Surprised What Mom Had On Her Laptop

It was mid morning when I got out of bed, no school this week because I am revising for exams and with mom away to work, I had a long undisturbed wank looking at her underwear. Finally entering the kitchen for some breakfast I saw mom had left a note on the table for me.

My laptop has gone funny, could you look at it for me!
Love mom
PS can you organize my work in to folders again if you have time

Mom is terrible with computers, for someone who uses them everyday, she still cannot save her work in to different folders. Dad always did these things for her, that was before his company moved him abroad three months ago.
I ran a scan while having some breakfast and start to group her work together until I found a shortcut to a funny named folder on her desktop. A quick click and a file opened to show photos of mom, quite risqué but not nude, just some of her in a bikini and some wearing short skirts and low tops, while on holiday celebrating her fortieth birthday..
Mom is pretty sexy and fit for her age, long black hair, wears 36c bras and size 10 knickers, I know this because I often have to empty the washing machine when I get home after school. She prefers stocking too as I have to get them out from a net bag after being washed to hang them up to dry, I love the soft feel and lacy tops of them.
A little curious to know what else she had, I clicked on properties to find the location and found more funny named files. Another click on a file made windows media player flash up on the screen and a clip started to play.
The camera was pointing at a door that I recognized, it was my parent’s bedroom door before they decorated. A black stocking covered leg was poking around the door, just then the person came in to the bedroom. It was mom dressed in a white basque with suspenders and what looked like a black pair of knickers, giggling at the camera.
Shit I thought to myself as I watched her walk to the bed and nearer to the camera, fuck, her black pair of knickers I thought she was wearing has turned out to be her big dark hairy bush and the camera is having a close up of it now. Every detail of mom’s bush is on display on her laptop screen and my cock is throbbing while looking at my mom.
Mom gets on to the bed and lies down while a hand pulls at the basque top and exposes her hard nipple to the camera, the close up fills the screen and the desire to suck it fills my mind.
Its not long before the camera is switched off, but when is comes back on, it is pointing directly at mom’s open raised legs. Dad’s finger is investigating among her bush, pushing the hair to each side of her slit and exposing her big fat red lips. The fingertip brushes up the length of her slit, partnering her lips to show the inner pinkness and wetness of her fanny.
Mom is softly moaning and pushing herself towards the finger as she tries to get it inside her, dad is having none of it, teasing her all the more and starts to rubs her clit. I can hear mom getting more excited, then I see his fingers fills her love hole, then two and now three, frantically going back and forth with a loud wet sloppy noise.
“Fuck me now” mom shouts
The camera is roughly placed on the bed next to mom still going and pointing at her side. She gives a loud long grunt, I presume when dad impaled her on his cock, then another grunt and another. His hand comes in to shot, holding himself up over mom as he starts to fuck her hard and the camera starts to bounce about on the bed, getting different views of mom’s tit.
Mom’s grunting is increasing in time as dad fills her fanny over and over again, faster and faster. I feel like I am about to come listening to my parents fucking each other, a very large wet patch can be felt in my boxers now.
There is a shriek as mom comes and dad gives a deep hearty grunt to signal he has come too. It is too much listening to my mom come and my cock lets go, coming in my boxers. I make no effort to stem the flow and I let it pump my hot creamy cum out along my leg.
They are both heavy breathing and kissing by the sound of it as the camera rolls on. I am just about to stop the clip as nothing has happened for a while, when the camera is moved, out of shot pictures whiz over the laptop of mom’s white basque.
I am past myself when it finally focuses in, a close up of mom’s hairy fanny with her pink slit partly open, glistening with her love juice. Her slit is long and wet looking; dad uses two fingers to stretch her lips apart, getting a closer view on the camera of her insides.
“Its coming” mom says
Shit, I have just realised what we are waiting and looking for and now it is on the screen, dad’s sperm, peering out from mom’s insides and now it is starting to run out from her.
Mom’s slips a finger down her wet fanny lips and hooks a trail of dad’s cum on to the end. The camera follows her finger up to her mouth and I watch her lick it clean before licking her lips suggestively to the camera.
Mom takes the camera and starts to point it at dad as he goes down between her legs, while he make big suggestive licks up her lips. He has buried his head between her legs now and starts to make her moan again while cleaning mom of there love making juice. It’s not long before the camera is switch off and that is the end of that clip.
