Ann the Farmers Wife finds her Daughters Vibrator

Ann the farmers Wife gets snowed in day2
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann finds her daughters vibrator

Ann wakes me up the next morning by kissing my back
“I think we better get up its seven o clock”
Ann gets out of bed and I watch as she puts on her cotton knickers and her bra, bending forward letting her tits hang as she captures them in her bra then stands up straight to fasten it.
“What can I wear today; my clothes are still in the washing machine”
Ann goes out of the bedroom and I follow her in to her daughter’s bedroom. We find some bigger jeans for working outside and a tee shirt and jumper.
“Would you mind wearing some knickers” as Ann pulled the drawer out and looked for some that were not pink, she went to the bottom of the pile and pulled this solid looking cream thing out.
“My daughter has a vibrator,” Ann said as she turned the knob on the end and it set off vibrating
“I’ve seen these in the magazine”
Ann found me some knickers and I put them on, I was used to boxers and being loose but with these, I had a mighty looking bulge in them. Ann ran her hand over the front of them and my cock started to respond. Ann started to kiss me and my cock grew, squeezing out over the waistband, Ann’s hand was sliding up and down my shaft and I could feel my pre cum leaking on to her wrist.
“Let’s have a quick fuck before I make breakfast”
We went back to Ann’s bedroom, I pushed Ann back on to the bed, and she lifted her legs on to the bed and lifted her bum so I could take her knickers off. I got them down to her knees and lifted her legs straight in to the air. Ann’s hairy fanny and lips were squeezing out between her legs, her long slit very visible and fat swollen looking lips.
I slid Ann’s daughter’s knickers down so my cock was free and with one hand on the bed I knelt down a bit and with my other hand, I rubbed my cock up and down her fanny lips.
“Go on push it in”
I could feel my cock parting her lips as I slid in to her and I got my other hand on to the bed. I had Ann’s legs up over my shoulders with her knickers across my chest.
“Yes that’s it fuck me”
Ann’s hands massaging her tits through her bra, pushing them together and squeezing her nipples. Ann felt tighter on me as her legs were together, she was panting and moaning as I pushed in to her making the mattress bounce. Her fanny squelching and getting louder, the faster I fucked her.
Ann was holding on to my wrists pulling her tight on to me as we came together, both panting and my legs aching with bending I pulled Ann’s knickers off her legs and collapsed on to Ann. Our mouths kissing wildly as our cum squeezed past my cock.
I climb off Ann and she wiped her fanny with her knickers before sitting up and kissing the tip of my cock. Then she pulled up her daughters knickers on me.
“Come on breakfast now”
We had a full morning feeding and looking for stock in the snow and the sheds to look to in the afternoon. It was five before I got back to the house. There was still no electric power yet but Ann was making tea on the range.
“Go get your bath before tea and get some clean clothes from my daughter’s bedroom, I’ve already had a bath”
I take a gas lamp up with me and find some more clothes and the vibrator. After my bath I put the vibrator under the coffee table then went in to the kitchen for our tea.
After our tea we were in thr front room where the fire was on, I hadn’t notice what Ann’s was wearing with the poor light but when she took off her apron, it was the same skirt as last night.
“I made something before tea, I didn’t feel like a proper tart last night , I hope I look like the part tonight”
Ann undid her long skirt, under it was a short skirt.
“Fuck me Ann you look hot”
Ann was in black fishnet stockings and white suspenders and a skirt that showed the whites of her legs spilling out over her stocking tops. She lifted her skirt up and she had on her white open panty girdle that we bought in York.
“Do I look all right, it’s an old skirt I cut the bottom off”
Ann came over to where I was sitting and I ran my hand up her leg before kissing the bare flesh above her stockings.
“Lay down on the fireside mat” Ann said
I lay down on my back and Ann walked over the top of me and started to lower herself over my face. I was looking up at a dark hairy fanny in a white panty girdle getting closer. Ann’s skirt covered my face as her outer floppy fanny lips made contact with my tongue. Ann stopped just hovering on the tip of my tongue and started moving back and forth, teasing her lips over my darting tongue.
Ann lowered a bit more and I could now part her lips as she rocked on me, she wanted more attention to her clitoris as I felt it enlarge.
Ann’s hand found it way down to my crotch rubbing over my jeans as she started to moan. She lifted off me and turned around sinking on to her elbows with her fanny in my face, her rather large lips hanging down from between her legs. I kissed her legs that were coming out of her stocking tops moving up to her slit.
Ann had my jeans undone and I lifted my bum so she could slid them down, I had her daughters pink knickers on and I felt Ann’s hand stroke over the bulge in them and cupped my balls. My cock was sticking out at the waistband as I felt her tongue on the head of it.
Ann started sliding the kickers down me and my cock sprung out and in to her mouth, I could feel my pre cum lubrication my shaft as her lips slid up and down and her tongue licking under my head.
I had my head buried in her fanny with my mouth clamped on to her lips and my hands on her panty girdle covered bum. My tongue darting about licking her inner walls when her first juice trickled over my tongue.
