Watching the wife fuck another man!!!

We go to the bedroom where you lay back and start vibrating your clitty. Naked, I start stroking my cock as I watch you knowing that soon there will be a knock at the front door.

You’re lying there with your eyes closed, your left hand holding your pussy lips apart, your right hand holding your bullet shaped vibrator on your clit when the knock comes at the front door. You look up and say “who the hell could that be?”

I tell you I don’t know but you keep vibrating your clitty while I go check so you go back to what you were doing.

I slip on my pants and go to the front door where bicycle boy is waiting. I tell him to follow me to the bedroom.

I walk into the bedroom; you hear me and ask “who was it”? I look towards the hall, nod my head and in walks bicycle boy. You’re lying there with your hand on your clit and I say “he’s for you baby”.

You look at him and say “you really want me to fuck him, don’t you baby”? I say yes I do, more than anything I’ve ever wanted to in my life.

I ask you to keep vibrating your clitty while he gets undressed and you do. With him watching you, you’re so turned on that when you cum you squirt a stream that reaches out so far it hits me in the chest.

By then he’s completely naked. You look at him and tell him, “come over here and fuck me with that big fat cock.”

You slide down to the end of the bed, spread your legs wide and invite him in. He places the head of his dick at the entrance of your pussy. Sliding his cock up and down to get it wet you moan as you feel a strange man’s cock at the entrance to your pussy for the first time in years.

Once he has the head of his dick good and wet he slides it in until only the head is in your pussy. I told him how much you like to feel the head of a cock against your g-spot. He lets it rest there momentarily while you start to squirm because it feels so fucking good.

He stays there with just the head of his dick in you until you tell him to “fuck me, hard!” At this point he slams all nine inches of his cock in your pussy until you feel his balls against your ass. He lets it rest there for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of your tight pussy wrapped around his cock. Then he slowly pulls it out until just the head is inside you pussy.

Your pussy feels so good that he slowly eases it back in then back out. Gradually building up a rhythm he starts to slowly fuck you. You grab your vibrator and start vibrating your clitty while you feel his cock sliding in and out of you.

He reaches up and massages your size ddd tits, slowly rolling your nipples between his thumb and forefinger. You’ve always liked having that done to your nipples. He continues to roll your nipple around while he fucks you.

With your nipples being played with, a nine inch cock in your pussy and the vibrator stimulating your clitty, you start to come. When you do, you squirt so hard it hits his belly, runs down his cock and drips off his balls.
He really starts to pound your pussy then, slamming his cock in you, hitting places you haven’t had touched in years. You have your legs behind him trying to pull him into you deeper. You want every inch of his cock.

You look over at me and say “is this what you want baby”.

I’m standing there stroking my cock and say, “yeh, baby. Show him how good you can fuck. Squeeze that pussy around his cock and show him what a good fuck you are.” You go back to fucking him.

You’re squeezing your nipples while he’s fucking you; your tits bouncing up and down.
You scream, “oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me like a whore. Pound that pussy and fill it full of cum.”

Soon, you feel his cock start to swell then you feel it start to spurt into your pussy. He cums so much, his cum runs out of your pussy and down the crack of your ass. You love it so much when you feel a man’s cum run down the crack of your ass that you cum again.

He pulls out and I see his cum running out of you. I step up and slide my cock in your pussy. The feeling of another man’s cum in you is unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything that has turned me on so much. As I pound your pussy his cums squirts out. While I’m fucking you, you’re sucking his cock clean.

I pump and pump until I fill your pussy with my cum. Then I pull out, move up to your lips and you start sucking my cock clean. Once you have us both clean, you alternate between our cocks.
You suck us both until we cum again. You let us cum in your mouth, one then the other. You open your mouth and show us the cum in your mouth. You swallow, and then open your mouth again to let us see it’s all gone.

At this point we’re all pretty well worn out so we lay down for a nap with you between us. You lay on your side facing him where I reach over and hold your boob while you’re holding his cock while we all go to sl**p.

Later I feel you moving. You’re stroking his cock nice and slow. I start to rub your nipple and feel it harden under my ministrations. He starts to wake up and slowly his cock comes to life and begins to harden. You bend down and start to suck him. Your tongue snakes out and licks the head of his dick, getting it wet. Next you envelop his cock and slowly slide your mouth up and down his hardening cock.

I watch your cheeks as they draw in from you sucking his cock. It turns me on because I know how good it feels when you do that to me.

As you suck on his cock I position my head between your legs so I can eat your pussy while I watch you suck his cock. You suck his cock until he explodes in your mouth. You continue to suck his cock but he’s cum so much some of it dribbles out of your mouth. This turns me on so much that I lick your pussy with fervor until you start to cum. You cum so hard again that you squirt, this time in my mouth. I drink your juices as if I’m drinking a glass of sweet tea. Your pussy juices are so sweet that I plant my lips around your pussy and try to suck all your juices out of your pussy.

I continue to suck and swallow your pussy juices until you beg me to stop saying the roof of your mouth is tingling. I lay there, looking at you. He’s playing with your nipples very gently and you’re just lying there enjoying the feel of his hands on your tits.

I watch him play with your tits while slowly stroking my cock. My dream has come true, you’ve finally fucked another man and I was there to watch. The look on your face as he filled your pussy with his hard cock was one of pure ecstasy. When you came, your chest turned that bright red that it does when you have a really good cum.

Your nipples, already hard, were even harder as he fucked you. I watched as your toes literally curled when he went as deep in you as he could. You arched your back when you came; you came so hard.

