Feeling My Son’s Cock pt2

The cold reality of what had just happened hit me while sitting on the toilet listening to the plopping of my son’s thick creamy sperm leaves my fanny and hit the water. Could we put it down to the alcohol and we didn’t know what we were doing, but he did call out mom, when he was about to squirt in his dear old mom.

I tucked my tits back inside my girdle before leaving the bathroom, unsure about the situation I was to face.
“Mom I’m sorry” he says, “I got carried away”
“No need to be sorry, as much my fault, lets forget about it”
“Thank Mom”

We held our arms out for a hug and stand cuddling in the middle of the bedroom, just the feel of a man sends my pulse racing again. Then I feel his hand investigating my girdle, first the straps over my shoulders, then down the back and now pulling at the suspenders that are loose and dangling over my knickerless arse.

I breathe in in long and slow and cannot help but take a firm hold of my son’s arse. Before we know, we are kissing each other and I feel a strap slid off my shoulder.
He breaks the kiss and stands back and I willingly let him remove the two straps off my arms.

He pulls the girdle out over my tits and I see his face light up as he unwraps them, big dangly 40DD tits, unlike his wife’s fried eggs he‘s used to seeing. He holds on to then, feeling and wobbling them in his hands before kissing each nipple.

I held him like the newborn thirty years ago when he suckled me, holding his head while lifting my tit in to his mouth. He sucks as his hands slips down on to my naked leg, all the way down to my knee before coming back up my inner thigh.

My legs part naturally, letting him find his mom’s big hairy fanny under her open girdle and all I can do is moan softly. He stands up and starts to pull my girdle down
“Nick No”
“Mom I want to see you”
“Nick you don’t”
“I do mom, I want to see you in your full splendour, all naked”
“Nick I am fat”
“No your not” he says and he bends down and kisses my tummy

I stand still as my girdle gets pulled slowly down inch by inch while he still lavishes kisses on my girdled covered tummy. More and more of my body becomes exposed until he has to stop kissing and with both hands pulls the girdle down, turning it inside out as he pulled it down my body.

It slips to the floor and I feel his hand investigating my naked body, feeling, what I call my flabby bit. He drops to his knees and lavishes kisses on my tummy again and kisses his way down on to my hairy fanny. This is new to me, a man going down on me after having emptied his load inside already.

His tongue slips in to my slit, darting in and out tasting our love juice from before and I hold him tight in to me, loving every minute of it. I shuffle backwards to the bed and sit on the edge, lift my legs on to the bed frame and hold my sons head between my parted legs.

He licks and sucks like he wants back inside me, tugging my lips apart and investigating even deeper. It’s been years since my last orgasm but here I am on the verge of my second one tonight.

I hold his head for leverage while thrusting my fanny in to his face before nipping my legs tight shut on him when I come.
“Yeeeeeeeeeees” I moaned while trying to keep quite
His tongue keeps on working, lapping at his mom’s fanny juice till there is no more.

Slowly releasing my grip he looks up and smiles before planting a whole lot of kisses over my unruly hairy triangle. Presentation of my wild hairy fanny was the last thing on my mind before coming away.

I lower my legs and pull him up off his knees; his cock rock hard and making his boxers stick straight out is just about face level with me. Slowly I touch him, my first cock in over fifteen years and I feel apprehensive seeing it is my son.

It felt rock hard in his boxers and I pulled them out over his manhood to uncover him, I’d already touch his cock end but seeing it was a different experience, his smooth bulbous head with a dribble of pre cum just shouting out to be licked.

I took his shaft in my hand and found it all smooth while my other hand found his balls, all shaved and smooth too. I sucked on my son’s tool like there was no tomorrow before lifting it up and licking down his shaft and on to his balls.

Greedily I took each plum inside my mouth, licking and sucking the soft smooth silky skin and I could feel his cock twitching in my hand. I soon had him back inside my mouth, whirling my tongue behind his end and making moan in pleasure.

