Feeling My Son’s Cock

Widowed for fifteen years I had no sexually desire what so ever until I felt my sons cock pushing in to my bum one night. It all came about when he took me to a relative’s funeral 300 miles away and the car broke down.

The garage was unable to fix it until the next day so the only option was to find somewhere to stay for the night. That was easer said than done with the only hotel in the village having only three bedrooms and two of them were taken.

I looked at my 30-year-old son “I don’t mine sharing if you don’t,” I said to him
Sorted for the night with somewhere to sl**p we spent the rest of the night in the bar with the locals.

We were merry by the time we got to our room and I wondered how we went about getting ready for bed and what to sl**p in. Dressed for a funeral I was all in back, even down to my girdle to hold my round tummy in, I suppose if I take my dress and stocking off I can sl**p in my girdle all-night.

“Can you unzip me please?” I asked
He unzipped me and I held the dress around my large bosoms as I went to the bathroom to change. I felt naughty some how coming out in to the bedroom in my girdle and knickers and loose suspenders just dangling knowing my son would be out there, but the awkwardness between semi naked mother and son had somewhat been conquered with the alcohol.

He was already in bed and facing the other way when I pulled back the sheets to join him and saw that he still had his boxers on, thankfully. He was a sl**p in minutes unlike me who lay wakes for some time, then I felt him turn. His arm came over my body and he snuggled in to my back.

His hand cuddled in to my tummy and some how I was feeling excited with being held by a man once again. I lay still, wondering what to do, then suddenly his hand moved and cupped my breast and he just held on to it.

My heart was beating twenty to the dozen; my chest was heaving in and out and moving his hand as it did so. Then I felt something prod in to my arse cheek, shit he’s getting a stiffy, I could feel it growing and getting harder by the second.

I was getting feelings never felt for some years now, which surprised me a lot and wondered what had made him so hard. Not his mother I thought, past her mid fifties, slightly over weight and tits that hang past her waist wouldn’t make any man erect as he is.

Thank god, I still have on my knickers cause I can feel it pushing between my cheeks; then again, it feels nice too. It wouldn’t hurt if I let him push through a little more and I started to raise my leg a little, I could feel him nudging at my pussy lips now, which made me feel all trembly.

It throbbed like a ticking clock against my fanny, pulsing and twitching and the more I thought about it the more my breathing increased and fanny ached. This was silly, this is my son, and sons don’t have affects like this on their mothers, do they?

I squeezed his hand on to my covered tit and shut my eyes, thinking of the last time I felt like this and wondered if he would ever know if I touched his cock, just for old time sake.

Leaving his hand squeezing in to my tit, I ran my hand between my legs. His cock must have shot out from his boxers at some point which I wasn’t expecting and I touched his smooth bulbous cock end and gasped.

He was smooth and wet and leaking pre cum. I felt him move, his cock pushed more in to my hand and he moaned. Shit he is aroused fully now, dry humping between my legs and squeezing my tit.

He pulled his cock out from between my legs, moved and pulled me over on to my back with no resistance from me, I knew what was coming and was longing for it by now. He knelt beside me and I willingly lifted my arse off the bed when he tried to remove my knickers.

I lifted my legs up to assist him in removing my knickers completely, kept them raised and parted them fully for him to come in between. It was only the light off the street light that lit up the room and I could just make out his figure coming towards me on his knees and his big cock sticking out from his boxers.

His hand ran up over my girdle and I so wanted him to feel my naked tit, I willingly pulled the material covering them outwards and fished inside with my other hand to free them. He did more than touch them; he went and sucked on my hard large nipple.

I was shuffling about on the bed and lifting myself up in to his face, then I felt his hand touch me; touch me where he came from. I exhaled a long slow breathe and moan, then again when his fingers found my opening.

Just an exploratory finger first parted my unused fanny lips to find a warm wetness forming, and then followed by two fingers parting and stretching me as they searched my insides. I couldn’t believe how turned on I felt after so many years without.

He was sucking on my nipple while his fingers were making a wet sloppy noise with my fanny lube. His fingers slipped out from me and his mouth lifted from my nipple as he climbed up my body.

Up over the top of me on his hands, I felt his cock slip up my chunky thigh to my entrance. I lifted my legs over his and held on to his arse while moving and position myself to take his length. Fifteen years without one thought of sex and here I was craving for my son to fuck me.

He started to part me, slipping in slowly and thankfully showing consideration for his dear old mom, that’s if he knows it’s me he was fucking. Inch by inch he feed his length in to my fanny which heighten the new found thrill of sex again for me, by now I would do anything to have him back inside me again.

I could feel him pulling out and my fanny lips being stretch as they sucked on to his shaft. His cock left an empty feeling in my fanny before being shoved back inside me again slowly.

I lay there watching him as he concentrated fucking his mom, eyes shut but moaning slightly and being ever so gentle. Then I thought about what we were doing, my son back inside me once again and this feeling was not one I ever expected. It made me want him all the more and I started to lift up in to his coming thrusts while holding on to his arse tighter.

He responded and started to speed up
“Arrrr yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss” I moaned out
His cock was slipping in and out quite effortlessly with me new found sexually awareness and wetness and I could hear his breathing increasing somewhat.
“Arrrrr mom” I heard him say
That was it for me, he called me mom like that little boy when he was three and I would do anything for him.
“Arrr mom I going to”
“I know, just let it happen,” I said, “Come in me”

I started to pant while nearing my orgasm then felt his cock swell in my fanny and the first squirts come from it. I started to shake and tremble, my orgasm was coming and the pumping of my sons cock inside me made it happen. All I could do was hold on tight to him and let my fanny muscles milk his cock.

It seemed to go on for ages, his cock twitched and jumped inside me and all the time he squirted like a high-pressure hose spraying and coating my inner walls with his seed. Then he grunted over and over while trying to pump the last of his seed in to his mom, he was spent just like I was.

He lowered himself on top and his head tucked in down the side of my neck, we were still joined with our sex organs but his swelling was rapidly disappearing. Nick started to lift off and I pulled him back down to kiss, we kissed like lovers with out tongues wrapped together. Now it felt like more than just a d***ken fuck, that loving bond between mom and son had been reunited.

A little later, I made my way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, listening to the plopping of my son’s thick creamy sperm hit the water in lumps, he had well and truly fucked his dear old mom but what happens now. Will we be able to face each other now and be the same, especially in front of his wife?

The End

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3 months ago
Great story.Very hot.
7 months ago
....and to ME and MY mother as well... :-)
8 months ago
very hot
9 months ago
It also happened to me and my mother, it was lovely and true love between us.
9 months ago
9 months ago
A true love.
9 months ago
Damn! Great story
10 months ago
very hot indeed.may be your daughter in law and you son could do something with you?
10 months ago
very HOT
10 months ago
10 months ago
Love it
10 months ago
this mothers day make me so horny
10 months ago
sexy Thanks for the posting
10 months ago
I suggest a three-way with hos wife
10 months ago
Ah yes the love of a mother and son ...and I'm sure you will be feeling him inside of you many more times now that he knows how good it feels to fuck mom.
10 months ago
I bet it gives "Mother's Day" a new meaning.
10 months ago
Excellent,,and yes he'll face you and fuck you many times I hope.