Now there is a big wet spot on the bed where your squirt went. You look at me and smile because you know how much all this has turned me on. For years I have begged you to fuck another man and you finally did it. Even more, you enjoyed it and that is what I wanted. I wanted to watch as you lost yourself in all the sexual pleasure you could possibly have. I watched as you let go sexually and lost yourself in the moment; to enjoy all the sexual pleasure there is to experience.

This all happened on a Saturday night. Sunday we go out on the boat and for the first time you lay out nude. With the sun beating down on you and you being so relaxed you fall asl**p on the bow of the boat. We’re anchored in that little cove that we love so well because it’s so secluded.

On this particular day apparently someone else knows about this cove because a sailboat comes gliding into the cove. They drop anchor and I see a couple on the boat. They see you and give me a thumbs up.

I give them a “come on over” wave and they dive in and swim over. Climbing aboard silently they are both nude. She has a gorgeous set of tits and he is built like a bodybuilder. Her nipples are like yours in that they stand out straight and are about a half an inch long.

His cock appears to be about six inches in length soft but as he gazes at your nakedness it starts to grow. Finally his cock is hard and standing straight out from his body. I tell him to go forward and ease it into you. He does and you slowly come awake. You moan and say “oh God baby that feels good”. You just keep your eyes closed as he slowly fucks you.

I’m watching all this as his wife starts to suck my cock. I see your chest start to turn that bright red it does when you are ready to come and know that you are getting close. Suddenly you arch your back as your climax starts to hit. You scream, oh yes fuck me, fuck me hard and then open your eyes.

Even though you realize that it’s not me that’s fucking you, when you look at me and see me getting my cock sucked you continue fucking this hung stud with his cock in you. You continue humping his cock and watching me as I watch you.

Seeing you finally come into your own as totally sexual being, I’m turned on beyond belief. Once he drops his load in your pussy you slide off his cock and start sucking it clean. You know how much I enjoy watching you suck all the combined pussy juice and cum off a cock. You look at me as you clean his cock and for the first time I see you take a cock all the way down your throat.

When I see this I blow the biggest load I have ever had deep into his wife’s throat.
We regroup on the back deck and then get to know that his name is Ken and his wife’s name is Barbie. We grin and they say “we know, we get that a lot but that really is our names.”
I tell them that they certainly fit the bill as they both look just like the dolls with those names.

They ask us how long have we been in the swinging lifestyle and I tell them the story of how I got you to finally fuck another man. As I tell the story both your and Barbie’s nipples start to get hard and Ken and my dicks start to regain their rigidity.

You reach over and start stroking my cock and Barbie does the same to Ken. As our cocks get hard both of you start to suck us off. You and Barbie try to see how fast you can get us off and Ken and I are trying to see how long we can last. You suck on that special spot on my dick and I blow my load. You always did know where to suck my cock so I could come quickly.

Seeing how fast you got me off Barbie ask you, “How did you do that so fast”? I have to usually suck Ken at least ten minutes or more to make him come like that.

You go across to Ken and say “let me show you where to suck”. You take his cock into your mouth, suck on that same special spot and Ken says “oh my God, baby, I’m coming”.

You pull off his dick and show us all the load of cum Ken has deposited in your mouth. Then you swallow and show us it’s all gone. This is something I have wanted you to do for years and it excites me beyond belief. You are finally letting go and letting the woman I married return to the surface.

I remember the time you fucked me on the golf course, not caring who saw us or the time you fucked me in front of the window in the ground floor room of the motel in Jacksonville Beach. I remember the time your poured honey on your pussy and asked me how I liked your honey pot or the time you used a lollipop to flavor your pussy prior to me eating you out.

I thought you were one of the hottest, sexiest women I had ever met and would stop at nothing to please me. I remember you used to fuck me so often that my dick actually starting getting blisters but there was no way I was going to ask you to stop. To me I had a woman who loved to fuck and I knew that was exactly what I wanted. Now I had that woman back and I loved it.

We spend the rest of the day swimming, fucking, cooking out and just enjoying each other’s company. To see you reach over and stroke Ken’s cock while cooking or just lean over and suck on it for a quick cum excites me so much. I know that you are finally realizing how much I love having a woman that is free to fuck and suck anyone she wants and enjoy it as much as she wants. Knowing this gives you a freedom you’ve never experienced before with any of your three former husbands.

All your life you’ve lived according to what you thought people expected of you. Now you are living for what you want, secure in the knowledge that I love you and that will never change. This gives you the security to explore all the pent up fantasies and desires that you’ve held back for so many years.

Over the next few months you work on exploring all your fantasies. I particularly loved the day when I came home to find you fucking a stranger in our bed. To listen to your moans and you telling him to “fuck me with that big cock” was a dream come true.

Then when I got on the bed behind you and you let me ease my dick into your ass for your first dp, my dick was so hard I could have drove nails with it, but when you starting to scream for the both of us to fuck you hard we both came in you filling you with cum.

I loved it when you got off the bed and cum started running down your legs. Damn, that was so hot! You headed for the shower and said “come on boys, let’s get clean”.

All three of us step in the shower and I watch as you soap his cock. It starts to harden as you slowly stroke it. I’m standing in the corner stroking my cock while watching you.

You rinse his cock off, then lean over and start sucking him again. He has to grab the towel rack to keep from sliding down the wall as you hit that special spot and he blows another load in your mouth. This time instead of swallowing it, you come to me and start French kissing me so I can taste his cum on your tongue and lips. You start snowballing with me and we keep it up while you start stroking my cock.

You motion for him to come closer. He does and you stroke both of our cocks. You alternate sucking our cocks; first his, then mine. While you suck one cock you stroke the other until we finally cum all over you again.

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