Husband Shared Me With Our Son

It was over a week before I could contemplate having sex again after my son fucked me at the New Year party. I think his dad became more suspicious the more I said I had a headache until I give in. He started fucking me like some wild man, something I have been wanting from him for ages.

He had my juices flowing in no time at all, partly as I was thinking about the last time I had sex with our son and his big fat cock. Then all of a sudden when he was pounding me in to the bed he asked me
“You had sex at the party didn’t you; I saw dried cum stains on your stockings in the wash basket”

I could not tell a lie, he had seen the evidence; my black stockings had been covered in our sons cum.
“Sorry” I said “I don’t know what came over me”
My admission to adultery made little difference, if anything, he fucked me even harder, ramming and filling my pussy up to the hilt.

“Was it just a quickie in the toilets with someone?” he asked
“No it wasn‘t in the toilets”
“Where then”
“In the bedroom” I moaned

It looked and felt like my husband was getting his pleasure on knowing I had been unfaithful to him, his cock felt extra hard and big inside me tonight
“Was it good?”
“Yessssssssss” I said through another moan of pleasure,
“Did our son see you?”
“Yes” I said, “He saw me, it was him I slept with,” I blurted out as I was about to come

Just as I said that, his cock throbbed in my fanny, swelled then burst. My husband had ejaculated and was filling me with cum, now knowing that our son has fucked me. He pushed that squirting missile deep in to me many times with renewed vigour and he seemed like a new man.

I held on tight with my legs, getting the fucking I desired from my husband I’d longed for, for many years. My fanny went in to over drive, milking his squirting cock of its load. He grunted with every deep push in to me and I moaned and grunted too.

This is when he rolls off and falls asl**p usually, but tonight his fingers fill the hole where his cock came from and was now finger fucking me. It was a wet sloppy fingering I was getting as well as his tongue in my mouth.

I soon came again with the renewed sexually interest my husband was giving me, then he surprised me by offering his wet sticky fingers up to my mouth to lick. Sex between us is normal married sex, do it and fall asl**p, not wild dirty sex he was lavishing me with tonight and I was loving it.

I licked his fingers suggestively before feeling his cock hardening against my leg; he was becoming erect again and so soon afterwards. I shimmied down the bed and kissed his knob end, which was starting to leak pre cum again and tasted of my juice.

He rolled on to his back with his knob sticking straight up and I could not resist taking him in to my mouth like a dirty slut of a wife, a side of me my husband has rarely seen of me. I worked his cock good and hard, tasting our juices all the way down his shaft. His cock not much different in size from our son’s once up close and personal with it.

My mouth was well lubricated with frothy foam covering my lips and now running down his shaft to his balls. I was in control and had him squirming around on the bed before he lifted himself up and face fuck my mouth. He seemed extra excited fucking his wife in her mouth, full of energy and stamina and I loved it.

His cock swelled then throbbed and my mouth was splattered with a load of cum which I eagerly swallowed. I kept sucking and swallowing as hard as he was ejaculating in to my mouth till there was no more. I cleaned down his shaft, sucked his balls before I lay next to him and cuddled in.

“I want to fuck you after our son has had you,” he said
I could not think of anything more perfect but I could not show how enthusiastic I was about his idea
“No I can’t, he’s our son,” I said
“You’ve already fucked him once”
“I know but I was a little tipsy”

I felt his hand on my thigh then has finger found my opening
“I want to fuck you after he has” he said again
“Arrrr” I moaned as his fingers found my spot
“I’m going to fuck you after he has, aren’t I” he said
“Yes” I moaned
“What am I going to do?” he asked
“Fuck me after Nick has,” I moaned
“Good girl”
I screamed out in pleasure firstly with coming and secondly knowing our son was going to fuck me again.

A plan was talked about and set in to motion, Saturday came and hubby went to golf after lunch, how I have longed for this moment all week
“Fancy a dvd Nick” I asked
“Yes, ok mom”
“I’ll just get a blanket to snuggle under then”
I was well prepared, legs and fanny shaved smooth this morning and already wearing my black suspenders and stocking under my tee shirt and tracky bottoms. Nick was on the sofa waiting and I sat next to him and spread the blanket over both of us.

