A Mother’s Tale

I am a mother in her forties with a sixteen-year-old son, there is just the two of us now after loosing his dad in an accident six years back. Getting back from work early one day, I headed to my bedroom to change out of my work clothes.
I heard that Paul was in the shower and as I passed his bedroom noticing the door was open, I looked in and saw that there was a pair of my used panties from yesterday lying on his bed. Going into his bedroom I noticed he had came in them, my panties were covered in his white cum, filling the gusset to overflowing.
Mortified I ran out of the bedroom and down stairs into the kitchen, my little baby was no more, he was becoming a man and by the load, he left in my knickers he was there. Hearing the shower stop, I shouted up stairs telling him I was home and making tea and if he had any washing to do, just put it in the basket.
Paul came into the kitchen and gives me the customary hug
“Hello mam, had a nice day”
“Not to bad, what about you”
“We had games last lesson, I feel a bit tired now”
After having our tea and washing up I went to change out of my work clothes, looking in the wash basket, there was Paul’s clothes on top of my knickers, pulling them out I felt how damp the gusset was.
Sitting down on the bed holding my knickers I started thinking back to when his father was alive, all the sex we used to have and how my knickers used to get this damp all the time. How I still want him to be alive, filling my pussy up full.
For some unknowing reason when changing out of my clothes I slipped my panties off as well and put the used ones back on, Feeling the damp patch as I pulled them up in to my crotch made my body tingle, it might not be Paul’s dad’s cum rubbing against my pussy but it’s the next best thing, his son’s.
I sat with Paul my son watching the TV for the rest of the night knowing his cum was rubbing against my pussy. We give each other a goodnight kiss as customary on the lips before going to bed, if only it was his dad kissing me.
I haven’t been back from work early in nearly three weeks now, but every night when I get home I check the wash basket for my cum used panties and every night there is a damp gusset. I so love the feeling that it’s the next best thing to my husband’s cum rubbing against my pussy that I immediately put them on.

I am back home early from work tonight to hear Paul in the shower, looking in to his bedroom there is my used cum covered knickers on his bed. His cum mixing with my fanny juice in the gusset and he has my bra as well. I am so worked up after three weeks that I want to see him in the flesh,
I go to the bathroom and knock on the door
“It your mam, I want the toilet”
“Hold on I’m in the shower”
“Sorry I can’t wait, I’m coming in”
Paul is still in the shower
“Sorry son, I’m was going to wet myself”
I pulled my skirt up and pulled my knickers down, sitting on the toilet I could see Paul’s shape through the opaque glass of the shower screen as he washes his hair, then he turns into the shower to wash the shampoo off. His manhood is massive, it is hard again sticking straight out in front of him.
I finish my wee, wiping my fanny more vigorously than normal and I pull my knickers off my feet, flush the toilet and run out
“I’m finished son”
Running back in to my bedroom I shut the door, standing behind it, my hand slid up my skirt to my aching fanny. I’m all moist, fuck my son has made me moist.
My fingers part my lips, feeling my pussy lube, I’ve never had feelings like this since my husband died. My clit has feelings again and I’m going to come, rubbing my clit more I tense as my orgasm floods my pussy.
Realising I’m still holding my knickers, I cover my wet pussy with the gusset then push them further in between my lips. My juice soaking the knickers thoroughly through, then I think, does he just wank in them or sniff them as well.
Thinking of my son smelling my used knickers had the opposite effect to what a mother should think, I was getting turned on again, with my finger stuck up my pussy pushing my knickers in further, made me cum again. I was so worked up I could hardly breath properly.
Straighten myself back up after my unexpected orgasm I put my knickers back on, I’m going to give my son the most wonderful flavoured knickers he is ever going to smell. My pussy juice covered knickers are going to simmer next to my boiling pussy until I go to bed.
The next night I am late back and true to form, my knickers are in the wash basket with a rather wet gusset.
“Hello son you ok”
“Yes fine just a bit tired”
No wonder he’s tired pumping bl**d in to that big manhood of his and coming every night.

It’s another week before I am home early, this time extra early. I watched Paul go in to the house and I follow him in.
