Me and my Older s****r Lucy

I’ve always been around my s****r for as long as I can remember, our mother washing the both of us in the bath together probably the start of my memory. My s****r called Lucy is three years older than me and I would sit in between her legs as our mother washed me then we would play in the bath as the water rushed out the plug hole. Towels wrapper around us, we would get dress in front of the fire dancing about as our mother tried to dress us.
As I grew older, I was always part of her games, playing mam’s and dad’s to her dolls and climbing under the fireside rug together as our bed. When I got my big bed Lucy would fall asl**p with me cuddled in together, she always was in my bed.
When I was about four we were outside playing in Lucy wooden Wendy house in the garden playing mam’s and dad’s again. Lucy said that we had to take our clothes off because that’s what they do, when they go to bed, we were both naked and that’s when I found out we were diferent.
Lucy put my hand on her tiddler and it was smooth not like mine sticking out. We laughed as we touched one and other, Lucy led me outside behind the Wendy house and crouched down having a wee.
“Your turn now” she said
I stood just like normal, with my water pistol in my fingers spraying against the Wendy house with Lucy looking on, giggling.
One day Lucy had her friend around playing in the Wendy house with all of us taking our clothes off and Susan touching my tiddler. As we got older our parents tried to separate us, no more getting dressed in front of each other and stopping Lucy from sl**ping with me, but it never worked, she was often back in my bed the next morning.
Lucy and her friends didn’t like boys but they all let me play with them if I would show them my tiddler, all of there giggling and screaming when they saw it.
As Lucy went to middle school at nine, things changed, she wasn’t in to playing mam’s and dads anymore, she wanted to be the doctor and I would have to drop my trousers for her to look at me, holding my tiddler, she would measure it with her ruler.
It was only weekends when she would sneak in to my bed, watching the Saturday morning TV, but mam allowed that. Getting older she was allowed to look after me while mam went shopping, she would be twelve now and we would look through mam and dad’s bedside drawers.
Lucy found a magazine in mam’s drawer and we looked at the pictures of girls licking men’s tiddlers and men on top of woman. Lucy said we should try it and we took off our clothes, sticking her tongue out she touched my tiddler
“Errrr” she said
Now I had to climb on top of her like the magazine, looking in to her face. She turned the page now the woman was on top, so we did the same, Lucy sitting astride on my legs, her thingy touching my thingy. We got back up and dressed, nothing of the wiser to what we had done.
In the magazine there was more pictures of woman playing with herself and playing with men, Lucy started to read a story out loud and started to do the same. She wanted to play with my willy then she pulled her panty down and did what she read, sticking a finger in her pussy, then we heard the car coming back.
Lucy was starting to look after me more when mam and dad went out on a Saturday night to the pub, racing up stairs for the magazine, she would read the stories out and she held my finger as she pushed it inside her pussy. After that, I had to lick her in another story.
Now turning in to a woman, cause she learn that at school, she started to grow hair down there and my willy was looking stronger.
Nearly every Saturday night we were alone and we became good at doing the same as the magazine apart from my willy, it never was hard enough like the pictures in the magazine,
Lucy told me it would get hard someday and we would just have to wait.
Lucy now had to wear her knickers some weekends but she still read the stories and played with me instead. She was now going to high school at thirteen and mam bought her a bra to wear.
Some weekends she would go in to mam’s underwear drawer and dress up in lacy bra and knickers, too big for her but she looked like the woman in the magazine and I would have to feel her bra and squeeze it and rub her knickers.
Lucy never developed big tits like some of her friends at school, just small ones that she wanted me to suck. Her pussy was more advanced than her tits, black silky hair and one night while in mam’s drawer she found a vibrator, a hard plastic thing that we had read about.
It buzzed as she turned it on, dropping it on the floor, picking it up, she chased after me with it buzzing. Now play fighting seeing who it would touch first, I held her arms out as she fought. Laughing and giggling we twisted and turned as she held it tight, our naked body’s touching and then she kissed me. Relaxing our grip we kissed some more then we lay on her bed, touching her body with the vibrator she worked it up and down her tummy then a quick buzz over her pussy hair. Looking at each other, she said
“should I”
I nodded and she slipped it down again in to her growing bush, parting her legs she ran it over her pussy lips, getting used to the tingling she held it there some time.
“suck my tits”
They weren’t tits like in the magazine but she was proud of them and I sucked on each one. I felt her hand feeling my leg then my willy, looking at my s****r she had her eyes shut and breathing funny.
“Lucy are you alright”
“oh yeessss”
Lucy opened her eyes after squeezing my willy hard and turned the vibrator off
“I did it like the magazine, I felt funny”
Putting the vibrator back in the drawer and everything back on top, we went back to my room, putting our pyjamas on we fell a sl**p with dad moving Lucy when they got back home.
Each weekend Lucy tried the vibrator, pushing it half way in and we learnt to lick each other bits at the same time with her on top. Lucy told me she had seen mam and dad doing it that way, she’d watched one weekend after she had been carried back to bed and woke up hearing them.
Another weekend she saw dad sticking his fingers up in to mam with her knees up and wide apart, he pushed them in and out faster and faster until she let out a squeal.
Lucy learnt every thing from watching mam and dad, from when mam had her legs apart,
stretching her pussy apart with her fingers and rubbing it with her other hand in front of dad. The time dad slid the vibrator in to mam’s pussy, all the way up to the rotating switch on the end.