I came off her lips and watched as the juice seeped out of her lips and slid two fingers in to her, Ann speeding up on my cock as my fingers parted and pushed in to her slit. I was finger fucking Ann an inch above my face and my fingers were fetching her first sticky juice out. I pulled out and reached under the table for the six inch vibrator. Ann showed my the porn magazine at lunch time with the vibrator in and this girl sliding it in to her fanny so I had a basic idea what to do with it.
I slid it along her lips covering it with her juice before parting her lips with it. I turned it on and Ann started to moan, I pushed gently on it as Ann moved about . Ann had let go of my cock in her mouth but her hand was still wrapped around it as her whole body rocked on the vibrator.
I stuck my tongue on to her fanny as Ann rocked back and forth, the vibrator buzzing in and out as it fucked Ann nearer to a orgasm, she was rocking, panting and moaning as her body tensed, then shouted
“Take it out”
I pulled the vibrator out and Ann’s fanny erupted, Ann was having one of her squirting orgasms. Her first squirt of juice shot over my head then a second pulse of her fanny and it landed on my face, all sticky and creamy.
Ann took my cock in her mouth as I licked her lips tasting her juice, my face all wet rubbing against her wet hairy fanny as I pushed in to her hole with my tongue again.
In no time, Ann had my cock ready to come in her mouth as I worked her fanny, Ann’s body was rocking again and moaning with my cock in her mouth as I let go filling her mouth. I could hear Ann getting more and more excited and her moaning getting louder as she sucked my cock dry. Ann gives a shout
“Yes that’s it” before placing her mouth over my cock again.
Ann had another orgasm, this time my face was in her fanny when she squirted, I shut my eyes and let it come over me, if I didn’t know different I would say she was having a wee on me. It splashed over my mouth and I could feel it trickling down my neck. Ann let go of my cock and lowered her head in to my crotch with my cock against her face getting her breath back . I lowered my head back on to the floor and looked up not believing where I was, seeing her white suspenders taught over her pale leg that was spilling over her fishnet stocking and her white girdle covering her bum, I was I heaven.
Ann lifted off me and turned around to kiss me, she seen how wet my face was and my tee shirt
“Sorry about that I couldn’t help it”
I sat up and Ann kissed me then she held my head, our mouths opened and tongues darted together. Ann wanted to taste her love juice and she licked my face. I lay back down with Ann on top licking and sucking my face
“ I never thought some plastic could do that”
Ann rolled off and we lay on the fireside mat in each other’s arms. I fell asl**p cuddled in to her. When I woke up I was refreshed and I wanted to fuck her again.
I unfastened her blouse while kissing her, she started stripping me, and it seemed like a race. She pulled my tee shirt over my head while I unclasped her bra letting her tits swing free. I let her pull my jeans and knickers off after I took her short skirt off.
Ann stood up in the firelight, her big hanging tits waiting to be sucked, her dark hairy fanny poking out under her panty girdle and her pale white legs over her stockings.
Ann laid back on the sofa and I climbed between her legs sucking on her tits, her hand fiddling under me trying to find my cock, she lifted her legs wide apart and I moved up to kiss her. I felt her hand pull my cock in to her and her legs grip around my bum
“Fuck me hard”
I lifted off Ann and on to my arms and started to fuck her hard. We had the squelching noise straight away as I thrust in to her. I was bouncing her in to the sofa and her tits wobbled out of control.
“Fuck me from behind” she shouted
We parted and Ann turned over with her legs on the sofa cushion and her head over the back, Ann’s bum stuck up in the air. I placed a hand on each cheek with my thumbs massaging her fanny lips, I pushed them in pulling her lips apart. Ann had one big floppy fanny.
Her lips were easy to find with my cock and I slid straight in. I wanted to fill Ann’s fanny with my cum before she had a chance to squirt it back out.
“Yes that’s it fuck me like that” she shouted
I had my hands on her panty girdle around her waist fucking her like mad, my balls slapping against her sodden hairy bush , I wanted to cum. The squelching got louder as I used all the length of my cock inside her. Ann moaning and panting as I pushed faster, releasing my cum at the end of her love tunnel.
I pulled hard in to her pumping my cum across and filling her fanny as Ann came, her body frozen stiff as her orgasm rippled through her body, her fanny leaking past my cock as the pressure was to great to contain it.
We stopped together some time then I felt Ann’s hand under me feeling her fanny and my balls
“I think we should part, pass that tee shirt will you”
I slipped out with Ann covering her fanny with her hand and I passed the shirt. Ann wiped herself but her bush was sticky just like my balls and face were.
“I think we need a bath”
We got undressed in the living room as it was warm, I had the pleasure of removing her stockings and girdle then I lit the gas lamp and we went for a bath together and straight to bed.

Watch out for; Ann the farmers Wife using her vibrator 3/4

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theres more? *goes to read more*
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very good series
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very good , and a very erotic feeling for a guy to wear a pair of silky panties and efinitly keeps the cock hard and ready all day
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keep going