My Mother Come's to Help Me

My Mother Comes To Help Me

This all started when I was 25 years old and I was taken ill with poor circulation of the hands. I had two fingers and a thumb on one hand and two fingers on the other hand bandaged, as they were septic. My live in girlfriend, Sue had to go to her parents down south, as her father had been taking ill and needed daily treatment at the hospital for five weeks. I had my parents living down the road if I needed help, so Sue knew I would be looked after and be in safe hands.
Sue has been away for two days and I went and ran a bath for myself as it was a warm summers day, Sue had always help me so I had planned to put polythene bags over my hands to wash my self. When I started to wash myself the bags filled with water and condensation and I could not afford to get any water on the wounds, I got out of the bath and phoned my mother to come around to my house. I thought if I have the bath full with bubbles, she could not see anything, all I wanted was my hair washed, as the rest of me was wet.
My mother arrived and she washed my hair, then she started washing my back, front and arms. I said
“That would do, the rest of me is fine”
“I might as well wash your legs properly”
All I could do was sit with my arms up in the air and watch my mother wash ever closer to my crotch. “I’ll just wash your privates”
Before I knew, the sponge was rubbing over my cock and I was sure I could feel her hand squeezing the sponge as she washed over it.
I said right that’s enough. I can manage now and she left the bathroom. When I tried to get out of the bath the bags on my hands were pulling on my fingers which made the pain worse so I had a bit swear to myself. My mother was straight back in to see if I was all right and saw me standing completely naked in the bath.
“Mam out”
She did not go out, instead she got the towel and put it up to my neck and started to dry me.
“Its not like I haven’t seen it before is it, remember I used to put you to bed when you would come home d***k not that many years ago”
“It’s a bit embarrassing to need your mother to help you at my age”
“I’m your mam, that’s what I’m here for”
Sue had always dried me for the last month when I had a bath and she always teased me and made me aroused, I could sense today was no different and my cock was starting to show life but this was my mother drying me.
My mother was working her way down my chest and now the towel would not lie flat against me and she had noticed.
“I am sorry about that but Sue always does that to me,” I said
“It’s all right, it’s nice to see that you don’t have circulation problems down there”
She started drying my feet and working her way up to between my legs.
I could feel my cock rubbing her arm through the towel, then she took hold of my balls and dried them and slid her hand over my cock to dry it.
“Maaaam I think that is enough”
“I’m sorry it’s just been so long since I have felt a cock, your dad’s never had a stiffy for eight years now. Sorry I don’t know what came over me, I’m think I better go, I will see you tomorrow if you can manage”
My mother left and went home.
I was awake at five o clock the next morning with pains and took some stronger painkillers the doctor had given me. All I can remember was, I was having this erotic dream and felt that I was about to come when I felt my leg being shaken and my name being called. Then it happened again. I opened my eyes and there was my mother sitting on the bed.
“What’s wrong, what time is it”
“It’s eight o clock I been sitting here for half an hour and your breathing was getting funny so I tried to wake you”
“I was dreaming, I had some of them stronger tablets as five”
“It must have been some dream”
“It was”
Then I looked down the bed and the sheet was off me, I was completely naked and my cock was sticking straight in the air with my mother sitting on the bed with me.
“Pull the sheet over me, will you,” I said
She put the sheet over me.
“It looked like it was going to explode, I think you are missing Sue, she is away another five weeks and you can not do anything with your hands”
“It was just a dream”
“I know I am your mother but if you want anything doing just ask, anything at all”
I have always been close to my mother being the youngest c***d and she doesn’t treat my like her son, we could talk about my girlfriend’s, sex and stuff like that with no problems.
She then started touching my leg and rubbing it, moving her hand under the sheet.
I could not think if this was real or in my dream.
Her hand was now moving to the top of my leg and it felt nice. She sat there watching my reaction and her hand past my balls and on to my shaft, it felt so nice.
I shut my eyes then I felt a draught on my cock as the sheet was whisked off, her hand was sliding up and down my cock.
“Oh mam”
“It’s alright son”
