Cum Slut Mom And Her Son

It’s been three weeks since I let my son and his friends wanked over me in the woods and I have went to bed every night thinking about my son’s swelling cock and the look on his face as he sprayed his cum in to his mom’s face. The sheer joy and relief was obvious when he pulled that last time on his cock and a thin watery jet was followed by a mighty load of warm creamy spunk, covering my face to where it was running off my chin before sucking it in to my mouth.
I am wet just thinking about it now as I lie in bed before getting up, luckily my husband is already away to work and I can rub myself a little while listening to the shower and my son getting washed before school. Thinking back about us getting home from that trip, I took him in to the shower and wanked him off over my tits, that was our last time. (Read Cum Slut Mom’s Day Out link at end)
I know he pulls himself off in the shower when I have a sneaky peak at him and I so want to go and give him a helping hand and feel that fit body of his. Thank god my husband never has time to fix the bathroom door from closing properly and I can have a good view of him playing with himself, most likely he spies on me too when I am showering. When I can not see the real thing I now have a photo on my phone when we were in the woods that I can look at, I look such a cock wanting mom on that, looking at his hanging sacks.
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With my mind made up, I rush in to the bathroom
“Make room for me, I’m running late” I say as I enter the bathroom
I squeeze in next to him under the water, glancing at the rock hard manhood between us with his swelled up shiny purple head but say nothing. I push past him to grab the soap and I feel a shock go through my body as his cock pushes in to my tummy, I still say nothing as I soap my hands and lather my tummy before moving on to my small pert tits. Now caressing my tits with lather, my nipples hardens even more, to a point that they are visible and sticking out from between my fingers.
“Don’t let me stop you” I say to Nick “Carry on”
“I’m done now mom”
“No your not, it will be painful all day if you don’t drain that cock of yours, let me give you a hand”
The slut mom is coming out from me as I drop a soapy hand on to his cock and begin wanking him off. He sighs loudly with each stroke which makes me even more desperate for some attention, dropping to my knees I slip my hand down on to my smooth shaved pussy and play with my button.
His thick cock is in my face and I open wide for him as he slips it between my lips, it’s warm, it’s wet and its rock hard. My tongue licks behind his bulbous cock end, feeling the shape of his helmet while I still play with myself unnoticed.
I can feel him thrusting through my hand and in to my mouth and I know its not going to be long. The look on his face says he is close and I pull off him, but still grip his rock hard cock in my hand. Our eyes lock together as he gives another couple of thrusts through my hand, he tenses and grunts just as his cock gives way and squirt over his mothers face.
I stuck my tongue out to catch the dripping cum, coming off my nose as another great load splatters in to my face and it sprays with f***e with being so close. I greedily took his squirting cock back inside, sucking my lips tight around his shaft and suck until it was empty. He eventually softens and I gradually stand up while letting the full f***es of warm water wash over my face. Our eyes meet again and I know then, we are going to be late for school and work. His head lowers and his tongue makes contact with an over erect nipple before sucking it in to his mouth, I hold him like a newborn suckling milk for the first time. He plays with my other tit while his other hand feels over my flat tummy and down on to my smooth pussy. His fingers tease my fat chubby sodden wet fanny lips apart and I try pushing myself on to them. He’s teasing me more and more and I’m desperate to have something up inside me now. I push and guide his fingers up in to me, one then two, up as far as I can push them inside me. Now I’m riding him, thrusting back and forth my slim slender body on to my son’s fingers. I scream out and he lifts from my tit and kisses me hard, my tongue entwines with his as I shudder with an orgasm.
He pulls his fingers out from me and grabs my arse with both hands and pushes me up against the wall. I can feel his cock growing by the second as I am lifted and slid up the wall and now I know what his intentions are. I hold on to his neck then lift my legs around his body, all the time trying to move and lower my fanny on to his erect missile.
“Arrrrrrr fuck that feel good” I tell him
I slid all the way down his cock, stretching and filling his mom’s fanny full before being lifted back up and he starts to thrust in to me. It is wet and slippery and not very comfortable being banged up against the hard wall of the shower.
“Take me to bed Nick,” I whisper
He lifts me off from the wall and carries me in to my bedroom all dripping wet but I am past caring, I just want a hard cock to cum inside me. We make it to the bed and he gently lowers me on to the edge of the bed while still inside me; I lie on the bed while he is over me, arms outstretched and feet on the floor and starts to thrust in to me. I clamp my legs tight around his back, positioning my fanny to accommodate all of his cock. The bed is bouncing and creaking and now he’s breathing and snorting like a bull, every time he thrust in to me.
“Fuck” I shout out as his cock finds an extra inch or so and explores new parts of his mom’s fanny
“Yes Nick, Fuck me hard,” I scream out over and over while closing in on my orgasm.
He has that look again in his eyes, fuck he’s going to come
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, Yeeeessss Nick. I want it Nick, come in me”
It was a blur after that to who came first but I felt his cock swell up inside me then my fanny went in to spasm, he grunted and I screamed out as his cock exploded. Our sex parts throbbed while we both panted hard, I nipped my legs hard around him, wanting him as deep inside me as I could, the very place he came from 17 years ago.
He lowered on to my mouth and I kissed him like a sluttish trollop while rubbing my hands through his hair. We are still kissing long after his cock has deflated but I keep my legs tight around him not wanting to let him go from inside me.
I eventually let him go and he lifts off, viewing his mom’s raised and parted legs with her hairless fanny on full show. He touches me on my lips and I feel the wet gooey sticky feeling leaking out but have no intentions to stop it in front of him. I want him to see what he has done to his mother and see our lovemaking juices mixed together, like the cum slut I am for a little longer.
We shower together with no funny business as we both know we are going to be late, hurriedly dress, no breakfast and jump in the car to take him to school.
“Your dads going away for a few days next week if you would like to spend some time together” I tell him while driving and squeezing his cock, I take it, the answer was yes when he felt up my leg under my skirt, coming to a stop on my suspenders.
“Can you dress like that for me please” came his answer
“I’m your mom I will do anything for you”

The End

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very good
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This is how a good mom should behave
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good job
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great story,anymore ?
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