The Cafeteria Mgr

Where I worked was fortunate enough to have a small cafeteria. The female manager was about 10 yrs younger than me. We were friendly to each other but that’s about it. As I’ve said earlier it starts with eyes. I began noticing her looking at me while I was at lunch. I smiled at her and she smiled back. While waiting on line to order she would do the same thing. This went on for a couple weeks. Sort of flirting but not. I knew she was married from the ring on her finger. Then one day, sitting alone at a table she came over and whispered “I want you to fuck the shit out of me, let’s talk in the morning”. Then she got up and quickly went back to work. I think I spit the food out of my mouth when she said that. And the immediate erection I got must have made the table rise. Needed to wait a few minutes for the sensation to subside. Then noticed that my grey dress slacks had a wet spot from the pre cum fluid. Needed to hold something in front of me as I made my way to the men’s room to tidy up. Could not concentrate on work the rest of the day. Matters were made worse about 2:00 pm as she was leaving for the day. She stopped in front of my office and said with a smile and wink. “ See you in the morning”
Got another wet woody again! Damn!

The cafeteria opened at 6:00 am. As was my custom I arrived at work 2 hours early to get some work done ( could never get any work done during the day, some of you might know what I mean) Entering the café not knowing what to expect I was apprehensive. She motioned to come behind the counter. Giving me a big hug telling me the same words as the day before. She touched my cock through my pants and placed one of my hands on her hard nipple and the other between her clothed crotch. She was soaking wet!!!!!. I just about came in my pants! Then shit! someone came in the cafeteria. We went back to normalcy immediately. Like almost getting caught playing doctor with the girl next door. TO BE CONTINUED
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mmmmm so hot