a little bit” I said
“Do you mine if I suck him, Jane”
Jane smiled and shook her head to say I don’t mind, she stared at the front of my shorts as Lucy pulled the waistband over my cock. My thick cock sprung back up, its purple end glistening with pre cum.
I stood offering Lucy my cock over her mouth while Jane watched, it wasn’t long before Jane moved up and started to lick my cock as well. I reached out and felt Jane’s tit, it was heavy and soft and spilled over the palm of my hand.
I pulled out from their mouths and they kissed each other passionately again, Lucy told Jane to lie down on the bed and the both of us took one of her hard large nipple in our mouths. Her tits were soft and wobbly, a new experience to the both of us, then I ran my hand over her tummy to her pussy.
Jane had her legs wide apart and then I felt my s****r’s hand was already there, her pussy lips poked out from her bush, all soft and moist and Lucy pushed a finger inside. Jane give a moan and I could feel my s****r’s finger sliding in and out.
Lucy moved to between Jane’s legs and buried her head in to her pussy, I could hear my s****rs licking and sucking and Jane moaning. I stood up, wondering if I should fuck my s****r from behind or let Jane suck my cock.
Jane wriggled about on the bed and grabbed my cock, pulling it towards her, she turned her head on to the side and pulled me closer to her face. She fed my cock in to her mouth, keeping a tight grip around it, her tongue probed around my swollen head.
I started to thrust my cock in to her mouth and I saw Lucy was now sucking Jane’s clit with eager enthusiasm and finger fucking her at the same time.
Jane let my cock slip from her mouth but kept a tight hold of it, she started panting and bucking about on the bed. I could hear Lucy’s fingers making a sloppy wet sound from Jane’s pussy, harder and fasted her finger went in and out.
Jane couldn’t take much more and let out a shriek, pulling Lucy’s head tight in to her pussy, she lifted herself off the bed and sat upright. Her tits hung down and I took one in my hand, rubbing her nipple through my finger and thumb.
Jane’s breathing was heavy and fast as my s****r lifted her head out from Jane’s pussy
“Only a woman knows what another woman needs,” Lucy said
Lucy rolled over on to the bed and Jane collapsed back down, I ran my hand down to Jane’s pussy and felt how wet she was. My fingers finding her pussy lips relaxed and apart, she was sopping wet with her pussy juice.
I wanted to see her wet hairy pussy and pulled my cock from Jane’s gripping hand, She didn’t object to letting me see her pussy and kept her legs wide apart. Jane’s is my first real woman I have seen apart from my s****r, her lips long and glistening with her juice.
I knelt on the bed between her legs, running my finger up her swollen lips,
“go on lick her” my s****r said
I bent down closer, the warm aroma of pussy juice filled my nostrils, both of them watching as I lick Jane’s pussy. Her juice was sweet and plenty of it, I licked and sucked her pussy clean.
When I lifted my head, Jane had her fingers in my s****r, she looked eager to taste my s****r pussy again. Jane climbed in between Lucy’s legs, her pussy lips big and bulging out from her smooth pussy were being licked again.
I give my cock to my s****r to lick, she kept pointing down to Jane while thrusting it back and forth in her mouth. Lucy wanted me to fuck Jane, Jane’s was sucking clit and finger fucking my s****r when I stood behind her.
Her legs on the end of the bed were apart as I slid my cock between them, then I felt a hand around my cock. Jane had a hold of me and was guiding me in to her hairy pussy, she lifted her head as I penetrated her lips, giving a gasp.
After two or three tight strokes, she accommodated the fullness of my cock as her juice give some lubrication. Jane returned to my s****r and Lucy started to moan. I reached around and felt Jane’s pussy, her clit easy to find, all swollen and hard.
I started to thrust my cock harder and deeper in to Jane, keeping tight a hold of her waist with both hands. I couldn’t tell who was moaning the most but there was going to be one almighty orgasm on that bed.
It wasn’t going to be long before I came and I pulled out thinking about my cum, Jane shouted
“put it back in, come in me”
My cock found her willing pussy open and filled it back up, it wasn’t many more thrusts before my cock exploded, pumping torrents of hot creamy sperm in to my s****rs friend. I don’t know who came first but Jane and Lucy were both panting hard. Jane’s pussy muscles pulsed on my pumping cock, muffled moaning was coming from Lucy’s pussy with Jane’s face squashed tight in to it.
I felt like I was going to lift Jane off her knees as my cock twitched inside her, then our orgasms began to subsided, Jane probably wanted some air, being stuck in my s****r’s pussy for so long. Jane staggered on her knees to lie next to Lucy, collapsing on to her back.
I passed them the drinks that I fetched through and lay on the bed with them, Jane stopped that night after phoning her husband Nick, but we did not sl**p much and she now try’s to stops at least once a week Jane still dose not know that we are b*****r and s****r and probably never will.

The End

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1 year ago
The most demeaning way to really fuck up a heavenly brother and sister--or any blood-related, incestual relationship--is bring into the mix a third party. The majority of incestual "family life" is like most normal family relationship, except the couple is blood-related; they live their lives as most all couples, without threesomes, moresomes, etc.! Of course in porn writing the effect of wanton and lurid sex is to fuck as many individuals as possible, and damned the story content! Lucy and her unnamed brother had the ideal incestual relationship and a strong foundation for a supreme life as man and woman, "husband and wife"! Worse yet the sex party with Jane is not all that exciting.
1 year ago
wow what a sexy story.
2 years ago
excellent story
3 years ago
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Excellent story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Excellent story, should do more.
3 years ago
great story mate,,keep us inforned of this duo
3 years ago
very good and keep them cumming
3 years ago
Loved it. Awesome and keep this series going....
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago