Living With My Grandparents

I was s*******n and had just started collage away from home, so I’ve moved in to my granda Joe’s and granny Peggy’s house through the week for convenience to the collage and go home for the weekends.
My gran is sixty-one and now retired, short wavy hair, slightly plump, 5 feet three and looks older than she is, by the way she dresses. My granda is sixty-three and still works, they have a two-bedroom house and I am in the spare bedroom. I get on with the both of them well, but I feel sometimes in the way.
My granda is out most nights when I stop there, with his carpet bowls on two nights, darts one night and at the club drinking with his work mates the rest of the time.
The short time I have been here, I can tell who wears the trousers in this house and that is my gran. No wonder granda spends the majority of his spare time away from gran.
Now in to a routine after two months of being here, we have our tea and when granda go’s out afterwards, gran and I watch a bit of TV before bed. I go to bed about ten and gran then sometime go’s for a bath and waits for granda Joe downstairs to come home.
Some times, I hear them laughing downstairs but this one night they both came straight to bed, still drowsy with sl**p, I thought I heard gran say
“Oh Joe that’s nice”
Wondering where I was, woke me up
“That’s it Joe, lick me there”
My grandparents were doing it in the next room, I listen more
“Fuck me now Joe”
I heard the bed creaking and some heavy breathing then it stopped, then I dropped straight back off to sl**p again.
Gran comes and wakes me up at seven every morning, granda is already out and away to work at six. I sometimes hear gran go to the toilet before coming to see me.
The next morning after hearing them at it, gran came in as normal
“sl**p alright” she asked
“Yes no problem”
“Nothing woke you up, no strange noises”
“No I sl**p like a log”
“That’s good” she said
Over the weeks it became a familiar pattern, Tuesdays and Thursdays when I went to bed, gran would go for a bath and wait for granda coming home. I tried to keep awake, listening for them having sex, it was getting louder as the weeks went on.
I could hear gran moaning and telling granda to do things to her, then shouts of
“I’m coming Joe, harder”
And the panting of granda as he had sex with gran.
Each morning after listening to them, gran would ask, sl**p alright, nothing woke you up, and I would say the same answer, I sl**p like a log when I’m here.

One Tuesday night when we were watching TV things changed
“I think I’ll go for my bath now” said gran
When gran came back down I noticed she was wearing black nylons on her legs under her dress, She always wore tan coloured nylon tight and floaty dresses, never anything modern, like skirts and blouse or trousers, just the same type of old fashion dress with elastic waists.
Getting up to go to bed, gran stood up as well, waiting for her customary hug and kiss off me, our kiss, always a quick kiss on the lips and I could smell perfume on her as well.
That night I listen to gran and granda making love again
“Oh Peggy, you look nice tonight” granda said
I wondered what was different, what ever it was seemed to help granda, and gran really moaned aloud when he finished.
The next day lessons were cancelled after lunch so I went home, gran was out but she had a full line of washing hanging out. Back in the kitchen there was more washing, gran had a clotheshorse full of her underwear and I went to see.
There was tan stockings, black stockings, a black corset and white corset, and panty girdles all with there suspenders hanging from them, pegged on the clotheshorse.
The cups sticking out, where gran’s tits fill them and pegged in the middle out of sight was a red bra and red girdle thing with suspenders and no gusset. Was that what she was wearing last night, I wondered.
I felt the girdles and corsets with the pulled in waist and lacy bits around the cups, then the gusset, seeing the soft cotton that rubs against my gran’s pussy. I heard the front door bang and I rushed back to the sink, pretending to wash my hands.
“Back sharp today”
“Yes the lessons got cancelled”
“You can help me fold the washing if you don’t mind”
Gran got the washing inside and I helped her fold the sheets then I watched and we talked as she unpegged her underwear, pairing her stocking together and rolling them up. Gran calmly hid the red bra and girdle thingy under her corsets and went up stairs.

The next night she went for her bath early again, coming down with black stocking on. We had our customary kiss and hug before I went to bed, but this time my hand fell on to her bum and I felt her suspender through the thin material of her dress.
I heard granda coming back in to the house from the club and both of them coming up the stairs, it wasn’t long before I heard them at it again, but this time I was listening next to the wall
“Go on Peggy suck that”
I could only imagine granda wanting his cock sucked
“That feels nice” he said
And gran was doing it for him, lips that I kiss on a night now wrapped around my granda’s cock
“Lick me now, Joe”
Now gran wanted the same done to her, my cock stiff as a board, wanted to see more. If I have to go to the bathroom through the night, I know their door is always ajar, quietly I headed on to the landing and to their door, spying through the gap.
The bedside light is on but something is over it dimming the light down, I see granda naked, bending down between gran’s legs and gran flat on her back with her hands on his head.
“Just there Joe, suck it there”
Gran was moaning softly then she became louder
“That’s it, I’m coming”
Gran just about lifted herself off the bed as she pulled granda’s head in to her pussy when she came. Granda knelt in front of her, between her legs, with her hands she began to play with his cock.
