Mom Wanted Me This Time

Fiction.. If you are disturbed about older plumper mom and mature son sex this story is not for you.

Mom called me again a couple of days later, wondering if I had time to go around to her house. She needed some reassurance while she had a bath, some one able to help in case she had a fall, all due to her dodgy hip and being crippled with arthritis in her hands.

“Mom, dad, I’m hear” I shouted when I let myself in
“Up hear” mom shouted
I went up stairs where I could hear mom running her bath
“Where’s dad?” I asked climbing the stairs
“In his greenhouse, he’ll be in there to lunch time”

Mom was standing in the doorway of the bathroom when I first saw her, an instance hard started to grow in my trousers. She stood there braless by the look of things, her big saggy tits drooping down to her waist and stretching the bottom of her jumper.
“I’m all ready” she said, “Will you help me undress”

She turned the water off then raised her arms for me to take her jumper off. I pulled the waist up exposing her round tits and took it off her head. Mom smiled as I pushed her elasticated skirt down off her hips and realised she was not wearing any knickers either. I dropped to my knees to remove it, my head only inches from her naked body.

Mom opened her towel up on the counter top and there was her larger dildo and KY jelly
“I was wondering if you would use this on me” mom said
“I can if you are sure, what about you hip”
“I’m not in much pain if I rest myself here”

Mom sat on the edge of the counter top and leant back against the wall, causing her tummy to lift away from covering her fanny. She parted her legs and started to lift one leg
“Fetch that stool for my foot, will you and lift my leg on to it”
It seemed that she had it all worked out what was best for her. As I was lifting her foot, I looked up and saw right between her cubby legs, her big hairy fanny stretched out in front of my eyes.

“Are you ok there mom?”
“Yes that feels fine”
I flipped the top on the KY ready to squirt some on her dildo
“Would it be alright if you used your finger first” mom asked
With a big dollop on my finger, I pushed it along her fat chubby lips
“Ow that’s cold,” she said
Slowly twisting and turning my finger, I found her love hole and started to push inside her, mom lay there against the wall moaning lightly

One finger was soon replaced with two going right up to my knuckle while my thumb rubbed on her clit nice and slow. I felt her low hanging tit with my other hand, lifting and weighing the size of it.
“Are you ready for the other one?” I asked
“Yes but take it slow for me”

It wasn’t huge by sizes of dildos but for an old woman I thought it was, I squeezed a mighty dollop of KY on to the tip. I looked at her hairy triangle spread far and wide and her big long fat lips and ran the tip of her dildo between her lips until it started to ease in.

“Is that alright?” I asked
“Just a little more”
After a minute, she had taking the whole length, inside and I watched as her lips sucked around the rubbery toy as I fucked her. I could see and feel mom lifting and gyrating herself against my hand and now she had closed her eyes while whimpering.

“Arr yeesssssssss” mom moaned
I held the dildo firmly in my fist and could feel my hand slapping against her fanny lips as I speeded up, but not to hard because she was old and my mom.
Each thrust made a slapping noise and I felt and squeezed her nipple which made mom start to pant even faster.
“Arrr, Arrr, Yeeeeeeeeeessss Fuck yes”
Her fanny nipped on the dildo as her orgasm came, All I could do was just stand and listen to her coming, moaning and panting, holding on to the dildo for when she released her grip around it.

“Was that alright mom” I asked when her breathing was back to normal
“Arr yes, god it felt like the real thing when you don’t do it to yourself” Mom said “The only thing missing was the feel of it squirting,”
I lowered her tit and started to pull the dildo out from her
“It’s been over twenty years without a proper cock in me” Mom whispered, “I would love to experience that feeling once more especial when it erupts inside me”

My cock was fit for bursting and she was bound to have seen it pushing at the front of my trouser
“Would it be asking too much for you to stick your cock up me,” mom asked, “You don’t have to”
“I would love to mom, if you are sure”

Mom nodded and I pulled my trousers and boxers over my cock and stood between her stretched out chunky legs. There was something about touching her that I wanted to do, seeing her all naked with her rolls of fat intrigued me. I felt up her inner thigh and on to her podgy fanny before touching her tummy that divided her tits down each side.

I took hold of my cock and started to rub it up and down her fat slit, her lips were soft and podgy on my cock end
“Are you sure about this mom?” I asked
I found her opening and gently pushed in, watching as it slipped in to my mom until my hand was touching her fanny lips.

“You can slip it in some more” mom said
I took hold of her around her chunky waist with both hands and started to slip my cock in further. Mom whimpered again, her fanny was warm wet and slippery from the jelly but she felt tight on my cock. Her lips sucked and held on to my cock as I withdrew before starting to insert again slowly.

It was a slow gentle fuck but very erotic watching her fanny lips move along my cock and seeing mom smiling and moaning at the same time. It was hard to control myself and stop coming so soon but I tried to last as long as I could for mom pleasure.
“Mom” I grunted “Ar mom”
I was wedged as far in as I could and could feel my cock squirting its load
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss, Fuck yessssssss” she cried

There was no need to bang her hard and fast and cause her pain to her hip, I had came with pure love for my mom. I held on tight around her waist, grunting as my cock pump out my seed with extra power and f***e without trying to move her. My cock throbbed in her fanny, bucking and jumping as each new load of warm creamy cum filled my mom’s fanny.

Mom gasped and her body twitched every time her fanny nipped around my cock, milking her son’s cock of his cream. Orgasms finished we looked at each other
“Would you kiss me” mom asked
I leant forward and kissed her on her lips quickly, then again and again until her tongue was fighting with mine.

Eventually I pulled away and slowly withdrew my now limp cock from mom’s love hole, we both watched as it came out covered in our juices.
“Are you alright mom, I didn‘t hurt you to much”
“Couldn’t feel better, thank you, I hope you did not mind me asking”
“No, not at all, now let get you in the bath then” I said

I was about to lift her leg off the stool when I looked at her open fanny, my cum was coming from inside, I was intrigued watching it, thinking I once came from between them lips forty years ago and I have just been back inside her again.
I had to touch her again and ran my hand up her leg, over her leaking fanny and on to her tit, smearing my cum over her hairy fanny.

“Ar mom”
I lifted her tit and took it in my mouth, sucking and nibbling on her nipple, mom moaned then I did the same with the other one. My other hand traced up her leg to her fanny and plugged her hole with a finger. I don’t know what came over me but I kissed up to her mouth and we kissed again, more f***eful and more passionately this time.

I was playing with her fanny, feeling her insides coated with my cum and mom was kissing back just as hard. That bond I had with mom when I was young was now back and getting stronger by the minute. We broke apart but I could see love in her eyes
“I better get you in the bath now,” I said “Soon be lunch time”

The End

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3 months ago
I’m hear” should be I'm here.MMMMMMM an ok story
7 months ago
as well as me....
9 months ago
10 months ago
wish I could
10 months ago
A good son helping his old mother and giving her a good fuck. I hope he will fuck her regulary.
I was 38 years old when fuckin my 56 year old mommy and I was fucking her the rest of her life.
10 months ago
Beautiful,,what better way to show a childs love,,,