My 73 year old Mother-in law's Panty Girdle

My 73-year-old Mother in law’s Panty Girdle
I was on my way to pick my mother in Law up and take her to the bus station as she was going on a bus trip for five days. She is 73 years old and a widow of 11 years. When I arrived, she asked if I could paint her bedroom ceiling as well, she had asked me weeks back if I could paint the living room ceiling when she was away because of the smell.
She took me in to the bedroom to show me the ceiling and I noticed her bra lying on the bed, when I walk around, her panty girdle was lying where she had stepped out of it and she picked it up
“Sorry about that, the bell went when I was changing and I forgot to tidy up”
I watched as she folded them up and put them in the laundry basket.
The next day I had one coat of paint on the living room ceiling and was about to start in the bedroom, I was picking the loose items up and putting them in to the hallway before I put down my dust sheets, when I knocked the lid off the laundry basket.
Sitting on top of the basket was my mother in laws bra and I picked it out, just to see what size she was. I began to think that her tits had been in here and I put the full cup over my face, smelling her perfume and licking where her nipple might have been.
Then I saw her panty girdle folded up, I placed it against my waist thinking what it is like to wear one and looked in the mirror. The waist fell open and there was a yellow stain on the gusset, fuck that’s where my mother in laws fanny has been I thought.
Putting my hand under the gusset I fetched it to my nose and sniffed it, her fanny lips had been here, I felt my cock growing and with my other hand pulled my track suit bottoms over my cock, pulling it out of my boxers.
I stuck my tongue out to lick the gusset while pulling my cock. I lowered the girdle so my cock sat in the gusset just on the wee stain. I started panting and before I knew I had came on the girdle, I didn’t have to stroke my cock, it just exploded by it’s self with no help.
Looking down my cock was still pumping my cum and the gusset was full, I grabbed a duster I was using for painting and wiped it dry. I folded the panty girdle and bra up and put them back. I continued painting the ceiling before going to work, I would come back tomorrow and do the second coat.
That night all I could think about was my mother in law and her panty girdle, the next day I was there bright and early and finished the ceilings straight away.
I looked in the laundry basket again and found a pair of dark tights, sniffing the crotch of them. I took my trousers and boxers off and started to roll the tights in my hand slipping them over my feet and pulling them up. My cock straining against the nylon, knowing that my mother in law had worn them.
I felt her bra again, pulling off my tee shirt I managed to fasten it and pulled the straps over my shoulders, I looked in the mirror, putting my hands inside the cups to make them look full and my smooth looking legs.
I took them back off and grabbed the panty girdle, looking at her wee stain, the crotch was still wet from my cum yesterday and had stained more. I slid them over my feet and pulled them up, fuck they were tight against my cock and balls and I could feel how wet they were,
I look in her knicker drawer and found some more bras and knickers, she must have had twenty pairs still at home and I found some cotton ones. I slid her panty girdle down to my knees and lay on the bed with the cotton knickers around my cock franticly wanking my self and rubbing my thumb over the crotch of the girdle where her fanny had been.
My cock exploded with f***e pushing my cum through the cotton of the knickers as it pumped in to them. I slid the panty girdle off my feet smelling where my cum and my mother in law’s wee was as my orgasm finished.
I put her girdle on to the windowsill to dry in the sun and wrapped the cotton knickers up and put them in my tool bag, I got dressed and finished putting all the items back in to the rooms. The last thing I did was to fold the dry panty girdle back up with the bra and put them back as I found them.