Shit, that was hot and I quickly clicking on another clip, I see mom in the bath, sponging her tits while dad zooms in on them and playing extra attention to her nipples. Her hand moves and I hear a zip being pulled down and the camera moves to see dad’s cock being held by mom as she is about to swallow it. The dirty bitch I think to myself as I feel a rising in my trousers again. She greedily slips her mouth back and forth over his impressive cock while still holding it with her hand. Both of them are moaning now as mom pulls back off him and opens her mouth wide, two or three strokes with her hand, has him shooting his cum in to her waiting mouth while she looks up at the camera. What a dirty ditch of a mom I have and how I would like her to suck me off like that.
I short cut the clips to her desktop and will ask her what she wants doing with them when she gets home tonight.
It’s Friday night and mom treats us to a takeaway and a bottle of wine, the bottle usually for herself but tonight she willingly sharing it with me. Afterwards she asks
“Did you sort my computer?”
“Nearly mom just a couple of things left to sort out, but I need your help”
“I take these things away and fetch it back, if you want to look at it now”
“Yes, ok” I say
Dare I click on the shortcuts or not, I think to myself as mom sits down next to me on the sofa with the laptop on her knee. She has it switch on already and dancing the curser over the file short cuts, I created.
“What’s the problem?” she asks
“Just those shortcuts, do you need them,” I ask
“Let’s see what it is, shall we”
She clicks and windows media player starts up, their bedroom door appears and mom seems happy to continue watching while I squirm about on the sofa knowing what was about to come.
“I can not remember this being on here this morning” mom says
Shit have I been busted? Mom happily views her big dark hairy bush filling the screen while sitting with me, not in the least embarrassed while my cock started to harden. She was in no hurry to turn it off and gently swivelled the laptop around so we could watch together. I was nearly past myself watching dad’s fingers push in to mom’s fanny again and hoping, I am not going to have a repeat performance and cum in my boxers again.
“Bet you never thought you would see your mother like this, did you”
“No mom”
“You do realise, I wanted you to find this don’t you”
Just them mom grunted on the clip, again and again
“I love that bit and I see you do to” She said looking down at my tented trousers
“Sorry mom”
“Let’s show you some newer clips of me”
Mom darted through her files like some pro, click after click until she found what she wanted. The clip started with a bald head between her legs, which wasn’t dad but I could hear him asking
“Is she wet enough for you?”
Christ dad is filming mom being licked out by some stranger
“Who is he?” I asked
“Don’t know, your dad fixed it up at some hotel”
The man stood up and mom fixes a condom on to his cock
“Remember she likes it fast and hard,” Dad said
Mom stops the clip quickly
“I didn’t like him, he had bad breath, now where’s the one I want”
I sat there semi shocked, knowing mom has been with someone else while dad filmed her, mom continued clicking away on the laptop
“Here it is,” she said
Christ he is not much older than I am and you can tell by mom’s reaction she is enjoying this man very much. He is quickly buried between her legs and mom has her legs wrapped around his back moaning aloud. Dad is on the camera again, encouraging the lad to make her cum hard before he fucks her. Mom looked really excited putting the condom on to him too. The camera is then shut off but mom keeps the clip going, as the camera starts again it is dad between her legs licking and sucking as mom films. Mom and I looked at each other
“I need to tell you something, I have a high sex drive”
“Is that why you are with these other men”
“Yes, sort of”
“Does dad not mind”
“No it was his idea after he stopped performing, as long as he could watch, then have me afterwards when they had gone, he was happy”
“Did you like it mom”
“Just that last one, I came buckets with him”
“I don’t need to know that much mom”
“Yes you do, I was shocked how young he was as first, but became that horny because I was thinking it was you, my son fucking me that night”
I was speechless looking at mom
“I wanted you to find these clips because I want you so badly, I wanted my son to see where he came from and that turned me on”
Somehow the tables have turned since this morning, it was me wanting to see mom naked but she had it planned all along by wanting to fuck me.
“Well, would you like to see to your mom’s needs or not”
“Very much mom but what about dad”
“He won’t know”
“I don’t have any condoms mom,” I said
“I don’t want you to have any, that was just for strangers and I want you to kiss me to”
Mom moved the laptop on to the table
“I’ve been wondering all day what the outcome would be, it made me wet thinking about you” mom said “You have done it before haven’t you”
“Once or twice but not very good” I said
“Don’t worry, I will keep you right”
Mom leaned over to me and her hand fell on to my thigh, while I leaned in to her and we kissed, just a motherly son kiss to start, then another, then her other hand was pulling my head hard on to her mouth.
