Finally Fucked My Auntie Pauline

True story from coljac another xhamster member

Ever since I was a little boy, I had a special relationship with my auntie Pauline, as she did not have c***dren of her own, I became her favourite nephew. I remember she would sit me on her knee for cuddles and take me places, like to see Father Christmas, as much as a treat for her as for me. I would go and stop at her house and we would play games and stuff like that and I can remember her tucking me in to bed on a night.
My f****y were a big close-knit bunch, always getting together for birthdays and such like at my gran and granddads big old house. At one such occasion when I was about five, some of the adults were playing cards and I was running about and hiding under the table.
That is when liking Auntie Pauline turned in to an obsession of desire, it was the glimpse of her chunky stocking covered leg what held my gaze and the fact my granddads hand was stroking up her inner thigh. Somehow, I knew it was wrong, granddad hand up his daughter in laws skirt but I never said anything.
The obsession became stronger year on year as I became older and wiser to the opposite sex and started to take notice of my aunt in a different way.
I longed for the time I was stopping at her house and she was doing the washing, seeing her underwear floating and dancing in the breeze on the line, that was how I knew what she wore, stockings mostly but odd times some tights, girdles with there suspenders hanging down and French style silk knickers. She would still come in and say goodnight to me in her nightgown and I started to take more notice of her curves beneath.
I was getting older and wanking was my new obsession, especially when at my auntie’s house. The laundry basket in the bathroom was like a gold mine to me, filled with her girdles, mostly pink or white but I remember a lilac one too, her soft stocking and her silky knickers, I would sniff and smell my aunties musk and perfume on her knickers. Them rub my cock against the soft material and imagine her fanny touching that very spot me pre cum was soaking in too, before coming buckets in to them.
Mornings when she had to go to work she would walk around the house just in her underwear, then join me at the breakfast table, usually a girdle with stockings and a silk slip to cover her bra and modesty from my praying eyes. I didn’t know if she knew I was besotted with her, but when my uncle told her to cover up in a morning; she still managed to give me a glimpse of what she had on underneath her dressing gown.
I always wondered if she knew she was my sexually desire and I’d been using her knickers to wank in to. She acted different around me after being told by my uncle to cover up when I was around.
I looked forward more to the f****y get together’s, just the thrill of placing my hand on her knee and in my mind wanting to go higher up her stocking covered leg. I would watch granddad grab her arse when they were dancing and I would do the same when it was my turn to dance with Pauline.
She would pull me into her tight and of course I would get a hard on ,which I tried to hide at first, but as I grew older and lusted for sex, I made sure she could feel what she was doing to me and my cock. I would dry hump her, all very accidental and make her aware that I fancied her, but she would make a joke of it and the rest of the f****y used to joke about our closeness also.
I was obsessed with my aunt Pauline, wanting to fuck her all the time, the local girls took some of that frustration away and at least I was well practiced for the time I ever fucked my aunt.
Now left school, I joined the RAF and after training, I was posted down to the south coast where by chance my aunt and uncle had a caravan in the New Forrest.
I would stay with them when I could over the weekends and would listen for the sounds of sex from them, but it didn't seem to be going on. I would get the odd flash of Pauline as she got dressed and that was the object of my morning wank.
One Saturday morning Jim my uncle had to return home to work so I was left with Pauline alone. That night we went to the Carpenters Arms in Bransgore for a meal and a few drinks. After a couple of bottles of wine with the meal I stared to go to the bar for drinks and got hers topped up with extra gin.
She was getting a bit unsteady by now and at throwing out time, I ordered a taxi to get us back, as soon as we were in the taxi I started with my hand on her knee then moved up her thigh and soon found out she was wearing stockings.
A little more feel up her leg and I was on to her stocking top with suspender, then she froze and clamped her legs tight shut so I had to be satisfied with what I had.
When we got to the caravan I offered her a nightcap before bed and poured us both a couple of large gins, mine mostly went into a plant pot. I could see from her eyes that she was well away and told her it was time for bed. I had to steady her and almost ended up carrying her into the bedroom and sat her on the bed.
I started to unfastened her blouse while still trying to hold her upright and took it off and was rewarded by getting a great view of those magnificent tits in a pink bra. Her skin was soft over her shoulders where I held on and decided to remove her bra too, reaching around her back she slumped in to my tummy as I unclipped her bra.
It was a case of steadying her and slipping her straps off each shoulder before I got to see her naked breasts, big soft 38D sized breasts. I was surprised how well her tits stood up considering her age; there was some sag, but not a lot.
I let her fall on to the bed and I removed her bra from her arms, now it was time for her skirt. I was lucky, the skirt fastened at the side and I was soon tugging the waistband over her bum and down her legs. There to my joy was what I had dreamt about all my life, she was wearing a girdle, bronze stockings and suspenders. Every thing was, I’m sure a size to small, her tummy roll was swelling over her girdle top and her thighs bursting over her stocking tops too.
