A Ride in the Country

I have been seeing my ex girlfriend’s mother for over a month now, I can’t belive I did not notice how sexy she was when I was going out with her daughter nearly twenty-five years ago. She was in her forties then and in her prime, what a fool I was back then.
I have not seen my ex girlfriend yet until her mother is sure she can handle the news of us two being friends. We have finished painting her house and as a treat, I’m taking her for a drive into the country this hot summer’s day,
Its just after lunch when I pick her up, she is dressed in a nice summer dress just long enough not to be tarty but short enough to see her wonderful tanned legs, she looks at least fifteen years younger than she really is. We head up in to the dales and stop at a couple of small villages looking at the craft shops and walked around the villages.
While walking around the last village we found a public footpath leading across some small fields and we decided to follow it. Joyce had on flat sandals and the path was soft grass so we were ok.
The fields were very small with tumbled down stonewalls and in one of them some fresh baled hay, we sat down taking in the view, looking up and down the valley.
We held hands then we kissed, she looked so sexy today in her red and white dress. I could feel my cock straining in my trousers which was pointing down my leg and Joyce placed her hand over my crotch
“This is nice, being out in the sun,” she said
From outside my trousers, Joyce started to manipulate my cock from it sitting in my trouser leg to where it would pop out of my zip easily. There was one or two walkers passing through the field but we were twenty feet or so in front of the path.
Joyce had my zip down pulling at my cock, I loosened my trouser button making it easier for her to pull it out in to the fresh air,
“I feel a bit horny playing with your cock, knowing people are passing”
I slid my hand up her bare leg pushing the bottom of her dress up, her legs parted more the further I went until I had her pussy sitting in the palm of my hand. Joyce’s white lacy knickers was the only thing between my hand and her pussy slit
Joyce give a moan and her hand tighten around my shaft, she slipped off the bale of hay and knelt between my legs taking my glistening shaft in to her mouth. Her soft wet mouth went over my cockend and her tongue played with the head, licking it clean of my pre cum.
It wasn’t long before it was sliding in and out of her mouth making a slopping and sucking noise with my pre cum. Here I was in the middle of a field with an old age pensioner bobbing up and down over my crotch.
I had to slow her down as I was going to fill her mouth up and lifted her up under her arms so she stood in front of me, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand, she smiled down at me.
Sliding both hands up her dress, I found the waistband of her knickers and slowly pulled them down, her white lacy knickers had a damp patch on the crotch and this made me more excited.
Lifting Joyce’s dress up to her waist, I exposed her hairy fanny to the fresh air and slid my hand up her leg. The top of her legs were damp with perspiration as they parted for my fingers to find her pussy lips.
Running my fingers along her moist slit, she started to rub back and forth on them. If I wasn’t careful, she will be coming on my hand any time soon. I replaced my hand with my head, pushing in to her hairy pussy.
My tongue found her rather wet lips bulging out from her forest as she pulled me in tight, every slight movement of my tongue made her moan
“Fuck someone is coming”
Joyce pulled away pulling her dress down then started looking around all casually
“That was close,” she said
When the walkers had gone, I moved to the end of the bale, I still had a rampant hard on and lay down with my cock looking skywards. I beckoned Joyce to walk on to me, with her legs down both sides of the bale, it was easy for her to lower herself on to my cock.
Joyce pulled her dress up letting her legs part as my cock parted her pussy lips, she slid slowly down savouring every single inch of my cock going inside her. Resting her hands on my chest, she started to ride me in the open field.
Holding her waist I was helping her lift off and pulling her back hard on to me, we had a nice rhythm going
“Bugger there some more coming,” she said
She stood up letting her dress drop down and pulled me up straight, putting my cock away and zipping up, I stood up with her looking at the views
“This is just to public,” I said
We set off walking back to the village where we found a pub serving food, Joyce sat out in the large quite beer garden while I ordered some food. When I came back, she was sitting at a bench seat with one leg resting on the top of it.
Her big hairy pussy was on full show just under her dress, her lips were stretched showing the soft pink from inside, she looked hot and fuckable. I sat next to her sliding my hand up her dress under the table while we ate our food.
It was now time to head back home and we drove back over the moors finding a nice spot to pull off the road. There was hardly a car and we could see the road for miles, I was finally going to fuck that gorgeous fanny on that gorgeous granny.
