Helping Poorly Mom With Her Bath

If you are disturbed about older plumper mom and mature son sex then this story is not for you.

My mom phoned wondering if I could come around to her house while she went for a bath, just as a precaution in case she had a fall, as my father was unable to help if anything did happen. In her sixties and a large plump woman, she is waiting for a new hip and has arthritis in her hands.

She went up stairs and I followed her
“I’ll wait in the bedroom mom, so I can listen for you” I said
“Ok, but will you unfasten my bra for me first, your dad usually does it for me”

She turned around and I pushed up the back of her jumper to where I could see the thick bra straps cutting in around her plump body and unclipped it.
“Ar that’s better” she sighed “I can manage now” and went in to the bathroom.

I listened to the water running and heard her cursing
“Are you alright” I asked
“I’m stuck with my jumper” she said
“I’m coming in, if that alright”
“You’ll have to” she said

There was my mom with her jumper around her head but her bra strap hooks had caught on to the bottom of it and she was tangled up.
“Just hold on mom, I’ll sort it”
I unhooked the strap and pulled the jumper over her head
“Thank you, I would never have managed without you”

Her big pale tits hung down loose in her bra, she crossed her arms and grabbed both straps on her shoulders before pulling them down her arms. As the cup of her bra started to slide over her tits I noticed her nipples become visible. Then like a magic trick her arms unfolded and she was left holding her bra out in front of her.

Mom stood topless in front of me, her big saggy tits hanging down and separated by her round tummy.
“Can you manage now” I asked
“Just stop here, I might need a hand getting in to the bath”

Mom slipped her elasticated skirt down off her hips and let it fall to the floor, her big white knickers came in to view, taught over her big round tummy. Then she started to slipped her knickers down, I tried not to look but I was inquisitive to know if she was hairy, but her tummy covered her pussy up.

Mom was now naked and ready for the bath, she bent down forwards and gripped the bath side with both hands. Her tits left her body and hung down, swinging and knocking together as she lifted a leg over the bath side and in to the water.

Once the other leg was in the bath she stood up straight then lowered on to a seat that stretch across the bath so not to get to far down. I got everything nearby for her so she could start to wash herself.
She kept dropping the sponge because of her hands so on the fifth time, I started to wash her myself. Just her arms to start with, then her neck and chest, then I took my chance and rubbed the sponge down over her tit. It was soft and wobbly and I resoaped the sponge, this time going under and gently lifting her tit up with it.

I became braver and with my other hand took hold of her tit and lifted it straight up to wash under it and her round tummy. Mom didn’t say a word, if anything she stuck her chest out more until I had washed both of them. The tell tail sign was her nipples, they had hardened in the palm of my hand as I washed them.

I started on her legs, up to both knees first before slipping the sponge over her chunky thigh to where her tummy sat in her lap. I could sense she was trying to lean back, making it more accessible for me to wash between her legs. As the sponge moved on to her inner thigh her legs parted slightly too.

I resoaped the sponge and started again, pushing between her inner thigh until I could go no further. I rubbed in circles lifting more of her tummy each time until I could bare it no longer and lifted her tummy up with my other hand. Mom was hairy down there from what I could see.

I resoaped the sponge and noticed she had parted her legs to against the bath now.
Between her legs, mom’s hairy fanny was fat and podgy sticking out from her body with big chunky looking lips. I held her tummy up as I washed over her hairy fanny, spending more time than necessary on it. I kept rewetting the sponge and squeezing the water over her fanny to get rid of the soap, letting it trickle between her lips.

My fingers brushed against her lips when I accidentally dropped the sponge a few minutes later and mom let out a gasp. I went to retrieve the sponge when she spoke
“Arrrr, Forget the sponge just touch me again please”
I ran my hand up her chunky leg and on to her hairy fanny before tracing her fanny lips up and down. Mom moved her hand and grabbed my finger and pushed it inside herself. She whimpered when my finger began to insert them then let out a moan when it found her love hole between her chunky lips.

I moved my other hand down on to her fanny, stretching her chunky lips apart to seen her inner pussy lips, all soft and pink sucking around my finger. It was a slow finger fucking I give my mother at first until she touched my bulge in my trousers.
“Let me see you” she asked

I pulled my finger from her and quickly undid my trousers, the strain was evident on my boxers and I soon pulled them over my cock. Mom gasped then took hold of my cock.
“Finger me again” mom moaned
I soon had two fingers back inside while lifting her tummy out of the way to watch. She gripped my cock as best as she could and started to wank me off in time with her finger fucking. I got faster and faster, slipping my fingers in and out and going further in each time. Then I felt her pussy convulse on my fingers, I had made her day.

Just them I felt a warning shot fire from my cock, then my cock jerked again through my mom’s hand, I was cuming and she was aiming it at her heaving big tits. A thick stream of creamy cum started to run down her tits after all the mighty squirts I had.
Mom wanked the last from me then lifted her tit up and rubbed my cock on to her nipple. I slipped my fingers back out from her, still not believing what had happened.

Mom rubbed her fingers through my seed, then licked them and smiled. I retrieved the sponge and started to wash her tits again, then her fanny. We soon got her back out of the bath and I started to dry her from behind, lifting each tit up to dry under them before starting between her legs.

I was cuddling in to her, feeling all her wobbly bits and loving it while my still naked but hardening by the minute cock pushed up her back and she held on to it with her hands. We moved in to the bedroom and I found her clean knickers and bra and I helped her put them on.

I ran my hand over her bra and knickers one last time before quickly getting her dressed as not to arouse suspicion with my father but he had falling asl**p so he never knew how long my mothers bath had been.

The end

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very nice
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wow what a good story hope there is part 2 soon
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great story :3