I wanted to kiss her badly but that might fetch her out of her semiconscious state and up to now, she has not stopped me from undressing her for bed.
I ran my hand over her soft silk French knickers before starting to pull them over her bum and down off her feet. To my amazement, her girdle gusset had soft smooth skin squeezing out from the sides and not a hair in sight.
I wanted to see more when I was so close to my goal and when my auntie was as d***k. I had to slip a finger behind the gusset to pull the press-studs on her girdle apart and I touched her warm pussy lips at the same time. Carefully and gently undoing the studs as not to wake her, I lifted the gusset up and saw a strip of blonde ginger colour hair, trimmed up both sides of her fanny lips and ending in a narrow
point further up her tummy.
I could not resist gently finger her fanny lips and as I did, she started getting moist and I noticed her nipples were growing and swelling too. I lowered over her and started to lick on a nipple before sucking it in to my mouth while noticing she made no move to object to what I was doing.
After a while I couldn't hold back any more and decided to buried my head between those massive thighs of hers, running my tongue up over her stocking tops before licking along her lips. Her lips had moistened even more and I tasted her wetness that I used to sniff on her kickers when I was younger, darting my tongue in and out I moved up on to her clit, licking and sucking on her button.
My cock was pounding in my trousers and I did not think any harm could come if I rubbed it along her fanny lips just to feel my auntie’s fanny on my cock end. My prominent bell end parted her swollen lips apart and the dark pinkness of them sucked around my cock. It was too much to take just holding my cock at her fanny entrance and I started to just give it a gentle push in to her. Instinct took over and before I knew, I was actually fucking my auntie who I had lusted after since I was a k**.
I was sure she was responding to being fucked and I heard her whimper softly.
My cock felt at home in her warm wet fanny and I knew I wasn't going to last long, I knew I should have pulled out long before I came but I could not help but squirt deep inside her fanny. My cock twitched and throbbed like there was an electric shock surging up my cock as I started to pump a load into her. All the extra thrill of fucking my auntie kept my cock pumping for ages longer than usual.
My cock stopped squirting but I just kept it jammed up her fanny while I took in the glorious view of my sexy aunt, stocking suspenders and girdle, the only things left on her. I pulled out and lifted her legs gently on to the bed as not to wake her, she looked like I could take her again laid on her back this time with out her knowing. I was lucky with youth being on my side and was already hard and willing and slipped my feet out of my trousers and pants. I climbed on to the bed and nudged her stocking clad legs apart with my knees as I slipped between her mighty thighs.
My cock founds it target straight away, parting her cum soaked fanny lips with my bulbous cockend. It felt like proper sex this time, not just a wham bang thank you mam sex. I got on to my arms over her and fucked her long and slow, using all the length of my cock and her warm lips sucked around my shaft with each thrust.
Shit was that her wakening when her leg moved, fuck it is and she has lifted her legs over mine, I can feel her leg muscles responding, tensing hard and holding me in to her. I can hear her softy moaning and she’s lifting herself up to meet our joining body’s as I fill her fanny full with my young cock again.
She’s wriggling under me, moving to accommodate my cock in her love hole and to feel the full pleasure I must be giving her, this is exciting but what if she wakes. Can someone have an orgasm when they are asl**p I think to myself as she starts to breath deeper and faster. Her body tenses rigid then I feel the warm wetness of her orgasm flood her fanny, next her fanny muscles are in spasms nipping and sucking my cock until I feel my seed rising again. I shot another load inside and she helps milk my cock this time with her powerful orgasm.
She realises my legs when it is over and I climb out from where she is laid but not before sucking her hard erect nipples one last time, I hear her start to softly snore and decide to leave the rest of her clothes on her.
I was not sure if she was aware that I had shagged her and lay with her on the bed wondering what to say or do while listening to her sl**ping.
I was wakening by something and it was first light by now, I must have fell asl**p then I felt my auntie climb over me to go to the toilet and I started to worry. She is bound to know that I have fucked her with all the cum inside her, did she get to the toilet before it started to run down her thick chunky thighs or not?
I heard her coming back and pretended to be asl**p, she just climbed back in to bed and I could sense she was facing me.
After a few minutes I felt her hand on my thigh, crawling up to my cock which was growing with anticipation, I let her get a good feel of it and by now it was big and hard, leaking pre cum again.
I could not pretend anymore and moved my hand to feel her tit
“How did we end up in bed together?” she asked
“We were both d***k and we just collapsed on to the bed,” I said while wondering how to explain how I ended up fucking her, but she never asked
I moved my hand over her girdle and ventured down to between her legs; she gasped when I made contact with her fanny lips and nipped my cock in her hand. I lowered my head to suck on a tit and when she did not object, I then worked down over her girdle and towards her fanny with my mouth.
She willingly turned and lay on her back to let me go down on her, I could smell our sex from last night on her lip but that did not stop my from tonguing her fanny. Now she was awake, fully aware what I was doing and not objecting one bit. Her hands were on my head pulling me in to her lifting body as my tongue worked her fanny in to a frenzy.
