took my anal cherry

I Really Like GuyS ...Don't Get Me Wrong , I Think Women Are Beautiful Creatures That Deserve The best But There's Something About Boys That Gets Me Over The Edge.Maybe It's Because We're All Interconnected Or Because I Know What Makes Them Tick. Whatever The Reason I Have Always Found Them Irresistible.

When I Was Younger I Attended An All Male Boarding Private School Parent Placed M There because They Thought I Would Be More Focused With Girls Out Of The Picture....Little Did They Know That Girls Weren't My True Obsession.My School Was One Of Those Very StricT School That As Soon As You Slipped You Were Out. You Always Had To Be In Uniform ,Adhere To Their Rules And Blahblahblah.The Only Upside To Attend Here Was The Fact That I Was Surrounded By Boys From All Over The World.

I Had Crushes On Alot Of Guys But None Was Like Kevin Gray . He Was A Year Above Me And Had The Sweetest Smile.He Was Really Good looking.His Ocean Blue Eyes Seemed To Sparkle When He Grinned And The Way He Tossed His White Blonde Hair As He Walked With His Gang Of "PPopular" Friends Was To Die For.I Had Only Spoken To Him Once .When He Had Come By My Dorm To See My Roommate Who Btw Was Not There.I Got So Nervous That I Choked Up. Ever Since I Had Been Tryna Find A Reason To Speak To Him ( I Could Find None)

I Was Coming From Classes And Rushed To My Shared-Room Quickly.I There My Bag On My Bed And Then Remembered That My Roommate David Was Sick And At The Infirmary.I Realized My Once In A While Chance To Run One Out And Turned My Laptop Imams Browsed Through My Hidden Folder Of p****S .I Chose One And Pulled My Six Inch Dick Out Through My Zipper Deciding I Didn't Need To Get Naked .I Started Wanking Slowly , I Had Only Wanking For About Ten Seconds When The Door Which I Had Apparently Forgotten To Close Swung Open To Reveal Kevin Standing There Open-mouthed .I Quickly Stuffed My Dick Back In My Pants And Slammed The Laptop Screen Down . I Realized I Had Been Caught So I Tried To Shrug It Off By Saying " You Need Anything? " . He Responded By Stepping In And Closing The Door Behind Him And Locking It ..Something I Should Have Done . "You Can't Get In Trouble For Masturbating,It's Your Body ." I Felt My Face Flush And He Asked " Can I Watch With You ?" .I Couldn't Believe My Ears So All I Could Do Was Nod.

I Opened The Laptop Again And He Sat Beside Me .I Browsed Again And Found A Good One And played It .Within A Few Seconds I Had A Hard-on .I Glanced To My Left And Realized That Kevin Was Erect Too. " You Mind If I Wank ?" He Asked Innocently. "No" I Said Quickly ,Maybe A Bit Too Quickly. He Pulled His Pants Down And Revealed His Large Member.I Decided To Do The same .we were wanking for About A Minute When He Said " Let Me Jack You Off" I Obliged And Felt His Soft Hand On My Dick And It Took A Large Amount Self Control To Keep Me From Shooting My Load Then And There. He Rubbed My Dick Softly And Asked To My Great Surprise If I Wanted A Blow Job . "Fuck Yes " I Said As He Put His Lips Over My Cock .I Moaned Loudly As His Tongue Tickled My Mushroom Head. I Pulled His Head Up And Said " I Wanna Try Now " .We Got Into A Sideways 69 Position And I Took His Dick Inside My Mouth. It Tasted Tangy And Pre-Cum Wet The Tip .I Was Fitting About 3 Inches In My Mouth Easily And Just As I Was Getting A Rhythm He Pulled Out His Dick And Stood Up . " Can I Fuck Your Ass ?" He Asked I Nodded But In My Mind I Was Saying " Omg It's Finally Happening "

He Spat On His Fingers And Started Fingering My Boipussy . I Moaned Slightly And Gripped The Bed Sheets. He Fitted 2 fingers In Then 3 Til I Was Open. He Put His Head To My Ass And Started Rimming Me Slowly. I Never Knew I Could Such Pleasure And I Was Close To CumminG . After A Minute Or So Of Rimming He Stood Up And Put His Dick At My Entrance ,He Pushed It In Slowly .The Pain Was Over The Too But So Was The Forbidden Pleasure. " Fuck Me Hard " I Said Like A Horny Slut . He Pulled Out And Then Pushed Himself Back In Me Balls Deep. He Picked Up The Pace And Was Pounding My Ass , I Grabbed My Cock And Jacked Off While He Damaged My Anus. He Was Fucking Me For About Two Minutes When I Climaxed All Over My Self And Kevin .He Pounded Away In My Ass Then Grabbed My Hips And Screamed " IM Gonna Cum In Your Ass " Just As The Word Were Out Of His Mouth I Felt His First Blast Of Spunk In My Bum. Blast After Blast He Filled My Formerly Virgin Ass. When He Was Drained He Lifted Me Off The Bed Into A Passionate Kiss ( My Very First Kiss ). I Kissed Back And Rubbed My Hands On His Back And Squeezed His Ass. He Returned The Favor . We Kissed For About Two Minutes Til I Decided It Was Time Clean Up. In The Bath My Ass Felt Oddly Empty . Kevin Came In

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good story
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awesome sexy man keep them cumming
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love it