Ann The Farmers Wife Pink Panty Girdle Hay time da

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

My first time in Ann’s bed

I arrived at the farm a bit early, the door was locked, I knocked and Ann shouted from the up stairs window that she was coming down. Ann opened the door and she was still in her dressing gown. She kissed me and said “come in, I’m sorry for leaving you like that last night”
I teased Ann about just getting out of bed but she told me she has been around the fields to check the livestock and she has been in the shower after getting back.
I went to put the kettle on asked if she wanted tea then turned around to face her, I then froze.
Ann had opened her dressing gown, she was wearing a pink bra and pink panty girdle, she looked so sexy.
“I thought you liked my panty girdle yesterday so I put my better underwear on for you today, you have just seen me in my old work stuff”
“Wow I said your breasts look massive and you look so sexy”
Ann got hold of my hand and took me upstairs in to her bedroom, I asked if she was all right being in here with me, Ann said
“it was time this room seen some action”
I stood behind and kissed Ann’s neck. Ann moved in front of a long mirror next to the window and slowly let her dressing gown fall to her feet, the view in the mirror was so sexy. Ann looked great in her girdle and bra.
I slid my hands down over her bum feeling her girdle then around the front over her tummy and down between her legs. I them moved my hands back up and felt her breasts through the lace material, I could feel her nipples, they were large and soft. Ann was rubbing at my shorts.
I slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and kissed where they had been. Ann had slid a hand up inside my shorts and had pulled my cock out down the leg and was now playing with it.
I undid her bra and placed my hands under her breasts and slowly slid my hands under her bra to feel her nipples. Ann moved her arms to the front and her bra slid down and off her hands. We were both watching all this happen in the mirror, I cupped both tits in my hands so the nipples were poking out between my fingers.
“do you want to undo the crotch on my girdle”
I was in front of her and on my knees like a shot, I just had to kiss her thighs first and brush across her fanny hair which was poking out the side. Ann had her hands on my head, she parted her legs so I could see what I was doing. I rubbed my thumb along the crotch and could feel the outline of her lips I pushed a bit harder and Ann give out a little moan. I slid my hand in to her girdle with the back of my hand rubbing across her fanny so I could get hold of the crotch. I undid the hooks and the crotch flap fell open. Ann tucked the flaps back inside her girdle, now her fanny was fully exposed, it was so hairy, thick brown hair with a touch of gray that carried on to her legs.
The girdle covered the top of her fanny, I kissed her outer lips and ran my finger along her slit. Ann give a little moan.
Ann said “it was her turn now”
Ann took off my tee shirt and sunk down on to her knees and I stood up, she kissed my cock which was sticking out of my shorts leg. Ann slid my shorts and boxers down over my cock and it sprung back up sticking straight out in to Ann’s face. She took hold of it and placed her mouth around it and started to suck it. Ann was watching in the mirror while she did this.
Ann then move on to the bed, she sat propped up and parted and lifted her knees. I climbed on top of her and started sucking her tits and moved down over her round tummy to her fanny. I was 17 and was so lucky to be looking at this gorgeous fanny, I just wanted to touch, look and play with her fanny all day.
Ann asked if I knew what a 69 was.
I said “I know this, when I was at school would say this to the girls, its when the two of you sucks each other parts at the same time”
Ann asked if we could try it and slid down the bed and parted her legs. I lifted one leg over her face and she got hold of my cock with her hand, I could feel my balls getting licked and sucked. I stuck me face in her fanny and with my tongue I parted her hair and licked and sucked her lips, they were all pink and swollen. We were like this for five minutes then I said “lets swap”
I rolled over and Ann followed lifting her leg over me face. I could see her fanny wide apart and her ass, she was so hairy there as well. Ann took my cock in her mouth this felt much better, me on the bottom. Ann had more control, she lowered her self on to my tongue and was rocking back and forth.
I could see everything down here, with one hand I stuck two fingers in to her, it was all juicy. She started rocking harder on my finger and my tongue was licking her clitoris, I could feel her inside getting wetter and her juice was dropping off my fingers on to my face. I pulled out my finger and stuck my mouth over her lips and sucked. Ann was moaning more then she shuddered and nipped her legs tight together. My mouth became all warm, wet and sticky. Ann rolled off me lifting her leg, her fanny juice all sticky and creamy covering her fanny and lay there for a few minuets getting her breath back, when she recovered she told me to sit on the side of the bed.
Ann knelt on the floor she took hold of my cock and kissed the end of it, it was well covered in pre cum. She licked all the way down and up then took it in her mouth, I laid back on my elbows on the bed and watched. Ann looked up still sucking, one hand around my cock the other touching my balls. I could not hold back long, my cock exploded in Ann’s mouth. I could feel Ann’s hand milking my cock in to her mouth. When Ann had finished sucking me she licked her lips and got back on to the bed.
