Ann The Farmers Wife Playing with the Vibrator

Ann The Farmers wife playing with the vibrator

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months
Ann the farmers Wife gets Snowed in day 3 3/4

I woke Ann up this morning by rubbing my hand over her flabby tummy to the top of her hairy fanny and back up to her sagging tits that were heading down under her arms.
“Are you all right after last night” I said
“Yes I think so, I’ve never had orgasms like that before and it all started with my daughter’s vibrator”
“I did like your dressed as a tart with the short skirt” I said
“I really felt like a tart last night, because of the sex we had and I probably feel like a one this morning, I feel all stiff and sore, no fun this morning I’m afraid”
We had a cuddle and get up; it was another cold day especially in the bedroom as the heating is not working yet. It’s another full day on the farm for both of us.
Ann is making tea when I get back to the house at five, the snowplough has just been, now the road is open but I will stop here tonight as it is my last night before her husband comes back from London.
After tea, the electric power comes back on, now Ann will be able to get my clothes out of the washing machine before I go home.
I go and have a bath after finding some more of Ann’s daughter’s clothes to wear. After my bath I head down stairs in to the living room, which is dark, Ann is sitting on the sofa with only the fire light and is dressed like a tart again.
“I feel ok now” she says
Ann sits on the edge of the sofa and pulls me to her, she hasn’t got a bra on and I can see her nipples sticking out just above her tummy. Ann’s hand rubs my bulge then she pulls the zip down
“You must like wearing my daughters pink knickers now, do you”
She undo’s the jeans and slips them down my legs and plants a kiss on my cock through the knickers and traces my shaft down using her tongue. I reach down to Ann’s tits taking hold of them in each hand through her blouse, they fill my hands easily.
Ann then pulls my knickers down with my jeans over my feet, I stand in front of her with my hard cock looking in to her face, and I feel her wet mouth slid over the head and her tongue licking under it as she takes it in her mouth.
I let go of her tits and undo her blouse buttons, Ann’s tits are sitting on her round tummy as I take them in my hands again, feeling her growing nipples sticking through my fingers. Ann has my cock glistening with pre cum as well as her lips.
Ann lets my cock slid out of her mouth and lifts her bum off the sofa; she pulls her skirt waist up to her tits revelling her stocking tops and I roll her skirt up as well to revel her tummy. She lies back on the sofa, her tits are resting over her rolled up skirt, and she is wearing black stocking and suspender belt that is cutting across her pale round tummy. Her suspender taught to her stockings just touching her hairy fanny as they pass.
I kneel in front of Ann kissing her knee working up to her stocking top, Ann’s legs get wider as I move up her, her hands guiding me in to her fanny. Ann’s floppy outer lips are first to be sucked making her twitch on the sofa.
I trace her lips with my tongue, she has one long slit to cover as I push in at her clitoris going around and round feeling it getting bigger and hard. My lips are pressed against hers now feeling her inner walls with my tongue and taking in the smell of her fanny.
Ann reaches for something then I here a buzzing, when I look up she is vibrating her nipples just like in the porn magazine she showed me, its doing something to her as a warm wet feeling hits my tongue.
I lift off her fanny and watch as she pushes the vibrator over her tummy and on to the top of her fanny, she works it over her clitoris.
I put my finger on the tip feeling the vibration and pushing it against her, Ann’s moaning increases. I’m not going to let her come yet and I guide her hand away so she came insert it inside her, Ann guides it between her lips making little movements in and out until the only bit showing is where she is holding on to.
Ann lets it buzz in her fanny for a couple of minutes before moving it out, I watch it coming out with her lips gripping around it being pulled and stretched. A few more strokes and Ann’s juice is lubricating it, making it slide easy in to her.
I played with her tits and kissed her leg moving closer to the vibrator, I stick my tongue out and touched it as it came out. Here I am licking Ann’s daughters vibrator which is covered in her mothers fanny juice, I flicked my tongue over her lips trying to push in to her, my tongue buzzed just like her fanny.
Ann mover her hand up over and I go between her legs sticking my tongue in to lips under the vibrator, Ann was warm and wet and about to come by the amount of moaning she was doing
“I’m going to come, fuck I’m coming”
Ann was having her orgasm, not a squirting one, but she was still wet as the vibrator fetched more juice out of her on to my waiting tongue, she pulled out her vibrator and I filled her love hole up with my cock, warm wet and squelching as I pushed it in. I was kneeling on the floor in front of her watching my cock sliding in and out.
Ann took hold of her tits pushing them together, rubbing her nipples as she moved and twisted on the sofa.
I fucked her a bit faster watching her tummy wobble under the suspender belt, I placed my hands under her bum pulling her in to me, I felt ready to come as I pushed deep in to her, parting her legs more as I pushed. All my cock was being used as Ann gasped as she came, that sent my over the top and let go squirting my cum far inside her fanny hole.
I stopped inside her making my cock twitch as it pumped my cum in to her, Ann nipped her fanny muscles on my cock, making her fanny jump out from between her legs. She squeezed her tits together making her whole body twitch as her orgasm came to an end.
I slid out of Ann when I was soft letting a stream of our cum out. Ann didn’t move apart from her hand, it scooped some of our cum from inside her hole and she put it to her mouth and tasted it.
“Go on lick me”
I went down on her lips tasting her new juice that was just leaking out, thick, sticky, creamy cum.
“Come up here” Ann said
I moved up her body kissing over her tummy to her skirt and over her tits before I reached her mouth, Ann wanting to lick and taste her cum on my face before our tongues touched. After some time I got off Ann and passed her my pink knickers to wipe her fanny. Just as well it was a leather sofa and easy to clean.
Ann wiped her fanny rubbing our cum on to her daughters pink knickers before standing up, her homemade miniskirt unrolling back down, but just to the top of her fanny as the waist was still under her tits. On show there were her pale white legs hanging over her stockings, her dark wet bush and two rather large hanging tits. I stood up with Ann and removed her skirt, god she looked sexy.
“Come on lets go to bed, it’s my last night here” I said
We run up the stairs and in to bed, which was a lot warmer than this morning and cuddled. That’s all I could remember, we must have fell asl**p

Watch out for; Ann the farmers Wife surprise in the cow shed 4/4

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