I called in on the mother in law the day after she got back to see how the trip was,
“Could you help me with something in the bedroom please”
We went in to the bedroom and she asked
“Did you like my panty girdle”
“Sorry, what
“Did you like my panty girdle”
“I don’t know what you mean”
“I know when I left there was a little stain on the gusset, I was going to wash them and noticed a larger stain on the gusset”
“It’s alright, you’re just like my husband, he liked me in my girdles”
“You won’t tell your daughter, will you”
“No I won’t tell her if you will do something for me”
“I’ll do anything”
“When my husband was alive we would make love in the morning and I would have to wear my corset for the rest of the day with his cum rubbing on my fanny, we were quite adventures with our love making”
“How can I help”
“Did you like coming in my girdle”
“Yes I did”
“That’s what I want you to do, come again on my girdle and I watch”
“Ok, I do that, where’s the girdle”
“I’m wearing it, I knew it was you’re cum on the gusset as I have seen them stains many times before, I just wanted to be back in time with my husband and know I have cum rubbing on my fanny”
She pulled the hem of her skirt up and put it in the elastic waistband, revelling her legs to just above her knees. She slipped her hands up under her skirt to pull the panty girdle down without me seeing anything of her fanny.
“Did you smell my gusset”
“Yes I did”
“I sometimes smelt it as well, to smell his cum and my juice”
My mother in law held the girdle up to her face smelling the gusset then put it under my nose, I could feel the warmth mixing with my cum.
“That’s fresh off my warm fanny, do you like it”
“It’s very warm,” I said
“Did it take long to come”
“No, I put my cock on the gusset and that was it”
“Let’s see it then”
I pulled my trousers and boxers down and my cock sprung out. My mother in law held her hand under the gusset of the girdle and placed it under my cock, placing it on the large stain, her hand cupping my cock.
I rubbed my cock back and forth two or three times and I had that feeling of wanting to pant and I started breathing fast, I came shooting my cum on to my mother in law’s girdle covered hand. Her hand cupping my cock tighter as I pushed the last of my cum out.
“That is a mighty lot of cum, is my daughter not looking to you”
I looked at my cock swimming in cum and she lowered her hand gently putting her girdle on the bed, with two hands she picked them back up and slipping her feet in to it. She pulled her girdle all the way up her legs going careful to keep them level until her girdle was squashed against her fanny.
“Thank you, I won’t tell anyone about this,” she said
I started to put my cock away
“Would you mine if I touch it please”
My mother in law ran her hand over my soft cock and on to my balls and that was it
“Do you want to come back tomorrow and see the stain on my girdle”
“Yes I would like that”
“I’ll wear them in bed tonight and when I have a wee I won’t dry my fanny, that’s what we used to do, me and my husband, is that alright”
“You were adventures in you time, I be here at nine if that ok”
She pulled the hem out of her skirt and we went back into the living room with my cum rubbing against her fanny just as she wanted.
The next morning arrived, my wife was at work and I started in the afternoon, I went straight to my mother in law’s house very excited . When I arrived, we went straight in to the bedroom,
“Would you mind if I take my skirt off”
“No I don’t mind”
My mother in law is on the slightly plump side, about 5 feet 3, gray hair and her knickers are size 16 when I looked in her drawers
She slipped her skirt off revelling pale white cubby legs that didn’t look to bad for 73 and her panty girdle, she pulled it down to her knees and stopped
“Do you want to see”
She parted her legs, stretching her girdle and I could see my cum stain
“Can I touch it “ I asked
I went down onto my knees and placed me hand on the warm gusset, rubbing my fingers through it, she bent down pulling the gusset up to the top of her girdle
“Go on, smell it”
I stuck my her against her legs to smell her gusset and my mother in law rubbed my nose in it. I lifted my head and saw her fanny for the first time, it looked full and fat sticking well out from between her legs, under her plumper tummy. She had a big well spread out bush with a lot of gray hair in it.
