Ann The Farmers Wife in Fishnet Stockings 1/4

Ann the farmers Wife gets snowed in day1
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann buys fishnet stockings and suspenders for me

It is now December and Ann‘s husband will now be on the train to London with his farmer friends to go to Smithfield agriculture show, he will be away three nights and I am helping Ann out on the farm. I have just finished work as a milk delivery boy and have the next three days off.
Ann is not back yet from dropping her husband off this morning, I know that I have the cows to muck out and feed this afternoon so I go down to the shed and start. It has been snowing off and on all morning but is getting heaver now, When I finish feeding the cows I head back to the farm for my tea, it is not until I leave the sheds and head up the twisty track I realise the amount of snow there has been the last three hours. The track is cut through the hillside and has filled in with snow and the tractor will not go any further. I leave it back at the shed and walk the half mile back to the farm.
I arrive back at the house cold and wet through after taking ages to walk back across the fields through all the snow. Ann starts to strip me of all my clothes at the back door and wraps me in a towel and fills a bath for me, she brings me some of her daughter’s old clothes for me to wear when I get out of the bath.
Ann is in the kitchen dishing the tea out when I see her next, I have not taken much notice of her but she is still in her smart clothes from being away, I go over and give her a kiss.
“Are you all right now, you will have to stop here tonight, I just got through the snow to get back before”
“I would love to stop”
“Just like York, it could not have worked out better”
After our tea, we wash up and I phone my parents to say I am block in with the snow and I’m stopping here. Ann fills the washing machine with my wet clothes and we go in to the living room for the night, Ann has a roaring fire going in there and it is warm.
We sit together and Ann tells me she had to go shopping today in town because she had read another porn magazine recently about a Tarts and Vickers fancy dress party. She was going to come down to the sheds this afternoon and surprise me but the snow was starting to lay and she had trouble getting home. I said
“What did you buy”
Ann stands up, she is wearing a long skirt, white blouse and cardigan, she pulls the waist of the skirt up to under her breasts and I see for the first time black stockings on her feet.
“ I want to do what the tart in the magazine did and this is what she was wearing”
Ann lifts one leg on to the coffee table and her skirt, which has a split right up to the waist, falls open exposing her leg. Ann’s leg had black fishnet stocking and black suspenders running over her pale white leg top.
Ann tells me the story quickly how the man has not had sex for months and his s****r in law offers herself to him dressed as a tart at a barn dance as she felt sorry for him. She stood with one leg up on a bale of hay with the moon light shining on her, ready to be fucked.
Ann opens her skirt wider and I see her suspender belt sitting across her pale white tummy and her suspenders stretch to her stocking. Her dark knickersless fanny on show looked wild.
I stood up and when kissing Ann slid my hand up her leg from her calf right up to her fanny, I could feel her floppy hanging outer lips poking out from her hairy bush.
Ann rubbed at my jeans, which were not mine but her daughters which were a bit tight and I had my middle finger investigating her fanny, playing with her floppy lips.
I moved and sat on the table in front of Ann’s leg with my face looking at her bush, I started kissing my way around her soft pale legs spilling out of her stocking tops moving up to her fanny, Ann was guiding my head with her hands, pulling me in to her until my tongue found her slit which was warm and moist.
Its been five weeks since I last licked Ann and she was wanting it as much as me, my head pushed deep in to her as my tongue found her first juice of the night. Darting across and sucking her clitoris had Ann moaning and bucking herself in to my face until I was sticky with her cum.
Just then the lights went out, we were in darkness apart from the fire. I stood up and Ann put her leg back down and started rubbing my crotch, she undid the button on my jeans and the tip of my cock was exposed. Ann slid her hand down inside the front of the jeans protecting my cock as she pulled the zip down, as I had nothing underneath and took then off, then pulled my tee shirt off as well.
She sat on the table and took hold of my cock and slipped her mouth around it, it was very sexy with the fire flickering as the only light watching Ann suck and slid on my cock, trails of my pre cum sparkling in the light.
