Catching Mom Out

What would mom do to stop me from telling anyone

I knew I was going to get suspended if not expelled from my boarding school after getting caught in the girl school next door in a state of undress. We were doing what every other pupils at boarding schools do nearing the end of term, but we got caught.

Instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen, I caught a train back to the f****y estate, consisting of 3 farms and a big manor house which will be all mine one day. I wanted to tell the parents face to face so made my own way back from the train station, walking the last mile or so across fields.

The house was empty and no house keeper either but there is always a way in with old housed like these. I went to my room then heard voices an hours or so later coming down the corridor, it was mom and some mans voice and decided to listen.

“We have to be quick Alan,” mom said
They past my room but went in to the bedroom next door, I could hear them laughing and giggling and with it being my older s****rs room I knew I could spy on them.
The bedroom had metal air vents between them, stuck in to the walls near the top and if I stood on my drawers I could see next door. I used to spy on my s****r like this.

There was Mr Turner and my mom hugging and kissing each other, Mr Turner is the estate manager. The kissing was passionate and I noticed Mr Turner’s hands feeling and squeezing her large bum. Mom dressed in her usual white buttoned blouse and tweed skirt was squashed tight in to him, her large bulging breasts squeezing out the side of them both.

Soon his lips went to her ear and her neck, her eyes closed and she sighed with pleasure. He stroked her shoulders then pushed the silky material to one side revealing her fleshy shoulders. He then loosened two buttons and revealed even more of her upper body and kissed and licked her there too.

He stood back and admired her
“You are beautiful Veronica, I wished we could be together,” he said
“You know that is not possible Alan with all the scandal it would cause. I like our meetings but we need to be extremely careful not to get caught out” She replied,

He kissed her again and loosened some more buttons on her blouse and pushed it back over her shoulders, revealing her naked skin and the rising mounds of her breasts. I could see her bra straps and the plain material at the top of the cups.
Alan kissed her upper breasts then licked down between her cleavage, as mom lowered her arms to her sides and let the blouse slide down off them and on to the floor.

I could now see her bra clad b**sts in full, her deep cleavage and her erect nipples making an impression on the plain smooth material of her white bra. What a fabulous sight I thought to myself, my cock was stiff now and I had to be very careful when adjusting it not to make a sound while standing on the drawers.

He kept kissing the parts of her breast on show and moved the bra straps off each shoulder and down each arm. Now slowly sliding the bra cup off each breast and revealing more of those ample soft white tits of hers. He reached around her and undid the clasps of the bra; the huge bra fell to the floor and left her naked from her waist up. She stood with those massive breasts hanging to the waistband on her skirt.

Mom leaned forward to reach for his trouser zip, allowing her tits to just swing forward and from side to side; with her hard, long nipples pointing to the ground.
I was captivated by the sight as she undid his fly and extracted his erect penis. She got down on her knees and took his long thin manhood into her mouth. She licked, sucked and caressed the whole length and fondled his balls with one hand while using the other to rub his cock.

This went on for some minutes and I don’t know how he controlled himself, I would have come a dozen times by now, but he remained in control, just stroking her hair.
He removed his gleaming cock from her mouth.

“Let me do it back to you” he said
She got up from her knees with her tits swung and sat down on the sofa at the bottom of the bed. He started to caress her ankles and her lower legs, gradually working upwards under her skirt. He then lifted her skirt above her knees and continued the journey.

Her knees were large and as he revealed more of her thighs, it became obvious that she was wearing stockings, tan stockings covering her heavy thighs. Her upper thighs were pure white with white suspender straps coming down them. Her skirt was now up to the bottom of her white knickers as he continued to stroke the soft white skin of her upper thighs and finally allowed his thumb to stroke the gusset of her pants.

She threw her head back and pushed her lower body forward on the sofa. She opened her legs wide allowing him to see fully her upper thighs, her knickers and suspenders.
He stroked her pussy through her knickers for a few moments and then pulled them to one side revealing a very hairy bush. She pushed forward further and he started to lick her inner thighs and her hairy bush.

His cock was still standing outright and she reached down for it and gently massaged the end. She must have got some pre-cum on her fingers, which she licked off.
He then buried his head between her legs and licked away for ages, she loved that and I am sure she orgasmed, but very quietly.

