Ann The Farmers Wife Straw Time 1/2

Ann the Farmers Wife Straw Time day one
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Another chance to fuck Ann

It had been three weeks since Ann's husband came out of hospital after the hernia operation. I had been up at the farm helping out quite a bit since I last fucked Ann, but we have never been alone together to do it again.
It was now straw time and we have been baling straw for the last three days on an arable farms down the valley and fetching it back to this farm by tractor and trailer. Ann's husband cannot lift yet so he is going with some other farmer to a tup sale and will be away all day.
I took the tractor and trailer home with me last night to fetch a load back with me in the morning. It was half past nine when I was driving down the road to the farm. Ann was standing waiting for me as we were working together today stacking straw bales in the shed.
Ann got in to the tractor with me, as the shed was half a mile down a track; she took my face in her hands and snogged me. I moved across the seat so Ann could sit with me. As I set off Ann’s hands were rubbing up my leg and over my shorts.
“I can’t believe I had to wait three weeks before we could be alone again, I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me” Ann said
Ann now had her hand up my shorts leg and was pulling my cock out from my boxers; I slid my hand over her tummy and between her legs. Ann undid her button and zip with one hand, I could see her blue cotton knickers stretched over her tummy and slid my hand inside her trousers felling her hairy bush through her knickers.
We got to the shed and Ann guided me back in to the opening. I unloosened the ropes down one side of the trailer and as I reached the back of the trailer Ann was sat on some bales. Her trousers and knickers were in a heap on the ground and her legs wide apart, her big hairy bush covered with her tummy.
“I want you to get your shorts off and lick my fanny then fuck me”
I got then off and on to my knees in front of Ann, Ann laid down on the bales and her fanny appeared from under her tummy. Her fanny was the same with two floppy, wrinkly outer lips pocking out of her bush and a nice pink slit.
I pushed my tongue through her hair and started to lick her lips, darting my tongue inside her and tasting her all ready wet fanny. I was licking and sucking her nice and soft around her clitoris when two hands pulled my head in to her fanny moving me up and down her slit.
Ann shouting “lick me, suck me”
Then that warn feeling washed over my face, she had came, my head was realised from her grip.
Ann shouted again “fuck me now, fuck me hard”
I didn’t do what she wanted but I got on to the bales with her, kneeling at her head and stuck my cock in her face. Ann turned her head and eagerly took it in her mouth licking the head before sliding it in to her mouth. I reached down to her fanny and slipped two fingers in her wet hole and my thumb massaged her clitoris.
Ann’s whole body was moving and jerking, her fanny was bucking off the bales on to my fingers and her head sliding on my cock, she still had her blouse and bra on and her tits wobbled like two big jellies.
Ann couldn’t get enough of my cock, her lips tight around it covered in per cum. I speeded up finger fucking her as I was about to cum in her mouth. Ann’s moans getting louder as my fingers squelched in and out of her fanny fetching her to an orgasm as I squirted my cum in her mouth.
I watched Ann suck my cock until I had no more cum left then with her tongue lick under the head until it was clean. Ann lay there with a big grin over her face and I was feeling her tits with my sticky hand as my cock soften
“I think we both needed that, your balls holds a lot of cum”
We got up and got dressed, Ann’s knickers all ready wet before she had time to get her trousers on.
Ann said, “If we push on with bales now we can have a proper fuck when we get back with the next loads”
We empted the two trailers of straw then went back to the farm for an early lunch, as soon as we were in the kitchen
Ann said, “I’m going to change my knickers I feel rather damp”
“I better help you off with them trousers then”
I grabbed Ann from behind and placed my hand over her tummy and kissed her neck, I undid her button and slipped my hand in to her trousers and slid a finger over her knickers pushing her wet gusset in to her lips.
Ann was moaning softly and turned her head to kiss me, we kissed before I slid her trousers and knickers down, Ann lifting her leg to slid them off her feet before she slid my shorts over my cock
I guided Ann to the table and she hoisted herself on to the end of it leaning back on her arms, Ann parted her legs and her pink fanny lips appeared out of her hairy bush. My cock stuck straight out in front of me had no problem finding Ann’s wet hole. Slowly I slid it in and out of her and I undid her blouse to see her full bra, I placed both hands on her bra-covered tits as I fucked her.
Ann lifted one arm up at a time and we took her blouse off then I reached around her and I undid her bra releasing her 38e tits. I placed my hands under then with my thumbs rubbing on her nipples.
Ann sat up wrapping her legs around mine and her arms around my back, her tits squeezing out the side of us still in my hands. We started to kiss again as I slipped in and out of her with big long slow thrusts.
Ann’s tongue was darting around my mouth and our fucking got faster as Ann pulled me in to her with her legs.
I let go of Ann’s tits and grab her bum as I build up to coming in her, its been three weeks since I was last inside her and I flooded her fanny with my cum as I pump in to her, Ann letting go as well, we make a squelching noise as I drain my cock inside her.
We stop together sometime before we parted, all sticky with sweat Ann’s tits peel off my chest and hung down and I pull out of her realising a flood of our cum on to the floor.
Ann went and got her new dry knickers as I get dressed, as she came back Ann says
“I still want you to fuck me when we get back, might be our last chance”
We have our lunch and head off to the arable farm for more straw with two trailers. We load the trailers and head back to the farm with one trailer and the bailer as it was to dark last night to fetch it it back.
I can’t wait until we are back as she wants a good fucking again but as we drive down the road Ann’s husband is opening the gate for us. He was not supposed to be back until late tonight, that’s our fucking stopped.
Ann’s husband tells us the tup sale was poor so he came back but he is going to another one tomorrow if that was all right with Ann.
I sorted the tractors out and Ann went and made tea for us before I went home with a tractor for tomorrow last load of straw

Watch out for; Ann the Farmers wife Straw Time day two 2/2

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