Gran was wanking granda hard again and it started to rise. Clumsily he got on top of her, he was wedged in between gran’s raised and parted knees. I could now see her red suspenders stretching to her black stockings
“No Joe, not so hard”
Granda started to pound in to gran hard
“Just go gentle, Joe”
He didn’t listen, he kept pounding away and gran turned her head, it was maybes the alcohol fumes coming from his mouth but she was not enjoying it one bit now.
Granda grunted two or three times giving an extra slow push in to gran, gran then lowered her legs and he rolled off on to his back.
I stopped at the door wanting to see gran take her underwear off but she stopped still in bed, but she left the light on, then granda’s snores could be heard, he was fast asl**p.
Gran stirred, just when I was going to go back to bed, she moved her legs over the bed and sat up.
This is the first time I had seen her with her dress off, a little plump around her belly, biggish tits by the way her bra is filled and a pale white body.
Gran slides each of her bra straps off her arms and the weight of her tits pull the bra down a little, revealing the start of her nipples. Fiddling at the back, she now has it undone and her tits spill out, down the side of her tummy that is squeezing out the top of her red girdle thingy.
Gran takes one in her hand and bends down to suck the dark nipple and her legs part. The light is not the best down the side of the bed but her other hands go’s to her pussy. I can hear something being rubbed and see her hand just under the bottom of the girdle.
Gran starts to moan softly while sucking on he nipple, then letting go of her tit, her other hand go’s down in to her pussy as well. I can just make out movement of her hands between her legs, then I hear a wet squelching noise.
My gran is finger fucking her cum filled pussy and I am about to explode. Getting faster she starts to moan louder
“Yes, yessssss, Joe I‘m there”
Gran’s body tenses up, her tits stick out and slow long heavy breaths as she comes, I have just seen my gran fetch herself off while granda is asl**p in the same bed. The sound of her wet finger being pulled out fills the quietness of the house.
I watch as her finger finds her mouth, she is licking and sucking granda’s cum off her finger, sloppy sucking noises as her other hand comes to her mouth. Then she dips the first sucked fingers back in to her pussy again and up to her mouth.
After some time she stands up unclipping her suspenders and pulls her girdle down over her pale tummy and her pussy, a glimpse of hair can just be seen before her tummy heads south and covers her pussy again.
Gran sits back down taking her stocking off before putting the light off and climbs back in to bed. The house all quite now apart from the snoring, I somehow have to get back in to my bedroom.
I go to the bathroom instead and wank myself daft, its not long before my hand is wet with pre cum, then the full load comes flooding out. I’ve just came thinking about my gran and it must by one of the best wanks ever.
Cleaning my self back up there s a knock at the door
“It’s gran, are you alright”
“Yes gran, I’m fine”
Thinking she had gone I turn the light off and I open the door, but she is standing there naked just like me, my pyjama bottoms back in my bedroom came off when I first heard them at it
“Sorry gran I thought you went back to bed”
“I thought I just go as well”
“Night gran”
The faint night light, the only thing from stopping me seeing her naked but I did see her big soft tits hanging down. Did she know I was watching her outside her bedroom door. I heard her start to pee, the splash hitting the water and it was time to get back to my room.

Next morning gran had to wake me up by shaking me hard
“Come on sl**py head, time to get up”
She sat on the bed in her dressing gown
“You alright” she asked
“Yes just tired”
Time I’m in the shower, gran usually gets dressed and starts breakfast, but this morning she is still in her dressing gown making breakfast when I enter the kitchen. I start my breakfast, thinking about her being naked last night, and probably still is now under her dressing gown.
My cock starts to grow hard down one of my trouser legs and when I leave the table I notice gran staring at it, no imagination needed as the fullness of my cock is on full view in front of her eyes.
That night after granda had gone out to the club, gran sat with me on the sofa watching TV, finally resting her head against me, I put my arm around the back of her shoulders, letting it dangle against her tits and she didn’t move. I could feel the outline of her cup on her corset and she snuggled in to me more.
I went to bed, and instead of gran waiting for granda, she came to bed as well. As I came back from the bathroom, gran’s bedroom door was open and I saw the back of her standing in her white corset and tan stockings.
When in my bed, gran came to my room in her dressing gown and sat on the bed
“Are you ok?” she asked
“Yes fine”
“If every you want to talk, you can ask me, anything you want”
She rubbed up my leg with her hand through the bed covers
“I’ll let you get to sl**p now”

It was the next night, gran had her bath early and was dressed in her black stockings ready for sex for when granda got back from the club. She was leaning against me on the sofa, then she lifted her legs and shuffled along, resting her head in my lap while watching TV.
The side of her face on top of my cock, then I saw that as she shuffled along the sofa, her dress rode up showing her black stocking tops and suspenders.
My hand was around gran’s shoulder before she moved and now it was down the side of her, I gently moved it against her leg and felt her stocking top, she didn’t flinch.
Now on top of her leg, I felt her suspender and her bare leg, she gently parted her legs, letting my hand slip down the inside of them. Gran shut her legs on my hand, squeezing my thumb against the crotch of the girdle and kept them shut.
