My first handjob experience

I still remember the first time I got a hand job. I was visiting My Grandmas house in the Mountains far away from my home, she had a very nice maid. She would come down and visit us for a while. Then when it was time for her to leave I would go home with her for a while because it was fun up there. Anyway, it all started when I was 13 and just started to masturbate. Every night I would take a bath and I would wash my body until I was clean.

After I was done cleaning myself I would get aroused and start masturbating in the tub thinking about girls, and having sex with them. After I have my orgasm I would get out and dry off. Then I would go play around the house for an hour until we had to go to bed. There was only one bed so me and an older Maid in the house would have to share. After I was done playing it was time for bed so we both got into bed and she said " goodnight" and then she turnout the light. I said "goodnight" and slowly went to sl**p.

I remember wakening up in the middle of the night and I noticed the my Maid's leg was lying over me leg's. She was a big flabby woman so I was kinda lying on the edge of the bed. But when I realized that her leg was wrapped around my leg's, her leg's were all warn with body heat and it was kinda turning me on.

So I slowly and quietly started to masturbate myself to orgasm, after a few seconds of masturbating I must have woke up The Maid or something because I was moving around a lot, but I didn't know she was awake so I continued to masturbate when all of a sudden She reached over and hug my body. Then I went stiff because I was caught masturbating. She said " So what are you doing little boy?" I was speechless so I couldn't say anything.

All of a sudden I said something. "Oh. Im sorry I didnt mean to."
It's ok The Maid said. Tell me something, how long have you been masturbating?

I was shocked at the question she just asked but I answered "for almost a month now". Then she asked "so what do you think about when you masturbate"?
I was so embarrassed but I was calming down now.
"I like to think about having sex with a girl".
Have you ever done anything with another girl Yet?

"No but I would like to" I said. Then out of the blue she asked "how would you like your first hand job? I was in shock. My Maid was offering to give me my first hand job. I said "You would do that"? "Of course" she said. I know it's wrong but it's just a one time deal. And just as long as you don't tell anyone. "Ok " I wont tell anyone.

With those words said she told me to lay back and enjoy. As I started to get comfortable I look up as she grabbed my penis. Oh man her hand's were so soft and warm. It felt really good because someone other then me was doing it and she was also using the double hand technique. I haven't tried that yet.

At first she went nice and slow causing me to twitch. But then she began to go harder and faster. I knew I wouldn't last long because it was my first time but I was to much into heaven to care.
After about a minute or so I felt my orgasm starting to build up. I told her that my orgasm is coming. Then she stopped and said "I'm gonna make you have a better orgasm honey. Then she opened the drawer next to her bed and took out a bottle of lubricant and put some on my penis and began to slowly jerk me again. It felt even better now because it felt soft, warm, and slippery.

It didn't last long after she put the lube on. As she was jerking me I felt my orgasm about to hit and she began to jerk me really fast and hard. As my orgasm ripped though my body I began to buck up and down. I thought I was gonna pass out from the feeling of it but I didn't. She continued to jerk me until I was done.

After a few seconds she stopped and sat down next to me and asked "So how was it"? I managed to say "I liked it a lot". She said "That great" But remember that was a one time deal and you cant tell anyone. I said "ok......Thank you". "Your welcome honey" she said. I told her I need to go take a bath because I was all sweaty. She said "ok, but when your done go to bed before my grandma notice iam awake" I said "ok " Then I took a bath and went to bed.

So that is my story - I know I told her I would not tell anyone but she wont know.
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21 days ago
I'm sure that this lived on in your fantasies for years!
7 months ago
shame about a one off I am sure you tried for more!!!!!