Ann The Farmers I Woke up in her Bed

Ann the Farmers Wife hay time day four
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

I woke up in Ann’s bed

The alarm clock rang, it was six o clock. The sun was shining through the window. I was In Ann’s bed. I turned over to face her, she was just wakening up as well.
Ann said “come here give us a cuddle”
Ann got on to her side and pushed across in to me. After a bit kissing and cuddling, I could feel her hand sliding down my body to my cock.
Ann said “I can feel that you are fit and well this morning, I don’t know how things are with me, I might need my fanny looked at”
“I could do that for you”
She wiped the clothes off the bed and lay on her back legs apart. I moved down the bed between her legs and had a look and a bit touch with my finger.
“it looks fine to me”
and lay back down next to her.
Ann said “was that it, I think I need a better examination than that”
She lifted her leg up and rolled over on top of me. Ann was on her knees and her fanny was getting closer to my face, I could see her two outer lips poking out of her hair, I stuck my tongue out to touch them and she stopped. I give then a gentle lick and pushed past them in to her fanny. Ann did not move so I started exploring more of her, down both lips and up to her clitoris.
Ann had her hands on the headboard of the bed and she was gently rocking in to my face and moaning slightly. Her fanny was warm and moist.
Ann moved herself back down me until we were kissing, holding my head in her hands. She was still on her knees and I could feel my cock brushing against her fanny. The kissing was getting more intense, our tongues fighting one and other.
Ann give a little pant and I could feel her fanny on my cock sliding down but very slow, we were still kissing and she slid back up my cock, it felt in slow motion. Ann lifted her self on to her hands and her tits hung down brushing against my chest. she was rocking back and forth on my cock and her tits were swinging in to my face, I caught one in my mouth and sucked on her nipple. I started lifting myself off the bed to meet her coming down. Ann was using all the length of my cock. We were still fucking slowly but our breathing was getting faster and our eyes were locked together.
Ann said “I’m going to come”
Before we knew, we were coming together, my cock pumping cum deep in to Ann and her fanny nipping around my cock
We both were panting and looking at each other, Ann collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her, I was still in her when she looked up.
Ann said “that was good that was more than just sex we been having, I think we have just made love”
“its you who has taught me everything I know”
Ann smiled and climbed off me, our cum was running down my cock and trickling out of her fanny.
she turned and went straight down on me and licked my cock. I could reach her fanny from where I was and had two fingers in her.
Ann lifted her leg over me and offered me her wet fanny to lick. She had me hard again and my tongue was deep in her fanny sucking and licking. I was not bothered what I was licking I knew who had put it there. Ann let go of my cock and was moaning and pushing her fanny along in to my face. she started saying
“go on, go on, lick me”
then a warm feeling flooded her fanny over my face, I licked her warm juice a bit more, then she lifted her leg back over me and lay back down on the bed.
Ann moved after half an hour and said
“we better get up”
I watched her getting dressed, pulling her cotton knickers on and her bra. I got out of bed and went behind her and kissed her neck, she went all soft and relaxed.
I started moving my hand over her tummy and down between her legs. Ann parted her legs and I rubbed her knickers up her slit, it was all warm. Her lips then swallowed the crotch of her pants and she was moaning and moving on my finger.
“we can’t stop here all day, but I can not wait until I get down in to the hay shed with you today”
We then got dressed and went for breakfast. Ann said she would see me about 11 o clock, she had the sheep and cows to check. I was going to stack the last of the hay in the shed.
Ann came after 11 o clock and took off her blouse and got on the stack, it was like an oven in the shed. We filled that bay up to the roof, then started a new bay of the shed before lunchtime.
Ann said, “we can have some lunch now or some fun”
she started kissing me so I knew what she wanted. Ann was rubbing up my shorts with her hand and said
“I want you to fuck me now”
I undid her trousers and went down on my knees and pulled them down then slid her knickers down exposing her hairy fanny. Ann stepped out of then and parted her legs before I licked her fanny and I could smell the sex from this morning.
I moved back up her body removing her bra before she took my shorts off. she sat down on a bale and pushed her big tits together. I slid my cock in and out of her tits with Ann catching it in her mouth each time. I had my hands on her shoulders pulling her on to my cock fucking her face.
Ann pulled off and lay down, her legs wide apart, her slit beginning to part. I climbed between her legs and she guided me in to her wet hole. I took hold of her tits, her nipples were different today, small hard, and wrinkly, other times they had been hard big and smooth.
Now I was pushing hard in to her fanny, Ann rolled over a little on to her side and lifted one leg over my shoulder, I was pushing deeper in to her. Ann’s fanny was squelching with every thrust, her breathing getting deeper and faster
“yes yes that‘s it fuck me”
With that, some fanny farts and a spray of Ann’s juice pasted my cock. I kept fucking her and I could watch my cock parting her lips with every thrust, two pink swollen lips covered in creamy juice. It was not long before I was going to come, the squelching was making me want to come. Ann’s was shouting to fuck her harder. I shot me cum deep inside her just as she was coming again.
Two more thrusts and I slipped out of her fanny followed by one almighty squirt of Ann’s fanny juice. It sprayed over my cock and down over Ann’s fanny and tummy. she was panting hard and she lowered her leg back down . I watched as Ann felt her fanny to see how wet she was, smiling like a Cheshire cat.
Ann said “we will just have lunch here I am to knackered to move”
We sat having our lunch naked on the hay, after lunch Ann started packing the basket and she dropped something down between the bales, she got on to her knees and reached down between the bales. Ann’s pale arse was sticking up in the air, as she reached further down in to the bales I could see more of her fanny, her hair stuck together with fanny juice and two pink swollen lips sticking out between the floppy outer lips, her fanny was some size.
I thought this could be my last fuck with Ann and I stood up and went over to her with my cock sticking straight out in front of me. I had never seen my cock look as big and as hard as it was with a purple swollen head.
I took hold of Ann’s waist and slid straight in to her with ease. I could hear Ann moan, my last inch of cock I give an extra push and parted her lips more. I started thrusting deep and hard in to her, her fanny was wet and I could feel my balls getting sticky.
Ann was past moaning and was now heavy breathing and asking me to go harder. I was willing my self to come and telling Ann
“I’m going to fuck you hard”
My balls were slapping against Ann’s fanny with every thrust. Our pace never slowed, I fucked as hard as I could, as it was my last time with Ann. I stopped thrusting when my cock exploded in Ann. Keeping us tight together I could feel my cock deep in side pumping my cum in to her.
I did not know if Ann had come but when I pulled out there was a rush of warm juice running down my cock. Ann stopped on her knees getting her breath back, her fanny lips were still open and juice was running down the top of her leg. Then I seen my white thick cum coming back out of Ann’s slit. She straighten up slightly then stood up, I watched as my cum mixed with her juice ran out of her fanny and down her leg. Ann said
“you are a fast learner that was great”
Ann then got the towel and dried her big wet fanny and then we got dressed to start work again.
At five we were finished stacking all the hay, Ann said she would have to get back to the farm to sort her self out before the hospital.
“that’s me finished here with the hay”
Ann said “no it’s not I need you again tomorrow, no one knows we are finished the hay so that will be our excuse, I could have a surprise for you”
“I will see you at one tomorrow then”
Ann went back to the farm and I sorted the machines out, and then went home.

Watch out for the last part; Ann the Farmers Wife hay time day five

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4 years ago
another great story in this series and can only iminge what she's planning for you next