I could hear little murmurs coming from her and my cock was showing sings of growing hard against her face. I felt little pulses on my thumb where it was stuck against gran’s pussy. Eventually gran’s legs relaxed but my cock was rock hard for ages after pressing in to her face.
I went to bed and gran stopped up, hearing them both come to bed when granda got back I listen at the wall for the usually fore play, then I heard the bed creak as granda climbed on top
“No Joe it needs to be hard”
“Joe it’s doing nothing for me, it’s not inside me, its soft”
Granda seemed that d***k he did not know what he was doing, then there was a flop and creak of bed as he lay down. Afterwards I could hear gran moaning , knowing that she was making herself come again.

Next morning gran woke me up as usual and I went for my shower, Gran was always dressed and down stairs when I leave the bathroom. As I left, the bathroom drying my hair with nothing on, I noticed her bedroom door was wide open.
Gran was still in there dressing, I had just rubbed my cock in the bathroom to dry it, thinking about last night and touching gran’s crotch give me a big hard cock that was sticking out of the bottom of my towel.
I froze to the spot watching gran, standing facing me in her white corset and tan stockings. She had a hold of one tit and pulling the corset out at the front dropped it inside, then the same with the other one, adjusting the front to feel comfortable.
All the time she is staring at my cock as she pulls her straps up her arms.
“Sorry gran I thought you were down stairs”
“It’s ok, nice to see you are fit and healthy”
I realise what she was looking at and drop my towel
“No need to get embarrassed in front of me”
I lift my towel up, pretending to dry a drip off my face and my cock sprung back up, giving gran another flash.
This is my last day here for over a week because of holidays and the last time I will see gran by herself. Gran was in her dressing gown when I went down for breakfast that was slackly tied. I could see the fullness of her tits in her corset and her stocking leg showing through the split.
On leaving the house, gran hugs me tight against her chest and kisses me quick.

It’s now the start of the week after the holiday and my mother has dropped me off at collage before going to gran’s house. I see gran and granda at teatime before he goes out to bowls.
Gran sat with me again on the sofa watching TV just like the week before, cuddled in to me with my hand hanging over her tit. She lifts her legs and shimmies them along the sofa making her dress ride up and lowers her head in to my lap.
Gran’s legs are already parted with tan stockings on show and I place my hand on top of her stocking, she gives a little moan. My cock begins to stir and I have to adjust myself a little, wriggling on the sofa, with her head still in my lap.
“Are you alright” gran asked
“I am now”
I feel the pattern on gran’s stocking and move on to her bare flesh, lightly touching it.
Gran moves her hand on to mine, I’ve went to far, I thought.
She moves my hand on to her crotch, with her legs apart her crotch sits in the palm of my hand. I can feel the warmth of her pussy through her corset gusset.
Gran pushes my hand hard in to her pussy ,feeling the fastening of her corset. She moves her other hand under her head, covering the thickness of my cock in her hand.
Gently she moves my hand up and down rubbing her crotch, then her finger slides down onto my finger pushing them and the material of her corset against her pussy.
Gran lets out a moan and nips her hand on to my cock, nipping her fingers against the palm of her hand like a pulse, it makes me want to come. She pushes my finger more in to her pussy and moans some more.
I cannot hold back and squirt cum in to my pants, gran can surely feel my cock pumping in the grip of her hand. I let out a moan and tense up as the fullness of my orgasm hits me.
“Are you ok” gran asks
“Yes just got a bit to excited”
Gran lifts off me and I move my hand, the wetness coming through my jeans already
“I’ll just have to go to the bathroom,” I said
Gran was waiting outside when I come out of the bathroom and hugs me
“Come on we have a drink before bed time,” she said
We went to bed at the same time again with gran coming in to see me in her dressing gown, sitting on the bed, it fell open up to the belt, showing gran’s lovely leg. She kisses me again before going to bed.

Next morning all is back to normal, gran dressed and making breakfast for us and a hug and kiss before leaving the house.
That night after granda went out, gran went for her bath then sat with me on the sofa. I have already seen the black stockings as she cuddles in to me, my hand around her shoulder dr****g over her tit. They look really big tonight squashed together from what I can see looking down her dress and a glimpse of red down there as well.
Gran lifts her legs and moves along the sofa while lowering her head in to my lap, her dress had not rode up as much tonight and I cannot see her suspenders.
With her on her back I gently slid my hand on to her leg feeling her black stocking and her legs part. After about ten minutes gran’s is gently moaning and hand comes on to mine and senses her dress is covering her up. She lifts her knees up and presses her shoulders in to my leg as she lifts her bum up.
With a bit of a wriggle she pulls her dress up over the top of her legs and over her red girdle, that has no crotch.
The fullness of her girdle with her round tummy all taught and soft to touch, she lay there just letting my hand wander about her girdle. I followed her suspenders down to her black stockings feeling the inside of her leg.
