Ann The Farmers wife Hay Time Day one 2/3

These are individual stories about a mature farmers wife and me (young virgin lad) back in the nineteen eighties and how we found out about sex and what we got up to over six months

My first time I saw a hairy fanny

A hour or so had past stacking hay, every three trips I made fetching hay bales I went on top of the stack to help Ann build the stack. We were 12 feet up in height now and I had to climb from the tractor cab on to the bonnet and climb up the front end loader to get on top of the stack this time non of the bales had been moved.
When I stood up on the stack I saw Ann was sitting on the bales facing me,
She asked “do you still wanted to see me naked” I nodded.
“Then come here and sit down in front of me”
Ann stood up, she undid and slid down her trousers and stood there in pale blue cotton knickers, Ann was right, her fanny hair was poking out the side of her knickers, and her knickers were stretched over her round tummy.
Ann said “if you wanted to see more you can take down my knickers”
I knelt in front of her and slowly slid her knickers down over her round tummy and over her big hairy bush. Ann was naked apart from her bra, she was pale with a dark triangle between her legs and a saggy tummy covering the top of her triangle.
Ann sat down and parted her legs and with one hand she squashed her tummy in to herself, she did have a big dark hairy bush and two hanging things pocking out of her hair, they were more like wrinkly twisted flaps. She tried to part her bush so I could see more, then passed these two floppy things I saw two pink lips and her slit.
Ann started to slide her finger down her slit, I was amazed how long her slit was, every time she moved up and down her lips covered her finger. Ann asked if I want to touch her, she then got my hand and moved it up and down with her hand, her fanny was warn, soft and a bit damp.
She said “if I wanted I could kiss her down there”
Ann laid back on the hay bale and her fanny was more exposed and looked even bigger sticking out between her legs. I kissed her lips and could smell this sweet smell, it was all damp.
I did not know what I was supposed to do so I followed her slit with my tongue up one side and down the other and would push my tongue a bit further in each time, it felt all strange on my tongue. Ann then reached down with her hand and started to push my head in to her fanny. The other hand followed, one on each side of my head now and my nose was getting pushed in to her slit as well.
I could not move away from her fanny as she was sliding and pushing my head harder in to her fanny. I could feel this lump at the top of her slit with my tongue. She stopped moving my head up and down and now started trying to make my head go around in circles with my nose on this lump,
Ann started saying “lick me, lick me, then suck me”
I could hardly breath, I was squashed in to her fanny, I did move my tongue around her slit and it was getting a bit more sticky and wet.
Ann said “suck me, suck me” again louder this time,
My nose was still going around this lump. I tried to move and all I could suck was one of her lips, I sucked and pulled on it a few times. Ann’s body jumped up a little off the bale my head was pushed more in to her fanny, then she froze my head stopped moving, my mouth was all warm and sticky.
Ann still had me pressed in to her, I was thinking what have I done wrong. I moved my tongue around then I felt this warm liquid coming out of her fanny, I moved my tongue in and out a few times, I was making this sloppy noise from her fanny then her hands moved off my head and I got up.
“Are you all right Ann”
“I’m fine you have just made me have an orgasm” then she explained that the lump was her clitoris and the juice was her orgasm and her coming. She lay there all naked a big hairy fanny red swollen lips covered in creamy sticky juice.
She sat up and pulled my shorts and boxers down. I had forgotten all about myself, she got hold of my cock and licked the end of it then said “would you like to stick it in to me”
I said “yes”
She laid back down on the bales and told me to come on top of her and put an arm down each side of her, with her hand she guided my cock in to her fanny, then told me to slide in and out slowly, it was warm and wet and we were making a sloppy noise every time I moved in and out.
After a short time I came out to far and tried to push it back in but my cock slid up her bush and on to her tummy.
Ann said “that happens just lift off me a bit and I will guide you back in to me“.
When I was inside her again Ann said
“don’t rush, can you feel that”
she was squeezing her fanny muscles, I said “I can”
Ann said “that’s means your cock is in side me” now slide in and out slowly.
After about twenty seconds I was about to come and shouted “Ann, Ann”
“Just let it come and relax. oh fuck I can feel you cock twitching inside me, just keep sliding in and out, fuck I’m coming as well”
Ann was breathing faster now. I was coming inside my first woman and Ann started lifting her self off the bale to met me coming in to her.
“Keep fucking me, push deep in to me”
Then her body froze, I could feel her fanny nipping on my cock and a wet feeling between us as we collapsed on to the bales sweating as the heat was unbearable next to the tin roof.
Ann said “come down and kiss me”
We started with small kisses then Ann moved around my face and started licking around my mouth, she was licking her fanny juice off me then our mouths opened and our tongues touched.
I had never expected kissing like this from someone old. It must have been five minutes’ of this before we parted and I rolled off Ann and laid next to her.
Ann said “I was a teenager the last time I kissed like that and I can not remember the last time I felt like this. I don’t think I have had a proper orgasm in the last ten years, now I’ve had two, did you like it”
I said “it was good but I did not last long”
Ann said “don’t worry, for your first time that was very good, next time will be better. If you come and feel happy about it and the woman is satisfied it dose not matter how long it takes, and I am very satisfied. I was married over a year before I had my first orgasm.”
I sat up and saw Ann’s fanny soaking with sticky, creamy juice, her hair around her slit was all wet. I touched her fanny and I slid a finger along her slit, her juice was leaking out from her. I pulled my sticky finger out of her then Ann sat up. Her juice started leaking out more, it was like thin wallpaper paste.
Ann got hold of my finger and put it to her mouth and touched it with her tongue then tasted it. It must have been all right as she put my finger in her mouth and sucked it.
I asked Ann “Could we do it together again for my next time”
Ann said “we should not have done this, I was only going to let you see my fanny but I have not felt this good in years and would love to do it again”
It was now six o clock, Ann had to go to the hospital to see her husband visiting was seven to eight, she was running late.
She grabbed her knickers and rubbed her fanny with them to dry herself and then put her trousers back on. We got off the hay stack and she said “I’ll fetch fish and chips home for our tea”

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1 year ago
Fortunately, I totally misread Ann and her intentions. I APOLOGIZE to her (and the writer) for my incorrect reading of Ann! She performed brilliantly, beautifully, and with much grace, elan and tenderness!! She is to be commended; I offer my sincere accolades for her demeanor and very correct attitude of following through and proffering herself to her young lover--and her thoughtful manner of teaching him!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Outstanding.... Anxiously awaiting 3/3!