I fucked workmates wife and her friend over Blacks

I fucked workmates wife and her friend over Blacksmiths Anvil
This is an individual story but might be easier to understand after reading Workmates Wife Fucked over Blacksmiths Anvil

The next week Julia came in to the quarry for the coal with the car and stopped me in the carpark
“I’ve been talking to a friend about daydreams, the one we had last week, she wants the same one”
“What with me”
“Yes but it has to be two weeks today”
“That’s very precise,” I Said
“Yes it is, do you want to do it”
“What’s she like”
“She’s an accountant, posh and comes from Darras Hall”
“Yes I can do that, black stockings remember,” I said
“I’ll be there as well with her, both in stockings”
The next two weeks past very slowly waiting for that night then I got a message to phone the bank, that was our code, I phoned Julia up and she said
“Can we do it in two days time, Charlotte can‘t do tonight or tomorrow”
Posh bitch messing us working type about I thought
The night arrived, the men clocked my timecard and I had a shower. I got the fitting shop sorted and waited and waited. Then two cars arrived in the carpark. Julia and Charlotte walked in through the door, Julia was up for it, lifting her skirt up revelling her stockings but Charlotte did not make much attempt.
I sat on the anvil as Julia kissed me full on and fondled down my front, Charlotte give me a quick peck on the cheek
“How are we going to do these girls” I asked
“It’s Charlotte who wants to relive my dream,” Julia said
“I can’t do this,” Charlotte said
I touched her but she was cold with me, fucking posh girls I thought
Julia wasted no time getting her hand in side my jeans as she started to kiss me again, she then squatted down pulling my jeans and boxers down as well, my cock level in her face as she asked Charlotte
“Do you want to feel it?”
Charlotte looked down eyes nearly popping out of her head
“Its big, I can’t take that”
Julia slipped it in to her mouth gently sucking on it; I turned to Charlotte looking at her, very similar to Julia dark hair, smaller tits and had a very nice smell and clothes, you would think they were s****rs.
“It’s all right if you don’t want to go through with it,” I said
“You won’t mind”
“Would I mind, look what Julia is doing to me”
“I did come wanting to do it, I’m even in stockings,” Charlotte said
“Let’s have a look then”
Charlotte pulled up her skirt slowly inch by inch coming to the welt of her stockings
“You have nice legs”
She pulled a bit further up, no suspenders. I touched her stockings moving up her leg. She was starting to relax, my hand was on her bare flesh moving higher up as she stopped my hand with hers. Charlotte’s breathing had altered and her eyes closed, she moved my hand about her leg pulling her skirt up with the other.
Julia dropped my cock out of her mouth while looking at Charlotte’s fanny and said
“Fuck when did you do that”
Julia’s hand went between Charlotte’s legs. I lent forward and saw she had a totally bald fanny, my first bald fanny. Charlotte’s legs started to part and she had the most beautiful set of fanny lips I had seen.
Julia had her hand stroking over Charlotte’s bare fanny, I wanted to do the same but my hand was under Charlotte’s hand, I pulled my hand out of the way and Julia went to kiss her smooth skin.
We moved Charlotte on to the anvil with me behind her; Julia was on her knees with her head between Charlotte’s legs licking her soft looking lips. I let Charlotte lean on me as my hands worked over her tits feeling her lacy bra through her blouse. I couldn’t see much of Julia licking Charlotte’s fanny because of her skirt but Charlotte was giving out little moans.
I felt all Charlotte’s weight lean against me as she relaxed; I undid her blouse and slipped both hands inside over her bra with a tit in each hand, my cock sticking straight up her back. Charlotte’s head turned to mine and we kissed as she moaned, she pulled her bra up over her tits as our tongues fought together.
Julia was well on her way to making Charlotte come as Charlotte give little pants, she reached around herself and felt my cock that was rubbing up her back. Taking my cock in her hand, she slowly rubbed up and down on it. I kissed Charlotte’s neck as her moaning got louder, her hard nipples now sticking through my fingers as I rubbed on them.
Charlotte grip tightened on my cock as she came on Julia’s face, nipping her legs tight shut over Julia’s head her whole body tensed up, this was some orgasm. After a couple of minutes of not moving Charlotte spoke “Julia you’ve been the only person to give my an proper orgasm”
“I thought you were married,” I said
“I am but that doesn’t give you an orgasm”
“You’ve never had an orgasm with your husband”
“No its hurts so much, I get tensed up and I just want it over and done with”
“No foreplay” I said
“Not now it takes to long”
“I was told to remember the woman first for the best sex”
“I wished my husband had been told that” Charlotte said
“What did you mean about Julia being the only one?” I asked
“That was years ago when we were in six form at school, we experimented with one and other quite a lot”
Julia was standing up licking her lips nodding at me wondering if I wanted to lick Charlotte, I did and smiled back, she came around the back of Charlotte and we swapped places.
I went on my knees in front of Charlotte, her black hold up stockings and smooth pale flesh right up to the waist of her skirt. I’ve never touched a bald fanny before and it was nice, running my hand from her stocking tops up over her fanny. I followed with my mouth kissing all the way over her smooth fanny.
I could smell her fresh fanny juice and tasted it on her lips as I slipped my tongue inside her, her lips were soft and smooth as they parted. Julia was doing the same as I had, her hands on Charlotte’s tits and their mouths tight together.