Gran’s hand then held my hand and guided it towards her pussy, the soft hair the first thing to touch my fingers, not as much as I had expected. She held my finger against her lips feeling the softness and length of her slit, if only I could see what I was feeling. The warmth and the wetness of her pussy on her grandson’s fingers.
Gran moved my hand about, telling my which bits to rub as I felt her clit, my finger playing with this lump in her fanny and she started to moan a bit louder
“That’s nice, just there, keep rubbing it”
I could feel something happening to gran, she kept pushing her pussy on to my finger and her legs kept nipping my hand
“Oh yesssss”
Gran pulled my finger away and nipped her legs together, her head lifting out of my lap,
“Gran are you alright”
“Yes I’m fine, just got a bit excited, just like you last night”
She laid her head back in my lap again and her legs relaxed
“That was nice” she said
She pulled her dress down covering her tummy again and started to watch TV again, she didn’t mind my hand on her stocking covered leg gently touching her.
Gran came to beds as well when I went, usually she waits for granda coming home on a Tuesday and Thursday night as that is their nights for sex.
I heard granda coming up the stairs and was listening for then to start
“Come on Peggy part them legs”
“Joe you are to d***k”
“I can still get it up, Peggy”
“No Joe don’t”
I heard the bed creak and granda grunt
“Who said I was d***k”
“Joe don’t, its all soft”
Granda must be that d***k he does not know what he’s doing
“Joe get off and go to sl**p”
The bed creaked again as he flopped down on it, When I watch the first time, gran played with herself afterwards, when granda was asl**p. I listened for the creak of the bed and gran moving wondering if she would do it again and fetch herself off.
I had my bottoms off playing with my cock when I hear gran, quietly I went to her door, which was half-open and saw gran feeling her tit through her bra and a hand on her pussy.
Gran looked up, probably noticing my hard sticking out cock and parted her legs more, I give my cock a stroke and she put the bedside light off.
Gran was on the landing with me, her hand around my cock and lead me away from the bedroom door in to the bathroom, the light still off, the streetlight was all we could see with. Her red bra brimming to overflowing with her tits, this was certainly a play role bra and I felt the soft flesh spilling over the top.
“Are you alright gran, he didn‘t hurt you”
“I’m fine, he’s that d***k he got brewers droop again, its nearly three weeks since he managed last”
I could feel her squeezing my cock
“This is what a cock should feel like”
She sat on the side of the bath with my cock in her hand stroking it back and forth, the fullness of her tits very present as I looked down. Gran lowered her mouth on to my cock end, I thought I was going to come there and then.
“Just relax”
Her warm mouth was over my bell end and her tongue was flicking the tip, her other hand was on my balls caressing them slowly. Every time I looked I wanted to come, her hand around my cock started to slid back along my shaft, letting it further in to her mouth.
I saw her gently going back and forth and a wetness forming on her lips.
She tighten her grip around my cock not letting me pull out
I couldn’t help it, I was to excited, my cock twitched in her mouth, I could hear her sucking as she slid back and forth on it, sucking and slurping my cum. Gran kept my cock in her mouth until I was dry, then she held the purple head to her mouth and kissed it before letting go.
A finger up to her mouth to say quite and she left the bathroom, with my balls well drained I went back to bed.

It was gran at the toilet the next morning that woke me up, going there first just before coming in to wake me, but she was some time this morning.
“It’s only me”
She said as she came in to the bedroom in her dressing gown and sat on the bed
“Can I come in there with you”
“What in bed”
“Yes in bed if you don‘t mind”
“Yes come in, what time is it”
“Just after six, granda is just away”
Somehow she sat on the bed, removed her dressing gown and under the covers without me seeing a bit of her body. We lay looking at each other then I felt her hand on my leg
“Would you like me to play with you cock again”
What could I say but yes. Her hand tightened around my shaft
“Touch me if you want”
My hand straight on to her legs, she had her nylons on and I must of let out a sigh
“Do you like stocking”
“Yes I think I do”
“Feel what else I have on”
My hands moved over her body first, feeling her suspenders and girdle
“A little higher”
I felt her breasts spilling out from her bra
“I saw you looking at them last night and thought I would surprise you”
“You have surprised me gran”
“Feel free to explore,” she said
Gran lay on her back still holding my cock as my hand ran over her breasts, the lacy material of her bra holding her soft breasts in. Moving down over her girdle holding her round tummy in and to her suspenders, my granda was lucky to have such a willing wife that dresses up for him.
Gran pushed the covers down so I could see her bra, my first time of seeing her breasts so close, her soft pale tits being squeezed together and bulging out of her bra. With her spare hand she popped a tit out from her small bra that just covered her nipples
“Do you want to kiss it”
Still holding her tit, her nipple looked straight up and I reached across to suck on it, it was dark and small but hard, letting go of her tit she rubbed my head into her and gently massaged my cock with the other hand.
I could feel her trying to kick the bedclothes off her and she was succeeding, first her red girdle then the bare flesh at the top of her leg. Then the bedclothes fell off the bed with there own weight and we were naked.
