Ann The Farmers Wife new panty girdle

Ann the Farmers Wife Took Me to York Day 2
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann’s new panty girdle

Next day Ann woke up first, it was nine o clock and she prodded me to wake me up.
Ann Said, “Come on lets share a shower”
Ann stood up and our juice from last night had decided to leak out, Ann put her hand over her fanny and we went for the shower. When in the shower,
Ann said, “I am bursting for a wee”
“Just do it in here, I want to watch”
“I will if you do” Ann said
She parted her legs and crotched down slightly and with one hand lifted her tummy. Ann started to wee and this golden liquid flowed out from her hairy fanny, hitting her floppy outer lips, which vibrated together sending her wee spraying down her leg before stopping.
Ann said, “Come on it’s your turn”
“It’s not easy when you have a hard on”
Ann started to wee again, nipping her fanny if it sprayed down her leg and altering the flow, watching it running out of her hairy bush was such a turn on I just had to stroke my cock in front of Ann. Ann was still weeing when I pushed my cock between her legs feeling her warm golden wee run over my cock. Ann moved her fanny about rubbing over my cock as her wee ran out of her and down her legs.
When Ann had finished weeing she took hold and washed my cock which was ready to explode, A few thrusts in to Ann’s soapy hand and I shot my cum over Ann’s tummy and fanny. Ann milked my cock until it was dry, my thick white cum sticking to her hand as the shower washed Ann’s tummy of my first shot of cum down her leg.
I kissed Ann under the shower as my hand explored her bush finding her love hole. I slid two fingers in to her, finger fucking her until I felt Ann body stiffen and her fanny nip my fingers as her juice became to seep out of her. I bent down and sucked on her nipples as my thumb found her clitoris making Ann gasp
“Fuck me”
I lowered down on my knees so I could enter Ann’s fanny, it was not the best position with me being tall and Ann being well built, I could not lift her up. We went back in to the bedroom dripping wet and Ann bent over the bed, her fanny hanging down between her legs waiting to be filled. I came behind her with my rampant cock and had no trouble entering her love hole.
“Fuck me hard”
I banged and slapped my balls against her as I fucked her, holding her waist I pulled us tight together. Ann’s fanny was passing little fanny burps as I squelched in to her getting louder as we fucked. I felt Ann’s hand come under me and feel my balls as her orgasm sprayed past my cock, Ann panting as I came as well filling her love hole up. Our cum running out and on to Ann’s hand under my balls
After having another shower we got dressed to go in to York and have a look at the shops and have something to eat. Ann found this big department store and we went up to lingerie department. I had never been in a place like this, all types, colours’ and sizes of underwear
Ann said, “That’s what we want”
“You have a panty girdle”
“This one is different; this is an open panty girdle”
This was over my head, it meant nothing to me.
Ann said “I am going to try it on, meet me outside if you feel embarrass”
I meet Ann outside and we went back to the hotel as we were going to eat in the restaurant there tonight. Ann got dressed in the bathroom as she wanted to surprise me. She had a dark blouse and long skirt.
We went to the restarant and sat down next to each other so we could touch each other without any one knowing. Ann’s skirt had a slit up my side, I could find my way in through the split but there was another six inches of material after that, as not to reveal anything.
Over dinner, I had parted the split and could feel down Ann’s leg, which felt all smooth, as if she was wearing tights again. Our desert came and I thought if I reached across with my other hand, I could slide that one up her leg. When I did move up her leg, Ann was not in tights but stockings. I could feel the bare tops of her legs all soft squeezing over her stocking, I slid further up her leg and my hand brushed against Ann’s bush, she had no crotch in her girdle or any knickers on.
Ann give me a dirty smile and parted her legs. I touched her fanny and pushed a finger between her lips, she was all warm. We were just finishing when a couple asked if thy could sit opposite us as the restaurant was full, we said that was fine, we will be going soon.
The pair sat down and the man dropped the menu on the floor, before we knew he was under the table picking it up. I had my hand up Ann’s leg and her skirt was open, when he got back up, he just looked at us two. We knew he had seem things, the woman started to say
“It’s so nice a mother and son away for the weekend, our son would not be seen with his mother now”
She now turned to her husband and said the same to him. We talked for a couple of minuets before we left.
We could not get out of the restaurant fast enough and in to the lift, we were on the eighth floor and no one was in so I pushed Ann against the back of the lift. I started to kiss her neck rub my hand between her legs. Ann was rubbing at my crotch as the lift stopped and we shot back to our room.
I could not wait to undress Ann, her blouse came off first then Ann stopped,
She said “wait”
Ann stepped back from me and loosened her skirt, throwing it on to the chair, Ann stood there in black stockings, white bra and panty girdle with suspender attached. Her hairy dark bush sticking out from the bottom, she look fabulous and sexy.
Ann said “I got this for you, do you like”
“I am nearly coming looking at you”
Ann stripped the clothes off me.
I said “I want to bury my face between your legs”