I hear his music playing as I creep up the stairs and his door is slightly ajar, all I can see is the bottom of the bed and his computer where he is sitting. He opens a file up and has it on slid show, OMG he is looking at older woman.
One hand seems to be in his crotch, the other has my used panties in moving up to his face, he is smelling them. He stood up fast, shit, I’ve been caught. No, he places the panties on the bed and pulls his trousers off.
Standing and leaning over the bottom of the bed with one hand resting on the bed taking his weight, he begins to thrust his cock through his other hand over my knickers, it looks so big and solid for my boy.
Looking at his computer screen as the pictures swap about , he speeds up thrusting in to his hand. He gives a quick moan then his seed fills my gusset, is he ever going to stop. Paul stands up lifting my bra to his cock, he is wiping his end in my cups just where my nipples should be.
That is my old bra I change in to every night after work, how long have I been wearing it with his cum rubbing my nipples. I always thought it was just cold but now I know it is damp with his cum.
I hurry down the stairs before he go’s for his shower collecting my thoughts, he looked so strong thrusting in to his hand. I need another look and need it now. Now the shower has started to run I go to his room seeing my cum filled knickers on his bed.
I run my finger through his warm cum, fuck, what am I doing. I run to the bathroom knocking on the door
“I’m coming in I’m bursting for a wee”
I sit on the toilet, kickers around my ankles and skirt hitched up. My head resting in my hands and my elbows on my knees looking at my son through the opaque glass of the shower.
He turns to rinse his hair, his cock is hard again, and he just came ten minutes back. I’m lost in my thoughts looking at my son, then the shower stops, fuck what should I do, do I quickly finish my wee and run out pulling my knickers up or stop where I am.
The shower door slid open and he reaches for a towel, putting it over his head to dry first, his manhood is looking straight at me jiggling up and down as he rubs his hair dry. He has two tight looking balls just the right size to fit in my mouth.
“Mam what are you doing”
Wakened from my sexy thoughts
“I wasssssss wanting a wee, sorry couldn’t wait
Dropping his towel to around to his waist Paul left the bathroom but first I noticed him looking at my knickers around my feet.
I go down stairs to make tea giving Paul time to put my knickers in the wash basket, he doesn’t suspect that I know what he is getting up to with my knickers.
After tea, I change in to what I call my lazy clothes for around the house, but first I retrieve my knickers from the wash basket that Paul has just used. Smelling the gusset, which has a musky smell of sex and I put them on, rubbing them well in to my crotch.
I grab my old bra from the hook on the bedroom door, what Paul has rubbed his cock in and I smell the cups then I lick them, tasting very little. Silly me, what did I expect, a mouth full of Paul’s cum. We sat watching TV again until bed time giving each other a goodnight kiss.
I lay awake in bed thinking about Paul’s cock and his balls looking at me in the bathroom, I wondered what he was doing in his bed right now, was he playing with himself like I was. What should I do, he is only across the hallway, I fell asl**p thinking about my son.

The next day was Saturday and Paul was playing football for the school, I am doing my house work in his room when I turn his computer on. It’s not hard to find what he was looking at yesterday in recently opened documents BBW.
He has nearly three hundred photos of older woman, all with one thing in common, they all have big tits just like me, hairy pussy like me and all slightly plump to plump, not fat, just normal looking.
I’m about a size 12 to 14, five seven in height and 38DD with a bit of a mummy tummy, but what can you expect at forty three. I can not belive he looks at woman like myself instead of young skinny models his age.
The photos have a lot of sexy underwear and stockings in them and some with cum splattered pussy and knickers, I think I might give him a treat.
That afternoon I raid my knickers drawer of sexy underwear that I have not worn since my husband’s death. I have been very practical in my underwear department these last few years and can not belive I wore things like these. I also found some Polaroid’s taking by my husband, not to rude, wearing underwear and flashing my tits and hairy pussy, Not for Paul to see.

