My indian village trip 2

The next morning Asha didnt come to give me breakfast and i was worried that she had either been caught sneaking back home after our romantic interlude or else she was unhappy with the experience... i tried to help out in the village to the best i could in my disturbed state and the hard work actually helped in calming my mind....i got back to the room and i got ready for my bath as i was completely soaked in sweat....before i could step out of the room, Asha barged in and closed the door....she looked at me hungrily and told me she had been desperate to see me as she had woken up very late that morning. she knelt at my feet and thanked me for the wonderful experience her body had gone thru....she begged for more....i told her to return that night as it was too risky in the evening...before she got up she hugged me from her knelt position and her face was right on top of my hardening cock...she felt the bulge and she pressed it thru my shorts....i moaned...she promised to take care of it that night....
she giigled and ran away and i hurriedly had a cold water bath to clean myself and f***e my erection down.
The time went by slowly and past midnite i heard the door being opened and i could see Ashas shadow in the doorway. she closed the door and she cam towards the bed..i got up and hugged her tightly...she moaned...i kissed her lips deeply and sucked on each lip deeply and with more f***e than the previous nite..she moaned again...i caressed her back and it was sweaty from the heat of the summer and i opened her blouse and pushed my hands onto her naked back...she seemed to be very nervous and hardly made a sound...i pulled off her blouse and she stood shivering inspite of the heat of the nite...i dropped to my knees and sucked on her nipples...they were so hard...her breasts felt smaller and harder and i was amazed on the transformation.. i was too busy to try and see more details as i was too horny for words...i sucked on her nipples..alternatingly sucking hard and then very gently and using lots of tongue...she held my head close to her boobs and this encouraged me to keep on licking and sucking her hard tits...i then loosened her petticoat and allowed the garment to fall to the ground...i could see her tight legs, and hard butt...i was a bit confused as i remember Asha to be a lot softer and fuller due to her early pregnancy...but my memory was of a single nite in the dark with her so i didnt allow these thoughts to distract me...i licked her feet, moving up her ankles, her calfs and licking at the soft skin behind her knees..
I kissed her outer thighs right up to her panty line and then proceeded to lick her inner thighs as well...she moaned and was moving her body in a gentle rocking motion which confirmed her being totally turned on....i kissed her panties and could smell the pussy juices very strongly...i pulled off her panties and in the dark touched her thick pussy hair...the mass of hair was more than i could remember and i spread her legs wide and pushed my face closer to her pussy...the smell was intoxicating and i pushed out my tongue and flicked at the pussy hair closest to her clit...Asha actually screamed lightly with her first reaction to my tongue...i covered her mouth with my hand and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy...the heat of her pussy was evident on my tongue and i enjoyed pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy...the fucking was making her go wild and she bucked and pushed her pussy closer to my mouth....i joyfully sucked and nibbled her pussy lips and before i knew it she was breathing very hard and then she moaned deeply and i could feel her juices bursting out of her pussy hole...that feeling was unbelievable with the tangy, sweet, funky juices covering my mouth, face and even my chest....i allowed her to rest for a few moments and gave her some water to drink....she wudnt speak at all and i was confused on why she was so silent... she knelt before me and pulled down my shorts....i wasnt wearing an underwear and my erection burst out of my had precum all over it and before i knew it, she had taken my cock into her mouth....the feeling of her hot breath on my shaft was beyond anything i had experienced and it had been atleast 10-15 years since my last blow job...i moaned and she expertly moved her mouth all over my cock....i held her head and started to pump my cock in and out of her heated mouth....i was enjoying this too much and hoped she wudnt stop...she sucked my cock hard and i was moving in and out of her mouth faster and mind became blanck and then without control or warning ,my cock started releasing my cum into her mouth...i could see she was either shocked or surprised with the cum...but she drank it all up...i pushed my cock deep into her mouth and then pulled it out...i fell onto the bed and laboured to get control of my breathing...i could see her getting dressed in the shadows and after she was ready to leave my room, she surprised me by lighting a candle....i saw her face and i fell back wasnt Asha at all....The face was familiar but it wasnt Asha....she saw my surprise and laughed...she told me that Asha wud explain things in the morning...she bowed to me and left my room....i was zapped beyond words...i didnt know what had happened and my mind and body just switched off.....
i woke up to the sound of knocking on my door and when i opened the door, there stood Asha with my breakfast tray....she smiled at me and asked me not to be angry...she placed the tray on the floor and came close to me. She explained that the girl who had visitied me the previous nite was her b*****rs wife...her name was Mala and she was a close confidant...Asha had not been able to hide the experience of making love with me with her confidant and had told her in detail, the various steps of lovemaking we had shared....this had turned on her s*s in law greatly and she had begged for her to be part of this experience...Ashas b*****r wasnt in the village that week and thats how Mala had managed to sneak away to my room....i was amazed by the turn of events and Asha took my hand in hers and kissed it...she told me that Mala was totally in love with me...Asha blushed and told me that she also loved me and that i was very special for both of mind was in a total daze and before i could recover from my confusion, Asha asked me for a favour...i asked what it was and she made me promise i would help her..... i agreed reluctantly not knowing what was in her mind...Asha shared that Mala and her husband had been trying for ages to have a baby, but had not succeeded...Asha wanted me to make love to her s*s in law and try and impregnate her...i was shocked and intrigued too...Asha explained that both of them were sure that any baby coming from this union would be perfect beyond words...i was flattered and i accepted to help out....Asha hugged me tight and kissed my lips...i was hard instantly and she laughed and promised i would have my fill of her s*s in law for the next 2-3 days and then i could have her to my hearts content....
i sighed and looked forward to the days and nites to come......
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