Camp Love

It was a beautiful day to head out for a camping trip and the best part was going out with my cousin s****r and her girl friend... The two gals had badgered me to take a few days off and take them on a trip as both sets of parents were not willing to let them go on their own. My cousin was atleast 6-7 years younger than me and she was extremely fond of me and would forever be hugging me and showing her affection openly.. i had never thought of her sexually though at times i had noticed how cute she was and at times brushed up against her unintentionally...
We decided to take my jeep and drive to a certain point near a National Park and then walk and camp out.
we took 2 tents and lots of tinned food and we set off with an haversack each... My cuz was wearing cute shorts which covered her till her thighs and also a nice cotton tshirt which hugged her well...her friend Rachelle was in similar attire and she was thinner than my cuz was... we started our drive and it was infectious to see the excitement the girls were feeling and they could not stop gushing about how happy and grateful they were to me...i laughed it off and we sang songs all the way to the Park. We parked the car and we started on our way to the camp was getting a bit warm and we were all sweating and really getting a good work out. we walked for atleast 45 minutes when the girls needed to take a pee stop.. they giggled and went behind a big bush and did what they needed to...i could not help but hear the splitter splatter of their pee as it hit the rocks and without knowing i realized i was getting hard... i curbed my thoughts and pretended to be looking around for signs and directions when they came from behind the bush... we restarted our walk to the camp site and in 15 minutes we were there...It was a shock to see that there were so many families there and the girls were not looking forward to so much noise and cramped space... they really looked down, so i suggested we walk for another mile or so where the map mentioned a small lake, i figured we could get some space there... we walked and finally reached the 'promised lake' and it was a beautiful site...the water was clean and there were only 2-3 families camping there. we selected a spot far a way from the other campers and we decided to set up the tents... they needed a lot of help with their tent so i gave my full attention to them. we had everything set up in 30 minutes and we decided to search for wood to start the cuz stayed back to get a sandwiches ready and Rach and i went into the wood and started to collect wood.
i started to notice Rach more and realized that she was quite pretty. she must have been 5 ft 3 or so and was slender and had nice legs. She wasnt heavy on top but the curves of her tits were noticable. we cut wood and i asked her to laod the pieces into my arms and once we were all set , she quickly gave me a long peck on my lips and said a big thank you for all the responcibility and care i was showing them... the kiss felt so nice but i didnt place too much meaning into it.
we got back to the camp and we started a fire.... it was evening by then and we all noticed that we were all sweaty and we needed to clean up... we took a change of clothes to the lake and since there were no showers here, we would have to swim and clean up... i pulled of my t shirt and shorts and was in a pair of briefs... i couldnt help but notice the reaction from the girls and their eyes opened wide and stared at me... i definately am not a model or body builder, but i was fit and pretty muscular with lean legs and strong shoulders...i dove in and started to enjoy the water...i could see them peeling of their t shirts and shorts and both had worn 2 piece swimming outfits.
Rach was lean and her small tits pushed out of the tight bikini top and her bikini bottom was brief and her ass looked pretty hot. The relevation however my cuz... she had a full figure and had always been plump all her life, but now she looked so awesome..she had full breasts which stretched out of her bikini top and her cute paunch hung over her bikini shorts... she was also darker than Rach and her skin was shinning from the sweat...
they got into the water and i joined them close to the shore...Cuz couldnit swim so she kind of splashed around by herself... Rach was enjoying the water and she seemed playful and would keep bumping into me in the water....i was getting a bit turned on but kept my hands to myself...I tried to teach Cuz to swim and she tried quite a bit... Becoz of her full breasts my hands used to keep brushing against them and i apologized every time contact was made...she looked at me and smiled and told me to chill...she knew i wasnt doing it on purpose. she gave me a deep kiss on my cheek and my brain shot out a thousand signals... was a bit dazed though the kiss was pretty innocent. we got out the water and i could not help noticing the hardened nipples on both the girls..i started to get hard and i couldnt hide it in my wet briefs...i gave an embarrased smile and walked ahead...i noticed the girls giggling and following me back to our tents. they got into the tent and due to the shadows formed due to the camp fire, i could see the shadows of the girls stripping off the wet swim wear and i noticed both sets of boobs with their hardened nipples...i held my breath and got into my tent...i pulled of my briefs and my cock was rock hard ... i couldnt help it and started to shag myself off.. i took my 7 1/2 inch cock into my hand and started pumping it hard...i needed to cum soon becoz it was nearly time for dinner...i was lost in the pleasure of shagging myself, when suddenly the tents flaps opened and Rach peeped in...i could hear her distinct taking in of her breath and she starred at my rock hard cock...i pulled a towel to cover myself and apologized deeply....she said she wanted to check if i had a bug spray or cream.. i gave her the bug spray and she took it away hardon had collapsed and i sheepishly dried myself and got into a t shirt and shorts... i started cooking and made some hearty food for all of us to enjoy...Rach was not looking into my eyes and cuz seemed to be totally comfy so i figure she had no clue to what Rach had seen. we talked about college and boy friends and they both wondered how i hadnt a regular girl...i explained that due to work pressures, i hadnt had a chance to socialize too much.... both the girls told me that i deserved a super hot girl friend and we all laughed it off...we went to bed soon after and all fell asl**p. i was awakened by Rach asking me to come out of my tent.. i hurried out all worried...she explained that she needed to pee badly, but she was scared to go away from our tents as it was dark. i took my torch and we walked together away from the tent. She selected a spot and i turned away...she begged if i could keep the torch light on her as she peed since she didnt know what was below her feet and she didnt want to get messy. she said she didnt mind me seeing her while she peed...i took a huge breath and shone the torch on her.