After several minutes of licking and sucking he stood up and said to mom
“I need to be inside you, my cock is throbbing and it will slip in easily as you are so wet”
She stood up and her skirt fell back down to its normal position, but her tits swung beautifully as she moved. She went to the bottom of the bed and put her hands on the carved panelled structure and thrust her bottom out towards him. Fuck she doing doggie style.

"Please be gentle," she whispered, "You know I am not used to this. My husband hasn't entered me for years and we have only done this a few times."
“I promise I will treat you with care Veronica.” Mr. Turner replied.
He undid his trousers and let them and his underpants drop around his ankles, then lifted her skirt up and placed it over her back, revealing her huge knicker clad bottom.

Alan pulled her knickers to one side and eased himself close to her bottom. She parted her legs even further and he pushed his stiff cock gently between her legs. He gripped her large hips and slid inside her, she groaned as he stretched her pussy wide. Once inside he carefully pushed in and pulled out so that he got deep inside her, then reached beneath her and felt her large hanging tits as he pumped in and out slowly and rhythmically.

She sighed and groaned and pushed back onto him as he released her tits and gripped on to her ample hips, his rhythm increased and then he groaned as he came, releasing his seed into her vagina. He continued his slow and gentle pumping and reached between her legs again but his time to fondle her clit.

Moments later, she grunted a long continuous moan and pushed back hard. She had definitely come this time. After a minute or so, he withdrew and I could see his wet sticky withering cock flop between his legs. Mom stood upright, altered her knickers to cover her pussy and began rubbing her cum leaking slit with her dry knickers. All the time those gorgeous tits swung beautifully back and forth, as Mr Turner watched her getting dressed.

They had one last cuddle then suddenly I realised I had kicked an ornament off the drawers and on to the floor. Through the air vent, I saw mom quickly getting dressed and making a march to the door.
“It‘s me mom” I shouted
“Toby is that you”
“Yes mom it’s me”

There was whispering then footsteps going down the corridor before mom came in to my bedroom
“How long have you been back” mom asked
“An hour or so”
“But why aren’t you at school”
“I was going to get suspended”
“Toby, What will you father say”
“I was thinking he did not need to know, Where is he anyway”
“He’s away for a few days and he will need to know, I’ll have to tell him”
“No mom don’t tell him, please”
“ I have to” mom said
“If you tell him about me, I tell him about what I saw”
“And what did you see, Toby”
“Everything mom, everything”
“You didn’t”
“ I know you have stocking on and you are very hairy”
“Toby, no more” Mom said and stormed out of the room

Dinner that night was unbearable with just the two of us and I soon left to spend time in my room. In bed that night, I could not help thinking about seeing my mother in a totally different light. A sex object and not my 50 year old mom, all 5 feet 10 of her, a plumper solid build but not overly fat with lovely big tits. I wanted her and wanted her badly.
The more I thought of her semi naked sucking cock and those big swinging tits, tan stocking and suspenders. It was me who held the trump card, I thought to myself, if she wants my silence, I will tell her I, want to do the same as Mr Turner did.

Mom came to my room the next morning
“Good morning Toby, can we just forget about yesterday and start again”
“I don’t know, I think you were right mom, dad should know about me”
“No ones needs to know anything” mom said
“But you did say he should know”
“Yes that was before”
“Before what” I asked
“Before you seen me with someone, you must understand I can not let anyone else find out about my behaviour”
“I will keep quite about you and Mr Turner, if I can”
“Yes, what do you want?” mom asked

Dare I say what I want, but here was my chance and she can only say no
“I want to do what Mr Turned did”
“No way, You can not be serious, you are my son”
“That doesn’t matter”
“It does to me, I am your mother”
“Well that what I want”

There was silence in the room now as she thought and I sat and waited for her response.
"We cannot do this." She muttered. “It’s wrong”
“It's no more wrong than your meeting with Mr Turner, we must or I will tell dad”
“Let me think” mom said
There was silence in the room again
“How about if I let you watch me undress”
“Yes please but that’s not enough”
“I will let you masturbate in front of me,” She pleaded. “I'm sure you would enjoy that”
“I still want to love you like Mr Turner did; I was so excited seeing you with him”
“If I was to let you have what you wanted from me, will that be an end, once only and not another word ever”
“Yes, I promise” I replied
“Ok, I will go and send the housekeeper in to town and get it over and done with straight away”

She returned some time later
“You promise never to tell anyone,” Mom asked
“I promise”
I was getting quite excited now, my heart was thumping and my cock was erect in my pyjamas and weeping pre cum.
“Shall I undress in front of you?” mom asked
“No, let me undress you please” I answered.

