LC and me

It all began by chance. I happened across LC’s profile on xhamster. The vid and pics she posted mesmerized me. Never in my life had I seen a clit so large and luscious it made me jerk off while watching her satisfy herself. I kept on replaying her short vid, and me, blowing load after load of cum till my tank was empty. There are many clips of women toying with their clits on hamster, but LC is different. I could actually feel her taking care of herself. I usually never add comments. This time was the exception. LC replied back and that’s how our relationship began. Slowly, over several months our friendship blossomed. We felt very comfortable with each other. Sharing our most intimate thoughts and fantasies. Private messages sent back and forth as our time allowed. We went offsite and masturbated for each other on webcam. I had to put plastic “Glad” wrap over my keyboard to catch the massive loads of cum that I blew out for her as she directed me in how she wanted to see me handle myself. When I directed her to masturbate for me, I felt like a dog who had just been on long walk, leaving pmail where other the other dogs had went. Trying to release (still had the sensation) but nothing cumming out :} Our sexual sessions always ended with total and complete satisfaction for us both. Then the time arrived when we exchanged cell phone numbers. Phone sex now became part of our mutual masturbation partnership. Our conversations were respectful , caring and lusty about each other wants and needs. Hearing her heavy breathing and moans as I told how to satisfy herself drove us both to climax. Taking turns, I would tell LC how to rub her clit, place her fingers inside her pussy and then lick off her cum for me, making believe that she was actually putting her fingers in my mouth. Likewise on another night she would tell me how she wanted me jerk off and take care of my cum for her. We began talking about one of her many fantasies. LC wanted to make a POV video of herself being satisfied orally by a man who really knew what he was doing down under. Shit! That was a no brainer! I’m the perfect candidate for the part! Thinking about telling her that I would do it for her made my nipples hard and my pants soaking wet with precum fluid. After considerable thought I offered to star in her POV. To my amazement she accepted my offer! BOING! I was actually going to taste her sweetness! We made arrangements to meet in a public place of her choosing and set a time and a date.
We ate a light lunch and discussed the POV to be created. I had an erection the whole time. We checked into a nice motel and watched some porn on my laptop to get in the mood. We got into bed fully clothed and began some heaving petting and foreplay. I felt totally at ease with LC. Here I was with the woman I have longed to taste her pussy and clit for such a long time! We slowly undressed each other. But before I removed her panties I licked her pussy through them. I bunched them together so they were almost like a thong front and back. Then using both my hands slowly rubbed them back and forth over her clit, watching it pop in and out of view. LC had her first orgasm with me right then and there. Could not resist licking her while the panties were still on. She came again! Time to breakout my video cam. I started shooting close ups of her glistening pussy and clit, then handed the cam over to her. I began by kissing and licking LC’s inner thighs. Slowly moving up to her enormous erected clit. Got close enough to just blow a gentle warm breath on the tip of it. She tried to push it into my face, but I moved away. Then I placed my tongue on her anus and began the slow lick from there up and across her labia and gave her clit a tiny little lick. Again she tried to thrust her pussy in my face. I moved away again. The bedsheets already drenched with my precum and hers. She directed me to draw circles around her clit with my tongue. Starting bigger and getting smaller and smaller as I got closer to her clit. I ran my nose slowing up one side and down the other. Then used my nose to make the same circles. LC thrust her pussy forward this time, and I let her grind herself on my face. She came again. I love the scent of a woman! I inhaled her sweetness! My face was covered with her juice and I ejaculated too! Having licked a couple clits in my life LC’s was by far the best! She got some excellent shots of me sucking her clit like a large nipple or tiny cock. I satisfied every wish and desire. We lost count on the number of times she came. I know we both collapsed at one point from the intensity of our lovemaking session. Only to awaken to continue shooting the video and our loads. For me, one of the most memorable parts of our experience was continuing to smell LC’s scent in my nostrils on the ride back home over the skyway. We eventually said our goodbyes and planned another vid session in the future. Right now this video is not for public view. We will consider sharing it on xhamster in the future.

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3 years ago
Oh ... wow. This is everyone's fantasy!
3 years ago
good one
4 years ago
yeah...thats what I'm talking 'bout.Love it ;)