I planned that the next week I would be back home early on Friday night so I wore my sexy red lacy bra and panties to work. I was home before Paul and went to my bedroom taking my sexy red lacy panties and bra off, rubbing them well in to my pussy and laid them on the bed. After getting dressed again, I sat on the seat at the dressing table behind the door and waited.
Paul came home and straight to his room, I heard the computer start up and the music. I was not expecting the next bit. Paul came in to my room naked and went straight to the wash basket in the corner of the room.
Bending down he rummaged through the basket not finding what he wanted, I hid my other used panties,
“Have you lost something love”
Paul stood up turning around in fright, his cock looked massive, his eyes attracted to the bed where my knickers were. His hands now covering his manhood from his mother,
“I have to go shopping love, I might be sometime”
I stood up leaving the room and a speechless son and went down stairs, grabbed my bag and left the house.
After shopping and making tea, I shouted for Paul, when he entered the kitchen I held out my arms for our customary hug. He was a bit sheepish at first
“I understand love, you have your needs”
He held my longer and tighter in our hug, to a point I was getting excited being held this tight, it’s been years since I have had a male body pressing in to me. Feeling a bit flushed I slackened my hug and he let go as well.
“Are you ok man”
“Yes just a bit hot after shopping”
He kept looking down at my chest and I turned away, he had made my nipples grow hard and were showing through my blouse. What am I going to do with this boiling passion of mine.
After tea I went and changed, my red lacy knickers were where I left them, touching the crotch I felt the wetness off Paul’s cum on them. He had used my knickers that I laid out for him.
Hurriedly I put them on feeling the dampness against my crotch, my hairy bush sticking out the sides and top of them.
The weekend past with high sex tension between us both, he now knows that I know he cum’s in my used knickers. How I want more than just wet knickers rubbing my pussy.

The next week arrived, I wore some more lacy knickers to work with stocking and suspenders. The next day Paul went to school before I left the house, I laid my knickers and stockings out on his bed that I had worn yesterday and left the sexy Polaroid’s of me next to them.
When I got home at night, Paul was in the kitchen cooking tea
“What’s all this”
“I want to thank you, you are the best mother anyone can have”
“Thank you Paul”
“I love you mam”
“Thank you, I love you too, I’ll just go and change”
I left the kitchen to go and change, Paul had my knickers laid out with my stocking and the photos of me on my bed. I sat down looking at them, remembering the sex we had after we took them, how Paul’s dad filled my sexual desires back then and how I wanted them filling again.
Looking at my laid out knickers, wet with my sons cum, I thought what have I done letting my son cum over them. His mother knowing he has wanked in to her knickers and giving him naked photos to look at, but I have my needs as well.
Picking up the knickers I see how wet they are and the stockings have cum on them as well, dropping my skirt off I find the suspender belt and fasten it around me. Rolling each stocking in my hand and then up my leg, I fasten the suspenders to them. Now it the wet knickers, pulled tight up in to my crotch
“Mam are you alright”
Paul is standing at the door watching me run my hand over the crotch
“Is them the knickers I”
“Yes” I said before he could finish
I pulled my tracky bottoms on over my stockings and undid my blouse letting Paul see my ample breasts before slipping in to a tee shirt, then we went for tea.
Sitting on the sofa watching TV after tea, I pull Paul in to me for a cuddle letting his head rest against my tits. After some time I feel his hand rubbing over the suspenders.
“Why are you dressed like the photo”
“It reminds me of your dad”
“You are very nice, very se”
“You can say it Paul, very sexy”
“Yes very sexy mam”
“I’m just like them photos you have on the computer”
“It’s alright I’ve seen them”
“Would you like to see me, like that”
Paul went silent but he was uneasy where he was sitting, I think his cock was growing and given him trouble in his trousers
“Maam, why do you wear them knickers after me”
“They reminded me of your dad, it’s like he’s still here, after we made love I could feel him in my knickers all day, he used to cum a lot just like you”
“How do you know about me”
“I’ve watch you cum”
Paul laid down on the sofa resting his head in my lap, it felt like his dad about to go down on me
“I love you Paul”
“I love you too mam”
We went to bed after that, how do I move this on, do I move this on, I feel like a pan simmering and about to boil over with sexual frustration . How do I tell my son I want him, does he want me as bad

I have a restless night thinking of Paul, then when its time to get up I’m tired, pushing the snooze button twice more on the alarm. Paul is up and in the kitchen when I go for my shower, he will be leaving for school soon.