The film started and I snuggled in to him and he held on to my hand under the blanket. The sloppy chick flick he picked was working and I started to feel a hardening of his cock inside his sweat pants. He started to shift about on the sofa uncomfortably and I knew why.

“Are you alright?” I asked
“Yes mom, just a little stiff that’s all”
He realised what he had just said and started to blush
“I know I can feel it” and as I said that the ice was broken between us and we kissed

It felt nice kissing Nick again and I pushed my hand inside his sweat pants and his boxers. He was big and hard and his end was dribbling with pre cum as I started to play with him.

He soon reciprocated and I felt his hand push up my tee shirt and he encounter my lacy suspender belt before making his way inside my tracky bottoms. The kissing intensified from him as he found out I was wearing no knickers and he moved quickly down on to his mom’s smooth fanny.

I knew I was moist with the thoughts of sex with my son but never this wet when his finger invaded my slit and slipped in with ease and I sighed out aloud. My legs parted even more giving my son full access to his mom’s needing fanny.

His fingers worked wonders on my fanny going in and out while his thumb rubbed up my clit. The excitement of having sex on the sofa, in the afternoon and with my son made me tingle all over. I could hardly contain me excitement which made me even wetter and I let out a moan when I came. I pulled his hand back out and fetched it up to my mouth, tasting my juices from each finger suggestively.

I could see the reaction on his face, knowing he was wanting this done to his cock as I have been the only person brave enough up to now to take his cock in to her mouth. I pushed the blanket down off us and saw for the first time that day the big hard pole sticking up in his pants. I slipped off the sofa and went in front of his legs, grabbed hold of his sweat pants and boxers and pulled them down as he lifted himself up.

His cock stood proud with his purple bulbous end wet and glistening with pre cum. It was soon inside my mouth as I ran my tongue over and behind it, licking his juices from it. I acted like a slut, frantically taking as much of him inside my mouth with each stroke I made.

He held my head down on to him as he thrust up off the sofa and in to my mouth, he increased his thrusting and I knew what was coming when he pushed in to my mouth and froze. His young cock jumped and bucked inside my mouth and I had trouble keeping up with his squirting warm cum that was erupting vigorously.

I swallowed for dear life while keeping my lips tight around his shaft, wondering how long he had saved himself for. Eventually his eruption subsided and I began to clean his still semi hard cock up, making sure I had not missed one little bit.

I climbed back on to the sofa and sat next to him while wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. He was eager to kiss and kissed hard and all the time his hand fondled up my leg.

Nick was soon knelling on the floor tugging at the waist of my tracky bottoms as I lifted my bum up off the sofa. Slowly he revealed my stocking tops and pulled my tracky bottoms off my feet.

I could not wait to part my legs and as I did I felt my stuck together fat juicy prominent fanny lips pulled apart, letting my son see inside my soft pink fanny. The sexually tension was building when he touched my stocking covered knee and he ran his finger up on to the naked soft skin above my lacy stocking top.

I breathed in long and deep when he placed his tongue, where his finger was and proceeded to flick the tip of his tongue over my inner thighs. He eventually arrived and licked up between my wet open lips and on to my clit, which just about made me come. I moaned aloud and he licked and sucked on my hardening clitty even more.

I lifted my feet on to the sofa and I could not help but lift and thrust in to his face, I wanted him to make me come. He slipped down on to my slit and started to investigate inside me, his tongue investigating every little fold and wrinkle I had while his hands wriggled under my legs and up under my tee shirt. He then started to rub my nipples between his fingers, he just knew how to turn a woman on and that was for sure.

My orgasm let go and flooded my sex cave, his tongue darted back and forth from his mouth lapping up my juices. I pulled him tight in to me, as another release of my fluid was imminent and shrieked out when I came. I sat there with legs raised and wide apart holding my sons head on to his mom’s fanny for some time enjoying being licked out.