He was getting more active, pushing himself in and out of my wet slippery mouth. I held on to his arse with one hand to make sure he stopped inside me when he came.
“Mom, Mom”
I pulled him harder and felt his cock swell in my mouth before he grunted and I knew he was coming.

His cock jumped and twitched wildly in my mouth and I suck on my son’s manhood like a stick of Blackpool rock. It all came flooding back to me, all the good time I had sucking on his dad cock, now it was our son’s cock getting the attention.

He was a heavy spunker and his seed was spilling from my mouth, I pulled off him and lifted one of my tits up to his coming cock. He coated my nipple with warm creamy cum as I smeared his cock around before it softening slightly.

“Ar mom”
He bent down and kissed my wet mouth and I could feel his tongue licking my lips of his cum. I couldn’t help but respond and kissed him back. Then he sunk to his knees and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking me clean of his seed.

We got back in to bed and cuddled but I could not help but think we had done every thing back to front, the sex first, then the fore play and now the cuddles, all with my son, what a weird night before dropping off to sl**p eventually.

Next morning I woke first and had a quick shower to get rid of the smell of sex before waking my son up, he watched me drying myself as he woke up fully. He was still watching when I got back in to my girdle, pulling and stretching the tight garment over my damp tacky body.

He was mesmerised watching me roll my stockings back up my legs, it was when I lifted my foot on to the bed to straighten them and attach the suspender he asked
“Can I do that mom?”
“If you want” I said

He was naked when he jumped out of bed and I noticed his sticking out cock bouncing as he moved. He came from behind and his two arms came around me on to my stocking covered leg and his cock rubbed between my parted legs.

I had to show him how to fasten a suspender, which is hard when you can feel his cock slipping back and forth along your slit
“Arrrr Nick” I moaned
He took hold of my tit that was just about resting on my leg, all tucked up safely inside my girdle but that did not detract from the pleasure of it being felt.

His hand left my tit and headed down on to my inner thigh and towards my stretched fanny, he found his cock and pushes it against my fanny some more as he rocks back and forth.
“Nick” I whisper
I feel him positioning himself to enter me, his cock end knocking at the door to his mom’s fanny, and then it slipped in. It enters me nice and slowly, but in this position I cannot experience the full glory of it.

“Nick I have to move”
He pulled his cock out and he must have thought I was putting a stop to it when he asked
“Are you alright mom, was that not nice”
With my leg lowered I pushed back in to him far enough to rest my hands on the bed
“It was too nice Nick; I just wanted more of you”

Wiggling my arse, he got the message and I felt him guide himself back into his mom. The feeling I was getting as every inch filled and stretched my fanny
“Yes Nick that’s it fuck me with that cock”

My son had turned me in to a cock-needing hussy overnight after fifteen years without sex. His hands held on to my hips as he pulled us together, slapping our body’s together with every stroke.
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss Nick, make me come”
He fucked me even harder then I felt his hand slip under me and on to my clit.
“Nick arrrrrr Nick”

He strummed my clit like a guitar, getting faster every second till I tensed then I felt him let go inside me. Both of us trying our best to be as quite as we could but the moans of pleasure filled the room. His cock throbbed with every new squirt that filled me and my fanny was in spasms nipping tight on to him.

We stopped coupled together for some time getting our breathes back then I felt his cock fall out, the bond was broken between mom and son once again. All I could do was stand still and watch his seed run down my inner thigh then I felt his hand mopped up the mess with a tissue, all soft and gentle.

We quickly dressed so we didn’t miss breakfast and I could feel the damp patch forming in my knickers as his cum leaked out. The car was dropped off all fixed soon afterwards and we headed home with a new love for each other.

The End

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10 months ago
very good
11 months ago
Great story and hot bonding between mother and son.
11 months ago
amazing parts 1 and 2, lets have more please..xx
11 months ago
next part soon i hope?
11 months ago
Very hot hope there is more.
11 months ago
hope there is more, love it so far
11 months ago
Very Sensual.. Had me hard the whole way!!
11 months ago
This should be the start of something great !!!
11 months ago
Nothing better than family loving.
11 months ago
Lovely story, I'll look forward to more. Cheers