Sitting in the car we started to kiss while sliding my hand up her dress, her fanny was wet. Joyce had my cock out, wanking it franticly
“Fuck me here and now, I‘ve waited all day” she said
She opened her door and turned in the seat as I ran around the car, resting her feet on the sill of the car she moved herself on to the edge of the seat. Joyce pulled up her dress to her waist as I dropped my trousers, spreading her legs wide I came between her knees lowering myself on top of her.
I had no problem inserting my cock as she was wet from before, just as well as our position was not the most comfortable over the seats, Joyce had her legs tied around mine lifting herself off the seat.
“I want to come on top again,” Joyce said
Quickly untying her legs, I pulled out and grabbed the travel rug from the back seat and laid it down on the short grass next to the car. Lying down on the rug with my trousers around my feet, Joyce walked over me holding her dress up to her waist and started to lower herself.
Grabbing my cock with her other hand, she entered it between her wet lips, slipping slowly down inch by inch, it started to fill her aching pussy that had been bubbling away since this afternoon.
With it fully inserted, Joyce slid her dress straps off her shoulders and down over her white lacy bra. Leaning forward over me, I unclipped her bra sliding it down off her arms. Her two small tits hanging down waiting to be sucked.
Joyce straighten up, moving herself up and down on my cock she started to fuck me, she used the full length as I watched it being feed back inside her hairy pussy, resting her hands on my chest, her pussy and hips got in to a good rhythm.
I held my hands against her hard nipples as her tits bounced up and down, she was building up to an orgasm and had me just about there too. Small moans lead into fast panting as she speeded up.
“Fuck I’m coming, yeeeeeeeees ”
She let out another loud moan and shout when I came, seconds after her orgasm, nipping her knees tight against me, her body froze. Joyce’s whole body seemed to suck in as she gasped for air.
My cock exploded in her as she sat on me, how she was not lifted off my cock with the pressure of cum shooting in to her I will never know. Big mighty squirts twitched my cock deep inside, extending her orgasm.
Eventually our orgasms subsided, Joyce sat on me with her red and white dress up to her waist and down below her tits
“That was worth waiting for”
She slowly lifted up off my cock as our cum ran out of her pussy and knelt next to me on the blanket looking at my cock
“Do you mind” she said, looking at my cock
Joyce took hold of my soften cock, leaning over me she lowered her mouth on to it, licking and sucking it clean and back to life. I watched her move down the outside licking our cum from around the base.
When she had finished I pulled her on top of me, licking and sucking her mouth, our tongues fighting with one and other in our mouths
“I hope you didn’t mind, I’ve always wanted to do that”
“That’s probably every man’s fantasy, I love kissing your mouth knowing that it’s covered in our cum afterwards, any thing else I should know”
“I’ve never had a man for six years, just a rubber toy that I lick when I’m cum, that’s why I wanted to taste the real thing”
“You are a dark horse” I said
“What should I know about you”
“ I like older woman, but you know that, I like stockings, basques and sexy underwear and licking pussy that I have came in”
Joyce kissed me more pushing hard on to my mouth
“What was that for” I said
“Thinking of you licking my wet pussy, I feel all horny”
We heard a car coming and Joyce rolled off me pulling her straps over her shoulders and her dress down, I pulled my trousers back up and we lay on the rug as the car passed.
Joyce pulled her dress back up over her pussy, this was an invitation for me to lick her pussy. Parting her legs I lay on my tummy licking her inner thigh where our cum had ran to, out of her hairy bush. It had a salty, sweet honey taste, moving on to her lips they were more honey tasting.
Joyce was propped up on her elbows watching me eat her pussy for a good five minutes giving little moans.
“That really is nice”
I climbed up her to her waiting mouth, kissing her madly and passionately, as she did the same with me. The sun had started to go behind a hill so we started to make a move
“Where’s my knickers”
“I thought you had them in your bag”
“No I thought you had them in your trouser pocket”
“We must have left them in the hay field” I said
“Some one is probably sniffing them now,” she said
Joyce left her bra off as well on our drive home, thinking she only had a dress on and seeing her nipples showing, give me a stiffy again.
Getting back to her house Joyce surprised me by telling me I was stopping at her house tonight, our first night together. Pulling her dress off her head and totally naked, we headed to the bedroom.

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2 years ago
The sexual integrity and honesty of a love story is heightened when the affair involves more than the usual amount of risk. This couple has shown their willingness to take risks, and the story is greatly enhanced because of it!!
3 years ago
terrific story especially with the possibility of getting caught
3 years ago
Great story
4 years ago
4 years ago
thats one of the best parts of love making is giving eachother oral afterwards and then sharing kisses
and outdoors the chance of being caught adds to the excitment