Gran raised her knees and parted then
“See what else you can kiss”
I looked at gran
“I’ve see you standing at the door when your granda goes down on me and I think you want to as well”
Feeling ashamed I said nothing
“That first night when I saw you watching and granda was between my legs was my best orgasm for years”
“Sorry gran for spying”
“Don’t be, I played with myself afterwards for you to watch, I even bought this girdle and bra with you in mind, to tease you, now go see what’s down there”
Taking this as an invite to her pussy, I moved down over her tummy that was filling and stretching her girdle to where it ended. My first close up of a real pussy. I kissed her bare legs and wanted to see more.
Jumping off the bed I came from the bottom of the bed, seeing her black stocking legs funnelling me in towards her pussy. Now kneeling between my gran’s legs I saw her pussy all soft and podgier looking with a thin covering of mousey hair.
Her lips partly stretching apart were long and fat, this time I could see what I was touching. Gently running my finger along her lips before sliding in with one, gran sat up resting on her elbows watching me play with her pussy.
Her lips seemed to stick to my finger when I pulled my finger out, her wrinkly pink insides showing before popping back inside. It wasn’t long before my finger felt damp as well as her lips, my gran’s pussy lube was lubricating my gently sliding finger inside her.
Gran looked pleased with what I was doing
“Would you like to lick me” she asked
I bent my head and I could feel and smell the warmth coming off her pussy, her soft lips looked and felt all sticky as my tongue touched her for the first time. I shimmed down the bed to lie flat with my arms under her knees, I was as close as I could get.
Gently licking her slit, my tongue slipped in between her lips, feeling her wrinkly inside, gran give a moan. She was getting as excited as when I saw granda licking her pussy the first time
“That’s it, lick that bit just there”
I quite enjoyed licking my first pussy and when I touched her clit she pulled me hard in to her pussy
“Oh yes suck it”
I sucked on her clitoris harder tasting my first pussy, I must be doing it right as gran let out a moan, I could feel her trying to lift her pussy up in to my face
“Quick come on top”
I let her clit go and crawled on top of her, I wasn’t a virgin, but not experienced either, with two clumsy attempts. This time was different, my cock had no trouble locating gran’s pussy, slipping straight in and gran gasped.
“Fuck, that is big”
Gently sliding in to my gran, I used the full length of my cock, doing every thing diferent from my granda I was going to treat my gran gently. Her pussy felt diferent to the one’s I had fucked before, all wet and warm and I was starting to go faster with gran looking up and smiling.
“Yes that’s lovely”
With encouragement I wanted to kiss her, I bent down kissing gran’s mouth, not like we do on a night but a proper kiss. Her wrinkly lips opened wide and her tongue fought it way in to my mouth, she was kissing like a teenager.
I could hear muffled moaning and her hand was on my head holding me on to her mouth, the kissing got more frantic and I couldn’t hold back any more. My cock erupted in my gran, pumping my creamy cum inside her, she was breathing faster and her tongue fought with my tongue more, letting out a gasp as she came.
Our mouths parted and I felt my cock deep inside her, twitched and cum squirting out of it, pumping my young seed into my gran. It felt like her legs were all tense pushing in to the bed, lifting her fanny closer into me.
“It’s been a long time since my fanny has felt this full”
I climbed off and lay next to her, both facing each other
“I’m going to phone collage and tell them you won’t be in today” gran said
She kissed me again soft and gentle
“I better go to the toilet”
Gran left the room with her hand between her legs walking like a penguin, hearing the door not get shut, I got out of bed and watched gran on the toilet. Sitting in her red girdle and black stockings and now her tits back in her skimpy red bra she began to pee. Standing in the door I made my cock bounce up and down until it was hard and popped my cock end out from my foreskin.
“How nice to be young” she said
Gran finished her pee, stood up and was about to dry her fanny when I kissed her, my hand going down between her legs and to her wet fanny hair. Covered in our lovemaking juice and pee I rubbed my fingers along her slit.
My middle finger finding her love hole and began to finger fuck her in front of the toilet, I could tell she was enjoying this by the way her hands gripped me around my back and by her kissing.
Her fanny was slippery inside and her clit felt hard rubbing against my thumb. Gran had a hold of my cock again stroking the full length of it.
“I better phone collage now before its to late”
We parted and she made her way down stairs to the phone in the hall and I followed. The time she was hanging on, on the phone I sank to my knees and started to kiss her stocking legs, from her knees up over, pulling each red suspender and tracing them to her girdle
This was working gran up in to a frenzy as she still hung on the phone, I kissed her damp pussy.
Gran responded by lifting one leg on to the seat next to the phone and holding on to the stair handrail. I could see her pink lips, fat, juice and parted, the wrinkles inside her fanny on show, gran’s fanny looked big and slack.
I sat between her legs on my bum for a better look, unable to resist I licked her, her freshly cum filled fanny, then I heard her moan.