I felt the bed move and saw that she had lifted her legs on to the bed, knees up in the air. She was wearing long skirt, blouse and tights. I closed my eyes and I could feel a soft hand twisting and working my cock, then one of her legs came over and rested on my chest.
I opened my eyes, my mother was turning on to her side and was about to take my cock in her mouth. It was a warm wet feeling sliding between her lips and her other hand was pulling her skirt up to her knees.
My mother had stockings on and I could see the pale flesh at the top of them, I slid the back of my hand past her foot up her leg on to the fleshy bit and brushed past her silk knickers. She give a little moan.
She let go of my cock in her mouth and started stroking it again with a tight hold. I kept rubbing the back of my hand over her stocking top.
I was about to come and it erupted with some f***e. My mother kept moving her hand up and down on my cock collecting my cum as it came.
When it had stopped, she asked,
“Does that feel better“.
“Yes thank you, there some tissue in the bedside cupboard”
I moved my hand and she put her legs back down on the floor and put her hand in the cupboard.
My mother pulled out Sue’s rabbit and strawberry lube out of the tissue box first and just stared at it, then got the tissues out and cleaned herself and me up.
After putting the sheet back on me she got hold of the rabbit and asked
“Is that used for what I think it’s for”
“No wonder Sue is always smiling”
She pressed one of the buttons and the rabbit started rotating, her eyes were out on stalks looking at it. She put her hand around the ball bearing bit and pressed the button some more, the rabbit got faster and was rotation wildly out of her hand. She stopped that bit and pressed the other button, the rabbits ears started to vibrate.
“What’s this bit for”
How do I tell my mother that you use it on your clitoris
“That’s go’s on your button”
“What button”
“At the top of your thingy”
“Right my clit”
I could see her watching it wobble, then she put it on her breast and moved it about.
“I think I would like something like this for myself”
She saw me watching her, moving it about her tit and took it away.
“Would you like to try it sometime ”
“I would not know what to do”
“I can tell you what to do”
Then I thought, I am offering my mother, help to use a sex toy.
“Sorry I should not of said that , you are my mother”
“I would like you to show me how it works, can you show me now”
“Ok I’ll show you, if you pull your skirt up that should do”
“I’m a bit warm can I take my blouse and skirt off”
“Yes you can, I won’t watch”
“I don’t mind if you do watch, you will see more of me when you show me how this works”
“I suppose you are right”
My mother is about 5 feet 8 and nine and half to ten stone and fairly trim, she must be 36/38 DD.
My mother stood up and started undoing the top of her blouse. I could see a purple bra, as she undid further down it was still purple. She slipped her blouse off and she was wearing a basque. Her tits were spilling over the top of the basque.
She undid her skirt and stepped out of it. I was starting to get aroused looking at my mother standing in front of me, purple basque with suspenders, black stockings and purple silk french knickers.
“Do you always dress like this”
“No I just wanted to feel sexy and feel like a woman again, I’ve never had that feeling for some years to feel sexy until I saw your cock yesterday, I didn’t have any intention of anyone seeing what I was wearing, I just wanted to dress nice”
“If you want to try the rabbit you might want your knickers off as well,”
“Do you mind seeing your old mother’s personal bits”
“No I don’t if you don’t”
“You must remember I am in my fifties, I’ve put a little weight on since I last dressed like this, I don’t have such a trim figure any more,
“Mam you like very nice, I could say very sexy but you are my mother”
With that, she slid her knickers down revelling a hairy bushy fanny and climbed on to the bed and lay down. I went and sat in front of her on the bed and turned away.
“You can watch you know”
“I better have some of that lube, I could be as dry as a prune seeing my fanny hasn’t be used for years”
She parted her legs and lifted her knees in to the air and squirted some lub on to her finger.
With the other hand, she found her lips and parted her hairy bush and smeared her lips with lube.
I was sitting a foot away watching my mother rubbing her fanny lips with lube, it was a neat looking fanny, no floppy folds on the outside but very hairy.
“What do I do now, do I stick it in”
“I think you better get used to it first, set the ears going and touch your clit”
I was watching her move the rabbit over her fanny and she was lightly moaning, I was getting hard. I kissed her stocking covered knee and she smiled,
“That was nice, thank you,” she said
