Football Mom, Cum Slut

Hi, my name is Amy and I have just had the best time away with my son Nick at the football. It all started when my husband said he would take our son to watch Newcastle play away in the Europa League in the Ukrainian.
Unfortunately, my husband was unable to get time off work and seeing our son had to have an adult travel with him, Nick asked if I would go with him instead. I was not to keen as I hate football and hanging around with my son and his three older mates is not high on the list of enjoyably thing to do.
I put a brave face on thing’s when we arrived in the afternoon, booked in to the hotel for one night (single beds, one room) and off we went to meet up with his mates. I started to enjoy myself after a few ciders in the pub, plenty of singing and banter between the fans.
I needed to go to the toilet and Nick’s friend John said he would come with me to make sure I was alright. He was waiting for me when I came back out saying you cannot be to careful when wearing the opposition football colour in foreign countries. I thought that was sweet of him, looking out for me and I give him a quick kiss on the cheek to thank him.
I’m a small woman and unable to hold much fluid so the trip to the toilet was fairly regular and John made sure he always accompanied me there and back. As the pub filled up we had to push through the crowd and I could feel his hand squeezing my bum but thought nothing of it.
He was waiting outside the toilet as usual, but was now pointing to his cheek wanting a kiss. By now, I was merry and just about to kiss his cheek when he turned his head and I kissed him on the lips briefly. I didn’t care; it was just harmless fun between us.
We all headed to the game and it was a freezing night in Kharkiv, John held on to me as we came across some fighting and I was still shaking when we got to the stadium. It scared me a lot to see the aggression of the other fans.
I was ready for the toilet again and John came with me, he could see how upset I was when I came back out, all shaken up with seeing the v******e. John held out his arms and I cuddled in to him, I was pleased to be with such a mature and thoughtful 18-year-old lad.
Half way through the first half I had to go again, too many ciders and a cold night had an awful affect on my bladder. I told john just to watch the match but he insisted in coming with me, he was waiting as I came back out. I didn’t bother waiting for him to point at his cheek this time but kissed him on the mouth with tongues.
I think he was taken aback, not expecting his mate’s mom to kiss him so vigorously but he pulled me tight in to his warm body. That’s when I felt his hardening cock pushing in to my crotch, wow this is getting out of hand and I pulled away from him.
I made sure I was prepared for the second half but the cold coke I had with a hotdog went straight through me not long after the restart. I was in a confused state with the cider and knowing what affect I was having on John‘s cock.
John offered to e****t me again to the toilet but this time he came in to the ladies with me for a wee seeing there was no one else around. Knowing he was on the other side of the cubical wall holding his cock had a strange affect on me and it made me wanted to see it for real.
He was pulling his zip back up when he came out from the cubical and I pushed him straight back in. He seemed a little unsure until I kissed him on the mouth and ran my hand over his crotch; he was getting stiffer by the second. Tugging at the button, I was able to slip my hand inside the waistband and felt his knobbly cock end standing proud. He gasped sharply as I encircled his cock before I frantically pulled his trousers and boxers down in one. He had a lovely big looking cock for someone so young and I dropped to my knees. After licking his tasty pre cum I lost all self-control and eagerly took him in to my mouth, wanking him in to my mouth as fast as I could, I wanted to taste him.
John held my head, face fucking me as well; he was young and shot his load very easily. I held his bum not wanting him to come out from my mouth until I had sucked him dry of his young warm spunk.
We hurriedly sorted ourselves and made our way back to watch the match. There was more trouble after the match so we all headed back to the hotel bar. Nick went to bed first and I wanted to have a talk to John about what we did, it was when I went in to the bedroom Nick had a go at me
“I know what you did mom”
“I’ve done nothing”
“Yes you have mom, I have this”
He fished his phone out and showed a picture, there was the back of my head in John’s crotch.
“It’s not what it looks Nick”
“What, you just happened to fall over and John was there to catch you on his Dick”
“Please Nick don’t tell your father”
“What it worth to keep quite”
“I’ll do anything but don’t tell your father”
“Do that to me, every day for a week?” he said while showing me the photo
“You know I can’t do that you are my son”
“It’s that or tell dad”
“I’ll do it once and that is it”
“All week is the least I should be asking”
“What ever you want from me it has to be tonight Nick”
“Ok mom, you can suck me to start with”
I thought John was big when I saw him but Nick my son was just as big when he dropped his jeans.