When mam had to wear her knickers in bed like Lucy, she would sit on the edge of the bed letting dad put his willy all the way in to her mouth, sliding in and out faster until he stopped and mam looked like she was chewing on it, licking and suck his willy.
Lucy saw where dad kept his condoms, under the mattress and how mam would slid it on to his willy. Lucy replayed every moment the next weekend when we were alone, stretching her pussy wide for me to have a look and having to lick it like dad.
She was now f******n and I was eleven, she now had a lot of hair and her lips stuck out from her body like two big fingers side by side. My hair was starting to grow said Lucy and I noticed my willy being bigger and sticking out straight in front of me when we were together.
Then one night when she was wearing her knickers sitting on the side of the bed, I felt a pain but a happy pain in my willy. Lucy sliding back and forth on it, let out a scream
“you’ve peed in my mouth”
“no I haven’t”
Looking down at Lucy holding my willy, it looked diferent with a red fat end on it and a split with creamy white stuff leaking from it, She stuck her tongue out touching the creamy stuff then stuck it back in her mouth.
“I’ve seen mam doing that with dad, licking it clean, this means you are a man now”
Each weekend we learnt a little more and Lucy still looked through the gap of their bedroom door on a Saturday night. She loved stretching her pussy for me to lick and rubbing her self until she moaned while I sucked her nipples. Lucy could now take the vibrator nearly all the way in and it would come out sticky, licking it clean like mam does.
Now fifteen Lucy was a young woman as she lay on the bed naked, her 32b tits were small compared to her friends but she had one might hairy pussy and lips to match.
“let try tonight, I’ll pinch a condom from dad” Lucy said
Lucy sat on the bed rolling this rubber thing on to my willy then lay down letting me climb between her raised parted legs, she held my willy just like mam and spread her pussy with her other hand as I pushed in, her pussy feeling tight around my willy.
“push” said Lucy
Eventually going in, we were having sex just like the magazines, Lucy’s pussy used to having mam’s vibrator inside accommodating my twelve-year-old willy easily
“go faster”
Lucy instructed me as it has been her watching mam and dad having sex, it wasn’t long before I came as her pussy lips gripped around my shaft just like when she sucks my willy. Breathing fast and excited after coming, I pulled out from my s****r, the tip on the condom filled with my seed.
“lick me here”
Lucy pointing at some lump in her pussy and I licked it, thrashing about the bed she started to gasp and moan
“yes faster”
Lucy thrashed a bit more then nipped her legs against my head lifting her head off the pillow.
We lay next to each other looking at the ceiling
“was that good” she asked
“it was, did you like it” I asked
“yes, its just like how mam does it some times, dad filling his condom and then licking mam, it was great”
“What do I do with this” pointing at the condom
“Mam pulls it off and flushes it down the toilet afterwards”
Lucy pulled it off then we went to the bathroom to flush it away, it took three flushes before it went. Lucy bought some condoms for us to use and we had sex on a Saturday night just like mam and dad, improving and getting better as the mouths went on.
She was now in the six form at school studying for her A levels wanting to be a solicitor and our weekends together faded away, spending more time studying and with her friends.
Our parents probably overjoyed that we were not spending as much time together. It all happened again after Lucy went to university, coming back for the Christmas holidays, she busted in to my room one morning when our parent were at work and caught me having a read of dad’s magazine and a wank.
Now fully developed my long thick shaft glistened with pre cum as a gently stroked it
“fucking hell, is that real”
Coming close to me she stuck her hand out feeling the hardness, her fingers unable to wrap around it fully and began to wank it like I just had. The excitement on her face as it squirted out like a fountan covering her hand in creamy sticky hot cum. Unable to resist she lowered her head. licking her hand and my cock clean.
Lucy stood up sliding her jeans and knickers off her feet in one movement, stood on the bed astride of me, pushing her hairy fanny in to my face as she held the headboard. Rubbing and thrusting her wet lips on to my tongue, making her cum instantly, my older s****r pussy juice sweet and tasty.
We went out shopping that day, buying some condoms, now sixteen we were legal and we spent any free time together. With Lucy going, back to university we promised each other to save ourselves for one and other for the next holidays.
Every holiday was special after that, spending as much time together in bed, mastering the art of sex. Lucy moved back home after qualifying, getting a job local and I trained, as an accountant living at home to, so we were back together. Any spare time our parents were out was great and when they went on holiday, we slept together for the two weeks
Over the years, Lucy became a good solicitor and I became an accountant moving to London and in to our own flat living as man and wife and we have the best sex life possible.

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4 months ago
HOT Thanks for the posting
1 year ago
Lucy and her Unnamed, narrator brother have grown up experiencing mature foreplay, even to the point of consummating their joy of adolescent sex! They do really care--though probably not quite ral romantic love--for each other, more so with all the sexual games they play!!

Now on their own " as man and wife..." they should begin to have a family of children; they are not going to separate after their many years together, and children will only serve to cement and strengthen their love, relationship and dedication to the other!!
2 years ago
If there were guidebooks/instructions for the incestual sister and brother love, falling in love almost prior to learning to walk, this story would be the "bible" of young innocent, blooming love growing as if it were the nose on one's face or the hair on their head--totally natural, as the air they breathed!!! Beautiful, beautiful story!
2 years ago
good story
3 years ago
A damn good read.
3 years ago
fucking hot story
3 years ago
Very nice story.
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
Great story, love to read more about you and your sis
3 years ago
wonderful story. Thanks
3 years ago
luved it