I jumped out of bed and hugged her, she was not the loving lady I saw yesterday and kissed her on the lips, she did not respond. I kissed a little harder while my hands felt the softness of her fleshy hips and the firmness of her under garments. I hugged her chunky body tighter and this time she responded a little more.

I could feel her large breasts pressing against my bare chest and my cock pressing against her leg. She pulled back but I held her tight, I pressed my lips against hers again and this time she pressed back, opening her lips a little.

I began to relax but my stomach was in a knot, my cock was dribbling pre cum and I was trembling at the knees. I kissed her neck and her ear and fondled her fleshy back and her hips and finally her full buttocks.

I began to kiss her in the V shape cleavage above the buttons of her blouse and with one hand gently eased back the material to reveal more of her upper chest. I kissed her there as far as I could then up towards her shoulder.

My hand went to her hip and then her midriff and I stroked her body gently, then I felt her left breast from below with my right hand. I slowly and gently covered it with my hand through the material of her silk blouse and the protection of her supporting bra. She sighed and looked me in the eye.

I reached for the top button of her blouse and slowly undid that, then continued undoing the other buttons gradually revealing a substantial large white bra which was plain and revealing a little cleavage. I continued until all the buttons were undone that were visible, then I had to pull it out from the waist of her skirt to undo the last two before slipping it off her shoulders.

The top of her white girdle was on show that came within a couple of inches of the bottom of her bra and with a roll of flesh squeezing out from between both items.
I felt each breast in turn through her bra and felt her hardening nipples poking through the material. I slipped a bra straps slowly off one shoulder to reveal more of her breasts and then the other side and slowly lowered them down her arm to reveal more of her massive bosoms.

I smothered her shoulders and her upper chest and as much of her breasts with kisses as I could before asking her to turn around to help ease unfasten the hooks holding her bra together. The strap around her back was almost four inches wide and once the hooks were released, it twanged forwards with the mighty pull of her tits.

Mom turned back around, her tits had flopped down on to her round tummy, dangling and elongated with her bra still covering the ends of them. I started to pull her bra straps down off her arms, waiting in anticipation to see her nipples.

“I am embarrassed by my floppy breasts, let me cover them with my blouse,” mom asked. “I cannot believe that you could find them attractive”
“No, I want to see them in all their glory, I want to hold them and kiss them , I’ve never seen breasts so big before” I replied.
I pulled her bra from around her tits and took in the sight of my mom’s naked breasts and how her nipples were more to one side than centre.

She smiled a nervous disbelieving smile as I took her left breast in both my hands and gently lifted it to my lips. I kissed it all over and with my thumbs, I gently massaged her nipple. It quickly hardened as it became erect in front of me. I took her nipple in between my lips and softly sucked and licked it before taking as much of her nipple and surrounding breast into my mouth as I could.

She asked me to be firm but gentle when I turned my attention to her right breast, again I lifted it with both hands feeling the very substantial weight as my lips lowered to her erect nipple and she sighed aloud as I sucked on it.

I moved to hug her and saw a more relaxed smile on my moms face, I went for a kiss and this time we kissed quite passionately allowing me to push my tongue deep into her mouth as she willingly responded.

As we kissed I felt the fullness of her hips and discovered the presence of her suspenders beneath her skirt. While my right hand fondling her left breast, weighing, caressing, pinching, squeezing and tweaking her nipple. She was becoming more relaxed and pushing herself against me pyjama monster, I was fully erect and I could feel a cool damp patch had formed in my pyjamas when she pushed in to me.

She was making groaning noises and her kisses were more passionate, then she dropped to her knees. My cock was just about in her face as it pushed my pyjamas out. She held my cock through the thin material, making it taught over my cock end and caused a dribble of pre cum to squeeze and past through the material.

Mom looked up at me, her hand tight around her son’s rod of steal and smiled before licking the dribble from the cloth around my cock end. She was soon slipping my pyjamas down off my hips and pulled them over my sticking out cock. It glistened with pre cum on the purple bulbous end and she took my cock back in to her hand while she felt my tight balls with the other.

The young sweet taste of pre cum from her son must have been to tempting and she licked me in to her mouth while working her hand back and forth.
“I can see how excited you are,” she whispered
Christ there was my mom on her knees and she has just had my cock in her mouth, how could I not be excited.