She pulled down her shorts and panties. Her cute trim butt shone from the light of the torch and she knelt down and let out a huge stream of pee....seeing and hearing the pee gush out of her was maddening and i was so turned on that i could have ****d her...she finished and shook her ass to get the stray drops of pee of her and that was a beautiful sight too. She pulled up her panties and shorts and came towards me with a relieved face.... we walked back to the tent and she gave me a huge hug and deep kiss on my lips...she thanked me for being so nice and not getting grossed out at her request... i couldnt help but tell her that i had enjoyed the intimacy and that i was super flattered that she trusted me enuf to be so intimate in front of me... she blushed and whispered to me that she had a major crush on me and that she wished that i found her attractive....i gasped...i told her that she was way beyond attractive and that i hadnt jumped her yet since she was my cuz's best friend...she blushed again and she gave me a hug again....i hugged her back and i was zapped when i felt her lips kissing my neck...she smelt so good and her eyes shone with heat...i took her into my tent and we sat on my sl**ping bag and we kissed..initially it was deep kisses with just our lips and then i pushed out my tongue and licked at the side of her lips. she instantly opened her mouth and took the tip of my tongue into her mouth... she sucked on it deeply and my cock just sprang to attention..we tongue kissed for quite a while and we were both sweating bullets inspite of the cool breeze around the camp... i hesitated and told her i felt i was taking advantage of her...she looked me deep into my eyes and told me was she who was taking adavntage of me....she roughly kissed me and sat on my lap...she felt my enormous bulge and she pushed herself deeper onto me...i kissed her lips and before i knew it she was stroking my rock hard cock thru my shorts...she asked me to lie down and i did. she opened my shorts and pulled down the erect cock sprang out and she shuddered unintentionally at the sight. my cock was leaking precum and she touched the moisture and rubbed in in her fingers..she smelled the discharge and gave a naughty smile...she grabbed the lenght of my cock and started to shag me gently...i was squirming and she increased her speed and shagged me hard... i was moaning slowly trying not to wake up my cuz....Rach shagged me hard till i knew i cudnt hold on any more...i told her i was cumming and she immediately bent over and took my cok in her warm mouth...the sensation of her saliva and the muscles of her mouth blew my mind away and i had a huge orgasm and blew a load of cum into her mouth...she choked a bit, but drank the sperms hungrily. she vacuum sucked my cock until it was totally spent and dry....
I fell back with relief and she looked at me hungrily....i told her to get out of her bottoms and sit on my face...she beamed and hurriedly pulled off her shorts and panties...she brought her pussy close to my face and what a sight it was...she was honey blonde and had a cut tuft of pussy hair which ran down to her butt hole....she looked really wet and as she brought her pussy closer to my face i could smell the deep smell of her funky smell.. as her pussy came onto my mouth, i could taste the sweat, pee and juices and i couldnt hold on...i grabbed her by her waist and pulled her deep onto my face. Her pussy juices dribbled down my mouth sliding doen my cheeks and into my hair...she moaned and started moving her pussy on my face and my nose and chin got splattered with her juices. i was sucking for dear life and her juices kept on leaking out....she grabbed my hardening cock and begged for it to enter and ravage her...she got onto my cock and ii slid it in gently and she started to move her pussy on my cock in a rythemic motion...she told me she was too wet and culdnt feel any friction...that made me start pumping her hard as i lay on my back...she moaned and her breath went higher and higher....we continued the cowgirl humping session for 4-5 minutes till i started to pump so hard that she had a major orgasm and fell of me....she was writhing and aquirming in pleasure on my sl**ping bag and i used my fingers to fuck her so fast and deep that she screamed and squirted all over the tent....we both fell down in a heap totally exhausted....the tent had a deep smell of sex, sweat and arousal...the sl**ping bag was soaked with her juices....and both of us were so sweaty it looked like we had ran a marathon....we got out of the tent naked... so that we could dry out and we hugged and kissed as we aired ourselves out....she got into her clothes and after a final kiss crept into her tent....i got my sl**ping bag out to air it and slept on my blanket in my tent....