Ann said “I have done it”
I said “done what”
“I made you come and I swallowed all your cum in my mouth and not a drop past my lips. When I sucked your cock yesterday I was nervous of you coming in my mouth and after you did come did not know if I could suck and swallow together. After the hospital last night I got the porn magazine to read again about sucking cocks and this woman did suck and swallow the whole lot, what a feeling when that first squirt of cum hits in side your mouth and then you mouth is filling up with warm cum and it tastes nice.
I asked “where’s the magazine now”
Ann reached for it and she looked through it, she stopped at a photo shot and asked what I thought of this woman, she was 23 small tits, skinny, little hair on her fanny.
“She doesn’t do anything for me” I said
Ann went to some more photos.
“She’s got no tits” I said.
Ann said “she will be 32b I am a 38e”
Ann moved on to the stories, some had sent photos in as well. I said
“now them woman look real, they have curves”
Ann asked “If I like her curves”
“I do like curves and I like every thing about you, you are one sexy woman”
We looked at the stories and I found one about the g spot. I ask Ann what that was, she did not know either so we read the story then Ann said lets try it.
Ann got on all fours and put the book on the pillow to read. he entered from behind Ann’s girdle was covering her bum but I could see her fanny lips. I pushed in to her,
Ann said “you might be going for the wrong hole, tried again” nothing.
I said “go on to your elbows” now her bum was more in the air.
What a view there was, her fanny slit was hanging down between her legs, I got hold of my cock and ran it up and down her slit, then pushed it in to Ann. Ann said he fucked for five minutes. I took it slow, I had both hands on her girdle and then reach around to feel her tummy, my hand went for her bush and I could play with her clitoris.
The pace got faster, Ann was rocking on all fours, her breathing was quickening, the magazine was forgot about.
“fuck me fuck me hard” she shouted.
Her fanny was making noises like passing wind, now I could feel it every time I pushed in to her, it was squeezing past my cock, her fanny was farting.
Ann was shouting, “I’m going to come, I’m coming”
the pace got faster, I did not feel ready to come, it had only been half an hour since I last came. Ann orgasm exploded, her fanny nipped on to my cock and was spraying juice with her fanny farts.
I kept going, I was not far off after listening to Ann. I put both hands on her hips and was able to pull us together harder. Ann then started panting and shouting. I was thrusting deep inside, her juice was leaking all over the place, it was running down my balls and they were slapping against Ann as I pushed in to her.
Her body stiffened again and I came in Ann emptying my balls deep inside her. There was one big squirt of fanny juice past my cock when Ann came spraying both of us and run down between us.
We both stopped moving then I felt my cock being squeezed inside Ann’s fanny, Ann head sunk in to the pillow. I slid out of her, her fanny stopped wide open, I could see right inside her fanny, my cum was on its way out mixed with her juice, just like thin wallpaper paste . I could not resist touching and feeling her inner walls of her fanny with my tongue and had my face pushed well in to her sopping fanny. My face was all wet with our cum when I pulled away.
She rolled over and I lay down next to her, we both looked at each other. I asked if she was all right, she had one big smile on her face. Ann said “do you think we found the g spot”
We were both worn out and breathing heavy. Ann rolled over to me and we kissed with Ann licking my face and tasting our juice.
“I feel like a naughty slut, I swallowed your cum, I got fanny juice and cum running out of me on to the bed and my fanny feels sore but I feel like a woman”
I asked Ann about her fanny farting and spraying, she said
“it had never happen before, mind I never done anything like that before. I just could not help passing wind and my orgasm kept on coming”
Ann asked if I like the taste of her fanny juice,
“it was nice” then Ann slipped a finger inside her, pulled it out and put it in her mouth. She did the same with the other hand and offered it to me to suck, which I did.
I looked at the clock, it was 12 o clock, we had been in bed three hours.
I said to Ann “I think I better get a start”
she said her husband told her last night to get me to start work about one o clock, we should take it easy this morning especially after getting the hay baled last night and what we have manage together. He was pleased with us and he will still pay you from 9 o clock.
I just could not take my eyes off Ann, what a woman, what a view a hairy sticky fanny in a pink panty girdle, she did not care what I saw. She went and cleaned herself up, came back and said I can hardly walk. She fastened the crouch in front of me, put her bra on and put a dress on, visiting was 2 to 4 today.
We went down to the kitchen, Ann made a quick sandwich and said she would be back at 5 o’clock, if I come for my tea at six I will have something to build our strength back up. That afternoon I was going to get the hay bales in to the shed from yesterday while Ann was at the hospital.

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great stories
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excellent series
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Thanks for these stories - they are really hot! It must have been lovely to have known Ann - you're a lucky Devil!