She pulled me up to kiss me and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths while I manoeuvred myself to between her parted legs. I rubbed my cock end over her fanny entrance coating her lips with my pre cum then slipped it in, up to my balls.
Pauline gasped as I speared her while letting her fanny get stretched and filled with her nephew’s young cock. By the reacting of her kissing she was wanting this and I felt her stocking covered legs as she raised them up, I was wedge between her mighty thighs and I was going to make sure I fucked her good and long.
I was working her in to a frenzy, slowly fucking her and using the full length of my cock while gyrating against her when I was deep inside. I felt myself getting close to coming and asked to come in from behind
“Fuck me anyway you want,” she said
I pulled out and knelt while she turned over and I got a lovely view of her chunky arse and thighs as she lowered her head in to the pillow and her suspenders all taught down to her stockings, distorting the tops of them. I was eager to fill her up again and found her love hole with my rod of steel. Now she was grunting with every thrust that I slammed in to her and started to pound her fanny hard.
She screamed out as her orgasm took over and a flood of juice worked it way over my cock, I felt my cum surging up my tubes while listening to our body’s slapping and the sloppy sound of her wet fanny. I explode deep in her fanny, making her scream out again and intensifying her pulsating fanny on my cock. She milked my cock, making it squirt longer than ever before, prolonging the enjoyment of our orgasms and joining of our body’s.
We were spent when we lay down, kissing and cuddling in to each other before falling asl**p for a little longer. It was still early when we woke and we kissed and touched each other playfully but somehow knew we were not up for more love making so soon.
The affect of the alcohol was affecting both of us too and we decided to go and walk if off before attempting any breakfast. Pauline quickly showered to refresh herself and to wash the smell of sex and cum of the night before, from her.
When we got back, my uncle was waiting for us; fortunately, I had changed the sheets and aired their bedroom of the aroma of sex before he came back. You can imagined I was a little nervous and made my excuses to go to the toilet block and shower which I often use when I am stopping. As I was leaving, I heard Pauline say to Jim that she would go get a paper for him seeing the shop had just opened.
Pauline called out and caught up to me at the toilet block, kissed me and rubbed her hand over my crotch.
“Come in to the toilets with me” she said
She checked the ladies before pulling me in to the end cubical and we immediately started to kiss and cuddle while our hands felt each other. Pauline lifted her skirt up and I felt her stocking covered legs first, then her suspenders and realised she was wearing an open bottomed girdle. As my hand fell on to her silk knickers she kissed with vigour and knew she wanted more. I pulled my pants down over my hard cock and slipped her panties to one side as Pauline parted her legs.
It was a bit of a fumble and a poke in the dark until I edged my cock between her fanny lips and sunk it in to her waiting love hole, but when I did, she grunted out a loud. My knees were bent and I held on to her girdle-covered bum under her skirt while her arms were around my neck holding on as we fucked.
It was a real knee trembler of a fuck in the cubical slipping my cock in and out of my auntie, but how she panted and moaned on the end of my cock with enjoyment.
She let out a long cry and moan as she climaxed just as a door banged in the block, I was nearly there and kept fucking her until I squirted inside her. She kissed with passion again while we tried to be quite as our sex parts worked in rhythm, milking and sucking my squirting cock dry.
We were both breathing hard when our lips parted and I slipped me cock from her fanny while trying to listen for sound of anyone else, Pauline pulled down her knickers and pulled up her skirt before sitting on the toilet with her legs wide apart. As I looked down, there was our love making juice coming from between her lips, stretching down in a long rope before hitting the water.
Pauline’s hand grabbed my soft cock and pulled me towards her, her mouth ready to plant a kiss on the end. I took in the sight of my auntie’s mouth now around my cock while noticing her tan stocking and suspenders holding in her chunky thighs that were wide apart.
“I better get rib of the evidence” she said and began to wee while returning to my cock for one last kiss.
There was no privacy in the small tight cubical as my auntie finished her wee and wiped her fanny dry, mainly of our love making juices before pulling her knickers back up.
We sneaked out from our cubical just as a woman came out from another cubical, looked us both up and down before leaving with out a word spoken, what was going through her mind I would have liked to have knowing.
It was some time before I returned to the caravan and Pauline was cooking breakfast while Uncle Jim read the paper,
“There’s no need to use the public showers, you can use the one in here, you know, Your auntie knows what you look like naked” he said as Pauline and me looked nervously at each other “She used to chance your nappy plenty” and give a chuckle.
If only he knew, we had just fucked each other twenty minutes ago in the toilets and what would he say if he knew his wife had first hand knowledge on how big my cock is now after having it stuck up her fanny for a large part of last night.

The End

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something always so sexy about your aunty
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love the story
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steamy hot
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Great story. Very horny.
1 year ago
Excellent wish I'd fucked my Aunt, in fact I still do even though she is a pensioner I'd fuck her straight away if she asked.
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very good
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Hot story!