Ann lay down on the bed and I started kissing the tops of her legs moving from one to the other passing over her fanny with my tongue and pulling at her suspenders.
Ann’s girdle covered the top of her bush and she lifted her leg up and her fanny open up to me, I buried my head between her legs. Her lips were warm and moist as my tongue darted in to her. Ann was moving about on the bed pushing herself in to my face as I gently pulled at her lips.
I kissed my way back down her leg, stopping at her stocking top and kissed the bare leg, which was spilling over her stockings. I had never seen stockings before and I was in heaven.
Ann said “Do you like your surprise”
I moved along side Ann and we kissed with my hand feeling the tops of her legs. Ann took my cock in her hand and stroked it slowly as I entered two fingers in to her fanny. Ann’s tongue darted in and out of my mouth as my fingers did the same with her fanny.
My fingers were getting sticky as they made a wet squelching noise from between her lips. Ann moaned as she nipped her hand around my cock and she bucked off the bed pushing on to my fingers as she came. I left my fingers inside her feeling her warm juice pushing past them and her fanny contracting on them.
Ann stood up on the bed and parted her legs over the top of me and slowly lowered herself over my face, her dark bush hid under her girdle and her pale legs sticking out of the stockings got closer until I could flick Ann’s hanging outer lips with my tongue.
Ann was warm and wet and her juice was sweet as I licked her lips. Her girdle was over my nose as I looked up at her tummy. Ann had me pinned to the bed as I licked her, moving slightly on my tongue. Ann then slid down my body finding my cock with her fanny.
I reached around Ann and undid her bra as she pulled it off, letting her tits fall out in to my face, Ann’s nipples were small, hard and tight as I sucked them bigger.
Ann sat up straight on me, her big tits hanging down to her girdle and started to lift herself off me. I watched as she came back down, her girdle covering my cock as it went in her. Ann was now fucking me, slowly at first but getting faster as her tits bounced about.
I looked at Ann riding me, her black stockings, her bare legs covered with suspenders from her girdle and her dark hairy bush on top of me. It just about made me cum. I started lifting off the bed to meet Ann. Ann took hold of her tits in her hands as she bounced up and down fucking me.
Ann was now breathing fast and beginning to sweat, I had my hands on her waist as I came just before Ann give a sharp gasp as her orgasm rippled through her body. Ann collapse on top of me out of breath as I pumped my cum in to her fanny. I could feel our love juice running out of her and down my cock as we lay there together.
After some time I felt my cock wilt out of Ann’s fanny and she slid down me to my cock licking and tasting our juice. When she had licked me clean I wanted to taste her mouth and we kissed passionately.
We lay together talking about the past four months
Ann said “I thought my sex life was over, I never knew sex could be so much fun, if it wasn’t for that porn magazine that give me ideas I would know nothing. I would never have sucked a cock or swallowed cum” “If it wasn’t for you I would still be a virgin and know nothing either”
We must have falling a sl**p as I woke up, it was five in the morning, Ann was on her back still in her stockings and girdle, the duvet was off her as Ann was not used to warm rooms, not after cold farmhouses. It was never proper dark here either with all the streetlights so I could see Ann and I slid down to her fanny kissing the tops of her legs. Ann slightly moved her legs and I moved up to her outer lips and sucked then. Ann moved again and this time I buried my head between her legs, I started licking her slit tasting our juice from last night.
Ann’s legs rose in to the air and now she was awake, I could see all her hairy bush under her girdle from here, Ann was now moaning and her lips were podgy and warm and her clitoris beginning to swell.
I took my time licking Ann’s fanny and playing with her clitoris.
I moved up her body to kiss her mouth and my cock slipped into her wet inviting hole and I fucked her as we kissed. Ann didn’t wait long before she was panting.
“I’m coming, fuck me, cum in side me”
I didn’t wait long either before my cock twitched in her fanny shooting what little cum I had left in to her.
I lay on top until my cock was soft kissing and snogging her. I climbed off Ann and we cuddled in to each other and fell back to sl**p.
It was 8 o’clock when Ann sat up in bed and woke me. She got out of bed and stood up. Ann’s fanny was running with our cum and it had reached her stocking already. We went in to the shower and I got down on to my knees and undid Ann’s suspenders and rolled her stocking down before she removed her girdle.
Ann had me hard again while she washed my cock and I would of loved to fuck her in the shower but she had to get to her WI meeting.
I meet Ann after her meeting and we went back home in the car discussing when we could do this again. Ann said
“My husband wants to go to London for the Smithfield show, I might tell him he can if you can come and help me”
“That sounds like a good idea”
That’s how we parted knowing we would be together again in five weeks time.

Watch out for; Ann the farmers Wife gets Snowed in day1 1/4

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4 years ago
you put a smile on my face rerading this this morning , hope you take the showes further along in the next series , nother sweeter then sharing the golden love