Ann's surprise in the cow shed

Ann the farmers Wife gets Snowed in day4
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann’s surprise in the cow shed

Ann woke me up this morning stroking my cock, she was on her side and I turned to face her. I reached out to touch her and realised she still had her stockings on from last night. I touched her knee then slid my hand up over her leg and on to her hip. Ann still had a tight hold of my cock twisting it in her hand.
I slid my other hand between Ann’s knees and pulled her top leg over to me, Ann bent her leg so just her knee touch me, just under my cock. I slid that hand back up her legs feeling her bare leg at her stocking top and left it there.
Ann was rubbing my cock along her stocking covered leg and I could feel it getting very hard. I started to thrust along her leg feeling the nylon against my shaft and balls, I was getting turned on with the feeling. Ann pushed my cock harder on to her leg, I felt my breathing getting heaver, and we looked in to each other’s eyes.
I slid my top hand under her suspender and on to her bum cheek. My other hand was working its way up in to her fanny with my thumb already parting her lips, I was making the bed rock as I fucked Ann’s leg. I give a shout when I came then felt the head of my cock sliding through my cum as I drained my balls on her leg. Ann still holding my shaft on to her leg as it went limp.
Ann wiped the bedclothes off us and I saw my pure white cum in a big blob on Ann’s black stocking, Ann slid her finger through it and sucked it. She rolled on to her back and parted her legs. I scooped the rest of it up on my fingers and entered Ann’s fanny with them making it squelch from the start.
Ann gasped as her lips parted, my thumb playing with her clitoris and two fingers inside her. I moved to kiss Ann, big long sloppy kisses as she moaned. Ann’s tongue darting in and out of my mouth in time with my fingers fucking her fanny hole. Ann was getting excited then she nipped her legs together as she came stopping my fingers from moving. I felt her fanny muscles nipping on my fingers and her large clitoris. She parted her legs to free my hands when she had finished coming.
I lay back down on my back, Ann jumped on top swinging her tits in my face and I felt her tummy hanging on to mine
“I wanted to fuck you this morning seeing its our last day together,” I said
“so did I but that was very nice”
We got up and dressed, Ann stripped the bed for her husband coming home and made breakfast.
We had a morning together on the farm then Ann is going to pick her husband and his friends up at tea time in town off the train.
Just before lunch, I am in the cow shed putting some bedding down in the cow stalls when Ann comes in. Ann lifts her jumper up and pulls her blouse out of her trousers and shows me she is still wearing her black suspender belt.
“I said I wanted to surprise you on the first day,” Ann said
I still had a couple of bales of straw on the cow stalls, Ann told me to sit down then she pulled her feet out of her green wellingtons and stands on some clean straw. I undid her trousers and slid them down her legs and off her feet, Ann pulled her jumper off her head and I unbutton her blouse. It was winter outside but with eighty cows in the shed, it felt warm.
Ann stood in the middle of the cow shed in her white bra, white cotton knickers covering her black suspenders, black stocking and I pair of socks. I slid her knickers down over her hairy bush and off her feet and pulled Ann in to me, her fanny right in my face I could smell her sex juice from this morning.
Ann pulling her tummy up she parted her legs for me and I licked her clitoris, her fanny was warm on my tongue. I stood up and kissed Ann, her hand fumbling in side my trousers pulling my cock out of my boxers and stroking it. She undid my trousers letting them fall and slid my boxers down, stepping out of each wellington to remove them, I stood there with my cock sticking out.
“fuck me like that tart at the fancy dress party,” Ann said
Ann lifted one leg on to the bale of straw, her fanny well exposed she took hold of my cock and guided me, rubbing my cock along her long slit a few times before letting me stretch her fanny lips. Ann smiling as I pushed it in and fucked her slowly.
I reached around Ann and unclipped her bra letting her tits fall against my chest, she pulled her bra off each arm. It was maybe the fresh air but I had never seen Ann’s nipples as big before, they were the size of my thumb ends.
I started to thrust in to Ann making her body jump on the end of my stroke, my hands around her bum feeling her bare flesh above her stockings wobble, Ann was moaning and panting and about to cum. I had to think of something else, I wasn’t going to waste my cum like this morning.