“Sit up here” I said when he had finished
His cock stood straight up as he sat and I slipped my leg over him and straddled him as I knelt. I could feel his cock swaying about and rubbing against my fanny as I began to lower. Taking hold of his cock I guided his tool inside me, inch by inch which give me time to accommodate the size he had to offer, remembering I am the only woman up to now who has taking his mammoth cock inside her.

Once lodged on his shaft, I pulled off my tee-shirt and offered my firm pert tits to my son‘s mouth. I was now naked apart from a suspender belt and stockings and started to ride his cock slowly as he sucked a nipple. As I lifted off, I could feel my fanny lips suck around his cock end before sliding back down him again.

Nick grabbed my waist and started to help slid me up and down his shaft a few time before he started to thrust back in to me. We were both breathing harder and I knew it would not be long for him, I needed to be on the bottom if I was to have any chance of keeping his sperm inside me before my husband got back home.

“Let my lie down Nick,” I said, “I want you on top”
He released his grip and let me climb off then stood up to let me lie lengthways on the sofa. Nick knelt between my raised legs then climbed over me and I helped him find my hole. It felt wonderful, feeling it part and stretch me, filling my love hole full of young dick.

Long and slow thrust after thrust filled me and this was his doing, he was in charge of his mom’s needs. We were warm and sweaty, our skin sticking together as he continued with the relentless fucking of me. Rubbing my stocking feet down his legs had an adverse affect and I felt him tremble

“Mom, Mom” he moaned
He pushed his cock as deep in as he could and held there while it expanded in me and came. Like a high-pressure hose, I felt it twitch and buck inside me as the pressure was released. I clamped me legs around him holding on for dear life as his cock sprayed my fanny walls of his young warm creamy cum.

Each grunt from him was followed with another twitch and squirt from his cock, now in unison with my pulsating fanny orgasm. We kept each others orgasms going till there was no more to give but kept firmly coupled together on the sofa. He nuzzled in to my neck, breathing heavy before kissing and sucking me hard.

“No Nick no bites” I said
I turned and he kissed my mouth instead, we lay kissing for some time afterwards, something I haven’t done much of since I was a teenager. Nick climbed off and I quickly shut my legs to contain his sperm.
“Pass my tracky Nick,” I asked, “Your dad could be home anytime”

He could see I was struggling to pull them on with out moving too much so helped slide them up my stocking legs. I kept my legs and fanny tight shut as I straighten myself up and pull back on my tee shirt. Nick rewound the dvd and we settled down to watching it again under the blanket.

“Mom why aren’t you cleaning yourself up, what if dad find out” he asked
“He already knows,” I said
“Mom he’ll kill us”
“No I don’t think so, he wanted me to do this today, and then when he gets home I have to go with him”
“Mom will you be alright”
“I’ll shout if I need help” I said

Hubby came home from golf and found us under the blanket watching the dvd, his smile broadened and I could see he was excited
“Alright son” he asked “I’ll just go and change” he said
I followed hubby upstairs and in to our bedroom

“Well” he asked
I nodded and he pulled the tracky bottoms away from my tummy with one hand and quickly slipped his other hand inside them. His cold fingers slid over my smooth fanny and found my drench slit. Two fingers were soon inserted and he started to finger fuck me, which made a loud wet sloppy noise.

He snatched them back out of me and fetched the wet dripping fingers up to my mouth, covered in our son’s creamy sperm, I eagerly licked them clean. He pulled down my tracky bottoms past my arse and pushed me on to the bed then pulled them down and off my feet.

I lay there parting and raising my stocking covered legs as he pulled down his trousers and boxers to just below his cock. It was big and angry and coming in to my well lubricated fanny with speed and f***e. Out stretched on his arms over me he grunted as he pushed that last inch in to me and made my fanny burp.

He looked mad as he fucked me, pushing that cock of his in to me with extra thrust each time. I lifted my legs over his and held on tight, taking the fucking I deserved by having another mans cum inside me. He pounded my little tight arse in to the bed and started to make the bed squeak and wobble loudly.