I felt my orgasm building and could not stop it from coming and tensed sharply. The first shot hit her full around the mouth and the second jerked and sprayed up over her face. She quickly aimed it downwards and I squirted on to her upper chest before she covered my cock end and let it flow in to her hand until I stopped coming.

She reached for her blouse, which was lying on the carpet and wiped the sticky substance from her face and chest, then dried her hand. To my surprise, she now took my still erect cock into her mouth and sucked and licked the remaining cum from my purple knob.

Mom stood up and walked to the bed where she sat and licking her lips, I stood there with my pyjamas around my ankles wondering what was going to happen now.
I looked at her sitting there with her huge breasts almost resting in her lap and she was now staring at my nakedness and my semi erect cock.

She beckoned me over and I stood between her parted legs and noticed that her skirt had ridden up a little to show her nylon-covered knee. She rubbed her hands over my chest first and then my flat young stomach then my legs and thighs and on to my buttocks, smiling as she did so.

My hand was on her knees, feeling the smooth nylon stockings and her inner thigh up to the bottom of her skirt then over her skirt to feel her suspenders.
“You like them” she asked
I nodded
“You can stick your hand up underneath my skirt” mom said

I slid my hand under the hem of her skirt and along her stocking covered leg before coming to a stop, her skirt was tight with having her legs parted. I dropped to my knees so my arm was straight and advanced a little further while my other hand started feeling her ankle then stroked her stocking clad stocky calf.

Mom did not move but just sat watching me, so I just continued to feast on the feeling of her warm silky stocking covered thick thigh and calf and the sight of her sitting there naked from the waist upwards. I gradually slipped my hands further up her thigh until I reached the lacy patterned stocking tops and then felt the beautiful warm, soft, smooth flesh above that lacy top and her suspender.

Following her suspender up, my finger brushed against silk, she had on silk knickers
which made my hand tremble and my cock dribble pre cum with new excitement.
I just relished the feeling of her bare upper thigh and the occasional brush by my thumb on her silky pants. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs and
the warm dampness of her inner thighs.

She leaned back on her hands and let out a soft warm sigh. My fingertips touched the gusset of her knickers and I could feel the hairiness of her pubes through the silk as I very nervously felt towards my goal. I could feel a mound and a soft slit covered in hair and as I rubbed it with one finger, she gasped.

I continued until my finger pushed the material in to her moist slit, then I used my thumb and all my fingers to fondle this area and she gasped again and closed her eyes. My fingers pulled the gusset towards me and then I slipped my hand in through a leg hole until I could grasp that soft swollen, damp, hairy pussy.

“Will it help if my skirt was off” mom asked
“Much better” I said and removed my hand and stood back up
She lay on her back, lifted her legs on to the bed and dug her feet in so she could lift her bum up. Fiddling with the waist of her skirt, she twisted it around until the fastening was at the front and undid it.

“Would you like to pull it down,” she asked softly
I grabbed hold of the waist at each side and slid it gently down over her smooth girdle to her knees before she lowered herself back down. Lifting one leg at a time, I removed her skirt and was greeted to a spectacular sight when she lowered her legs on to the floor.

I saw her tan stockings holding in her chunky thighs and her white girdle and silk knickers stretched over her round tummy. Her suspenders dropping out from her knicker legs stretching to her stocking tops and miss shaping the tops as they pulled.

I could not resist but run my hands up her smooth soft stocking and grab the pale naked flesh hanging over her stocking tops with one hand while rubbing over her round tummy with the other, still clad in girdle and big silk knickers.

I saw her smile as I took in the view and moved my hand on to her knickers, stretched out my finger and thumb and clamped it on to her pussy lips. My finger pushing the thin silk material between her lips while my thumb rubbed her clit. Her knickers were soon feeling moist with being inside and I just had to see more.

She slightly rolled on to one side so I could pulled the opposite side of her knickers off her bum then swapped over and now her knickers were starting to reveal glimpses of her hairy fanny under her open girdle.

I sank to my knees to pull her knickers off her feet and she showed me more by parting her legs wide. I feast my eyes on her very hairy bush and her fat swollen moist pink lips and shuffled between her legs to touch her old mature pussy.

Her slit was very long and her lips fat and chubby, sticking out from her hairy bush, they shimmered with her wetness. My finger slipped in with easy and immediately became soaked in her juices as I gently slipped it in and out of her vagina.