Ann give a gasp, she was coming, I pulled her tight to me and we kissed, not moving in case my cock erupted. I slid out of Ann, my cock hard and covered in her love juice.
“turn around I want to fuck you from behind” I told Ann
Ann turned around with her other foot on the bale and bent forward grabbing the bottom rails of the cow stalls with her hands on each side. From behind Ann’s pale bum stuck out with two suspenders taught across it, her fanny lips hanging down from between her legs in front of her hanging round tummy and her swinging tits beyond that. Her pale flesh of her leg spilling over her stocking and still wearing her wellington boot socks up to her knees.
I sank down on to my knees and went between her legs licking her pink swollen lips hanging out of her bush, Ann tasted warm and sweet as my hand went between her legs and felt her clitoris
“that’s nice lick me”
My tongue darted in and out fetching her juice out as her clitoris grow in size
“fuck I think I’m going to come”
I rubbed her clitoris in circles just lifting my finger off and lightly brushing over it
“yes that’s it, lick me clean”
My mouth was awash with her juice as I slurped and sucked her clean, every bit of her fanny I could reach with my tongue was licked.
I stood up cock in hand, glistening with pre cum and slipped it along her lips before pushing in to her, I leant back and watched it spread her lips as it slid in, then saw her lips gripping around it not wanting to let go as I pulled it back out. Fuck, I was turned on watching this, soft looking pink lips gripping on to my cock.
I pulled Ann on to me and started to fuck her like that tart she wanted to be, holding her hips I banged my cock in to her slapping my balls off her fanny. Ann was ready for it, panting, moaning and shouting as her fanny make sloppy noises on my cock
“go on fuck me harder”
I could only imagine what her tits were doing, hanging down and swinging about, fuck that thought did it, I exploded my cock deep in side her, still thrusting, waiting for Ann to come, her fanny was sloppy with my cum as her orgasm erupted soon after.
I held my cock inside her, draining my cum as her fanny muscles rippled over it milking it dry
“I have to sit down” Ann said
I pulled out a limp looking cock and pulled Ann back up out of the cow stall and sat on the bale, it was only then we saw that we were being watched, about ten cows were standing in the passage all interested to what was going on. Ann sat there with her well swung tits hanging over her tummy and her nipples were still big, I just had to have a nipple in my mouth and she lifted her tit up for me to suck, I was thinking what it would have be like to breastfeed off Ann, when I suck on her hard nipple.
“I’ve really liked being a tart this week, I hope you have” Ann said
“I loved seeing you dressed like a tart and fucking you like one as well”
“well we better go for lunch now”
Ann stood up standing in front of me sliding her knickers over her feet up to her fanny, her black suspenders under her knickers and her hairy bush sticking out the sides. I stood up and kissed her, she responded with her tongue and open mouth, I kissed her passionately and touch her leg just above her stocking.
Ann give a little moan as my hand rubbed over the crotch of her knickers and her legs parted slightly. Her hand fumbled for my cock as her tongue fought with mine. I slid my hand up her knickers and on to her tummy before sliding it back down in side them. Feeling her hairy bush as I pushed to her lips.
Ann’s fanny was sitting in my hand as I rubbed along her long slit, the palm of my hand rubbing across her clitoris. Ann was moaning while we kissed and my middle finger slipped in to her slit parting her fat juice lips as I rubbed her.
“fuck that’s nice make me come”
I rubbed back and forth along her fanny not entering her love hole, but just parting her lips. My finger was getting wetter and wetter then I felt her come. Her lips wrapped around my finger as warm sticky cum ran out of her, Ann panting in my ear holding my tight as her body shuddered. When she was calm again I pulled my hand out of her knickers, licking my finger before offering it to Ann to suck.
“that’s the taste of a tarts well fuck fanny,” Ann said
We got dressed and left the shed to the cows and went for lunch, Ann had to leave after lunch to pick her husband up , but that was after a shower. I went back to work for the afternoon and will be gone when they get back to the farm later tonight.

Watch out for ; Ann the farmers Wife The last Time
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2 years ago
Very exciting. I know many that would love this scenario for real. Hard to accomplish, so reading about it is loads (grin) of fun.
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Just as good as the first one! I gave a 5 as always