“Yes that’s right he won’t be in today”
Gran breathing was heavy as she spoke on the phone, gyrating her fanny in to my face
“Thank you, bye-bye”
Putting the phone down she rubbed her fanny up and down my face, her lips spread wide open across my mouth, her clit rubbed on my nose. Holding my head she tense up, keeping it tight on to her coming fanny. My gran was coming again, a mixture of my cum and fresh fanny juice wet my lips.
I was getting suffocated by a old woman’s wet fanny as she held me tight against her, moaning and panting I knew she was enjoying it. My tongue finding new parts of her fanny kept her orgasm alive, finally she relaxed her grip.
Lowering her leg, she held out her hand to pull my back up, kissing her grandson’s cum covered face in doing so
“Lets go back up”
Gran sat me on the bed undoing her small red bra in front of me, her tits hung down to her girdle. Holding each one, she offered each nipple in to my mouth and I got a long suck on each. Gesturing for me to get in to bed again, gran knelt over my skyward looking cock.
Taking her time, she licked the full length of my shaft tasting her dried on pussy juice from before. It wasn’t long before my big red end let out some pre cum, Gran tonguing the slit where it had come from.
She lay back down next to me, lifting and parting her legs, instinctive I climbed between them, my cock straight out in front
“Slide you arms under my legs and lift them”
Doing as I was told I lifted her leg in the air, her feet dangling by my head. Gran grabbed my cock pulling me into her well-lubricated pussy. Resting on my stretched out arms, I pushed all the way in, its felt long and deep, then she took a sudden gasp
“Been along time since anything has been that far in my fanny, just go gentle”
Slowly sliding back and forth in my gran she grinned
“That’s nice”
Not so eager to fuck her now, I took my time, feeling all the pleasure on my cock. Her lips sucking around my sliding shaft, the wetness as I push in, the squelching sound of her lips, this was heaven and gran looked like she was enjoying it too.
After a good five minutes of pure thrusting a sticky sweat was forming between our touching body parts, this was sex you read about in magazines and here I was doing it with my gran.
Both starting to breath faster, this was the start to a mighty orgasm, instinctive increasing my pace I started to pound her pussy, harder and faster
“Go on fuck me”
Now giving her every inch of my cock deep in to her ageing fanny she give out a shout
“I’m coming”
Gran’s round body bounced in to the bed with every thrust, her tits jumped and wobbled about hanging down each sides of her. My cock fired the first of my cum deep inside her fanny.
Gran’s hands around my arms gripped tight, nipping her legs together as her juices flowed. The nipping of her fanny muscles slowing my thrusting to a stop, where our groins touched I felt it pulsing against me.
I felt I could not stop pumping my hot cum in to gran, with every grunt she made her fanny jumped and nipped my cock more. Eventually draining my cock dry her fanny fell slack, relaxing from around my cock and the tautness of her legs relaxing as well.
I pulled my deflated cock from her love hole letting a stream of love juice out, tricking around to her bum. Slowly lowering her legs down she held her arms out wanting a kiss.
We kissed long and hard with gran in ecstasy, her tongue probing about my mouth. I lay next to her, both facing each other
“I’ve never been fucked like that in years, I miss the stamina of a young cock”
“Thank gran”
“God I feel wet between my legs, granda has never squirted that much in years”
I ran my hand over her red girdle, over the suspenders and her stockings, she was sexy for being my old gran.
“No telling anybody, mind” gran told me
“I won’t”
“We can do it again sometime else if you want”
“I would like that”
“I better get up, I’ve got shopping to get for tea and these sheets to wash ,do you want to join me in the bath”
I nodded and we got out of bed, holding her fanny from too much spillage she sat on the toilet again touching me as she peed. The splash of cum dropping as she relaxed her muscles then the gush of pee.
I ran the bath as Gran removed her stockings and girdle, seeing her naked this close sent a pulse to my cock. Her round tummy slightly hanging down over her fanny and her tits parting both sides of her tummy too.
We washed each other in the bath, long inquisitive strokes of my hand over her body and she didn’t mine me seeing all her lumps and bumps. We towelled each other making sure her tits were dry and her fanny while she had my cock hard again.
Back in her bedroom, I sat and watched her put her corset on, squeezing her whole body in to it, then her stockings. Unrolling them up her legs to her suspenders, It felt like watching something from the seventies the way my gran dressed, just like the adverts for cross your heart bras and 18 hour girdles from Playtex built for strength. But so much of a turn on was my gran.

Now helping gran wash up after tea as granda has a shower before going out to the club, I cannot help but brush up against her as I can still hear the shower going, feeling her suspenders through the thin material of her dress and rubbing my boner against the cheeks of her bum.
We are sitting on the sofa at opposite ends watching TV when granda says goodnight to us before going to the club with his mates. Gran moves next to me straight away resting her head on my shoulder and I can smell the perfume raising from her neck
I put my arm around her, instead of dangling my hand over her shoulder for the chance to rub against her breast, I place my hand directly on it. Her full cup in my hand, feeling the solid build of her corset keeping her tit in.
Gran turns her head and looks up with her mouth waiting to be kissed, I can’t believe I am sitting here with my gran and not someone my age. After some time kissing Gran sits back in the sofa, pushing her head into the back of the sofa she lifts her bum up and pulls her dress up past her waist.