I pulled out of Ann before I came in her mouth and took Ann’s cardigan off, she stood back up with one leg on the table and her skirt falling open. I could see her pale skin and dark bush in the firelight.
Ann grabbed my cock and guided me in to her love hole as our tongues touched, pushing slowly in to her wet hole she gasped as I went all the way in. I pulled her blouse out from inside her skirt and undid the buttons seeing her bra fore the first time today.
Ann pulled her blouse off and slid her hand inside her bra lifting her tits out so I could suck them.
I slid my hands inside her skirt around to her bum and under her suspenders grabbing a cheek in each hand.
“Fuck my like you’ve never had sex for months”
My cock slid in and out getting faster, Ann pulled me tight in to her, her tits squashing against me. I was thrusting from my knees and hips and it was hard work keeping my balance.
Ann started to moan and our mouths met, her bum cheeks were wobbling in my hands as I pulled her tight in to me.
Ann was panting as I give her one last fast fuck before I came, standing on my toes I could not get any further in to her, my cock erupting in side her pushing Ann in to her own orgasm. Ann held on tight to me as I slid my cock in her pumping the last of my cum from me.
As I pulled me cock out slowly it was like opening a floodgate, our juices were leaking down her leg, my thick white lumpy cum moving in one big lump. I rubbed my cock through it given it a good covering.
Ann sat on the table and took my cock in her mouth playing with my wet balls until I was clean while I undid her bra realising her ample 38es out in to the fire light.
Ann move on to the sofa lifting and parting her legs and I went between them licking her juice from her stocking top to her fanny. Then explored her well fucked open fanny with my tongue, her lips were big, soft and warm sticking out between her legs.
We sat together on the sofa in the fire light touching each other’s bodies what seemed like hours before Ann said
“Let’s make love on the fireside rug”
Ann removed her skirt and lay down lifting and parting her legs, her suspenders were taught and were lifting off her body, her suspender belt cutting across her tummy. I started to kiss her tummy following her belt, then down her suspenders kissing the tops of her legs flicking across her clitoris as I moved from each leg.
Ann had her hands on my head gently rubbing me, I moved up her body to her tits. Ann squashing them together in my face. My cock was rock hard as it slid up over her fishnet stocking , funnelled in to her waiting hole by her bare legs.
I was up on my arms as I made contact watching Ann wriggle underneath and smile, Ann let go of her tits and they sat wobbling on her with the nipples wobbling and sinking in to themselves. I pushed gently in to her feeling her lips part as they stretched around my cock listening as my cock squelched in her wet fanny.
Ann’s legs came over mine tying me in to her as I slowly fucked her, speeding up and slowing down again as Ann wriggled and bucked about, slowing right down when she looked like she was going to cum.
This was our longest fuck and it felt nice, I speeded up looking in to Ann’s eyes and she pulled me down on top of her. I held on to her shoulders, her tits squashed in to my chest, our mouths and tongues wrapped together. I give an extra push on the end of each stroke and made Ann gasp as she came, next push and I was empting my cum in to her as well. I stopped and I could feel my cock inside her pumping my cum and Ann’s fanny muscles nipping on my shaft as we kissed.
Ann relaxed her legs and I could feel our juice leaking out down my balls, I climbed from between Ann’s legs and in the firelight could see her partly open lips leaking our love juice. Ann grabbed my tee shirt and quickly wiped her fanny before she stood up. She stood up in front of the fire with her legs wide apart bending over wiping her fanny. Her pale tits swinging and hanging down, her black stocking legs and glimpses of her pale tummy as the tee shirt rubbed up her hairy bush. My cock was twitching again looking at Ann like this.
Ann said, “Did you like my stocking and suspenders, I had to buy them specially today to look like a tart, that’s why I was late back”
“I think they were worth every penny”
“Come on lets go to bed seeing we have no electricity yet”
As Ann stood there, I undid her suspenders, rubbing my hand along her fanny lips then rolled her stockings down. Ann unclipped her suspender belt and we went up to bed for the night by candle light.

Watch out for; Ann the farmers Wife and the vibrator 2/4

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