Ann The Farmers Wife Took Me To york 1/2

Ann The Farmers Wife Took Me to York day 1

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

My first night with Ann

It was a Friday night at the end of October, dark and wet and Ann was driving us to York for the weekend. It had started two weeks previously; Ann asked if it was possible for me to get away for the weekend. Ann had a Woman Institute conference at York and it was on Sunday between 10 and 4 but if I could go, we could head down on the Friday night together.
Ann would tell her husband it was an all weekend conference and an early start on Saturday so she would have to go on Friday night. I said I would tell my parents I was going to a friend from school 18th birthday and he had plans for all weekend.
The weekend was set, I parked my car in town and Ann pick me up and off to York we went. The traffic was hell getting out of town and on to the motorway, it was already six o’clock and we had done three mile. The time we spent stuck in traffic I could see that Ann was dressed in a jacket, white blouse, dark long skirt, she did dress like a W I member but she had just left her husband at home, I wondered what she had underneath.
We heard on the radio that the road was blocked just past half way to York after a serious accident. We had to find another way to York so we went on to the small back roads, every one else had the same idea as well, it was slow going.
When we were passing through this small village Ann said, “There a chip shop lets stop” it was half past seven. Ann park in this car park and stopped the car. Ann sat and looked at me and said
“We are actually doing it, a weekend away”
Then we kissed and I could feel Ann’s hand pulling my zip down.
“It’s nearly seven weeks since I had a hold of your cock”
She put her hand inside my boxers and pulled my hardening cock out, Ann bent down over my lap and entered my cock in to her mouth, sucking and slurping my pre cum. Ann got back up and I eagerly kissed her mouth. I love the idea my cock was in there seconds before and my pre cum is still on her lips, I slid a hand up her skirt, she had tights on and her legs felt really smooth and sexy. Ann said
“Come on lets get something to eat now, then straight to bed when we get there”
We got to York it was half past nine, Ann checked in and I waited in the car until she came back out of the hotel, a mature woman and young lad booking in together looks suspicious we thought. We went back in to the hotel and in to the lift and up to our room.
We could not wait to get in through the door and strip each other. I took off Ann jacket and blouse, underneath a sexy white lace bra, Ann was pulling my top half off as well. I reached for her skirt, undid the belt, catch, zip, and let it fall to the floor. Ann stood there in tan tights, white panty girdle and white lacy bra.
“You look really sexy when I get your WI clothes off.”
Ann went down on her knees and pulled my trousers and boxers off me, my cock stuck straight out between us and she wasted no time in putting it in her mouth and sucking it. Ann came up off her knees, we started kissing and touching each other, my cock in her hand, and I was rubbing her fanny through her tights and crotch of her girdle.
I was thinking that I had to take her tights off and I sunk down on to my knees and started pulling them down.
“Make a hole in them, just rip them”
Ann was past caring so I ripped them around her crotch and undid the hooks and eyes on her girdle crotch. I pushed Ann back on to the bed and started feeling and kissing her smooth nylon covered legs moving up to her fanny. I pushed my tongue through the big hole in her tights and her hairy bush before coming to her slit and licked her outer lips.
Ann said, “I want to finish what I started in the car”
I got on to the bed and laid down on my back, Ann lifted her leg over my head and her crotch flaps of her girdle hung down as she lowered her fanny on to my face and tongue. Ann then went down on to my cock, she had one hand around the shaft and was licking the tip of it, and then she slipped her mouth over the head of my cock.
I was licking along her slit and getting deeper in to her each time and flicking her clitoris with me tongue. I reached around to Ann’s back, undid her bra, lifted her tits out, and played with her nipples, Ann was getting faster on my cock and her fanny muscles were nipping on my tongue as she grinded her fanny in to my face.
My cock jerked in Ann’s mouth as I came, filling her mouth with two weeks of cum. I saved myself after I knew we were coming to York. Ann carried on sucking and sliding up and down on my cock and I could feel her tongue playing around my head.
Ann moaned loudly as she orgasm on my face, a sticky creamy juice covered my mouth. Ann let go of my cock as I lick her wet fanny tasting her sweet juice before climbing off me. We both got up on to the pillows of the bed and Ann let her bra fall off her arms.
We started kissing and exploring each other’s mouths as we lay there some time in each other’s arms. I could see her big soft tit resting on my chest and I just had to suck it.
I moved down Ann’s side to kissed and sucked her tits them I moved down over her tummy, which was still in the panty, girdle. I started to pull her tights down, Ann lifted her bum, and I pulled them down kissing her legs as I went.
It was time for Ann’s to loose her girdle, Ann lifted herself again pushing at her girdle as I pulled it at the bottom, her tummy was first to pop out then her hairy bush and it was off. Ann lifted her knees and I started kissing at her tummy working down to her bush then back up to Ann’s mouth.
I was hard again and without trying, my cock slid in to her a little at a time,
Ann said, “that feels so nice make love to me”
Ann started to moan gently as I thrust long, deep and slow in to her as we were kissing; I lifted myself on to my arms and watched Ann wriggle under me lifting her legs over mine. I was pushing in to Ann and we were making the bed creak and her tits were wobbling around. I got faster as Ann started lifting herself off the bed to meet me coming in to her, her fanny squelching with every thrust
I could see in her face and by her breathing she was about to come, just as I let go, she came as well. I stopped fucking her and felt her fanny nip around my cock as I twitched and pumped my cum in to her. We lay there a couple of minuets and I made my cock twitch a few more times inside her and Ann nipped her fanny as well. I could feel our juice squeezing out with every nip of her fanny.
Ann said quick I want to taste our cum on you cock and I rolled off her. Ann went straight down to licking my cock, looking up at me as she licked it; she was one horny mature woman. Ann slid back up my body after she had licked my cock clean and in to my arms. We must have fallen asl**p cuddling each other as it was the next morning when we woke up.

Watch out for; Ann the Farmers Wife Took Me to York Day two 2/2

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7 months ago
great to hear a story from the north east keep on fucking this horny wife:)XXXXX
4 years ago
love the thought of tearing a hole into the crotch of her hose and eating her out running my hands over nylon clad legs and ass