Her tan stocking legs on show, I kneel between her legs, feeling from her knee up past her stocking top and on to her bare leg, passing over the crotch of her corset and down the other leg. Gran has he eyes shut resting her head on the sofa.
I play with and kiss her pale bare leg, pulling on her suspenders and work my way to the fasteners on her corset. A small amount of mousy hair escaping from the sides of her corset gusset sticking out.
Sliding my fingers inside the gusset, I undo the three hooks letting her fanny fall out.
Gently kissing all of her hairy pussy on show and moving on to her lips, her see through bush revealing a long slit and fat lips.
Gran’s head rocks from side to side pushing on the back of the sofa as I warm her pussy juices up, her lips well lubricated and moist. I loosen my jeans, sliding them and my boxers down while still licking gran’s fanny.
Replacing my tongue with my finger, I probe further inside making a wet noise and fingered fucked her for a while. Replacing my finger with my cock next was easy, straight in to her well-worked love hole, gran give a sigh as I filled her fanny full of her grandson’s cock.
Slowly back and forth I went, her legs wide apart and wrapped around the back of mine, gran shuffled her bum to the edge of the sofa. Full access was gained and I could watch as my cock went in and out. I lifted her dress up wanting to see all of her corset, she helped by pulling it off over her head.
Gran sat there in tan stockings and white corset still being fucked while my hand played with her cups. Big double seams and triply stitching parting and holding firm her big tits, gran lay back against the sofa turning and twisting her head again.
The sight was to much, I could feel my cum coming up the shaft but gran got there first, her body twitched and shuddered, she moaned out loud, her head pushed in to the sofa. My cum shout in to her as I pushed all the way in, making a wet squelching noise. Two more thrusts and her legs gripped me tight in to her fanny. Filling her up with cum, her hands took a cup in each, rubbing and squeezing the palms of her hands into her tits.
Still in her, our cum started to work its way out, feeling for the lower flap of her gusset she held it under my cock as I pulled out and then hooked the two ends together. Gran’s cum filled fanny soaking in to her corset gusset.
I stood up and gran pulled me to her, holding my semi stiff cock she licked our love juice off it, taking it fully in to her mouth, she licked and sucked me clean. I sat down with gran afterwards talking about today and decided to have a early night.
I was in my bed when gran came in to the room naked and jumped in with me
“Lets have a cuddle” she said
She had a beautiful body under her drab clothes and I kissed her neck, hugging together, I could feel her soft warm skin then she had to go back to her bed. I heard granda come back later but he must of went straight to sl**p.

It was the next morning when gran woke me by climbing into bed with me naked, holding her warm body against me and kissing me. My hand started to explore and moved over her fanny
“None of that, you have collage today”
Put in my place we hugged before getting up. Coming back out of the shower gran was in her bedroom just starting to get dressed, rolling her tan stocking up her leg. I teased her by pretending to dry my stiff cock in front of her.
“You better save that for tonight” she said
I kissed gran on the way out of the door for collage, not just a peek we usually have but a meaningful kiss.
That night coming back from collage gran had her clotheshorse with her underwear on in the kitchen drying, the red bra and girdle, three corsets plus tan and black stockings.
Granda come back from work and we sat having tea when he said
“Peggy whys you underwear on show in front of the lad”
“Joe it’s drying and he’s won’t know what they are”
Tea was nearly in silence after that with granda going straight for a shower. He was out the door to the club before we finished the dishes.
“I’m going for a bath now, come and watch” gran said
I sat with gran in the bathroom watching her soap her body and I helped her get dry afterwards.
“You down stairs” said gran
Sitting watching TV gran stood in front of it, lifting her dress revealing black stockings then white suspenders which kept going up past her fanny, one final lift and I saw everything
“Do you like my suspender belt, its old but I like it”
It started above the triangle of her bush and was about 6 inches wide, all lacy and had eight suspenders on it as she twirled in front of me.
“That is sexy gran”
“There’s a bra to match but my tits must of got bigger”
She lifted her dress off her head, she was right her tits were much bigger now, spilling out of her bra there was more on the outside than in.
Standing up I had to kiss her tits, all soft and wobbly and smelling of soap,
“Lets go to your bed” she said
Grabbing her dress, she set off up the stairs and I watched as her naked bum wobbled up the steps. Gran undressed me and we kissed and hugged together, my cock pointing into her fanny.
I knelt down kissing what was left of her bare leg and around her thinning hairy bush, her suspender belt looked great. Her lips were damp now and her clit hard, gran was getting worked up when I stood back up, feeling and wanking my cock.
She moved to the bed and put her hands flat down and parting her legs
“Fuck my from behind”
Not sure what to do, I pointed my cock in her direction, gran grabbed it and guided me in to her love hole a total diferent sensation completely
“Hold me around the waist”
The feeling on my cock as I slipped in, feeling every little crease and wrinkle inside her. How tight she now felt as my cock filled her up and how short her fanny felt as I pushed in, hitting what seemed like a brick wall as gran grimmest with pain.
