mom in the garden

Just a nice sunny day in July coming home from school.
Tired of a week school i walked into the kitchen looking for some food, it's silent in the house, Mom, i'm home"..... no answer. I stared to look around and then i saw her, as usual when the weather was nice, she was in the backyard, tanning on the lawn. When i walked up to her i noticed the undone bikini straps laying beside her body, and i looked at the sides of her breasts.
As i approach she lifts her upper body and lean on her arms, omg i can see the full shape of her breasts now. " hi sweetie how was your day at school?" she asked..." " uhm it's ok, glad it's weekend now" as i was still glaring at the white flesh from her breasts she laid down again and asked me to bring out the tan lotion when i was going in the house to grab a drink.As i returned i placed the lotion in front of her and enjoyed my cold drink. " can you please put some of that on my back"?.. i sit down beside her and squeeze some of the lotion on her back and start to spread it out, then she reaches back..... and pulls her bikini bottom down a bit, carefully and shyly i spread the lotion out over the part of her bumm that shows now.I cant stay to long here and move my hands quick back to a safer zone high on her back and then, panic almost, as she tilts her head and turn it towards me i can see her full white breast..... my heart beat goes up , and so does my cock in my shorts.
" do my sides too please, the sun is strong today".. and she lays down again with her arms stretched forwards...nervous and excited and spread the lotion on her sides starting from the hips going up.
Not sure or my hands shake, but i sure get light-headed when i touch for my 1st time the sides of her breasts and i soo hope she doesn;t notice my erection.
I have to get away from here... as soon i'm done i walk back in the house , go to my room and masturbate...

Later that evening.... (part 2)

77% (34/10)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
I like it.
3 years ago
Very good so far.
3 years ago
good start
3 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
Vrey good I just cann't get enough of this Taboo stuff
3 years ago
good start, dont rush pt 2 so much tho!