“Nick I can’t do it, not with my son”
“Do I send this to dad?” he said while scrolling through the phone
I reluctantly got down on to my knees and took hold of my son’s cock, his end glistening with pre cum as I began to lick him. The cider helped and went a long way to blanking out what I was doing, I just had to think it was just a normal cock I was sucking and not my son’s, then I started to enjoy the throbbing member slipping in and out from my mouth.
I felt his hands grope my tits; I was now in an unfavourable position that I would do anything for him, maybes if he saw them, that would do for him not tell his dad. I pulled off his cock and he was not too pleased with the look on his face.
“It’s ok I’m just making it easer for you”
He watched as I took off my two jumpers, then my tee shirt. I am proud of my slim body and know I have nice pert tits for nearly being forty. I started to unclip my bra and let it fall from my naked breasts. His eyes feasted in the sight of my erect nipples and I stood up in front of him
“Would you like to suck on them,” I asked
I cradled his head in to my bosom as he sucked and fond memories came flooding back to when he was a newborn. I let out a moan, which was maybes, not the best thing to do with your teenager son, but it felt good.
I felt his hands feeling my bum, feeling the outline of my knickers, then the twang of elastic as he pulled them off my cheek. I had an awful feeling my son was wanting me naked, best to get it over and done with I thought to myself as I started to undo my jeans.
He slid his hand inside my jeans and over my lacy white knickers until he was touching my naked cheek as my jeans fell to the floor. I reached out for his cock and rubbed his pre cum in to the end and he give out a moan.
I had unmotherly thoughts now; I was in need of cock and lay on the bed as my son pulled my knickers down. He looked surprised when he saw my shaven fanny apart from a tuft of hair at the top of my long fat lips.
“It’s only tonight Nick I’ll do this and you don’t tell your dad”
“Ok mom, deal”
He was eager to shove it straight in; his inexperience was starting to show, as I had to guide him in. Fuck, he felt big, definitely fatter than his dad’s cock as he push and spread my lips apart. It was fast and frantic as he pounded my little body in to the bed. I could see by the look on his face he was about to come.
“You can squirt it inside if you want”
He give two or three grunts on each thrust before I felt his cock swell inside and he came, I could feel his cock tense with each squirt of warn cum before filling his mothers fanny.
It wasn’t the most enjoyable sex but he will get better as time goes on for someone. He pulled out from me, then waved his cock in my face
“Forget that, I’m not sucking it now,” I said
“You said you would do what ever I wanted in one night”
He was right, me and my big mouth
“Let me up then” I said
I sat on the side of the bed, his cock was already sticking straight out and hard again as he came between my legs. I was more turned on with the fact it was hard and started to lick our juice from his shaft. I was turning in to a slut, doing something I have never done before, licking on a cock that has just came from my fanny and covered in my juice.
He held my head and started to face fuck me fast, then it dawned on me where he had learnt his sexually technique from, the internet. I wanted some pleasure too if I was to endure this sordid affair with my son and I f***ed my head away from his grip.
“Don’t rush Nick, let me show you”
Holding on to his cock in one hand and caressing his balls in the other seemed to pacifier him as my tongue licked up his piss slit and around his inflated mushroom shaped head. I started to enjoy the taste of pre cum mixed with my fanny juice and feasted on sucking his cock end.
I moved his hands on to my tits that needed attention, showing him how to caress then nicely, if he kept doing that I might even come I thought to myself. I wouldn’t say his cock was long but it was nice and fat as I took more in to my mouth.
I dropped my hand in to my pussy where is was wet with his cum and started to fiddle with my clit, then I felt his hand grip around it and move in unison as I strummed away at it. God I was horny now, moaning and panting as I was beginning to come.
I slid faster on to his cock, gripping it tighter in my hand before hearing him grunt as he shot his load again, perfect timing as I nipped my legs tight shut and my fanny juice began to flow.
