Ann the Farmers Wife Hay Time Day Two

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

My first time I saw a panty gird

It was another sunny day with thunder forecast for late afternoon, I had just got to the hay field that Ann was in, she had s**ttered the hay out to dry early that day and was now rowing it up to be bale, she had done this for more than 30 years.
Ann was coming up the other side of the field and I notice she was sitting on the front of her seat, she got around to me and stopped her tractor. I could see that she was already stripped to her bra. When I opened the cab door she was also stripped down to her knickers but they were not like yesterdays cotton ones they were smother looking and higher and went over her tummy. She looked slimmer.
I asked how thing were and said that I like your knickers.
Ann said “I’m glad to see you, it’s a panty girdle I’m wearing, do you like it. I did have shorts on as well but it got to hot for them, I think I’m ready for you to give me a good seeing to”
“you look sexy in them, is the seat broken seeing you are having to sit on the front of it”
“The thing is I was looking at the porn magazine this morning and read about this woman playing with herself, rubbing herself up against the washing machine to have a orgasm. I got bored driving the tractor and I thought about the washing machine, I had my hand on the gear stick at the time and it vibrated my hand. I had the tractor in second gear and moved forward on the seat to touch the gear stick with my fanny, it worked just like the washing machine, it vibrates and tickles and it feels quite nice, its even nicer now with my shorts off”
“is it all right if I touch your panty girdle”
“yes go on”
She slid around to face me on the seat and parted her legs. I knelt on the cab floor with my feet out the door (it was a tractor where the whole cab side was a door) I could see her hairy bush sticking out the sides of her girdle, I felt her girdle which was all smooth and ran my hand down between her legs.
Ann said “hold on” and with both hands pulled the crotch away from her and undid some clips.
“that’s handy”
Ann said “it made for when you want a wee”
“I would like to see that sometime after I heard you yesterday”
Ann tucked the top flap inside the girdle and the bottom one hung down.
A big hairy fanny was on display right in my face the two floppy outer folds of skin were sticking out between her bush. I ran my finger between these folds and in to her slit which was damp.
“will you lick me now” and she moved one leg out on to the mud guard so I could get between her. I moved my face down in to her and ran my tongue around her slit and could taste how sweet she was. Then I flicked her clit with my tongue a few times, sucking and pulled it, that was all she needed, Ann pushed me hard in to her and she came, sticky, creamy fanny juice, she let go of my head and I lick her slit a bit more tasting her warm juice. Ann said
“come on now I want to feel that cock inside me, I have a lot of time to make up for”
“I think we should do some work now before it rains, your husband would not be happy if his hay gets wet because we were busy having sex, will he”
I climbed back out of the tractor and Ann fasten her crotch flaps back up on her panty girdle then we went back to work.
“I still want you later” Ann shouted from her tractor as I walk back to my tractor to start baling.
Ann had finishes her job and was waiting for me at the end of the field so we could swap tractors. She got out of her tractor in just her bra and panty girdler, while undoing her girdle crotch flaps she said
“do you still want to see me have a wee” I nodded my head and sat down.
Ann crouched down at the side of the tractor wheel, parted her legs and lifted the crotch flap so I could see. Then she started to wee, it was a trickle first, spraying between her floppy outer folds then a gush, it was a golden colour and I thought she was never going to stop.
I could feel myself getting hard, my cock stuck up like a tent pole in my shorts and I pulled my shorts and boxers over the top of it to release it. Ann had finished now and was on her knees coming over to me, she grabbed my cock and looked at it.
I lay back on the bales to get a better view. She slid her mouth down over the head of it and I could feel her tongue licking the tip. Ann started moving her hand up and down, her mouth looked all sticky and wet. Ann stopped and said
“I want to make you cum in my mouth” and took my cock again, this time sliding her mouth up and down the full length of it. I did not last long before I started to cum in her mouth. What a feeling my first blowjob, I could feel my cock pumping cum in to her mouth. Ann kept sliding up and down on me and my cum was leaking out of her mouth, She stop and I could feel her swallow then pulled off my cock and started licking down its length. My cock was bobbing around Ann’s face as she licked down it and licked it clean.
All I wanted to do was kiss Ann’s mouth knowing my cock and juice was on her lips and face, I pulled her up off her knees and on top of me, we kissed roughly me licking and tasting her mouth. I could feel Ann’s fanny rubbing over my soften cock.
Ann said “looks like I might have to wait before I get that inside me, come on we better get going again” and Ann climbed off me.
Ann started to bale and I loaded two trailers with hay and took them to the shed. I then started gathering the other bale in to one stack so we could put a tarpaulin over them if it thunders.
As Ann finished baling it was black in the sky and I could hear thunder somewhere. I put the last few bales in the stack ready to put a tarpaulin over them. Ann was already on top of the stack in her bra and girdle unrolling the tarpaulin out when the first drops fell. Within seconds it was a down pour luckily the tarpaulin was over the bales and it just had to be tied down. When we finished tying down 10 minutes later it was still heavy rain.
It had been so hot all day this rain was refreshing and we stood out in it like two drowned rats. Ann took her bra off and lifted her pale breasts up to the rain to wash under them, the dust was so bad when baling.
Ann said “that’s nice the rain on your skin” and started removing her panty girdle as well. Ann was standing in the middle of the field pouring with rain naked, tan lines around her tits and tummy, pale legs and a dark hairy bush, what a lovely sight.
Ann said “seeing the hay is dry will you fuck me now out in the rain”
I pulled a bale out of the stack. The rain was running over Ann tits down her tummy and between her legs, her bush looked so different with wet hair all tangled together with water dripping off the ends. Ann helped me get my clothes off and I went down on my knees. Ann parted her legs the water was running down her fanny and dripping off her floppy flaps. I stuck my tongue on these floppy bits and sucked on them and could feel the water running off her.
Ann said “it feels like I am having a wee in your mouth”
Ann laid down on the bale. I started licking up Ann’s leg then at the top go around her bush and back down getting smaller each time, then up her slit to her clitoris. I stuck two fingers in her and slid them in and out while licking her clitoris. Ann was moaning and lifting up off the bale both hand on my ears. I sucked and pulled on her clitoris. I knew she had come my fingers were warm and sticky and my face was pushed in to her fanny. I got up and she lifted her legs on to the bale wide apart, the rain was running down her slit. I got hold of my cock and was just about to stick it in to Ann, when Ann shouted “fuck the hospital, its quarter past six”
I have to go now, she stood up, she was soaking wet with rain ,her hair was a mess, she went to the tractor and put on her dry shorts and top and kissed me, said sorry and took the tractor home.
I shouted I will see you about 9 o clock tomorrow, my day off. I put the bale back and found Ann’s bra and girdle a bit mud splattered and put them in the other tractor and made my way back to the farm.

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Hot story.
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