She now started to respond by fidgeting on her bottom and pushing forward to enable me to go in deeper. I knew she would like me to massage her clit, so I used my left hand to gently stroke that hard little bud at the head of her vagina while I stuffed another finger inside.

The moisture was spreading to her clit area and it glistened as I fixed my gaze on her now erect secret button. I wanted to lick it, just like Mr Turner yesterday. I extended my tongue towards her pussy as my fingers worked on the two sensitive places.

I licked her clit and she jumped and let out a huge sigh. I continued to lick and she opened her legs as far as she could while I heard her breathing increase.
I moved down on to her fat lip, sucking it inside my mouth and tasting the sweet juice of my mom

“That’s it, don't stop” She grunted and groaned through clenched teeth.
I sucked on her pussy lips while still fingering her, fetching a new wetness out each time for me to lick from my fingers. After a few minutes, she spoke again.
“Push your tongue down hard on to my clit” She demanded “Yes harder, lick all of the hood and OH YES that's good, more please more, harder, faster yes more”

She shuddered to a long and draining orgasm, grunting gasping and squeezing her thighs around my head. My fingers got soaked as they were gripped inside her now swamped sex cave.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhhhhh. That was wonderful." She gasped.
She lay there and opened her legs, releasing me from her grip. I was able to survey her large open pussy.

I had an overwhelming desire to lick all her love juice from her drenched fanny lips and I did just that, pushing my tongue into her fanny as deep as it would go. She did not object, just twitched, as she remained sensitive there, following the subsidence of her orgasm.

To my surprise, she started to show signs of raised excitement again, so I continued to lick and push my tongue against the upper part of her pussy. She got wetter again and squeezed her thighs about my head as I pressed down on her clit with my thumb.

She helped me to massage her clit at her pace with her right hand; she twitched and shuddered again to another orgasm.
“My word,” was all she could utter.
This time the orgasm was less intense and shorter; she released my head again from the lock and just laid there panting.

“Are you alright mom”
“Oh yes, wonderful, give me a minute to recover and then I want you to enter me. I need to feel your gorgeous young cock deep within me”
She then moved further on to her bed and turned on to her hands and knees; I followed her and knelt behind her, noticing her big fat chubby legs spilling from her stockings. My cock was pointing to the ceiling now and I placed it between her arse cheeks, leant forward over her back and grasp her hanging breasts beneath her.
I weighed them and squeezed her nipples between my fingers and thumbs.

Mom reached back between her legs and groped my balls them I allowed her to take my cock and she presented it at the entrance of her pussy. I eased forward and pushed my bulbous cock head past her lips, it slipped in easily as she was loose through age, still so wet and sexually aroused.

She wriggled her arse until she was comfortable and then pushed back at me while I took hold of her girdle clad hips.
I let her do the work, back and forth, I felt no friction due to her wetness but she seemed to be enjoying it. I felt beneath her again, this time to cradle her hanging belly in her smooth girdle and of course those large hanging tits of hers swinging back and forth too.

I then slipped my hand down to investigate her hairy pussy area, which was sopping wet from our previous activity, she breathed heavily and uttered,
“Find my clit again, please”
I found it easily and started to gently rub it
“Oh harder please Toby”

She started to moan and this was having an adverse affect on me, I started to meet her pushing back on to my cock, a clashing of body’s that made a slapping noise. Again and again we clashed and I grunted with each thrust
“Ar Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssss” she moaned

I rubbed her clit faster and she screamed out
“I’m coming, I’m coming Toby, fuck me”
I squirted deep inside my first mature, my cock twitched with each new squirt of sticky cum and mom’s fanny muscles rippled along the length of it, milking it in time with my squirting.

Mom panted hard while resting her head on the pillow, her arse still in the air as we were still connected passing my cum in to her love hole. I pulled out when my ejaculation stopped and she collapsed in to a heap, her fanny wide open leaking cum on to my bed.