Returning to my bedroom I see some knickers laid on the bed, clean red lacy knickers full with Paul’s cum and a note I LOVE YOU. I’ve never had as much cum on the knickers when I retrieve them from the wash basket, he must wipe it off before putting them back in the basket.
This time he left his full load and I wasn’t going to waste it, I dipped my finger in to the warm cum and licked it. I’m tasting my son’s seeds, hurriedly I pull the knickers up to my crotch feeling the warm wet juice against my crack. I think it time I move this on to the next level.
Paul was making tea again when I came home from work and he give me the customary hug, but this time I held him tight squashing him in to my tits. My other hand on his bum pulling his body tight in to my tummy
“Thank you” I said
Paul knew what I meant, I felt his cock twitching against my leg
“Oh Paul is that for me” I teasingly said
“Yes man it is”
I kissed my son like we do before going to bed but lingered more than usually on his lips. My sexual desired felt in over drive, Paul broke off
“Teas ready”
His manhood looked big sticking out in front of him, was he about to cum I wonder. We had our tea then I said
“I’m going to change, you can watch me if you want”
Leading Paul upstairs in to my bedroom, I sat him down on the bed for him to watch my strip. My fingers were numb trying to unbutton my blouse with excitement
“Let me help mam”
Paul unbuttoned the rest of them, pulling my blouse open, my 38DD in front of his eyes in the red lacy bra. Letting the blouse drop off my arms I hugged Paul in to my chest, two big tits either side of his face. His hands moved on to them cupping them tightly.
I let him play with them for some time before removing my skirt. I stood in front of him wearing the red lacy knickers he laid out for me this morning, black stockings and suspender belt and red lacy bra, my pussy hair sticking out from around the sides of my knickers.
He sat there and just looked at my body up and down
“What do you think Paul, am I one of them BBW you like”
“Yes you are and you look fantastic mam, can I touch you”
“Yes you can”
Paul reached out running his hand over my tummy and down my leg, he sent a shiver down my spine as he did so. I held his head, pulling him in to my tummy and he kissed me.
“Let me sit down”
I sat with Paul on the edge of the bed, his hand running up and down over my stocking
“Do you want to do, what’s in your photos”
“You better stand up”
Paul stood in front of me, his manhood sticking straight out in front of him, most apparent in his tracky bottoms. I stuck my hand out to feel it, the give in his tracky bottoms allowed me to hold it in my hand circling it with my fingers.
Paul give a little moan then his cock twitched in my hand, he had came, I could feel through his tracky bottoms his cock pulsing, pumping his cum out. Paul looked skywards
“Sorry mam”
“Nothing to be ashamed of”
I slid my thumbs inside his waistband pulling his tracky bottoms forward over his cock and sliding them down, his cock through the slit in his boxers still with its purple head with a rope of cum hanging from it.
His cock was starting to deflate but it still looked big, I circled around his shaft base with my fingers, sliding my tight fingers up to his purple head and milking his cum, letting a rope of cum drop on to my stockings. That was a bit of a let down I thought.
I reached down Paul’s legs taking his tracky bottoms off his feet
“Come on the bed with me”
I shuffled up to the pillows and Paul joined me, now with his cock safely in his boxers, we lay on our sides cuddled in to each other
“It’s ok Paul, that happens a lot”
Here I was laid next to my son in sexy underwear, missed his cock erupting and my sex organs are in overdrive
“Would you like to start again, you can touch me if you want”
I rolled on to my back, I felt really sexy in my stockings and I guided his hand on to my tummy, letting him feel the lacy suspender belt. Paul sat up watching where I moved his hand to, tracing the suspender through my knickers and on to my leg. That soft skin hanging over my stocking top just had to be felt, moving his hand around getting ever closer to my pussy until I felt his thumb rub up my pussy. I had a sharp intake of breath
“Are you alright man”
“Yes it just feel nice”
Paul sat closer to my crotch moving his hand around as I parted my legs, touching both legs and over my panties many times
“Take them off if you want Paul”
Lifting my bum off the bed, he pulled each side down a little at a time, mesmerized as my hairy bush grew as he pulled them down. Paul got off the bed and standing in front of me, he pulled my red lacy knickers that he had came in this morning down off my feet.