I started to fuck her with half strokes which felt a lot better for her and she started to moan. Gently giving her a bit more she started to accommodate the length of me then I hit the brick wall again
“Fuck, you are so long”
I pulled out leaving her frustrated
“Its ok, stick it back in me”
I pulled her back off the bed, turned her around and sat her down pushing her back down flat, her legs still on the floor parted. Stretching her suspender. Gran’s fanny lips open and glistening with pre cum, swallowed my cock again.
Resting on my hands, I was over the top of gran, giving her the full length of my cock getting faster with every thrust. Her tits wobbled like jelly half in and half out of her lacy bra
Leaning on one hand, I ran the other up her stocking leg, pulling at her suspenders. What a turn on
“Come under my legs”
I stopped, lifted her legs up and entering her fanny straight away, her nylon-covered legs against my skin. Now I could fuck her and she grinned at me, every little bit of her fanny getting pounded and filled with my cock.
Gran started to whimper and she looked happy, it was me who came first thrusting my cum squirting cock in and out making a tight seal around her fanny, filling with pressure her fanny had to past wind and gran cried out
“I’m coming, fuck I’m coming”
Some more thrusts and more wind past, now with cum in it, her fanny was full to bursting and my cock still pumped in to her love hole. Gran’s body tensed nipping her fanny hard, trying to keep her fanny from leaking, breathing fast and panting, she let out a moan.
“Quick your boxers”
I pulled out and past my boxers to her, quickly she covered her sopping fanny, stemming the flow of cum that was dripping out. Nipping her legs together around my boxers, she got in to bed.
We lay together touching and kissing each other, exploring each other’s body’s with our hands. It was nearly ten o clock when gran said
“I better get cleaned up, its granda’s night for it”
We got sorted for bed and gran kissed me goodnight. Later I hear granda coming in to the house, up the stairs and in to their bedroom. Listening at the dividing wall, I heard granda
“Cor, Peggy you look sexy tonight”
“Joe just go gentle”
“Oh Peggy let me between them stocking legs of yours”
Granda was wanting to go down on gran’s fanny, the very same fanny I filled three hours ago. Sneaking on to the landing, the door was ajar and the bedside light dim, I could see gran’s legs raised, her white suspenders stretched to her stockings and granda’s head wedged between gran’s legs, licking her fanny.
It felt weird watching now after I have been there as well. Gran was moaning out loud
“Yes Joe suck me Joe”
Gran was coming, afterwards granda lifted his head
“Oh Peggy you taste different tonight salty and sweet together”
“That will be the beer, you d***k old fool”
Granda knelt between her legs after he had licked his grandsons cum out from his wife
“Make me hard Peggy”
Gran stroked, pulled and wanked granda but did little difference to him
“How much beer have you had Joe, that thing is no go to me like that, now go to sl**p”
Still standing in at the door, it wasn’t long before I could hear him snoring and gran sat on the side of the bed undoing her suspenders and rolling down her stockings. Her bra was next and her suspender belt now lay on the floor as she climbed back in to bed.

It was the next morning when she woke me, under my bedclothes with her mouth around my cock, what away to be woken. Her hand twisting and turning as my cock slid in and out of her mouth, I had to see this and whipped the bedclothes off the bed.
Gran looked up but she was busy, a froth of pre cum forming around my shaft getting wiped off with her lips with each stroke. There was no stopping her, she was intent to make her grandson cum in her mouth and that was not so far away.
My gran sucked and swallowed every bit of cum my cock could pump out, licking her finger and thumb that was around my cock last. Lifting off my cock, she crawled up my body dragging her tits along my chest and kissed me.
“Don’t worry about granda I have plenty to go around, besides he can’t fulfil my needs, he’s always soft these days”
Gran kissed me again
“Time you were up for collage”
After that day I’ve never spied on gran and granda again, Gran and I fucked each other on the four nights I stopped there, when granda is at the club and gran often wakes my up with a blowjob in the morning.
I’ve stopped the odd weekends as well when granda was away on all day trips with the bowling club or the working men’s club, Spending nearly all day in bed with gran fucking each other stupid.
She still wears her Playtex corsets and panty girdles, always with stockings, but I find them really sexy and I still had over a year at collage to go.

The End

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great story
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nice story
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As a dedicated lover of old age sex, this delightful tale reminded me of my own sex life. From the age of seventeen after losing my virginity to a sixty three year old family friend, the only women I have ever fucked, or ever wanted to fuck have been over sixties. Now happily I am in the position of there no longer been an age difference between myself and my delightfully willing and accommodating partners. Thank You for such a delightfully entertaining tale of sex with pensioners. Long Live old age fucking thank you.
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Brilliant, felt like i was there watching!
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good story well writen i liked it thanks for the post.
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The most sexexcellent story...
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seems to be great, but please more detail fucking with gran.
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That's a fantastic story
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now that was a good story
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A wonderful tale, I envy you so much. Keep going with her and give her all the pleasure she desires and deserves
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