She rolled over on to her back and patted the bed for me to lie with her
“Kiss your mom Toby”
I lent over and kissed mom and she held me on to her mouth as she kissed
“Toby, this is wrong between us but how long before you are hard again?”
“Not very long” I replied
“I would like to do it again but I want you on top so I can watch you”
“Ok mom”
“I haven’t had sex for years until this last month and I now realise how much I have missed it”

I grew up with mom and dad in separate bedrooms, in fact separates wings of the house.
“Do you and dad not, sort of, you know anymore”
“Sex Toby, that stopped when I had you, a son and heir was all he wanted”
“What about Mr Turner” I asked
“He offered my a shoulder to cry on one day and he was there for me, it just sort of happened, now that’s enough talking Toby” mom said as her hand slid over my tummy and on to my cock

“Wonderful, what it is to be young and virile, now climb between my legs”
Mom lay there and parted her legs, I felt up her inner thigh over her stocking top and on to the chubby naked leg. She started to rise them up and I could see the suspenders stretching around her bum cheeks and down to her stocking while the top ones went slack.

Her fanny looked well used, open, red and leaking already. I cast my eyes upwards, her girdle covered some of her hairy fanny and it had diamond patterns sewing in to the material. It fastened at the side with a row of hooks and eyes and bulged out a little with her large tummy.

Her tits were parted and just about resting on the bed down the side of her because of the size and length of them.
“What are you thinking?” she asked
“I would like to suck on your breasts again please mom”
“That would be nice, just like old times” mom said

Mom gathered her tits up in her arms and pushed then together, her nipples were big and long and I climbed over her tummy to suck on them. They were soft and wobbly because of the way she held them and I suck as much of her breast in to my mouth, then sucked and kissed each one over and over while my cock hardened fully again.

I started to jab it in to her body, wanting to find her love hole, then it just slipped in. She gasped and moved under me, I was fully entered, the wetness of our previous love making squeezing out between our connected body’s.
“Come down here” she asked
I lowered down on to her body, feeling the girdle under me, then the softness of her tits

“I want to kiss you” she said
I lowered on to her mouth, her tongue already out and wriggling wildly as we connected. It was getting hot and sweaty between us as her arms encased us together and I kept thrusting in to her fanny.

Just then, I felt her legs come over mind and tie me in. I’d fucked a good few local girls but it felt nothing like this, the intimate connection of our body’s was something new.
We were still kissing and when she started to moan under her breath and push herself up in to my thrusting body. She broke the seal of our lips and started to pant
“Fuck Yeeeeeeeeeeess, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, yeeesssssssss.
Breathing hard, her body tensed and she let out a high pitch squeal; her already sodden fanny flowed with her new orgasm
“Ar Yeeeeessss”

I was still some way off with already coming twice and climbed up on to my arms, now I could give her the full length of my cock and watch her twitch and buck under me. I fucked her as hard as I could but her sodden fanny was not helping me with any friction at all.

I started to imagine her stocking covered legs wrapped around mine and her girdle, then that big hairy fanny I was now fucking. Mom held on to my arse with her hands giving me extra f***e when I was coming in to her. I was getting very excited and closer to coming.

I was pounding her on to that bed with some f***e, the whole bed shook, our sex parts were making wet sloppy noises and we were drenched in sweat.
“Yeeeees Make me come again” she shouted
It was the longest sex I have encountered but I was finally getting there
“Yes mom, yes I’m coming, I’m going to squirt mom”

It had been hard work but I was now ready to come, one last thrust and I was there, it jumped and twitch inside her fanny and she let out another scream. Panting and breathing hard, I felt her come, her fanny nipped my cock but I think the two of us were spent. I collapsed on top of her, my cock still bedded inside her and my face tucked in to her neck.

I climbed off as my cock deflated and lay on my back absolutely worn out; listening to our heavy breathing then mom held my hand and squeezed it.
“Toby that was great” mom eventually said

Mom climbed off the bed
“I have to go Toby, I have a meeting with the vicar”
I saw our love making fluid had started to run out from her hairy snatch, down her leg and on to her stocking and she looked down in dismay at the white creamy substance.

Mom grabbed my pyjamas and wiped up her leg before rubbing her hairy fanny and I watched as she hurriedly dressed. Watching as she settled her tits in to her bra and rubbed the gusset of her dry knickers in to her fanny once more
“You don’t think the vicar will know what we have just done” Mom asked “It’ll be funny sitting there feeling my sons cum leaking from me”
“You’ll be fine mom”

“We’ll have to talk later, but I think it’s time you came back home to live, I’ll sort it with your father”
“Thanks’ mom”
“You will still have to pay for your wrong doing at school Toby”
“How” I asked
“By keeping your mom happy, just like she is now”
Mom kissed long and passionately before leaving
“You can start tonight by sl**ping in my room” she said as she left.

The End

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incredible story. I am spent after reading it !!
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