Mother in Law Offered Herself

Just back from a three week stint on an oil rig, I had to go to the mother in laws to pick up my new door keys from her. On knocking, June peered around the slightly opened door before opening it fully to let me in.

Dropping my kit bag in the hall I turned to find June still in her dressing gown shutting the door behind me.
“Just getting up” I asked jokily and went to hug her for our customary hug and kiss on the cheek. I could tell she had just been in the bath because of the sweet soapy smell coming from her
“Coffee” she asked

I turned the stool around at the breakfast bar so I could see June and sat listening as she made the coffee, she told me about her retirement and how the days dragged on. Just turned sixty and widowed six months ago, June was a tall, well built woman, solid but not fat and like her exercise. She was well stacked on top usually but today her tits hung down in her dressing gown braless.

The greeting at the door is the first time I have hugged her without her bra on and it put some iron back in to my rod, mind you three weeks without it and anything will lift my pecker. I watched every move she made, thinking of her nakedness beneath her gown.

June fetched the biscuit tin over to the breakfast bar and I caught her looking down at my crotch, it would be hard for her not to notice the lump growing in my trouser leg.
She came back with the coffees and sat down next to me and I was sure the belt around her gown was a little more looser but still knotted.

“Silly me I forgot the milk” she said
Back with the milk she stood over me and pored the milk and this time her belt was just holding together with a very slack knot.
“Ooops” June said as she missed my cup and went for a cloth.

Leaning over me she started rubbing the spillage up and made her whole body jiggle unnecessarily with the rubbing action until her dressing gown fell open and out popped her big dangling tits in front of me. She carried on rubbing the invisible spillage for a little longer while her body movement slowed to a stop.

Jane stopped motionless apart from her breathing with her big tits on full show as if she was offering them to me. Temptation got the better of me and I lifted my hand and cupped her naked breast. It was big and heavy but soft and warm with a hard nipple and she took in a sharp breath but didn’t move.

She grabbed my hand and started squeezing and rubbing it well in to her big soft tit before turning and facing me. Our eyes meet but we did not say a word between us, she just lifted her tit up and pushed it in to my face for me to suck. She held my head and moved her tit about my face with my mouth flicking on and off her nipple.

June stepped back and let her dressing gown fall to the floor, she was without knickers and had a mighty big hairy fanny for me to view. She ran her hand up my leg to the bulge of my cock, squeezing and nipping it firmly.

Her hands were soon undoing my trousers and fishing inside my boxers to fetch my cock out. It stood proud with a glistening of pre cum leaking from the tip and she promptly lowered her head on to me. Her head filled my lap as I sat and I started to lift up in to her mouth as she sucked on me enthusiastically.

“June, be careful it ready to explode, it's be a while” I said
She sucked even harder hearing this, bobbing her head fasting in to my lap
“Shit June”
I came with a might f***e after no action for three weeks and my mother in law sucked like a pro, sucking and swallowing all I had to give. Her mouth was like a milking machine around my shaft, nipping tight and forcing my cum up my shaft to squirt in to her mouth.

I held on to her head not wanting the best blow job to finish but she had to come up for air sometime. June looked up from my lap and licked her mouth before wiping it with her arm, I could tell she was not finished with me.

She pulled me off the stool and led me to her bedroom and started to undress me. Her naked tits squashed in to me as she took my tee shirt off before she removed my trousers and boxers. I was as naked as she was and I watched as she lay on the bed, legs raised and wide apart.

I took no encouragement and I was soon kneeling between her legs, running my hand up her toned muscular thighs. Her dark bushy fanny was on full show with a thinning of hair down her slightly opened, very inviting pink lips.

June’s fanny was still warm and wet from her bath, smelling all clean of soap I took my first lick up her long open slit. She whimpered then whimpered some more when I did it again, her legs opened further and I buried my face in to her big triangular bush.

She bucked and tossed about on the bed while holding my head firmly on to herself, panting and moaning like she was about to come.
“Yeeeeeeeesssssssss Fuck Yeeeeesssssssssss”
My tongue lapped at her fanny as her orgasm increased, sucking my mother in law’s juices in to my mouth. Her legs nipped tighter till I was trapped and she was panting like a steam train.

June released her grip and I finally started to breath again, I could hear her heavy breathing and I started to kiss her fanny lips softly. She was soon reaching in to her bed side drawer and pulled out a dildo
“Open me with this” she said as she past the dildo to me.

With her legs apart she started to splay her lips and bush apart with her fingers, she was open and ready for the dildo. Now kneeling I gently fed it inside and she gasped as it stretched her apart
“It been a while for me too” she said
Before long she was holding my hand and helping me fuck her, in and out until she had taken the whole length.

Feeling I could do anything with the mother in law I reached for her big soft tit, being used to her daughters small ones, I was intrigued as it wobbled and moved about. Jean saw this and pushed it up with her spare hand and made it wobble more.

Her hand pulled the dildo out from inside and she circled her nipple with it, there was that temptation again and I was soon licking her nipple, tasting a slight taste of her fanny juice on it.

The inevitable had to happen as I climbed up her body, my cock rock hard again prodding at her fanny entrance. She gasped as I started to slid inside and fill her, going soft and gently with her until I was fully inserted.

A smile filled her face and she pulled me down on top, our lips touched and I was kissing my mother in law with kisses usually saved for my wife. Our tongues fought and all the time I was slipping my cock in and out of her.

I broke free and lifted on to my arms and watched the pleasure in her face as my cock slipped back and forth. She move and positioned herself under me, accommodating more of my cock in her slippery fanny as her groans grew louder the deeper I drove into her.

I kept fucking her and watching the expressions on her face as my cock filled her then felt her legs come around my back, nipping up tight together and opening herself fully for me.

Her breathing quickened as my thrusting increased
“Christ June” I moaned
The whole bed shook as I fucked my mother in law, her tits bouncing back and forth and her moaning getting louder.

Luckily she had already drained me once and I was able to last and give her the fucking I have always dreamed of. The perspiration grew between us, sticking our body’s together, then she shouted out
“Come in me” she panted

Both starting to breath faster, this was the start to a mighty orgasm, instinctive increasing my pace I started to pound her pussy, harder and faster
“Go on fuck me”
Now giving her every inch of my cock deep in to her ageing fanny she give out a shout
“I’m coming”

The next few thrusts were special as I felt her fanny nip around my cock then I exploded. That lovely feeling of my balls draining was happening and the jumping and twitching of my bare cock inside her.

I savoured the feeling of my uncovered cock and the intimacy of her pulsing fanny, skin on skin, something not experience with my wife for years after the k**s were born.

I just had to kiss her and bent down, her tongue made contact way before our lips, fighting and entwining together with mine. We kissed long after our orgasms subsided before rolling off and regaining our normal breathing.

It was June who spoke first
“I am so sorry Nick, I shouldn’t have”
I stopped her with another kiss before she’d most likely come out with “we must not do it again” This lightened the atmosphere between us and my hand started to fondled her big breasts as we kissed.

We stopped in bed for the rest of the morning, draining my balls another time before taking a shower together. I’m so looking forward to my three weeks leave at home this time and seeing the mother in law every day. Hopefully I will be going back to work for a rest if thing work out how I want them to.

The End

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3 months ago
i love wanking off for my MIL but i have never fucked her. awesome story i loved it
6 months ago
I wish my MIL would do that.....sounds like a great fuck! Thanks for getting me rock hard
7 months ago
awesome mother in laws are great fucks:)
I hope there is more to cum!!!!
7 months ago
Great story it got me hard.
7 months ago
thanks , have had many fantasies about my late MIL over the years
7 months ago
Very nice!