It must have been very early in the morning , when i heard sobbing and i was so out of it with the experience of the night, that i couldnt understand what was happening...i shook the cobwebs out of my head and slowly got out of my tent...i was shocked to see my cuz crying and sobbing...i sat next to her and put my arm around her...she pushed me away...i was worried and i knew it was something to do with Rach and me screwing that nite....i apologized to her and told her maybe it was a bad idea that her friend and i had had sex...i was sorry she must have felt betrayed and that things had gotten out of control....she sobbed and then she hugged me tight...i told her it would not happen again and that my cuz meant a whole lot to me...she looked at me and said that she knew how much i cared about her and that was the reaon she was upset....i was confused and asked her what she meant...she sobbed and told me that she had hoped that i would have tried and get intimate with her!!!!! i was flabberghasted....she continued and told me that she had always loved me and that the whole idea of this trip was for her to try and seduce me...she felt bad that i wasnt interested in her and she was jealous of the wonderful time Rach and i had spent that nite....she didnt mind Rach getting lucky..but she had hoped to be the first and that she was dying for my attention...i didnt know what to speak and my silence made her more upset and she rushed away towards the woods...i ran after her and grabbed her quite a distance away... i grabbed her from behind and turned her to me...her beautiful dark eyes were red with tears and i caught her face in my palms and kissed her deeply...she struggled and told me she didnt need charity....i squeezed her arms hard and told her roughly that i had noticed her sexiness many times but had never tried any shit since i didnt want to corrupt her.... she suddenly stopped crying and she hugged me tight....i hugged her back and i then lifted her off her feet and carried her back to the camp... i kissed her as we made our way back....i pushed her into my tent and spread the blanket on the floor....she asked where my sl**ping back and i explained abt it getting all wet and gooey....she giggled and told me she was awakened in the nite with all the moaning that Rach was doing and that she felt so bad she wasnt in Rach's place....i kissed Rach deep and i pushed her onto her back and we kissed for ages, we were like young lovers exploring each others face, lips, mouths and tongues...i asked her give me a mouthful of her spit and i sucked on it hungrily...she found that very sexy and i slowly moved my hands down her back and pulled her close to me...her ample boobs pushed into my chest and i could feel her hard nipples poking me...i pulled her tshirt off and was amazed to see she was bra less and her magnificent brown breasts had deep brown nipples and a very cute pinkish areola.. i squeezed her tits and she moaned...i licked her tits in a big circle moving my tongue from the outside of her tits to the inner side....she grabbed my haead when my mouth came to her nipple and she pushed her nipple into my mouth....i sucked on it deeply and she shivered and moaned...i did the same to her other tit and she was rocking her body hard...i could actually smell her sweat and there was another disticnt smell which i was sure was from her pussy juices...i licked her back and she was moaning louder and louder....i pushed my tongue into her belly button she she started to shudder...she didnt know what was happening and i realized she had had an orgasm... i tried to pull of her shorts and she resisted becoz she was embarassed by being so wet...i pinned her hands and pulled off her shorts....she was wearing a white cotton panties and it was so soaked and wet that i could see every detail of her young pussy and the long curls of her dark pubic hair thru the panties...i brought my face to her soked panties and took a deep breath...the funky smell was so intense that my cock practically pushed itself out of my shorts....inspite of her excited condition she screamed when she saw my rock hard cock....her boyfriend had a very small cock and she was scared to anticipate what my cock would do to her....i pulled off her panties and her hairy dark pussy was unbelievable...i spread her legs wide and started to lick every pubic hair ins ight and then started to lick her pussy lips, clit and then after a lot of exploration, i shoved my tongue deep into her pussy....she moaned loudly and came once again...was amazed to see the thick discharge from her pussy and i hungrily drank every drop....she told me she had gotten turned on her boyfriend when they would screw , but she had never had orgasms before....she was so tired...i took my hard cock and slowly pushed it into her..she moaned and spread her legs wider...i started pumping in and out of her, pushing one leg in the air,,,then 2 legs and then pumping into her with both her legs around my neck....she was screaming now and i kept going...she was crying and moaning and as i pumped harder and harder i felt her cumming once again....i increased my speed so that i could cum too and we both had a simultaneous cumming session and we fell hard to the head was spinning in circles and Cuz was totally dopped out....after some time i felt the flap of the tent open and Rach came in totally naked and she slept on my other arm and she kissed me and squeezed my cuz's hand...they both smiled at each other and at me and both kissed my cheeks from both sides and we fell into a contented sl**p.................
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great story
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awesome a part 2, 3...