I was letting my son see his naked mother, he knelt on the bed running his hands up my legs and I parted them for him. All my bits on show, his hands came off my stockings and towards my pussy, tracing the outline of my hairy bush with his finger.
I felt on fire inside my pussy, I sat up and moved up the bed and Paul shuffled up between my legs again. I could see his bulge in his boxers again.
“Touch me Paul”
I felt his fingers on my lips flicking over my large wrinkly outer lips, fuck I can’t stand this much more. Grabbing his hand, I pushed his fingers between my lips and with my other hand grabbed his cock through the slit and began to wank him.
It was thick and hard in my hand and I wanked him fast, wanting to see him shot his cum over me. I had his finger pushed on to my clit rubbing in circles, I was going to come
“Yes Paul yes”
I watched his cock squirt one thin rope of sperm out over my tummy then my fanny was awash with my juice. Dipping his finger in to my slit, we made a squelching noise with our fingers mixing with my hot juice.
His cock was still shooting his cum over me, now over my pussy and our hands, it twitched like some wild thing. It looked so big, just like his dads, I so want it stuck up inside me sometime.
My son was breathing fast
“Oh maaam” he shouted
As I finished his cock off, I left our fingers stuck up inside my pussy as my orgasm subsided,. Nipping my fanny muscles on our fingers, he looked at me
“Is that nice”
“Oh yes, it was all great”
I pulled our fingers out then rubbed his cum in to my bush and pushed then back inside me with one big squelch
“Will you not get pregnant mam”
“No, I was only able to have you, come on lets get cleaned up”
Climbing off the bed I saw my self in the mirror then my son with his cock still hanging out, I looked a total slut dressed in red bra and stockings and my sons cum over me. My son looked just like his dad when we first meet it was just so unreal.
“Paul do you want to take my bra off”
He was in front of me in a shot, reaching around me, he fumbled for ages unhooking the straps then he slid the straps down my arms seeing my bare tits for the first time. The joy in his eyes seeing my big hard nipples.
“Can I kiss them”
“Yes, go on”
His warm wet lips kissed my nipple then he took it in his mouth sucking hard
“Just nice and soft Paul”
I rubbed the back of his head pulling him in to me, and then offered the other tit to his mouth, his dad liked my tits too but they were only a third of the size back then when we met.
I undid my suspender belt and it fell down the front of me still attached to my stockings, Paul instinctively started to run his hands down towards my stockings, sliding each one a bit at a time down my leg until he was on his knees pulling them off my feet.
My son was on his knees face lever with my fanny, what he could do to me down there. Thoughts buzzed around my head, shit I can’t let him go down there yet. I need it washed, I’ve had his cum on my panties all day sweating away.
Pulling Paul back up I lead him in to the shower, turning it on while I pulled his tee shirt off, he is so fit looking. Now his boxers, it’s my turn on my knees as I slid them over his hard cock and down off his feet.
His purple head inches away from my mouth, I just have to feel it inside me and grab it between my lips. The taste of his spent cum as I greedily suck on the head. The sooner we have our shower the sooner I get it stuck up aching fanny.
I let Paul wash me first, his big hands soaped up and massaging my breasts
“Mam they are so big and soft”
He spent ages washing them, my nipples were hard my fanny back on fire. He moved over my tummy and down between my legs, the flat of his hand rubbing between my parted legs.
I could feel his middle finger parting my outer floppy wrinkly lips and on to my clit. Fuck, he kept rubbing the soap in to my bush and his finger on my clit, I nipped his hand between my legs as he made me cum, breathing hard I kiss his mouth with more f***e than I ever had.