Fuck, I was kissing my mom and her hand is making its way inside my open trousers, how did she manage that so fast and now she is gripping my cock hard and she let out a little whimper in our kissing.
She’s like a whirlwind, all-frantic as she shuffles on the sofa and bend her head to take my cock in her mouth, my very first time a mouth has been around my cock. Mom’s head expertly bobs up and down on me and I run my hand down her body and feel the outline of her knickers. Mom lifts off my cock and looks up, staring and smiling at me, still holding my cock as she licks the very tip slowly, running her tongue along the slit while her eyes are fixed on mine.
Shit, that look make me want to come and she knows this. My cock end is the biggest and reddest I have ever seen it and I start to lift myself up off the sofa to push it in to her mouth. I’m thrusting slowly in to her waiting mouth while she still looks at me and I lift my other hand on to her head to push her down on me.
I pull at her skirt, bunching it up in my hand as it slides up her stocking covered leg, mom shuffles letting the material slip between her and the sofa to reveal her red lacy knickers.
As my hands slips over her bum cheek and between her legs I feel mom’s mouth slip willingly down my shaft, taking me in, up to her hand.
This is it I think to myself, I’m going to come soon as mom’s legs part and gives me more access, her kickers feel damp and I think I can feel her lips through the thin material. I’m touching mom’s fanny and I thrust faster in to her mouth
I feel it rising up my shaft
“Mom, I’m coming mom”
It explodes with f***e in to her mouth and she keep sliding up and down and sucking and I keep pumping until I feel there is no more to pump out, I breath heavily and pant, fuck that was my first blow job and it was mind blowing coming from my mom.
Mom lift off and I see her mouth is wet with dribbles of my cum, like a flash she hitches up her skirt and sits astride of my legs and plants her mouth on to mine. It’s all gooey and I am a little hesitant at first but mom works her tongue inside my mouth and I fall under her spell and kiss back just as much.
We kissed for what seemed like ages until mom pulls away from me and sat upright, she then starts to undo her blouse buttons from the bottom until they are all unfastened and lets her blouse fall open. Her red lacy bra pushes her tits together, forming a lovely cleavage and I am mesmerized how they move while she removes her blouse. As her two arms bend behind her back to unclip her bra, her chest sticks out even more. Mom slides the straps down her arms and lets the bra fall from her tits. Now fully exposed to her son, she leans forward and fills my mouth with a soft warm tit for me to suck.
I can feel my cock starting to harden and growing upright, rubbing against the thin material of mom’s knickers and her fanny. Mom swaps tit and brushes her hard nipple over my lips
“Suck it like you used to” she said
A bond between mother and son was forming again while she cradled my head on to her breast; I wish I could remember getting milk from these when I was younger. Mom seemed to be getting a little worked up by now as I felt her other hand push my cock up against her fanny as she dry humped me.
“It’s time you saw some more of me” mom said and rolled off me and sat on the sofa
“Kneel on the floor and help me off with my knickers”
Mom pushed her head in to the back of the sofa as she lifted her bum off the seat; I stared goggled eyed as mom started to pull her skirt up. The fancy lacy pattern of her black stocking came first then the pale bare top of her leg was next with just a thin suspender running down them to her stockings.
Mom had got her skirt around her waist and held her position off the sofa while I looked on
“Don’t be afraid,” she said
Nervously I clenched the waist of her knickers on each side and started to pull them down her legs, feeling the soft skin of mom on my fingers. She didn’t have the big wad of hairy bush as on the clips that spread up to her tummy, but was smooth, very smooth.
Her knickers down to her feet, mom lowered back down on to the sofa and lifted each foot as I removed her knickers. Time stood still as I took in the sight of my mom before our eyes met again.
Mom moved her feet on to the sofa’s edge and slowly started to part her knees and I could see she was smooth all over as her legs parted more. I was blowing away with the sight when her legs were fully open, inches from my face was the most beautiful pussy I have seen. Mom was big, her fat podgy lips made her slit look long. I suppose with being a mother she was bigger than the girls at school I have seen, but I love it all the more.
Her fanny seemed fleshy and plump that made it stick out from between her legs more. Peering down between her legs, mom smiled at me as she watched me study her amazing pussy and I ran my finger up her stocking to the naked soft flesh hanging from her stocking top.
