Ann The Farmers Wife Straw Time 2/2

Ann the Farmers wife Straw Time day two
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Once more in the bedroom

I arrived at the farm just after nine with the last load of straw and went to the farmhouse. Ann’s husband had gone early this morning to a tup sale in Scotland. He told Ann it would be after eleven before I got there this morning because of the time it takes to load the trailer with straw. Ann knew different as we loaded it yesterday and I just had to pick it up.
Ann was in the kitchen, she must have had the same thoughts as I did as she was in a dress. No time for coffee, it was straight up the stairs in to the bedroom. Ann was desperate, she had me stripped and was kissing me and playing with my cock.
Ann pulled her dress over her head, she had the pink girdle and bra on and she was undoing her crotch. Ann was in a hurry; she went to the bed and stretched herself over it exposing her bum and her fanny lips
“You were going to fuck me like this last time we were in here now fuck me”
I put my hand on her bum and slid my thumb along her slit, Ann give a gasp
“Stick it in me”
I stuck my thumb in her, she was already moist
“Fuck me with your cock”
I pulled my thumb out and took hold of my cock and rubbed it along her slit pushing against her clitoris, Ann wriggled her fanny about until I was inside her pushing back on to me. I undid her bra but her tits were on the bed, I reached around her feeling her round tummy in her girdle before sliding my hand next to the crotch flap and feeling her clitoris. Ann went wild bucking back harder on to me as she came making a wet squelching noise with her fanny on my cock.
I kept my hand on her clitoris and as I pushed in to her, it rubbed up my fingers. Ann was breathing fast and moaning and wanting a good fucking, I placed my hands on her waist so I could pull in to her and started thrusting long deep thrusts in to her. Ann moved her hand under her and her moaning got louder.
I moved my hand to her clitoris but Ann’s hand was there, she grabbed my hand and started using it to rub her clitoris. It felt so sexy a woman doing that I pushed even further and faster in to her slapping my balls against her.
Ann’s fanny was starting to fart then started spraying fanny juice out of it; my hand was being pushed hard over her clitoris as Ann started gasping faster. I came shooting me cum in to her as her orgasm exploded pushing a flood of creamy, sticky fanny juice past my cock. Ann fanny was nipping my cock, milking it of my cum as hers ran down between us
Ann pulled my hand out from beneath her and flopped on to the bed. I let my limp cock fall out of Ann’s love hole and went down on my knees to taste her juice, licking her thigh working up to her fanny I licked her clean before watching my cum leaking out of Ann open hole,
I stood up and pushed my limp cock against her fanny covering it with my cum for Ann to suck. Ann slid off the bed and sat on her dress on the floor to catch her juice and I offered her my cock to her mouth. I watched Ann lick my white lumpy cum off my cock before she took it in her mouth sucking and slurping on it. Ann was starting to get me hard again and she pulled it out of her mouth and started to use her hand while she watched it grow again.
“Come on if we start work now you can fuck me in the shed”
Ann pulled her girdle off and put her cotton knickers on and got dressed for work
We had two trailers to unload, this time at the farm itself. After the first one was unloaded, I got on to the stack with Ann and we kissed with her feeling the front of my shorts. She sank on to her knees and pulled my shorts and boxers over my cock catching it with her mouth as it sprang out.
Ann’s mouth was warm and wet sliding over my cock, I got hold of her head and started moving her on my cock, I felt ready to cum but I wanted to fuck Ann’s fanny one last time and I pulled out.
Ann said “I want to feel you on top of me”
I stripped Ann of her bra, trousers and knickers and she stood there all naked, dark hairy bush and big hanging tits. I stripped myself ready to enter Ann’s fanny one last time. Ann lay down on the bales with her knees in the air wide apart showing her pink swollen lips.
I went down between her legs and could smell the sex from before on her fanny. I stuck my tongue out and licked my way from her fanny up over her tummy and on to her tits before taking each nipple in my mouth.
Ann pushed her tits together so I had two nipples in my mouth, I moved on to Ann’s open mouth, our tongues wriggling together before Ann had a sharp intake of breath as my cock parted her lips and I pushed inside her.
I wasn’t going to fuck her like the last time when we thought it was our last time; I wanted this time to last, feeling my cock in her warm wet hole. Ann’s legs came around my legs and her hands on my back as I pushed in and out slowly using the full length of my cock. Ann taught me so much.
Our breathing was increasing as Ann looked me in the eye, my thrusting had an extra push at the end of every stroke, and Ann was smiling.
This had to be our longest fuck and it was coming to an end as Ann bucked off the bales, her fanny contracting around my cock as I let go shooting my cum in to her as her moans got louder
“That’s it I can feel you coming, fuck me I‘m nearly there”
Three or four more thrusts in to Ann’s fanny was enough and she wriggled under me nipping her legs tight around me, our mouths tight together kissing and her fanny nipping on my cock. She didn’t want to let go, I was stuck inside her. We lay there five minutes kissing before she relaxed her legs and letting me climb off her.
Ann’s fanny was covered in our cum, her hair plastered to her skin and her lips still open leaking our cum. She lay there all naked, her tits hanging down under her arms, her round tummy sat there. Ann didn’t care, “we’ve have had a good time learning together, I don‘t think we will be able to do this again now” she said
“I know it’s been great I don’t think I will ever forget you and my first time”
Ann sat up and we got dressed and finished the last load of straw.
I still went to Ann’s farm helping out on my days off but the husband was able to work again and Ann and I were never along anymore.

Watch out for; Ann The Farmers Wife Took Me to York day 1 1/2

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4 years ago
excellent , and thank god theres still more to cum , have enjoyed the whole series