Ann The Farmerw Wife, my first night with Ann

Ann the Farmers Wife Hay Time day three 2/2
These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

My first night with Ann

I was at the house at six, Ann did have something to build our strength back up, two big steaks. After tea Ann washed and I dried the dishes. I kept rubbing myself across her bum while putting the dishes away.
After the dishes Ann said
“I should have a bath and a early night”
I said “I’ll see you at 9 tomorrow if you are having a bath and an early night”
“I would like you to stop and wash my back, if you want”
We went upstairs to the bathroom, Ann ran the bath and I helped Ann get out of her clothes. The dress came over her head, she stood there in her pink bra and panty girdle. She had no problems with me seeing her, I reach round her back to undo her bra then fetched my hands round the front, Ann lowered her arms and the bra fell away from her big breasts.
Ann lifted my tee shirt over my head and pulled down my shorts and boxers and out sprang a hard cock.
“I thought I was washing your back”
“you are but from inside the bath with me”
I try to pull Ann girdle down, but Ann had to help me to get it off.
A big hairy bush appeared after her tummy and we got in to the bath facing each other. I washed Ann first down over her tits, down her tummy between her legs. Ann turned around for me to wash her back, I did that and then reached around to soap her tits again. I could wash and play at the same time. Ann move on to all fours, Ann had a nice bum not to big or fat, but with lovely round checks.
I tricked water over her bum and it ran down over her outer lips which were hanging down. I soaped my hand and give her fanny a wash and rub, slipping my fingers along her slit, if I wanted I could of stuck my cock straight in to her but I thought she would of had plenty sex today.
Ann had not, as I sat in the bath and Ann was washing my cock she dropped her mouth around it and sucked it. It was hard kneeling for her and she stopped, we got out and dried each other.
Ann said “I wish you could stop tonight but you parents might say something”
“I’ll phone them and explain that a cow is starting to calf, and if we have problems and it gets late, I will stop here tonight”
That was fine after the phone call.
Here I was stopping with a respected woman in her fifties and in the WI.
Ann said “lets go to bed”
It was nine o clock and the bed was still a mess from this morning, we got in together and cuddled together. The magazines was still there from this morning , we looked through and read about golden showers, peeing on each other and we decided was not for us, but I do like watching Ann have a wee.
There was some pictures of a couple having sex, she was holding on to her legs wide apart and her knees were nearly touching her tits, her fanny looked so exposed, she had cum running down over her bum hole. Ann said “I likes the look of that and if you were to lick me after, that would be nice“.
There was nothing left in the book to look at.
Ann said “do you want to try that move out we have just read about”
She grabbed my cock to see if it was hard, to which it was. Ann got on to her back and put a pillow under her bum and lifted and parted her legs. She put her hands around her knees to support them. Ann’s fanny was well exposed, her outer floppy lips were hanging down over her hair and her slit was long, her inner lips looked pink, fat and swollen and were starting to part open, her hair was all frizzy with coming out of the bath
Ann said “that will have to do I can not get my knees any further to my tits”
I went down and licked her long soft pink lips up to her clitoris. Ann was moaning
“I don’t know how long I can stop like this”
I moved up on to my knees and got hold of my cock and rubbed it up Ann’s slit a few times before I pushed it in. I put my arms down behind Ann’s legs and hands on her waist and took the weight of her legs. I could watch my cock sliding in to Ann’s fanny from this position. I started thrusting in to her getting further in each time.
In no time Ann was shouting
“yes, yes, fuck me”
she looked like she about to come but was screaming like in pain. As I pulled out Ann shouted
“fuck, yes”
and I watched a jet of her orgasm squirt out of her fanny on to me and her tummy, a thin creamy sticky juice. It sprayed about nine inches out of her fanny. Ann rubbed her hand through it and licked her fingers and smiled.
“Now fuck me like that again” she said.
We fucked like this three more times, me pulling out when she looked ready to come and Ann squirting her juice out each time. Ann’s fanny hair was sopping with her juice as well as her tummy and up her legs. The time was getting shorter between her coming each time.
Ann said “I don’t think I can fuck anymore tonight I feel sore but will you lick me like in the book”
I slid down the bed and started to lick her fanny, Ann lowered her legs and moved the wet pillow. It was not as easy as in the book as Ann was very hairy but I did get a good taste of her juice and she was running with juice.
Ann said “get on your back”
She slid down the bed to suck my cock and taste her juice.
“I can not believe how wet you are off me, I want to see you cum now”
She had one hand around my cock and it was sliding up and down with her mouth. Ann’s mouth was all wet around her lips with like a froth from our juice. Ann was looking at my face and when I tensed she lifted her mouth off my cock to watch it come. My cum shot out hitting Ann on the face then trickled down my cock over her hand, she then started to lick the tip with her tongue, licking all my cum all the way down to the base and licked me clean. Ann came back up the bed, and said
“that was nice”
We lay there cuddled up to each other, I asked if all woman have that much fanny juice when they come. Ann said “I never been this wet before and I did not know women could squirt out like that, but I don’t think I have had a cock that far inside me either.
“Come on we better get a shower and get cleaned up I feel very sticky”
We had a shower together and back to bed, we must have falling asl**p in each others arms as the alarm clock woke me up the next morning.

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another good one , keep the stories and the sexy lady cumming
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oh so good naughty & sweet sexy