He was a heavy cumer even after shooting his load once already and I had to swallow mighty hard just to keep up. This seemed to prolong my orgasm and I felt wave after wave ripple through my fanny as I came.
After cleaning his cock, I lay down and lifted my legs on to the side of the bed, exposing my wet cunt to him. I wanted him back inside me
“Go on, finger me” I said
Where that came from a do not know and grabbed his hand as two fingers slipped in my wet slit, I showed him where to position his thumb over my clit and what to do.
“Make mommy cum”
Our eyes were lock together, our breathing increasing by the second as a wet sloppy noise filled the room
“Yes Nick, harder”
I started to buck up off the bed to meet his fingers, past caring my fanny was fully exposed to my son then grunted as he made me cum
“Oh shit,” I said over and over, as an even stronger orgasm hit me
Nick pulled his fingers from inside me and I grabbed his hand, sat up and started to sexually lick each finger, tasting more of my fanny juice and his cum. Hoping that was the end and I had paid my dues to him, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up.
Coming back out from the bathroom naked I was taken back when I saw his mates standing naked in the room playing with themselves and hurriedly tried to cover myself up with my hands.
“I thought you could teach them as well mom”
I should have said, no way but the affect of the cider seemed to cloud my judgement
“Ok them, what do you want to know”
I dropped my hands and walked towards them as sexually as I could
“I’ve see that cock and that one, what about you two”
I grabbed their sticking out cocks in each hand and then heard Nick say
“I told you she would” to his mates
I didn’t say anything but it felt like I had been set up and this was what they wanted to happen all along, fuck one of their mom. I was way past caring now and the thought of four young cocks to teach made me horny again.
Sinking to my knees I pulled bother their cocks together and started to give then a double blowjob. Hand wrapped around each cock I darted from one to the other before feeling hands on my tits and another investigating my fanny. One cock squirted way sooner than the other and his cum was all the way around my mouth as I tried to make the other one cum in my slippery mouth.
Who’s ever hand was on my clit was having a profound affect also and I parted my legs for easer access for him, his fat fingers spread my lips apart as he investigated deeper. Another cock was now bobbing up against my face trying to f***e its way in to my mouth, it was Nick but I concentrated on the cock in my mouth first and made it squirt inside me.
My fanny was now eager to have some cock and I lay on the bed, parted and lifted my legs to expose myself to the four young lads
“John first I think, now take it nice and slow” I instructed
He did as I said and pushed his tool slowly inside me while hands groped my tits and two cocks were waved in my face. I grabbed hold of the cocks and took turns in sucking them while I felt my nipple being sucked hard.
I can remember John fucking me slow but he give an extra hard push on each thrust, pushing my fanny in to the bed before he came. He was soon replaced with another hard cock and the rest of the night was a blur to me. One cock after another, then a soft cock waved in my face so I could taste all the cream the boy were making, I lost count how many times I came or how many times I had it squirted up inside me.
I was a proper cum slut, face all sticky with our love juice and me fanny felt red raw with use but I was loving the role of teaching them. It eventually ended after about three hours when the boys went back to there own bedroom on the understanding never to mention any of this and left me in a pool of gooey cum leaking from my fanny and a strong smell of sex filling the room.
I ran to the bathroom unable to contain the boys cum from running down my legs and jumped in to the shower feeling weak and exhausted. Returning to the bedroom my son lay asl**p and I climbed in to the dry bed with him until the alarm wore us up.
Cheap flights meant an early start for us two and a return back home to Newcastle, that was my first experience of a football match and how I loved every minute of it. I later found out from the newspapers we won 1-0 at least I can tell my husband the score now.

The End

93% (122/10)
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4 months ago
A great Mom, a great cocksucker for her son and his friends... Very Sexy.
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Hot damn - you made me cum mom
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That was so hot!
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i so love to fuck her my self mmmmmm hot story
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A fantastic story. I really enjoyed it (except for the mention of newcastle). But saying that, NUFC fans are often used slutty!!
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A really good mum and a fantastic fuck slut. Great story.
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Very hot story ...thats one to remember forever .
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Awesome. Lucky bitch.
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Excellent, and after all it's what a good mom should do.
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whew!!!! THAT WAS HOT
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Mmmmmm...Loved it!