Pushing my tongue in to his mouth I kissed long and hard, sucking and fighting with his tongue. Pulling off I said
“Paul thank you, that was so nice”
Now it was my turn, starting on his chest with my soapy hand, it was so hard and on to his flat stomach, he was such a young fit man now, not my little boy anymore. I kissed him again and his cock prodded against my pussy, our first contact of sexual parts.
I wanted him inside me and I sank on to my knees, holding his cock I entered him in to my mouth, taking as much in as I could. He was big and thick as my mouth stretched around him, his hands on my shoulders as he fucked his mam’s mouth.
I felt him twitching and about to cum, thinking of his photos, I pulled off him, his first squirt hitting my face. Lifting my head up I saw him watching as his cum sprayed my neck, he knew how to cum. I wanked the last of his seed on to my tits, looking down I saw the water off the shower wash a big white blob of cum down between my tits.
I sucked his cock clean before standing up, his mouth eager to kiss me. I washed my self again before coming out of the shower and dried each other, his cock looked big even when it was soft. I lead my son back in to my bedroom cuddling up on the bed together.
He nuzzled into my tits and his mouth found my nipple, reminding me of when I used to breast-feed him in bed with my milk tits back then.
It was the middle of the night when I woke up sensing someone was in bed with me, then I remembered my son. I lay on my back thinking of him sending my brain in to overdrive, my hand slid over my tummy to my pussy.
My legs parted automatically, feeling my lips I rubbed them gently as Paul slept. I wanted to see his manhood again, whizzed through my brain, my other hand wandered across the bed. Paul was on his back, not wanting to wake him, my hand moved and lifted the sheet until I was over his manhood.
Lowering my hand, I felt it, all soft but big like a Cumberland sausage, my hand worked harder on my clit, I was feeling my son. I need to see his cock and I lifted the sheet off Paul, just with the light of the moon shining through the window, I saw it.
One little lick won’t make him wake up, he’s a teenager, getting on to my knees I lent over him. The attraction was more than I thought after my first lick, I had my hand around it now lifting his soft cock into my mouth.
His cock responded, building in strength until it held itself up and his purple head popped out, fuck he was big. I forgot about Paul being asl**p as I worked on his cock up and down, his pre cum sticking to my lips making a wet noise as I sucked him and feeling his tight balls.
“Can I do that to you mam”
Fuck I woken Paul up
“Yes if you want” I said after pulling off his cock
I lay back down lifting my legs and parted them, I could see Paul climbing between them and lowering down to my pussy. The excitement building up knowing he’s coming back home in to his mother.
His tongue touched my lips, the tingle went buzzing through my body. He seemed to know what he was doing, thank Bill for the internet, he had taught himself looking at all those porn sites. He licked and sucked my wrinkly outer lips, each in turn before pushing my lips apart with his tongue. The first time my cunt has had a man near it in six years and that last time was his father.
Paul had his mam moaning and moist, his tongue in every nook and cranny now, it might be his first real pussy but he was doing well. He was inside me a good ten minutes before sucking my clit like a pro as I built up to my orgasm, he slid a finger in to my moist slit and started to finger fuck me, holding his head between my legs I let out a squeal
“Yeees that’s it Paul keep going”
My body trembled and shook as my orgasm came as he sucked my clit, my fanny was awash with pussy juice and Paul lapped it up, I don’t think I have ever came this much ever. I needed that cock inside me now.
I held out my arms inviting my son on top of me, he licked from my pussy up over my tummy and to my tits, how sexy that felt. He took his weight on his arms but he wasn’t as well practiced finding my pussy with his cock, reaching out I helped him guide his cock in to me. As the tip of his cock penetrated my lips I didn’t know if I could take him, he felt so big as he stretched me as he pushed gently in.
I felt in pain and it was still sliding in, I must of tightening up with so little use over the years.
“Paul just stop a minute please”
“Is everything ok mam”
“It’s been so long, come and kiss me”
Paul moved on to his elbows and kissed me, his body squashed in to my tits, just the feel of his naked body against mine give me fresh strength. We kiss as my hands went over his back on to his bum, I started to move under him just a little, giving my pussy time to accommodate his manhood
“That’s it son, push gently, take your time”
He was very understanding just taking it slow, I thought I was going to be ripped to bits, he must have a tough foreskin. He eventually made it home, buried deep in me and I give out a gasp.