It didn’t take long for Charlotte to come again, bucking off the anvil in to my face as her warm juice flowed over my tongue, I licked and sucked my first and probably my last posh girls’ fanny juice.
I stood up and Julia was still kissing Charlotte, she took a hand off Charlotte’s tit and pointed at her fanny. This I took to be a sign to fuck Charlotte. Her legs were still wide apart and I took hold of my cock rubbing it up and down her slit, gently pushing in as Julia snogged the face off Charlotte. Her fanny was tight but wet as her lips sucked on to my cock as I pulled out, nice and slow I went until I was all the way in.
Charlotte mouth had parted and she was panting in time to me thrusting in to her, this might not take very long as her moaning increased. Julia spoke to her
“Do you want it from behind”
“Yes, yes fuck me from behind”
I pulled out and Charlotte climbed off the anvil and turned to face it
“I’ve never had it from behind before,” Charlotte said
“Just bend over and rest your elbows on there,” Julia told her
I stood behind lifting her skirt up over her bum and slipped my hand between her legs sliding a finger along her lips, she started to moan and I slipped my cock in to her nice and slow, fuck she was tight.
With my hands on her waist, we gently fucked making a little slopping noise, Julia stood in front of her and lifted her skirt up revelling her black stocking and suspenders and her hairy bush. Charlotte’s lifted her head and Julia moved on to her, grinding her fanny in to her face.
Fuck this is hot I thought as I speeded up, Charlotte was now rocking back and forth on the anvil as she moaned louder not being able to lick Julia fanny now.
“I’m coming, cum in me now” shouted Charlotte
I pulled her tight on to me with every thrust as Charlotte let her orgasm rip through her body, tensing up as I came in her. Keeping my cock deep inside I felt my cum squirting out of it filling the posh girls tight fanny.
“I’m going to have to lay down” Charlotte said
I slowly pulled out of her watching her lips nip tight together as I left her fanny and pulled my jeans back up.
This was a quarry fitting shop full of muck, dust and parts and nowhere to lie down, I grabbed a air filter box that I’d used that day on a dumper, ripped it open and put it on the floor,
“Are you all right” asked Julia
“Yes I just need to lie down”
Charlotte lay down with her knees up in the air on the floor, her fanny still on show and her tits still out of her bra, I sat on the anvil. Julia started to kiss me again feeling over my jeans
“I haven’t came yet” Julia said
I let Julia sit on the anvil with her legs wide apart and her hairy bush exposed, going down on my knees I started to lick her just where Charlotte’s tongue had been, she was worked up moaning and panting, her fanny was warm and moist, her clit was hard as I pulled on it.
Darting my tongue inside her she pulled me in to her, bucking off the anvil she came on my face, her fanny muscles nipping on my tongue as I explored inside her
“Fuck that was quick” Julia said
I stood up to kiss Julia her hand at my cock pulling my zip down.
“Will you be able to fuck me”
“You can suck him hard if he isn’t hard already”
Julia pulled down my jeans and boxers revelling a hard cock and started to suck on it then licked all the way down my shaft,
“I can taste your fanny juice Charlotte on his cock” as Julia stood up and bent over the anvil with her taught suspenders across her bum cheeks
“Come on fuck me, Bill will be wondering where I am”
I didn’t have to guide my cock in to her fanny, she had her hand waiting between her legs to help guide it in for me. Julia had sucked cock and pussy now she was getting hers filled, sliding my hand around to her fanny I rubbed on her clit.
Julia was rocking on the anvil pushing herself back in to me as her clit grew, shouting
“Rub me harder”
I pushed on to clit harder rubbing around and round, she was moaning and panting, her fanny was squelching as she came on my cock. Pulling my hand back on to her waist I started to give her long deep thrusts. Not stopping for her orgasm I pushed on getting faster and harder slapping my balls against her wet fanny.
“Fuck I feel it coming again” Julia shouted “yes, go on, I’m coming”
Julia’s body tensed tight, both coming together, my six inch cock wedged deep in her love hole squirting my second load of hot cum for tonight.
Julia started getting her breath back as her whole body trembled with every breath, her fanny still full of my cock as she lent down on to the anvil, Julia spoke
“Come around to the front”
I knew what she wanted, I pulled out slowly trying not to knock any off my cock and went to her face, her mouth was open as she lifted her head ready to receive my two fanny juiced flavoured cock. She looked knackered as I slid in to her mouth.
Julia sucked my clean before standing up
“Fuck I forgot about you down there Charlotte, are you all right”
“Yes I’m fine, now I understand how excited you were telling me about your anvil fuck, you’re a bit of a dirty bitch aren’t you ”
“ You can talk, you had your first cock enticed orgasm on the anvil as well”
We pulled Charlotte up off the floor and she put her tits away and got dressed, Julia had cum running down her stocking again and she was busy wiping it up. We got sorted and went home.
I saw Julia next week , we decided that was enough of the daydreams in case we were caught some time else.
About three mouths after Bill came shouting in to the bate cabin at the men
“I’m going to be a dad”
Every one congratulated him
“Her friend from Darras is up the stick as well at the same time, she’s been trying for five years now, now both of them together” Bill said
I said “that must be the night they had a real cock and I fucked both of them together over the anvil”
The men took the piss for the next month about me fucking Bills wife and her mate from Darras Hall.
Just as well, the men didn’t know the truth about the anvil.

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