Probably the hair cover a lot thinner now, than when she was in her prime, you could see her fanny lips turning in on themselves up her slit making them look big and fat,
“Smell me if you want”
I lifted my nose to her cum covered fanny smelling old warm cum on her
“Oh Bill it been so long, touch me”
Bill was her husband, I rubbed my nose up her slit taking in the smell of a 73-year-old fanny and her hands came on to my head
“I’m sorry, I thought you were Bill”
“Its alright, I quite like touching you”
I have hair and her husband was bald, that’s when she realised it was not Bill between her legs
“I’m just a daft old woman wanting my time back with my husband”
“There’s nothing wrong with that, what else did you do”
“I would give him a titty wank, I liked him coming on me”
“Would you like me to do that ”
“Yes please”
She pulled her panty girdle back up and loosened her blouse and took it off, I knew her bra’s were big but this took my by surprise . She reached around unclipping it and the straps slid off her shoulder with the weight of her tits pulling them.
She pulled her bra off the ends of them, her tits were well stretched
“I had nice tits when we used to do it back then”
“Can I touch them”
“Yes go on”
I had never seen tits like them ever, they were at least a foot long, resting on her plump tummy. They were flat at the top against her chest and everything in side was hanging at the bottom, just like holding a bag with a bag of sugar in it. Her nipples were an inch long and looked permanent.
I slid my hands under her nipples taking the full weight of her tits in my hand, they felt so heavy. Lifting then up, I rubbed then against my chest
“Let me take that off for you”
My mother in law pulled at my tee shirt as I lowered her tits and slid it over my head, I lifted her tits again touching my chest, her nipples on my bare chest
“Is that nice”
“Oh yes” I said
“Will you come on them for me please”
“Oh yes”
I felt her pulling my trousers and her other hand going inside pulling at my hard cock
“I thought I might have to work at your cock to get it hard”
“You might if you rub it like that much longer”
She let go of it and pulled my trousers and boxers down to my knees and sat on the bed lifting her tits together. My cock was lost in her mighty soft tits but she moved them back and forth on my cock.
Fuck I was about to come, holding her shoulders I started thrusting my cock in to her tits harder, then I came, warm white cum bubbled up from between her tits as she milk my cock dry with her tits.
“Came I pass you something to wipe them dry”
“No it’s alright”
I pulled out of her tits and she lowered them back down on to her tummy, grabbing her bra, she put them straight in and fastened it back up. I stood in front of her unaware that my cock was still hanging out, it slipped my mind while I watching her putting her bra on
“Can I touch it again”
“Touch what” I said
“Your cock”
It wasn’t just a touch with her hand but she was sucking my soft cock and she was good at it, after a couple of minutes, she pulled off
“thank you for letting me do that, it‘s nice to touch the real thing again, I have my toys we used to use and I still use then but I miss my husbands cum”
We both started to get dressed
“After Bills titty wank I would wear his cum all day on my tits, letting the smell drift up out of my blouse, he called it Billie’s perfume, I feel he’s back with me again, thank you”
“Any time you want to feel like that again , just ask ”
“ I might just do that, you‘re the best son in law any woman can have”
I was about to leave and asked
“Are you alright, there’s nothing else you want”
“I’m alright, I might just finish my self off with a toy after you go , then I’ve had a man’s cum and an orgasm in one day.

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That is some very sexy stuff!!
2 years ago
made me cum in my moms dirty panties reading it
2 years ago
Great story, very well told and erotic as hell. Cheers mate.
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amazing story, had me cumming loads..thanks
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wonderful story, wonderful written.
I love the theme.
And reading your story, i hold the whole time my very stiff cock.
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great story, horny and well written!
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Great story.
I can really relate to this. My Mother is a similar age, and I'm still sniffing and cumming in her knickers.
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omg this very thing happened to me
and lasted 16 yrs in total secret
wow great memory s
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mmmm old ladies in girdles -- such a turn on, esp when its in the "family"!
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Reminded me of when i was a kid and used my grandma's panty girdle. Great story.
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i'd love to fuck your mother in law myself and i'd cum on her panty girdle everyday mmm
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very good liked both parts
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great story and very good and easily written a good flow where the reader can follow and imaging the story.
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excellent , enjoyed reading and reminded me of the many fantasy's I had of my late MIL