“Go gently”
Paul started to thrust back and forth, gently at first then the porn sites took over doing what he had seen. It didn’t matter to me how rough he was, two thrusts and he was out, unable to find my love hole by himself, he shot his cum over my hairy fanny. I felt his warm stickiness drip through my bush.
“Sorry I was to excited mam”
“That’s why I said to go slow and gentle, take your time”
Paul came and lay down next to me all deflated and cuddled in, that was it he fell asl**p, he’d had his wicked way with his mother and that was that.
The alarm sounded, Paul was fast sl**p, this might be my last chance and I pulled the sheet off him. I would wake him up sucking his cock, holding it in my hand I could taste my pussy juice on him.
It didn’t take long for him to be hard, now in the day light and this close I could see how big he is, which made me tingle with excitement. A bit bigger than his dads, not much but the thickness was unbelievable.
Paul stirred from his sl**p, looking down to find his mother sucking him, my mouth stretched wide around him, I have to have him in me. Lifting my leg over his I straddled him and with one hand, I parted my pussy lips, holding them wide apart with my fingers. Holding his cock with the other hand, I slowly lowered myself down on to him, an inch at a time, its been some time since I have done this.
It was tight but his pre cum helped a little, Paul looked at me as his mother squirmed on his massive manhood. His hands reaching out to feel my 38DD tits hanging down towards my tummy.
I had him inside, it still felt that I could be torn to bits, lifting about two inches with each thrust, I began to accommodate his thickness. I started to get braver lifting further off his shaft until I had his full length sliding in and out of me.
I lent forward, resting my hands either side of his head dangling my tits over his face, swinging back and forth and banging together, he tried to catch a nipple in his mouth. The feel of my nipple being sucked in his warm wet mouth made me want my son more.
I’d been sliding on my sons shaft for five minutes trying not to excite his cock to much, nice long slow thrusts. My son’s face lost under my tits somewhere, my fanny tight but comfortable, stretched around his cock.
I’m going to do it, I’m going to feel my son squirt in me. I’d been moaning since I swung my tits over his face, now I want to pant and pant fast thinking of him coming in me. My fanny tingling and on fire, I want him to put my fire out.
I start to speed up, my tits bouncing about. Paul moans
“Oh mam, maaaam”
He’s like me ready to come, banging my pussy hard in to him sets off an eruption
“I know son”
Keeping going as long as I can, I feel his squirt shoot in to me, shit the pressure as I sink back down, my son has came in me good and hard. His eruption set off a chain reaction, my whole body tenses and shudders, nipping his cock more.
I feel my son trying to lift himself off the bed pushing in to me but I am to heavy, his cock deep inside me has nowhere to go. All my nerve endings in my fanny sense his cock pulsing and twitching which makes my orgasm last and last.
I sit up straight seeing my son for the first time from under my tits
“Mam that was great”
Feeling stiff from having my legs wide apart as long, I lift up slowly feeling my pussy seal relax around his cock letting our love juice escape. The relief to my pussy as the pressure is eased, I hover over Paul thinking about his photos, the cumshots and cream pies. I feel it dripping off my lips over his limp cock as he watches on.
Climbing off the bed I get a tissue and clean my son up, there is just so much cum and I still feel it coming out of me. What it must be like to be young and a heavy cumer. I climb back in to bed after being to the toilet and kiss my son like never before.
I phoned work and the school saying we would not be in today, we must have caught a bug or something as we are both still in bed. With the lack of sl**p over night, we dropped off, wakening up around eleven all refreshed.
Seeing my son I kissed him and had a feel of his manhood, it twitched in my hand, I can’t believe I am so obsessed with my son. He came on to me too, his desire for older woman and his hands are all over me.
I was now on my back , my son leaning over kissing me and his hand rubbing over my hairy pussy with his finger parting my moist lips. He lifts his legs over mine, I know what is going to happen and part my legs wide to accommodate him.