"Would you like me to open it up for you?" She asked.
I nodded and mom used two of her fingers to splay apart her large fleshy plump lips, she held it open with her fingers as my eyes feasted on this delicious sight.
"Wow." I muttered.
"Don't get too excited, there’s more to see”
With that, she pulled apart a second fleshy layer of pink and I could actually hear a creamy sound as she peeled apart her inner lips. As she pulled back the pink curtain, I found myself staring down into her gaping fuck-hole. The walls within her sex-cave were so soft and warm looking.
I lifted my eyes and caught mom smiling down at my reaction
"Hard to believe I squeezed you out of that little hole, isn't it?" She said
"Yeah." I said.
“You can touch it, you know”
Mom looked on and pulled my finger up on to her smooth fanny and on to her lips.
She moved it around her slit slowly, while she whimpered quietly. I could see mom’s fanny pulsing up and gyrating to meet our fingers then she pushed my finger inside. It was warm, wet and sticky as her lips sucked around my finger; I was inquisitive and twiddled my finger inside her gently, feeling her wrinkly moist fanny walls deep insides from wher I had once came from.
I started to move in and out thinking of dad and that first clip, I saw.
“Yeees just like that” mom whispered
I thick sticky substance started to coat my finger and her lips and I decided to try two fingers, mom grabbed my wrist and started to thrust my fingers in to herself faster. She started to lift up off the sofa to meet my fingers, which was going in to her with considerable f***e and pace now. Mom squealed out a high pitch moan and started to pant fast before withdrawing my fingers.
“Have you tasted a woman yet” mom whispered
I shook my head
“Go on have a lick”
Mom smelt warm, sweet and sweaty as I tentatively took my first lick of a pussy, she was soft and smooth but damp with her orgasm. I looked up and she just smiled back
“Go on, have another lick”
I was like a k** in a sweet shop, licking and sucking along mom’s slit and tasting her juice.
“You can stick your tongue inside if you want”
I pushed through her lips and felt her wrinkly insides on my tongue, I wanted to go deeper inside mom and had my face pushed flat against her bald fanny, darting my tongue in and out of my mouth fast while sucking. Mom was responding and started to gyrate her fanny on my face while her hand held my head firm.
“Lick my clit”
Mom moved under me to position my tongue on to her clit, just then I could hear her whimpering. I licked and started to suck at the same time
“Get up here and fuck me” mom shouted
While I lifted up, mom was making a grab for my cock, pulling and position me up with her love hole. Outstretched on my arms over mom she gasped as my cock spread her lips and filled her love hole.
“I like it fast and hard” mom said
I fucked her just like the other men had and mom lifted her legs around my back to hold on. I watched her tits jiggling and jumping about and could hear her breathing increasing and her grunts loudening as I thrust deeper in to her. This is it, I’m fucking my mom
“Maaaam” I shouted
“I know, just let it come, squirt it in me”
Mom’s fanny was making wet sloppy noises and we were hot and sticky between us
“Yeeees” I screamed
Mom give another loud grunt when my cock started to sprayed hot creamy cum inside her fanny. Her feet moved on to my bum and with f***e held me and my squirting cock deep inside her fanny, still. Fuck, I could feel mom’s fanny muscles rippling against my cock as it continued to pump my seed out. Both of us seemed to stop breathing and froze at the same time, the only movement between us was our illicit sex parts coupled together.
The occasion was overwhelming and mom pulled me towards her for a kiss, out tongues fought and entwined as our lips sealed together. With mom’s legs still tightly wrapped around me, we somehow ended up stretched out along the sofa and still coupled together.
It was ages before we stopped kissing and mom uncoupled her legs for me to climb off, she lay there all spent and happy looking, skirt bunched around her waist and her stocking on show, all relaxed after teasing her son in to fuck her with that clip on the laptop.
There was that sight I never thought I would see, my creamy cum running out from my mom’s fanny and I started to think about that first clip as I watch mom’s fingers spread our love juice in to her smooth fanny lips suggestively. I’m down on to my knees like a flash and spin mom’s legs around on the sofa, her hands are already on my head as I start to lick our mess up. The thought of licking my cum before this morning was a no no but licking my cum mixed with my mom’s fanny juice is such a turn on and felt like the right thing to do.
Later we stood up and mom undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, all five feet eight of her, stood naked in the living room apart from her stockings and red lacy suspender belt.
She grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom where we started to bond as mother and son again.

The End

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