Ann The Farmers Wife Hay Time Day One 3/3

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

Ann wanted me to see her wet fanny

I carried on with the hay until Ann gets back after nine.
While eating our supper Ann said
“I felt like a naughty girl at the chip shop, I could feel my fanny leaking and my knickers getting wet, I couldn’t wait to get back and show you”
We had finished our tea and still talking when Ann said
“I looked through a porn magazine this morning and read a couple of the stories, one was about oral sex where this woman was sucking a cock that had been in side her and she could taste her fanny juice on it then he came in her mouth and the other about having your fanny licked, I didn’t realised this sort of stuff went on with sex”
A wagon driver had given the magazine to her husband weeks back to swap with any other drivers that visits the farm, the driver would them get a different book next time he was back.
Ann’s husband told her this and that he had looked through it but thought nothing of the book and hid it in the feed shed again.
Ann said “I know I am getting old and I feel that I have missed out all my life when sex was concerned but reading that magazines I felt different and wanted to try these new things. I did dry my tits in front of you at tea time on purpose to see your reaction and that was all I was going to do, but after seeing that bulge in your shorts I knew you were turned on and I just had to see what you had in them. I’m sorry but I didn’t know what to do with your cock this afternoon. My face has never been that close to a cock before and when I got it out of your boxers it surprised me the size of it and I just could not put it in my mouth”
I said “I was the same with your fanny, I didn’t know what to do, it was my first real fanny, I have just seen pictures of them before”
Ann said “it’s like we are both new to sex and if you want we could learn this stuff together, we still have four days left before my husband comes home, it might be my last chance ever to try this new stuff”
“I would like that”
Ann said “I wanted to copy what was in the magazine but the language seemed some what strong and I have never said them words referring to sex before, but I now knows why people use it. Something just came over me when I was getting licked, I thought of the magazine and started to say them, it really excited me the more I said them”
I asked if she was going to show me how wet she was, she stood up and pulled down the front of her trousers and knickers with one hand and lifted the gusset with the other so I could see. I was still sitting down so this was nearly in my face. There was a big damp patch in them.
I ask if I could touch her fanny again. She said go on then if you want. I slid one finger along her lips and could see how moist they were.
Ann asked what I was thinking.
I said “I was thinking that I would like to lick your fanny”
Ann said “I would like you to do that as well”
Ann dropped her trousers and knickers and stepped out of them she parted her legs and with her hand lifted her blouse and tummy up so I could see more. I lick and kissed for a couple of minuets inside her legs up her tummy and across slit,
“Will you fuck me again”
Ann lay down on some bales this time her feet were level with her body and her knees were up in the air wide apart like a big V, her bush was all moist and stuck together and her lips looked long and big.
Ann said “ you should try and get the woman excited and moist before trying to have sex by kissing and touching her to start, then you can try this”
With her hands she pulled her lips apart and told me to touch where her finger was. This is my clitoris, playing with this helps make the woman wet and turned on, remember the woman first and you will have the best sex.
“Now come on top of me, I’m wet all ready and give me a kiss”
I dropped my trousers and boxers, my cock sticking straight out in front of me and climbed on top of Ann and started kissing her, she opened her mouth and our tongues touch.
After I short time Ann give a sharp intake of breath and a moan,
“that’s it you are in me”
Before I knew myself, I was in her, I was actually inside her without trying to. I got on to my hands and started to fuck her fast.
Ann said “slow down, take it slow, now pull out of me slowly, and stop, that’s the start of my fanny now push back in to me and try that again”
She was teaching me just how far I could pull out, every stroke was getting longer in to her fanny. It felt nice sliding in and out of her slowly and I could feel her on my cock.
Ann started whispering fuck me, fuck me, every stroke I did.
Ann’s fanny was very moist and was making all these sloppy noises as I speeded up pushing in to her. She placed her hands on my bum.
“Go on fuck me”
Now I was pushing in to her harder, her body moving on the bales and her tits still in her bra and blouse was wobbling about. Ann was breathing slow and deep and moaning now
I could feel that I was about to cum but Ann tensed first pulling me tight in to her, then I came shooting my cum well in to Ann‘s fanny.
I collapsed on top of her and we started kissing each other, then I could feel Ann nipping her fanny on my cock and she was smiling at me. I got up off Ann after a couple of minuets, Ann lay there her legs still apart and fanny on show with our cum running down her bum on to the bale.
Ann said “I told you it would be better next time and you lasted a lot longer”
Ann stood up and now our cum is running down the inside of her leg, she grabs her knickers and dried herself again and we get dressed.
Ann said “I think its time we went home, you better get some sl**p if we going to have sex again tomorrow” It was now 10.30. I had to get home as I had work delivering milk at seven o clock. I took the tractor back to the farm as it was half a mile away. Ann drove her car back. At the farm I said
“I should be back here for one o clock tomorrow” then I went.

Next to come Ann the Farmers Wife Hay Time Day 2 Coming soon

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1 year ago
Ann is taking such good care of her new, long-awaited lover! She is training her, and teaching him with the daintiness and compassion as if he were an expensive and fine piece of china. God has special places in Heaven for mother's such as her!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
lucky guy with a great teacher