Paul starts on my tits, getting my nipples hard, I feel a stabbing at my pussy entrance. I think he’s going to do it all by himself, I little shuffle under him and I help him in, my son has found his own way back home.
He still feels big as it slides inside, my fanny stretched for the third time since coming to bed. I relaxed, I want to enjoy it. Paul starts thrusting slowly, hopeful having learned his lesson from early on.
He has such an athletic body resting on his arms over me, I push my tits together, big enough to touch his chest. His hairless chest rubbing on my nipples sends my sexual levels up.
“That’s really nice Paul, nice and slow”
With my well-lubricated pussy from before, Paul has my cunt making squelching noises with his slow thrusting. He holds in me for a few seconds at the end of every thrust and gyrates his body, rubbing against my pussy before pulling out. Where he has learnt this I don’t know but it feels good, Thank Bill again for the internet.
I don’t know how much more I can take, my breathing all fast, he’s must have been in me ten minutes gyrating against my clit for the last three. My fanny juices past simmering and about to boil over, I wanted to kiss him, hug him, my son I want him so much.
“Fuck me son, faster”
It didn’t take long, he had his mother coming and he was still pounding my pussy. The squelching noise became a sloppy noise.
My whole body shuddered under him, my pussy locking on to his cock deep inside me as I tensed up, he give a scream
We both filled my pussy up with love juice, I’ve felt eight or ten mighty squirts come out of him with a grunt each time, I felt about to burst. My son doing what his daddy did last and just as good.
He collapses on me, his tongue forcing my lips apart, he has a couple of small thrusts in to my fanny letting some of our cum escape out. Then he’s off me, kneeling between my legs he watches my fanny, the cream pie photos.
I suppose it’s all new to him and I help by nipping my muscles forcing our cum out of my probably well-stretched open pussy. The shear delight on my sons face as I felt it running out.
We eventually got out of bed for some lunch and a shower together then ended back in bed later on.
Paul now sl**ps with me in my bed and he never has the need to cum in my panties anymore because he cum’s in me now, nearly every night, what’s it like to be young.

98% (110/2)
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11 months ago
My dick oozed, jerked and shimmed through the full reading of this absolutely marvelous mother and son consummated incest story. This is romance and man/woman love in its purest form, as basic as Mother Nature intended a man and woman to love, caress, endearing and respecting the satisfaction of each others partner!! For a mother of forty-three and her sixteen year old son to be so perfectly meshed and sycronized, teaching, learning, touching and exploring is astonishingly amazing!! It is almost unheard that romance can be so deeply exhibited, especially between a mother and her virgin son, but in this storyit has happened.

The writer of this story is top-notch gifted with a magnificent ability to express the characters in such an awesome manner of sexual bliss!! Every man and woman couple should know love to the degree this son and his have experienced--my body and soul still tingles from the reading fantasy this story has blessed upon the readers of "A Mother's Tale"!!!
1 year ago
well done and you wrote from the mothers point of view
2 years ago
Very inexperiencd, timid teen son and an early forties mature, sex-starved mother! What do we have? We have a WINNER!
2 years ago
thats very erotic mom and son experience story...you are so lucky having a great mam like her
2 years ago
Good one!!!!
3 years ago
FUCKING MARVELLOUS. I couldn't stop the hard on.
3 years ago
Two words "AMAZING"... No, wait... That was just one word. Ok, I got it.... "FUCKING AMAZING"....
3 years ago
great story, you sure have me reaching 4 my cock - its out now and hard ...
3 years ago
3 years ago
Oh mama. Oh son. What perverts you two are. Don't stop.
3 years ago
nice, hot and well written
3 years ago
Wow that is so hot!
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
nice dear..
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story .. Huh .. It was hard to read till the end without cumshot ...
3 years ago
Very nice well written cept for certain word use
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
great story so hot!
3 years ago
another really good one nck , and I didn't realize it was written by you till I got to the end
3 years ago
whew so hot
3 years ago
Whew! That was great very erotic. You write very well. Any chance of more?