Mother in Law’s Blow Job

I called in to see my mother in law of twenty years to see if she wanted anything doing because of the snow and to have a coffee. She had already been down the street for her newspaper and started to tell me that someone had built some snowmen sitting on the seat. I thought nothing of it until she said it had a big willy and the other one had tits with big icy nipples. She seemed a little excited telling me, but I was gob smacked when she came out with
“I would be no good sucking on him, it would just melt away in my mouth”
I’d never heard my 66 years old mother in law talk so bluntly about a sex act before, but recently there has been light-hearted sexually banter between us, but never as frank as this.
She has recently retired and finds the days long on her own, that is why I call in and see her more often now. She is a fine looking larger woman but not fat, with a mighty set of tits that I have always wanted to see.
“They’d shaped the end just right, good enough to suck” she told me “but her tits were small, nothing like mine”
I could feel a hardening of my cock in my trousers listening to her, knowing she must have sucked cock sometime in her life and had to turn away from her as I made the coffee.
“When you get to my age there not much chance in seeing a real one now” she said “I might even go back down the street later to see it again”
“You can’t do that” I said
“It’s the nearest I’ll get to seeing a cock at my time of life” she said “Well, are you going to pass that coffee to me, or not”
I tried my best to hide what I had poking the front of my trousers out as I passed her the coffee
“I don’t think I have to go back down the street to have another look, I can just about see one now” she said jokingly
I sat down at the table with the coffee, a little embarrassed but strangely getting turned on knowing my mother in law had been looking at my cock and decided to tease her a little more. I stood up on the pretence of getting some more milk for my coffee, making sure she could see what I had.
“Do you think I match up to the snowman” I blurted out without thinking who I was asking
“Not size wise, but you wouldn’t melt in my warm mouth” and give a chuckle
I sat back down at the table with one hand nipped around my shaft keeping myself hard and sort of daydreaming about my mother in law sucking cock, not listening to what she was saying until I heard her say
“Could I do that“
“Sorry, do what, I wasn’t listening”
“I know, I was wondering if wanted some help”
I felt her hand under the table grip around my hand and squeezed it tight, then she let out a little moan.
“Could I feel it” she asked
She loosened her grip and I moved my hand away from my shaft, then it was her hand gripping tight around my cock just moving slightly back and forth through my trousers.
“That feels nice and hard” she said
I relaxed back in the seat, kept my legs tight shut to make it stand up proud for her to play with. She looked fixedly in to my eyes as I started to slid myself in to her hand.
Her hand moved on to my trouser button and she was having a tussle with it, I undid it, a long with my zip. Her warm hand found the slit in my boxers then found her son’s in law’s naked cock throbbing.
I reached out to her breast, the size of a rugby ball and cupping it in the palm of my hand. She give my cock a tight squeeze then started to pull her jumper up. I moved my hand away as she exposed her big white soft cotton bra before pulling it up over her tits as well. Her big saggy tits fell out and parted around her slightly round tummy, her nipples were big and hard sitting in the middle of her large slightly darker coloured areola. I don’t know if her nipples were hard because of the cold or she was turned on but I liked what I was seeing.
She lifted a breast up and pointed towards me while still slowly playing with my cock, I leant down and took her nipple in my mouth, flicking it lightly with my tongue before sucking it like a hungry newborn. I heard her breath out and moan as I suck on it harder and she increased her grip around my cock.
“I want to see you” she asked
Up to now I was still covered by the table and I swung my legs out for her to see my cock, I think she was surprised how much cock was sticking out from her hand. I started to thrust myself in to her hand again for her to watch, each thrust produce a new leakage of pre cum. My cock end was big and red, glistening with pre cum which was starting to run
down on to her hand.
“Would you like me to suck it” she asked
“If you want” I replied
She swung herself around on the seat and parted her legs for me to stand in between, she let go of my cock and pulled my boxers out over it, exposing my newly shaved shaft and balls to her. One hand gripped my shaft again and the other lifted my balls to play with, it felt lovely her warm soft hand on my smooth skin.
“Its so soft and smooth” she said
She licked her lips, anticipating whether or not to take her son in law’s cock in to her mouth, I give some little thrusts in to her hand, which made her eager to suck me. Her lips sucked around my wet slimy shaft and up to her hand, I was in her mouth and could feel her tongue darting back and forth along my shaft.
Her hand tightened around my cock and she started to move back and forth along it, I reached down for one of her tits and it sat in the palm of my hand like a big wobbly jelly. She was starting to get carried away sucking on my cock, a froth of pre cum formed along my cock and on her lips.
“It won’t be long” I said trying to give her warning “It’s been a while”
This encouraged her more, her hand left my balls and grabbed my bum tightly and pulled me in to her face. She sucked and slurped on my wet sticky cock, getting faster with every stroke.
“Shit, it’s coming” I cried out to warn her
She didn’t care and her hand gripped my bum more, I felt my cum rising up my shaft before spraying in to the back of her mouth with one mighty explosion. I grunted with every squirt in to her mouth and her lips sucked around my cock like a limpet trying not to waste any of her son in law’s seed. She had a tremendous suck and I could feel her tongue muscles in spasms milking my cock of its warm cum while her moaning increased. I was getting wobbly on my legs and I held her head as I face fucked her, making sure every last drop in my balls was going to be sucked in to her waiting mouth.
The time had come for her to relax her lips around my softening shaft, but she made sure my cock was clean before kissing the tip with a wet sloppy kiss. She looked up and give a wicked smirk as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
“I think someone was in need of that, my daughter’s not doing her duties properly” she said
I just stood there in front of her unable to believe what had just happened, my mother in law had sucked me off willingly and was now telling me
“If you want that doing again just ask”
Just then there was a knock at the door and I jumped
“Don’t worry, it’s just the postman”
She calmly stuffed her tits back in to her bra and pulled her jumper down as she made her way to the door and I quickly fastened my trousers.
“I better be going” I said as she came back and we had our customary hug but this time her hand was rubbing my crotch
“I would like to feel it inside me sometime” she whispered in my ear before kissing me briefly on the mouth and I responded by kissing her back.

The End

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1 year ago
yes put it in her
1 year ago
beautiful story
1 year ago
Great story - sounds like you're describing my MIL. But she has never sucked me off :-(
1 year ago
She's such a slut!!! I love her!!!
1 year ago
dirty fucker...loved it
1 year ago
Nice story,
1 year ago
dam that was hot
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
and make sure you back more often
1 year ago
Loved to have done that with my late mother in law
she was sexy in her own special way