I shouted out as I was about to come,
“Yes fuck me hard,” I said over and over again
Then threw my head back across the bed.
“Yes fuck me, shit Nick,” I said as I saw him standing at the door
Hubby pushed that cock of his in even harder when he knew we were being watch
“I want to see him fuck you” hubby ordered as he grunted
He’s cock seemed to have grew bigger inside me and he slammed his tool with extra might on each new thrust before coming.

It felt like a bomb had exploded inside me with new explosions on each new squirt. I held on tight and screamed out as a mighty orgasm ripped through my body.
“I want to watch him” hubby said under his breath as each new batch of his cum filled me “Ask him”
I was panting and squirming around on the bed when I asked, my fanny in overdrive milking my husbands cock
“Nick come and fucks me please”

Nick took no encouragement and dropped his pants down, his cock big, hard and sticking straight out, ready for action. Hubby’s cock bucked and twitched wildly inside me knowing he was going to see his wife get fucked by their son

Hubby pulled out and told me to turn over; I was now on all fours across the bed with cum running down the inside of my leg. Nick repeatedly prodded his cock against me but had no luck in finding my well-used hole. I reached between my legs and guided him inside me before feeling the full f***e of cock fill me.

Getting back on to all fours I was greeted with a cock in my face, a rather sad limp cock that hubby was holding out for me to suck. I thought of the two flavours of cum on it and sucked it like a lolly. It began to harden a short while after, then his cock end shot out from his foreskin, releasing even more cum to lick and taste behind his cock end.

His cock now able to stand by itself left his hand free to hold on to my head as he face fucked me in time with our son fucking my fanny. I was being pulled back and forth, as Nick’s hands gripped around my waist pulling me on to his big cock. Sometimes it went wrong and Nick’s cock fell out but he managed to slam it back in each time.

I could hear the breathing increasing as well as the wet sloppy noise of fucking and knew it could not be long now. Nick’s hands tightened then he grunted and began to come, squirt after squirt filled my sex cave as I panted, still with a cock in my mouth going in and out.

Hubby’s cock bucked in my mouth followed by a jet of cum, shit I thought to myself as I trembled and my body began to convulse. It took all my strength to keep on all fours as I trembled while taking two cock loads of cum at the same time. Just as well, hubby had already fucked me once or I would not have had the strength to swallow his entire load

Both cocks withdrew from me and I managed to turn on the bed and rest my head on the pillow before collapsing in a heap. I was well and truly used and spent and shut my eyes as I tried to regain normal breathing.

Shrieking from my son and husband woke me up, unsure why I was here in bed, I turned to look at the clock. It was just after eight and my mouth was dry and tasted metallically and why was I was wearing stockings and tee shirt in bed.

It was just starting to come back to me when I felt a emptying of my fanny, I big dollop of fluid leaked out between my lips. Shit, I had my son then my husband then both fuck me together, coming in my mouth and fanny at about the same time, but what was all the shrieking for.

Hurriedly stuffing a couple of tissues between my legs I found my tracky bottoms and dressed to see what the noise was and see if they were killing each other. There was husband and son playing on the X box
“Mom quick, see dad has just won” Nick shouted excitedly
“Enjoy your sl**p” hubby asked, “We thought we would let you sl**p than have a take-away for tea”

They both stood up, high five one and other then looked at me, I went to then and give then a group hug. I could feel their breathing on each cheek as I hugged tight before they both kissed my cheeks. At least all of us are still friends if not more closer now.

I could feel each of their cocks growing and pushing in to my legs before pulling away and could see the wicked grins from both of them.
“Go and shower love, time we go for the take-away” hubby said “What about wearing your nice red dress for when WE get back”
By that I knew I was in for more of the same off both of them, he knows I cannot wear knickers with that dress but that is maybes the idea.

The End

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Super hot! Reminds me of when I was young with my Mother and Aunt! Hot! Tris
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