The Pharmacist

There is something about eye contact when it’s made. We both felt the chemistry the very first time. She was very petite and slender not overly attractive, but she turned me one. Next visit was about a month later and we started talking. Found out that she just was recently divorced and we started dating. I lived on Long Island (worked there) and traveled to home to NJ on weekends. Stayed with her each weekend. Our first sexual experience took place at her Pharmacy after closing….I satisfied her orally as she sat on the counter where she put the scripts together. Many encounters took place there. Went back to her house, drank shots of tequila, smoked some 420 and sniffed some white powder. Her infant girl often stayed with her f****y when I came over. Having breast feed her c***d her nipples were very large and were often chapped and cracked. I took care of that problem with TLC. One evening we were totally loaded and naked, watching a porn movie in her living room. She bent over the coffee table and was extremely wet. I poked around and found my way in. The sex was great if not better than usual. I after I came and withdrew she turned around and said “You know you just fucked me in the ass? That took me totally by surprise! I apologized. She said “Don’t apologized, I liked it”. It was the first time for both of us. From that night forward anal sex was always part of our lovemaking. Each week we added something kinky to our lovemaking. Her nipples not being that sensitive she added wooden clothes pins to them while making love. My fondest memory is the clothespins on her nipples, her sitting on top, with me in her ass. I would tug on the clothespins as I fucked her ass into kingdom cum. She would complain about my cum oozing out of her, I offered to use a condom. She said no….she liked the way if felt. Women…go figure.
67% (6/3)
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4 years ago
great story man