My mother laid back on the pillow and had her eyes shut with the rabbit tickling her clit softly moaning. Her legs were in nice shape for someone in there fifties, she must of lay there 5 minutes wriggling about on the bed.
I started kissing up her leg and she parted them more. I was up to her stocking top kissing her pale flesh that was hanging over her stocking and pulling at her suspender, I could smell the strawberry lube and moved my tongue towards my mother’s pink fanny lips.
My mother moved her hand and rabbit away from her fanny and let me start to lick her lips. She started to moan a bit louder
“That’s it, just there, lick me,”
The rabbit had worked as I stuck my tongue in her I could feel some of her first juice mixing with the strawberry lube. I worked my way up to her clit licking and sucking.
“ Don’t, don’t, I’m coming, shit I‘m coming”
I could hear sudden gasps of air then her legs tightened against my shoulders, her fanny was bucking and twisting off the bed, now she was panting fast. A warm rush of juice made it way out of her fanny and I licked it up, my own mother’s fanny juice.
I looked up at her.
“I don’t know if we should have done that,” my mothers says
“Sorry I couldn’t help it, it just looked so nice I had to lick it”
“ It felt nice, it was really nice, thank you”
“Will you mind if I could look at your tits please”
“Just this once mind and it our secret”
My mother pulled the front of her basque and lifted her tits out with the other hand. I moved up over her fanny and her tummy and started to suck on her nipples, her tits were pale and soft with long dark nipples. I could not get enough of then.
“You were rampant like this when I used to breast feed you”
God, I was sucking my mother’s tits. I kissed her neck and she kissed my face, I moved on to her mouth and it fell open, we were kissing each other. My cock was straining and I felt my mothers hand around it pulling it in to her fanny. She parted her legs wide and I felt the head slip between her lips. Our tongues were fighting in each other mouths.
I pushed but it was tight. It just did not want to go in to her love tunnel, I could feel her wriggling about under me. I kept pushing and it slipped in, thrusting two or three short strokes every inch until it was all the way to my balls. My mother give a big gasp. With the strawberry lube and her juice, once I was in it was a nice feeling. Every stroke I could feel her hairy bush and how tight she was.
We slowly fucked each other, my mother lifting off the bed as we got faster. Here I was inside my mother and enjoying it.
It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and my mother was moaning a fair bit as well.
“I’m going to come mam”
“Go on squirt it in me I’m past all that baby making stuff, just come in me”
With that, I came in her and I felt her fanny tighten around my cock. I pulled out of her after my cock had softened, our juice dripping off my cock and we were still kissing passionately.
I climbed off her and sat in front of her and watched as our cum started to come out of my mothers fanny.
“Are you all right” I asked,
“No, Yes, no, I mean no, I’ve just had sex with my son, that’s not what a mother should do to her son, is it, I don‘t know what I’m thinking, I’m an old woman and I’ve had sex with someone who is young enough to be my son, but who actually is my son”
“I know it wrong having sex with your mother but it was really nice” I said
“Yes it was, first time in eight years, I felt funny you being back inside me after 25 years”
“Would you like to do it again, we could keep this our secret at least until Sue gets back home”
“I don’t know, I will think about it, but do you think we could look for a rabbit on the internet for myself”

Watch out for; My Mother,s New Rabbit

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9 months ago
good story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Moters being mothers, she will be there every minute.

That's what mother' love to do. Sons so very much appreciate their God-given emotion of love and its effects when they express it, so fully, so compassionately!
2 years ago
Very nice story
2 years ago
Lovely mom, and lucky son, it is the most beautiful thing between a mother and her son.
A mothers lovehole, is the best lovehole, in the world.
3 years ago
what a helpful mother
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nice TY
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Outstanding... feel free to check my stories out... I think you'll like them.
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4 years ago
naughty mom and the same goes for you , and very erotic story
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good fuck
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a better discription of mam very good
4 years ago
Good mom.....good son.